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Difficult Crosswords

These crosswords are intended to be very difficult to complete. They are made on large grids with more than 30 words of any size. To view or print a difficult crossword puzzle click on its title.

Title Subject Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints
Great Expectations Books Complete the crossword about the novel Great Expectations The servant Pip hires but has trouble coming up with things for him to do. A device used by Mrs. Joe on Pip to punish him. Valuables that Wemmick suggest Pip to collect . The adopted daughter of Miss Havisham and the girl Pip loves . The man who claims to have been responsible for Pip's fortune.
Americans Move West History Chapter 18 Vocabulary Areas of federal land set aside for the Native Americans.. Hard work of breaking up the sod earned Plains farmers this nickname.. The Dawes General _______ _________ of 1887 tried to lessen traditional influences on Indian society by making land ownership private rather than shared.. Leader of Sioux indians.. The Great Plains from Texas to Canada became known as this..
World War I History group of merchant ships sailing together, protected by warships. an Italian immigrant and known as an anarchist. isolationist senators opposed any treaty to end World War I that had a League of Nations folded into it. German submarine. heir to the throne of Austria-Hungary left with his wife Sophie for what they thought would be a routine visit to Sarajevo.
Oral Pathology Health Descriptive Terminology 'New growth' abnormal cells exhibit uncontrolled growth. Benign discoloration of mucosa or gingiva. A flat, pigmented lesion larger than 1 cm. Resembles normal cells, remain localized, cannot spread to distant sites but can invade adjacent tissues. A lesion that has a deep cleft or grooves.
Saints of the Middle Ages History converted from Islam to Christianity. he once lived a life of sin. known for his insight into human nature and the practice of living a moral and religious life. patron saint of Catholic schools. patron saint of beggars and soldiers.
Hinduism Religion One of the four aims of human life. Literally “meaning, sense, goal, purpose or essence”. A person’s soul. From Sanskrit meaning essence, or breath. The sum of a person's actions in this and previous states of existence, viewed as deciding their fate in future existences. Something that is owed or due. The endless series of births, deaths, and rebirths to which all beings are subject..
The Truth about Forever Books what is the answer to the very last question in the book?. what does the client decide to serve instead of the potato salad?. who is Macy's most out going friend?. where does Wes go when he needs inspiration?. what does Wes eat while they wait for Delia's baby to be born?.
Space Astronomy large bright stars that are smaller and fainter than supergiants . Distance that light travels in a vacuum in a year, about 9.5 trillion kilometers. Small dense remains of a low or medium mass star. how a bright a star really is. A graph of surface temp or color and absolute brightness of a sample of stars.
Banner In The Sky Books How long Uncle Franz has been climbing mountains. Having or revealing an exaggerated sense of one's own importance or abilities. German for 'God's Greetings'. Reject someone or something in an abrupt or ungracious manner. The most successful point; the culmination. A high point of a piece of rock..
Hinds Feet on High Places Books The high hills is a symbol for _______.. Much-afraid builds her first ____ in the desert.. much-afraid was protected by a ____ when the storm hit.. Much-afraid was born in the valley of _____.. helps much afraid with her worst fall..
The Universe in a Nutshell Astronomy A theory that unites all five string theories, as well as supergravity, within a single thoretical framework, but which is not yet fully understood.. The distance traveled by light in one year.. The scientist who found the equations of how mass and energy warped spacetime before Einstein, but gave credit to him.. Where Einstein spent the last twenty years of his life because he left Germnay and renounced his citizenship.. Energy is always _____ and so it gives spacetime a curvature that bends the paths of light rays toward each other..
Theories of personality Mental Health Solve the following crossword Children who rebled against toilet training and expelled races purspeacefully.. Freud believed that boys develop both sexual attraction to their.... He is an example of personality. (cartoon). The unic way which each individual think and feel.. First stage ocuring In the first years and a half of life in which the mouth is the erogenous zone..
Cardiology Health A form of cell injury that results in the premature death of cells in living tissue. Pertaining to the heart lung. Pertaining to upper ventricle . Medicines used to treat heart rhythm disorders. An excess of fats or lipids in the blood.
Excel Business and Work Complete the crossword below A drop-down menu item and a button on the standard toolbar that allows you to select a formula that you wish to apply to data in your worksheet. A feature that allows you to copy information in a active cell to another cell or range of cells selected horizontally. Mathematical statement used to calculate a value. Formatting that applied to a cell when a specified condition is met. Horizontal part of the worksheet.
History of Psycology Mental Health study of the effects of drugs on thought and behavior. the Greek term for soul or mind . believed that parents and children should not physically touch. thought cocaine was a miracle drug. the origin of psyche.
Andrew Jackson History a bloody union strike at the Carnegie steele company in 1892. a place of employment in which only union members are hired. a moderarte slump in the economy. An 1862 law granting land to each state to be used for establishing college offering course of study in agriculture and mechanical arts. and agreement among several firms to control their output and divide up the market.
Ancient Greece History mathematician who created a famous formula regarding the length of the sides of a right triangle. famous for his account of the Peloponnesian Wars and for recording Pericles speeches . In Athens, one had to be ______ in Athens to become a citizen with voting rights.. Athens is considered to be this form of democracy. The city dedicated to Apollo which had a famous oracle, was known as ___________.
Honey Bees & Beekeeping Business and Work The gland used to draw other foraging bees to a flower source.. This substance comes from the glands in a nurse bees head. It helps to develop a young bee into a queen.. This is the waterproof armor that covers a bee.. Tiny openings that bring oxygen into the bee's body.. These are found at the base of a flower head and develop into fruit..
Astronomy Astronomy the remaining hot core of a star after its outer layers have expanded and drifted out into space. the number of complete cycles of a wave. A graph relating the temperature and brightness of stars. an object in space that consists of a mass of hot, glowing gas that generates energy by nuclear reactions.. a large cloud of gas and dust that may be the beginning of a new star.
Musical Terms Music The shaping of a musical idea. Moderately fast tempo. Sharp, flat, or naturals occurring outside of a given key signature within a composition. The initial attack of a note using your tongue. Symbol that raises the pitch by a half step.
Life During the Civil War History Woman in South who established a hospital for soldiers in Richmond, Virginia.. Northern Democrats were nicknamed this after a poisonous snake.. Woman from Alabama who nursed wounded in Corinth after Battle of Shiloh.. Number of days the riot lasted in New York City.. Game soldiers played in camp..
Space Astronomy Large bright stars that are smaller and fainter than supergiants. Distance that light travels in a vacuum in a year, about 9.5 trillion kilometers. Huge loops of gas that erupt from sunspot regions. Small dense remains of a low or medium mass star. How a bright a star really is.
Who's Who in Psych? Mental Health Structuralism, though introspection.. Observational learning.. Taste Aversion.. First laboratory on sleep. . Classical conditioning..
The Great Depression and World War II History Complete the crossword puzzle with the correct term that is appropriate for the description. England, France, Russia, China, United States. Sharp decline in stock prices in 1929. Plan proposed by Fraklin D. Roosevelt proposed with a priority to reduce unemployment. Compounds that were the centers of heinous crimes against humanity, especially the Jews in Europe. Major event the entered the United States into the war making it an international world war.
Secession and War History First state that voted to leave the Union.. John Crittenden proposed these to preserve the Union.. States in the South who seceded were called this.. Northern Democrats supported popular ___________ in the election of 1860.. Month that Fort Sumter surrendered to the Confederate army..
Singing Down the Moon Books Use the clues to fill in the crossword puzzle above A cooked cereal. A narrow steep sided valley. Past tense for slay. Characteristic attitude. A land formation having steep walls and a relatively flat top .
World Religions Religion . animal that Jews and Muslims do not eat. place Christians hope to go after death. re-enacts the last supper during church services. name of the current Pope. Judaism's holy day from sunset Friday to sunset Saturday.
The Fault in Our Stars Movies Seeming unaffected by pleasure or pain; impassive. Hazel's cancer medication. Meeting for young people with cancer. Absentminded dreaming while awake. Hazel's favorite book.
Amphibians Animals Find the words to this puzzle using the hints. Greenish-yellow, often brighter yellow by tail, line down each side. Most common aquatic salamander in Ohio, under rocks at edge of streams.. Gray or brown body, dark spots “13 inches. Permanently aquatic, retain red, bushy gills.. Spend most of their time underground. Large, stout bodied.. 2.75 - 3 inches, squarish spots, bright yellow groin and underside of legs. Forested ravines with rocky streams.. Mid-dorsal stripe, rounder tail. Hemlock ravines, under rocks at stream edge..
The Philippines World Geography Geography and Resources the oldest copper mine in the country still exists.. the narrowest strait in world between Samar and Leyte.. it bounds the country on the North.. Region V.. mountain which is considered as a powerful energy source for pilgrims and spiritualists..
Slavery and the West History Missouri was admitted as a ______ state.. Became president when Taylor died.. Clay pushed for a stronger fugitive slave ____ under the plan in January 1850.. Senator from South Carolina who believed government could not ban slavery.. State that voted in 1832 for an Ordinance of Nullification..
Environmental Science Science EPA sues for pollution cleanup and has funds to pay for abandon waste sites. yard waste, fruit and vegetable scraps decomposing naturally. dumping water into the river, lake or sea that is much higher or lower than original termperature. water moving downward over the land on the surface. removes any trash or large objects from sewage stream.
Camping Entertainment to arrange for accomodations long before your trip. scary stories told on camping trips. food, when you're camping. what you sleep in while camping. heat source when camping.
The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Movies Dorthy's house kills her. no heart. Toto and the throne room. no brains. Dorthy's dog.
Designing Landscapes Botany Plants that live for two years and then die. trees that keep their leaves or needles all year long. the use of plants to make outdoor areas more attractive. this type of planting creates an area of particular beauty in a landscape. landscaping a small part of a larger area to meet the particular needs of people.
Meat and Poultry Terms Food Bacon, ham, and cold cuts.. Adding acidic compounds like tomato juice, vinegar, lemon juice, etc.. Grinding, pounding, and cutting.. Edible muscles of animals.. Large cuts of beef that is sold to retail stores..
Oceans and Continents Earth Sciences You find the Statue of Liberty in this continent. Earth is known as this . Large, continuous area of land. Mountain range in Southern Europe. The smallest continent .
Art Appreciation Art Cave Dwellers-Realism High Renaissance artist _______ sculpted Pieta and David as well as painted Biblical frescoes on the walls and ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.. Egyptian figures in paintings/carvings are standardized with male figures always _______ squares tall.. _______ architecture can be seen in the columns on buildings in America.. Romantic art focused on _______, feelings, and moods of all kinds including spirituality, imagination, mystery, and fervor.. Medieval Romanesque paintings, usually of Christian subjects, were _______ (no shadows) and somber..
The Sword in the Stone Movies Fill in the following with help from the clues below. impossible to path through or enter. shared by community. exercising power in a cruel or arbitrary way. a sign or warning. to become active.
Family Law Business and Work A person who, through education or experience, has special expertise or knowledge in a particular field. . The testimony of a witness, giving under oath, outside the courtroom and taken before a court reporter. . a request made to the court. . to determine whether an item is separate, community, or quasi-community property. . The settlement of disputes in a non adversarial manner..
Groundwater Technology Underground pipes in tanks that stores and dispose of human waste. Container that stores potentially hazardous chemicals above or below ground. Water that does not become absorbed by the earth but flows across the surface of the land into a stream or lake. Same as water cycle; The never-ending movement of water through the atmosphere, ground and back again. Fertilizing material consisting of organic decaying matter.
Greek Gods and Goddess Literature and Writing Fill in God of fire. Goddess of love and beauty. Apollo is the god of. Goddess of farming roman name. Symbol for god of the underworld.
The Roaring 20's History an American poet, social activist, novelist, playwright, and columnist.. She was the first lady to fly a plane.. was enacted to carry out the intent of the Eighteenth Amendment, which established prohibition in the United States. a nick name for communist. A author, writer and song writer and a civil rights leader.
Religious Settlement of America Religion Teaching order of priests; counter reformation. rebaptizer. The Stuart kings said they were above this. form of church government used by Anglican and Roman Catholic. Gave England its first claim to the New World.
Examinable Terms Literature and Writing arranged in order according to the order of time. to represent, indicate or typify before hand. the difference between things having similar or comparable natures . a written composition in which two or more characters are represented as conversing . relating representation of form of figure in art.
Dark They Were, and Golden-Eyed Literature and Writing Harry decided to build this.. David's Martian name. He reported that the Martians in the hills were very friendly.. It had blue marble halls, large murals, and a swimming pool.. Harry would only eat food from this.
Physics in the World Around Us Physics A curved path followed by a projectile under the influence of gravity. Property by which objects resist changes in motion. Deterioration of a metal caused by oxygen. An exothermic oxidation-reduction reaction between a nonmetallic material and molecular oxygen. Unit of electric current.
Screen Printing Business and Work tape this to screen when burning to transfer design. where the emulsion is stored. concentrated soap used for cleaning. tiny digital dots that make up an image. applied to a screen to create the stencil.
Christian Themes Religion Fallen angels. The religious leaders who opposed Jesus.. Where Christians will go after they die. The son of David who became king.. The flood story..
Geometry Puzzle Math A triangle with two congruent sides. A six sided polygon. The commond endpoint in an angle. Two rays with a common point. A figure made up of line segments.
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