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World War II Crossword Puzzle

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World War II

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Across Down
4 Roosevelt and Churchill in August 1941, meet off the coast of Canada to discuss post-war Europe. SinkingofAmericanShips In October 1941 the U.S.S. Kearney was sunk by German U-Boats; two weeks later the U.S.S. Ruben Jams is sunk by German U-Boats.
5 Dictator of Nazi Germany, fascist leader who was the head of the Nazi Party.
6 Passed in 1935, it was meant to prevet America supporting one side or another in a conflict.
7 Communist leader of Russia, similar ideals as Hitler.
8 Fascist leader of Italy, dictator of Italy.
9 September 1940 in response to Japan's aggression in the south Pacific the U.S. cuts off scrap metal and steel to Japan; June 1941 the U.S. cut off all oil sales and production to Japan; the hope was that this would cripple Japanese war machines.
10 A nation can buy weapons from the United States as long as they pay cash and pick up the weapons at United States ports.
1 The United States is an, 'Arsenal of Democracy,' it allowed Britain to buy weapons from the United States regardless of their ability to pay.
2 The unprovoked attack on the United States Navy at the Pearl Harbor on Oahu December 7, 1941.
3 A speech by Roosevelt in 1937 stating that war is a contagious disease and must be quarantined.
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