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Difficult Crosswords

These crosswords are intended to be very difficult to complete. They are made on large grids with more than 30 words of any size. To view or print a difficult crossword puzzle click on its title.

Title Subject Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints
Energy Science First stage in coal formation.. Combining the nuclei of two atoms.. Second stage in coal formation.. The process of burning a fuel.. Reducing amount of energy used..
Cell Biology and Culture Biology single celled organisms. stores materials in a cell. Make up proteins. Source of stored energy and insoluble in water. . All of an organism hereditary information..
European Countries World Geography Where two sports are combined. nicknamed “the land of the Midnight sun”. Deepest subway system at 105 feet. located between Serbia and the Adriatic Sea. A royal country.
To Kill a Mockingbird Books in the exercising of one's position. narrow-viewed. cow-like. rusty. supposedly.
Shakespeare's England History Class Notes for Shakespeare Introduction Iago's wife. Place where Shakespeare's was born. The shape of the theater. This happened to the Globe in 1613. How the lines for the high class characters were written.
Renaissance and Reformation History Developed the theory of gravity. Created the Pieta and painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. Founded the Society of Jesus, also known as the Jesuits. Wrote Don Quixote. Do not believe in infant baptism.
Science Science material before being processed or manufactured into a final form. . slightly salt; having a salty or briny flavor. . the combination of straps, bands, and other parts forming the working gear of a draft animal.. a person who is loyal; a supporter of the sovereign or of the existing government, especially in time of revolt. . a popular name for a member of the Religious Society of Friends. .
Ancient Civilizations History Having new tools and methods to solve problems is another characteristic of civilization. . Government in which citizens elected representatives to make decisions/laws for their country. Period of Roman peace and prosperity. Belief in many Gods. Government in which ALL matters are voted on by ALL citizens.
NFL Sports MetLife Stadium. Lambeau Field. Raymond James Stadium. M & T Bank Stadium. Cowboys Stadium.
World Geography World Geography beliefs, customs, religious practices. northwest, southwest, northeast. climate regions vary with elevation and ________.. largest river in the world. shows the boundaries of states or countries.
A Raisin in the Sun Entertainment violently; maliciously . bluntly refuses. overbearingly proud. long speech or talk made by one person . 'religion' of those who don't believe in God.
The Presidency Government and Politics It lasts four years . passed under Lincoln's guidance. Next in line after the Speaker . formerly the Ottoman Empire. First in line after the VP .
Treasure Island Books men who plan mutiny, or overthrow a ship's authority. drains that allow water on the deck of a ship to flow overboard. synonym for stockade. a soft wet area of low-lying land that sinks underfoot. devoutly religious; god-faring.
Tour Of Duty History A group of vehicles that are travelling together. A special grenade that temporarily blinds and enemy when it explodes. A certain item of clothing that needed to be changed most often in Vietnam. A set of buildings used to house soldiers. A small durable vehcile used by the Army.
Financial Applications Business and Work The amount of Money a company makes after its expenses.. How much you can spend on your credit card.. At the end of the month you should _________ your checkbook.. Part of your insurance payment will be for ________ Injury Liability.. When calculating the average you are calculating the ______..
Industrial Revolution History college educated and ran settlement houses . British writer that showed sympathy for thr working class. have nots or workers. rented land form a wealthy land. introduced the world to a typeof socailism called Marxism.
Gone With The Wind Books Scarlett's plantation. Scarlett's true love by the end. Scarlett's starting age. Why does Scarlett marry frank. _____ Oaks.
Geometry Math A triangle that has an angle smaller than 90 degrees. the side opposite of the 90 degree angle in a right triangle. A triangle that has an angle that is bigger than 90 degrees and is smaller than 180 degrees. where 2 lines meet. the measure between 2 lines that meet at 1 point.
Vocabulary Spelling Lists a short retelling of what has already been written or stated. to show something that you usually cannot see. coming after or later. a part of the whole. a group of similar things that come one after another.
Triangles! Math Congruent sides are across from congruent ______.. In any triangle, the sum of two sides must be greater than the _____ side.. The sum of all the exterior angles of a triangle is equal to three-hundred-______ degrees.. A(n) _______ angle in a triangle is equal to the sum of the remote interior angles.. In a right triangle, the side opposite the right angle is called the _______..
Ancient Greece History rational thinking. narrow water passage . system of government in which citizens participate directly in the day-to-day affairs of government rather than through elected representatives. an Athenian stonemason and philosopher. architect of the new era in which Greek culture spread from the Meditarranean to the borders of India.
Civil War History Nickname given to Northern Democrats who favored peace with the South.. Type of war that the South fought in the early beginnings of the war.. Southern General given the nickname 'Stonewall'.. Southern spy arrested 6 times.. Effective Union General that Lincoln defended saying, 'He Fights!' .
ELECTRICITY Science P=I(IR) or P=VI. separate conducting paths. unit of current. observed that a piece of amber attracted small bits of paper.. found that many other different materials could be made to act like amber..
Band Music circular flat sheet of steel in percussion. When you are ______ you pull out. to articulate a note with emphasis in music (greater than sign). When you are _________ you push in. piece of steel brass players buzz into.
The False Prince Books Sage's 'dad' was a .... Vigil who kills Latamar. Prince lost at sea. Crown prince. Main antagonist .
Ancient Egypt African History Houses were made from this material. Most bread made from this grain. The passage from the Pyramid temple (mortuary temple) to the valley temple. Important officials that enforced the laws and wishes of the ruler. Triangular fertile area at the mouth of the river.
Physical Components Technology Use a microprocessor chip as it CPU, more commonly known as PCs, combines desktops and laptops.. Component that processes data by interpreting/executing instructions that are contained in computer programs.. Groups of 8 bits.... Time between the processor initiating a request for a byte or word in memory until it is retrieved.. Temporary but fast storage..
Vocabulary Spelling Lists oldest existing. overly concerned with details. boring. deserving of shame, disgrace. implied, hinted at.
Christmas Christmas Sant's helpers.. Santa goes down this to get into children's houses. The toys are made here.. The sound bells make.. A shiny tree decoration.
Journalism Literature and Writing A newspaper campaign to bring about a desired reform or improvement. A jounalist who gathers information and writes news stories. The chief executive and often the owner of a newspaper or other publishing firm. Story giving later developments of an event already reported. A secondary news story that supports or amplifies a major story.
US Government Government and Politics a defined period of time in office. President's duty to influence the making of laws. tocancel or postpone the punishment of (someone, esp. someone condemned to death). narrow interpretation of constitutional provisions. when two or more members of Congress agree prior to an arrangement to support each other's bills.
AP Government Government and Politics a term used for certain gubernatorial offices, expressing the nature of their job being analogous to a head of government. The practice of exchanging favors esp. in politics by reciprocal voting for each other's proposed legislation. a particular legal philosophy of judicial interpretation that limits or restricts judicial interpretation. A high-ranking senator of the majority party who presides over the US Senate in the absence of the vice president. the process of allocating political power among a set of principles.
Vocabulary Spelling Lists the role of the president as head of the executive branch of the government. the presidential power to postpone the execution of a sentence imposed by a court of law. an arrangement in which two or more members of Congress agree in advance to support each other’s bills. a rule or regulation issued by the president that has the effect of law. a court opinion reflecting the views of the majority of the judges.
Vocabulary Spelling Lists How long someone is in office. The president. The power to postpone a court sentence. A rule issued by the president that has the effect of law. Reflects upon majority views.
Vocabulary Spelling Lists An account of someone's life written by someone else. Of or relating to the tongue. The recurrence of similar sounds, esp. consonants, in close proximity. Expressed in terms intended to persuade or impress. Conversation between two or more people as a feature of a book, play, or movie.
World Capitals World Geography Guatemala. Venezuela. Poland. Monaco. Nicaragua.
Ecology Science often biotic factors that depend on number of population. only found in specific areas. to survive abiotic or biotic factors. consuming another. small change in composition of species.
Invertebrate Science primitive brain. largest class of cnidarians . the simplest of all animals . a protective capsule. sections in a tapeworm's body.
Leadership...What is it? Business and Work the ability to direct and influence others. personal magnetism or charm. a beleif that an entire group of people fit a fixed or common pattern. a way of acting to fulfill cetain responsibilities in life. a set moral prinicples or values.
Vocabulary Spelling Lists sad. spiteful, hateful. to shame or embarrass. hand rail. cheerful, the glass is half full.
Out of the Dust Books A stock of money or valued objects, typically one that is secret or carefully guarded. . The process of making more diverse or varied. . Of, relating to, or denoting substances that prevent the growth of disease-causing microorganisms.. A slight grimace or shrinking movement caused by pain or distress.. Of the best possible quality; excellent..
TRIAL PROCEDURES Business and Work the lawyer who prosecutes on behalf of the government and society. information based on the thoughts of the witness, usually an expert. the selection of a jury. the formal conclusion that sums up key arguments and evidence, given by each side in a trial. act of knowingly giving false evidence in a judicial proceeding.
Latin and Greek World Geography one who loves words. relating to what we hear. to measure eyesight. device to record small sounds. study of the earth.
Medieval Times History the tenth part of agricultural produce or personal income set apart as an offering to God. of or pertaining religion. a person granted the use of land, in return for contributing homage or military service. a person who buys or sells commodities for profit. Norway,Sweden,Denmark and sometimes Finland & Iceland.
Wounds Body Dead, devitalized (necrotic) tissue can delay healing. Slough and eschar are the 2 types of necrotic tissue that may appear in a wound. Slough is moist, loose, stringy necrotic tissue that is typically yellow. Eschar, which appears as dry, thick, lea. Suppression of the immune system by disease, medication, or age can delay wound healing. Radiation therapy can cause ulceration or change in the skin; either immediately after a treatment or after all treatment has ended.. these decrease the strength of the scar and increase the risk of developing a hematoma.. impedes the transformation of monocytes into macrophages. a collagenase enzyme applied to necrotic tissue areas .
The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time Books Christopher wants to be this when he grows up. When Chris ran away, he slept in Mrs Shears. Christopher’s pet rat. The kind of numbers that Christopher likes. The grade that Chris gets on his math A level test.
Fiber Optics Technology It is the bending of light through the intersection of two medium. An atom that has eight valence electrons is a good. Cables that can handle high pressure and moisture associated with great depths. The process that includes quantizing, sampling and encoding. A device that measures the scattered reflected light returning from the pulse of transmitted light.
Mini Nation Recreation a steep fall or flow of water. a deep valley with steep sides. the land bordering a large body of water. a structure spanning and providing passage over a river, chasm, road, or the like.. the line on a mountain that trees cannot grow above.
Industrial Relations Business and Work A regulative document that Governments pass . A alternate dispute resolution strategy. Organisation that represents employees in Industrial Relations. Reasons why conflict might exist. The number of years modern awards are reviewed as well as Agreements have a maximum expiry date.
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