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Difficult Crosswords

These crosswords are intended to be very difficult to complete. They are made on large grids with more than 30 words of any size. To view or print a difficult crossword puzzle click on its title.

Title Subject Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints
The Fault in Our Stars Movies Seeming unaffected by pleasure or pain; impassive. Hazel's cancer medication. Meeting for young people with cancer. Absentminded dreaming while awake. Hazel's favorite book.
Amphibians Animals Find the words to this puzzle using the hints. Greenish-yellow, often brighter yellow by tail, line down each side. Most common aquatic salamander in Ohio, under rocks at edge of streams.. Gray or brown body, dark spots ď13 inches. Permanently aquatic, retain red, bushy gills.. Spend most of their time underground. Large, stout bodied.. 2.75 - 3 inches, squarish spots, bright yellow groin and underside of legs. Forested ravines with rocky streams.. Mid-dorsal stripe, rounder tail. Hemlock ravines, under rocks at stream edge..
The Philippines World Geography Geography and Resources the oldest copper mine in the country still exists.. the narrowest strait in world between Samar and Leyte.. it bounds the country on the North.. Region V.. mountain which is considered as a powerful energy source for pilgrims and spiritualists..
Slavery and the West History Missouri was admitted as a ______ state.. Became president when Taylor died.. Clay pushed for a stronger fugitive slave ____ under the plan in January 1850.. Senator from South Carolina who believed government could not ban slavery.. State that voted in 1832 for an Ordinance of Nullification..
Environmental Science Science EPA sues for pollution cleanup and has funds to pay for abandon waste sites. yard waste, fruit and vegetable scraps decomposing naturally. dumping water into the river, lake or sea that is much higher or lower than original termperature. water moving downward over the land on the surface. removes any trash or large objects from sewage stream.
Camping Entertainment to arrange for accomodations long before your trip. scary stories told on camping trips. food, when you're camping. what you sleep in while camping. heat source when camping.
The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Movies Dorthy's house kills her. no heart. Toto and the throne room. no brains. Dorthy's dog.
Designing Landscapes Botany Plants that live for two years and then die. trees that keep their leaves or needles all year long. the use of plants to make outdoor areas more attractive. this type of planting creates an area of particular beauty in a landscape. landscaping a small part of a larger area to meet the particular needs of people.
Meat and Poultry Terms Food Bacon, ham, and cold cuts.. Adding acidic compounds like tomato juice, vinegar, lemon juice, etc.. Grinding, pounding, and cutting.. Edible muscles of animals.. Large cuts of beef that is sold to retail stores..
Oceans and Continents Earth Sciences You find the Statue of Liberty in this continent. Earth is known as this . Large, continuous area of land. Mountain range in Southern Europe. The smallest continent .
Art Appreciation Art Cave Dwellers-Realism High Renaissance artist _______ sculpted Pieta and David as well as painted Biblical frescoes on the walls and ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.. Egyptian figures in paintings/carvings are standardized with male figures always _______ squares tall.. _______ architecture can be seen in the columns on buildings in America.. Romantic art focused on _______, feelings, and moods of all kinds including spirituality, imagination, mystery, and fervor.. Medieval Romanesque paintings, usually of Christian subjects, were _______ (no shadows) and somber..
The Sword in the Stone Movies Fill in the following with help from the clues below. impossible to path through or enter. shared by community. exercising power in a cruel or arbitrary way. a sign or warning. to become active.
Family Law Business and Work A person who, through education or experience, has special expertise or knowledge in a particular field. . The testimony of a witness, giving under oath, outside the courtroom and taken before a court reporter. . a request made to the court. . to determine whether an item is separate, community, or quasi-community property. . The settlement of disputes in a non adversarial manner..
Groundwater Technology Underground pipes in tanks that stores and dispose of human waste. Container that stores potentially hazardous chemicals above or below ground. Water that does not become absorbed by the earth but flows across the surface of the land into a stream or lake. Same as water cycle; The never-ending movement of water through the atmosphere, ground and back again. Fertilizing material consisting of organic decaying matter.
Greek Gods and Goddess Literature and Writing Fill in God of fire. Goddess of love and beauty. Apollo is the god of. Goddess of farming roman name. Symbol for god of the underworld.
The Roaring 20's History an American poet, social activist, novelist, playwright, and columnist.. She was the first lady to fly a plane.. was enacted to carry out the intent of the Eighteenth Amendment, which established prohibition in the United States. a nick name for communist. A author, writer and song writer and a civil rights leader.
Religious Settlement of America Religion Teaching order of priests; counter reformation. rebaptizer. The Stuart kings said they were above this. form of church government used by Anglican and Roman Catholic. Gave England its first claim to the New World.
Examinable Terms Literature and Writing arranged in order according to the order of time. to represent, indicate or typify before hand. the difference between things having similar or comparable natures . a written composition in which two or more characters are represented as conversing . relating representation of form of figure in art.
Dark They Were, and Golden-Eyed Literature and Writing Harry decided to build this.. David's Martian name. He reported that the Martians in the hills were very friendly.. It had blue marble halls, large murals, and a swimming pool.. Harry would only eat food from this.
Physics in the World Around Us Physics A curved path followed by a projectile under the influence of gravity. Property by which objects resist changes in motion. Deterioration of a metal caused by oxygen. An exothermic oxidation-reduction reaction between a nonmetallic material and molecular oxygen. Unit of electric current.
Screen Printing Business and Work tape this to screen when burning to transfer design. where the emulsion is stored. concentrated soap used for cleaning. tiny digital dots that make up an image. applied to a screen to create the stencil.
Christian Themes Religion Fallen angels. The religious leaders who opposed Jesus.. Where Christians will go after they die. The son of David who became king.. The flood story..
Geometry Puzzle Math A triangle with two congruent sides. A six sided polygon. The commond endpoint in an angle. Two rays with a common point. A figure made up of line segments.
Plants and Fungi Botany Male reproductive part of a flower.. A fertilized egg cell.. The complex life cycle of plants that is composed of 2 generations.. A protective structure which keeps main root from being damaged as it moves through soil.. Plants that have vascular tissue and reproduce by seeds..
Business Tech Business and Work a device with a keyboard and a monitor that is connected to a mainframe.. used to connect two network segments together.. a computer that requests, or orders, information from a server.. hiring an outside company to handle various information technology. . send digital signals over a single channel..
Baby Shower Society baby will do a lot of this, especially when he is hungry. if you are not going to breastfeed, you will be buying this. helps keep baby clean when he eats. this lasts for 9 months. baby will enjoy going up and down in this.
Urinary System Body abdominal x-ray of kidney, ureter, and bladder typically used as a scout film before doing an IVP; kidney, ureter, bladder. A hard mass formed in the kidneys, typically consisting of insoluble calcium compounds. x-rays of the urinary tract taken after iodine is injected into the bloodstream and as the contrast passes through the kidney, revealing obstruction, evidence of trauma, etc.. Each of the functional units in the kidney, consisting of a glomerulus and its associated tubule. inability of the kidneys to excrete wastes and to help maintain the electrolyte balance.
Homonyms Literature and Writing used as an exclamation of greeting.. the edible root of such a plant.. To send flowing or falling.. of recent origin, production, purchase, etc.. the position or location of a town, building, etc..
Ecology Earth Sciences a living thing in an ecosystem.. an organism that captures energy from sunlight and transforms it into chemical energy that is stored in energy-rich carbon compounds.. a factor or condition that prevents the continuing growth of a population in an ecosystem.. a relationship between two species in which one species is harmed while the other benefits.. a model used to show the feeding relationship between a single producer and a chain of consumers in an ecosystem..
Chanda's secrets Books The father of Chanda's dead little sister sara. He has drinking problems. The behaviors or beliefs of a particular social or ethnic group. Chanda's dead little sister. Chanda's little sister who's papa is still alive.. Setswana word for 'hello' when spoken to an individual..
Death of a Salesman Books pale; lacking color. what the main character says to his sons about his life. a religious service for the dead. where brother of main character made his money. title of play.
Age of Sail History Small posts secured through the deck of the vessel for fastening lines to. Stop and hold on. The way to get on or off a vessel in port. Right side of a vessel, when looking forward. Smaller sails used for stability.
Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry Books having or seeming to have no end; continuing for a very long time.. not easily upset or excited; not moving much; calm and steady. . to pretend to feel or be affected by something; fake. . very bad or unpleasant; deserving to be despised.. to go forward quickly without control .
Sun and Snow Holidays and Seasons You can't find two the same. coldest season of the year. can lead to skin cancer. throw these at your enemy. defrosting your car from ...................
Amazing Animals Animals This animal roles in mud. This animal has a shell on its back. This animal loves hay. This animal is white and lives in a very cold place. This animal lives in the trees.
Digestive system Body A spongy, tube-shaped organ that is about 6 inches long and is located in the back of the abdomen. tubelike organ in the abdomen that completes the process of digestion. Singlecelled microorganisms that can exist either as independent organisms or as parasites . Another name for the large intestine. the lower part of the abdomen.
Flowers for Algernon Books Which doctor wants to publish the study at the end of the month?. Strauss accuses Nemur of being an opportunist who wants to teach at what Ivy league university?. an unproven theory. feeling, reaction to outside stimuli. equal, balanced, in proportion.
Animal Terminology Animals goats are also called this. hen used for laying eggs. mature female ovine that has reproduced. newborn pig. castrated male equine.
Elements of Literature Literature and Writing when the writer clues the reader in to something that will eventually occur in the story. narrator addresses the reader directly as though she is part of the story - uses the word 'you'. contrasting to seemingly unalike things to enhance the meaning . all-knowing narrator. the tension that the author uses to create a feeling of discomfort about the unknown.
The Life and Times Of Moira Jane Books Moira enjoyed her stay in Italy particularly in the city of ....... capital city of Umbria.. At one time staff at work were also involved in a basketball roster. In one of those games Moira was concussed by a team mate. Who was the cad?. If you look above Moira's right eyebrow you will find a scar. What was she fighting over that led to that injury?. While studying at Uni. in Launceston, Moira was renting a house on Elphin Road. Moira was having a spooky conversation with an unexpected guest one night. Who or what was she talking to? . Moira was a gifted sportsperson (in her mind) and was exceptionally good at a sport as a junior playing in the womens league. What sport?.
Infectious Diseases Health this can be a symptom of an allergic reaction. the process of making a person immune . microscopic living things. a substance that soothes or softens the skin. also known as german measles.
Japan World Geography name of second plane to drop an atomic bomb. last Japanese soldier to surrender. Japanese supreme military commander. US army general in charge of the Pacific area. Japanese attacked here Dec.7,1941.
The Sorcererís Profession of Faith Bible The Sorcererís Sin claiming that he was someone-------,. that none of the things which you have --------may come upon me.Ē. Then they ---------hands on them, and they received the Holy Spirit.. Repent therefore of this your-------. to whom they all gave-----.
Biotechnology & Genomics Biology Study of the sequence of DNA bases and the amount of genes in organisms.. DNA that has been synthesized from mRNA by the action of reverse transcriptase. Study of whole genomes. Technique that uses the enzyme DNA polymerase to produce millions of copies of a particular piece of DNA . Repetitive DNA sequence in which the repeats occur one after another in the same region of a chromosome..
Government Government and Politics Who approves the amendments?. Congress has the power to propose _________.. The president and the senate have the power to review all laws and _________ of the US. The system that allows each branch of government to limit the powers of other branches. The federal court has the power to settle _________________..
Winter Wonderland Holidays and Seasons A tool people use to remove snow from sidewalks. No two are alike. I am the season with the most snow. A mixture of snow and water. You use me to get ice off of your car windows.
The Godhead Bible word describing christ John 14. One way to know Heavenly Father _______ Nephi 32:9. M. Russell Ballard Nov 2009 talk one of there things for fathers to do ___ ___. What denotes there is a God? _____ _____ Alma 30:44. role of the Holy ghost D & C 42:17.
Super Bowl XLVII Sports 2 points awarded if you tackle your opponent in their end zone. Kickoff returner takes a knee in the end zone without running the ball out. Winners of Super Bowl I. The measurement in which a football field is measured. This player has spent his 17 seasons with the Baltimore Ravens.
Cooking Terms Recreation Complete the puzzle below to separate solid from liquid materials. to reduce a food into small bits by rubbing it on the sharp teeth of a utensil . to cut or chop into very fine pieces. to change from a solid to a liquid through the application of heat. to mix or blend two or more ingredients.
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