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World War II Crossword Puzzle Answer

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World War II

                  M   A   N                                  
                  A   P   I     P                            
                  R   P   T     E   B                        
                  S   E   E     A   L   A                    
                  H   A   D     R   I   D                    
                  A   S   N     L   T   O                    
                  L   E   A     H   Z   L                    
                  L   M   T     A   K   F   G                
                  P   E   I     R   R   H   I                
            W     L   N   O     B   I   I   B                
          M A N H A T T A N P R O J E C T   I                
            R     N       S     R   G   L   L                
    J       P                           E   L                
    O   N U R E M B E R G T R I A L S   R   O                
    S       O                               F A S C I S M    
    E       D W I G H T D E I S E N H O W E R                
    P       U                               I                
    H       C                               G                
    S   B A T T L E O F M I D W A Y         H I R O S H I M A
    T       I                               T                
B R A C E R O P R O G R A M                 S                
    L       N                             L                  
    I       B A T T L E O F T H E B U L G E                  
    N       O                             N                  
          Y A L T A C O N F E R E N C E   D D A Y            
            R                 A   A       L                  
  I S L A N D H O P P I N G   T   Z     V E D A Y            
        X     O               I   I       A                  
        I     L               O   P       S                  
        S     O               N   A       E                  
        P     C               I   R       A                  
        O     A               N   T       C                  
        W     U               G   Y       T                  
        E     S                                              
        R     T                                              
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9 A top secret project to build the atomic bomb.
11 The court proceeding held in Nuremberg, Germany, after WWII, in which Nazi Leaders were tried for war crimes.
12 A political philosophy that advocates a strong, centralized, nationalistic government headed by a powerful dictator.
13 A general in WWII, that later became president of the United States.
14 A victory for the United States over the Japanese in a 1942 naval battle that was a turning point of World War II.
15 The first city in Japan that was hit by an atomic bomb on August 6, 1945
16 The hiring of Mexicans to preform much needed labor during WWII.
18 A month long battle of World War II in which the Allies turned back the last major German offensive of the war.
19 In 1945, Franklin Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, and Joseph Stalin discussed plans for the end of World War II and the future of Europe.
22 June 6, 1944, the day the Allies invaded France during World War II.
23 A World War II strategy in which the Allies invaded islands that the Japanese weakly defended in order to stage further attacks.
26 Means Victory in Europe Day. The day the war ended in Europe.
1 An international peacekeeping organization to which most nations in the world belong, founded in 1945 to promote world peace, security, and economic development.
2 Approved in 1948, the United States gave more than $13 billion to help the nations of Europe after WWII.
3 The granting of concessions to a hostile power in order to keep peace.
4 A naval base in Hawaii that was hit in a surprise attack by Japan on December 7, 1941.
5 A new method of warfare that was made by Germany.
6 The dictator of Germany during WWII.
7 Passed in 1941, this bill provided educational and economic help to the veterans.
8 An agency established during World War II to coordinate the production of military supplies by U.S industries.
10 The dictator of the Soviet Union during WWII. Believed in communism.
17 A 1941 law that allowed the United States to ship arms and supplies, without immediate payment,to nations fighting the Axis powers.
20 To distribute a fixed amount of a certain item.
21 A party headed by Adolf Hitler.
24 Germany, Italy, and their allies during WWII.
25 The systematic killing by Germany during World War II of about 6 million Jews as well as 5 million of Poles, Russians, and Gypsies.
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