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Easy Crosswords

These crosswords are intended to be fairly easy. They are made up of words with less than seven letters and have less than 15 words. To view or print an easy crossword puzzle click on its title.

Title Subject Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints
spelling Spelling Lists joyfull. mary poppins is a ......... ........... the house. let down. homemade fibre.
CROWBOY Literature and Writing excavate. crawler - speedster. entertain, keep busy - bore. sad, pitiful - cheerful. sunrise - dask.
Long E Spelling Lists It is cold today. It is _____________.. I use a __________ to open my door.. Opposite of beautiful. Opposite of angry. Opposite of full.
3 little pigs Literature and Writing where they live. the animal who tries to eat the pigs. somethin to light a fire in. how many pigs where there.
Days of the Week Other Day 4. Fourth day of school. Day 7. Seventh day. Church day. Day 2. First day of school. Day 1. First day of the week. Church day. Day 6. Sixth day of school. Week-end begins .
Opposites Spelling Lists seek. cold. slow. late. near.
'oy' crossword Spelling Lists Go on a long journey. Give someone a job. Another 3 letter word for shy. If you like doing something. Will and Kate had a ______wedding.
Ravenclaw Literature and Writing You have to do this to make butter or ice-cream.. Animals need this to keep warm.. They _________ going to play the game.. To say suddenly.. Not straight hair..
Animal homes Animals The king of the jungle lives here.. I am a bust bee, i live in a. Home of a bird.. Oink.. Oink this is my sweet home.. Rabbits live here..
Sports Recreation Complete the puzzle game for boys. drink. energy source. hungry. game for girls.
Synonyms Crossword Literature and Writing happy. man. music. woman. sad.
Helping verbs Spelling Lists Fill in the blanks with helping verbs. THAT IS FAIR.. WOULD YOU TELL ME?. YOU ARE TELLING ME THE TRUTH, RIGHT?. YOU COULD TELL ME.. I WILL TELL YOU IF YOU ARE GOOD..
Homonyms Spelling Lists is from trees. beginning of a letter. yum, yum. I ___ like some ice cream!. _____ a letter to me..
Colors Around Us Art Write the color of each item below Pumpkin. Tomato. Road. Sidewalk. Sky.
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