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Easy Crosswords

These crosswords are intended to be fairly easy. They are made up of words with less than seven letters and have less than 15 words. To view or print an easy crossword puzzle click on its title.

Title Subject Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints
helping Verbs Spelling Lists _ _ _ _ you let me borrow your book?. _ _ _ _ _ you give me my paper back?. You _ _ _ _ _ _ eat lunch now.. _ _ _ _ our teacher have extra paper?. Another word for should..
Animal Characteristics Animals Find the words how most mammals have their young. Body covering to keep mammals warm. also a mammal. Birds, Amphibians Reptiles and some Mammals lay eggs.. Reptile with hard shell.
Fruits and Vegetables Food fruits and begetables are in this. the color of cucumber. it's purple and it's a fruit. brown. it's long and green.
Food and Drink Food apples. chicken. bread. candy. cheese.
Christmas Christmas star. wreath. SantaClaus. angel. gift.
Basketball Sports when the player lays the ball up. what the player does to move around the court. a shot that counts as 3. when the player jumps back while shooting or fades back. when the player slams the ball through the hoop.
German Potato Salad Food der Speck, a part of pig commonly served at breakfast.. der Senf, good on hotdogs.. der Pfeffer, you sneeze if you sniff it.. die Petersilie, a common garnish on dishes. der Essig, an acid commonly used in cooking..
Body Parts Body All these things work together to keep me alive. These help me move around. I can't breathe without these. I have lots of these and they can be broken!. This controls everything I do from moving my hand to running and walking.
Spelling Spelling Lists to raise up. to work hard. elbow or knee. the tip of a pencil. to look pretty.
Plants Science a place where you put all of your plants and flowers . the colour of most plants. a seed gets ......after a while since it has gotten bigger . what you need for a seed to grow. liquid you put in plants .
Similes Spelling Lists as happy as a _____. as _____ as Venus. as alike as two _____. as _____ as a cucumber . as _____ as a swan.
Christmas Christmas The name of the holiday after Christmas.. Delivers all the presents.. A general term for all special occasions.. What you open Christmas morning.. What you decorate and put the presents under. .
Nativity Christmas what the kings followed. the animal Mary and Joseph rode on to get to bethlehem. the book in which this story is in.. the day jesus is born. often represented with halos.
The Wise Men Religion A very bright object in the sky. A very young child. The direction the wise men travelled. What the wise men brought with them. Method of transport for the wise men.
Space Science A type of chocolate. The ninth planet on solar system . A tasty treat. The second biggest planet. Something that makes you strech like spagetti.
Plants Science Plants need it. . At the top of the tree, under the leaves, you can see the . . . . This is part of the flower, it is thin.. It's beautiful. It's big and strong. It's a part of the tree. .
Christmas Christmas It shone over the stable in Bethlehem. Jesus' mother. Mr Claus' first name. They bought Jesus gifts. What we hope to find under the Christmas tree on Christmas day.
Christmas Christmas Solve the puzzle below. When done unscramble a word from the circled letters Silver _____. what makes wonderlands white. Green leaves. Use to get into walnuts. Jolly old elf.
Amazing Animals Animals the soft thick hair that covers the boies of certain animals such as a bear or rabbit. a very young girl or boy. to come or go after or behind. in an early part of life or growth. to get knowledge about something through study or experience.
Animals Animals this animal has gills. the second most popular pet in America. this animal has a trunk and tusks. sometimes called 'the king of the jungle'. this animal lays eggs.
numbers 1-20 Math . . . . .
Hamster Home Animals added drawings or pictures. wood shavings put into pets cage/nest. a circular play thing that hamsters like to run in and it goes around and around. an important liquid all living things need. a cozy place to curl up and sleep.
Nature Earth Sciences Rain but frozen comes in winter time. It is up in the air and is blue. Another word for rocks . We breathe it. A large amount of trees.
River World Geography sudden drop in a river. start of a river. famous river of london. stops the flow of a river. the place where most rivers start.
Verbs Spelling Lists To say something to someone as a question which you want them to answer. To put liquid into your mouth and swallow it. To produce words, letters, or numbers on a surface using a pen or pencil:. To do, test, taste, etc something to discover if it works or if you like it. To offer something for people to buy.
Summer Holidays and Seasons protects your skin from the sun. protect your eyes from the sun. You ride on the waves with it . something cold to eat on a hot day. a planet on fire .
Animals Animals something slimy. walk on the nuckles. almost the same thing as a puppy. a cute thing that is platful. can jump big.
Body Parts Body the thing that is beetween your wrist and finger. the thing that is beetween your elbow and hand. the joint that bends your leg. the joint that bends your arm. the thing that is on your hande.
Homophones Spelling Lists clothes. place. one place to another. what we breathe. they own.
Silent letters: w, wr, mb, kn, gn Spelling Lists part of an arm. to be stuck. a sharp instrument. has no feeling. used to smooth hair.
Tasty Food Apple best friend.. Blueberries is...?. That you used ,when you are eating soup.. Hare's favourite vegetable.. Pig meat.
Pancake Day Food liquid produced by cows. flat round cake. celebration. go without eating. protection garment to be used in the kitchen.
Art Studio Art items found in an art studio use with fingers or a brush. box of colored wax. put them on a string. ink in a stick. handle with hair at the end.
healty fruits Food something purple. something green. something red. something yellow. great eating.
Kid's Entertainment a bech tool used to dig up sand. a piece of cloth used to dry wet objects. a strong surface current flowing outwards from shore. a small ship sometimes used for fishing. dry, sandy land by the ocean or lake.
What color is it? Art grass. dirt. pumpkin. tomato. cloud.
Bowling Entertainment When 2 pins are left with lots of space in the middle.. When you throw the ball into the gutter.. What you wear on your feet.. When you hit down all of the pins.. What you use to hit the pins..
More Homophones Spelling Lists A pickled _______ is bright red in color.. To stop the horse pull back on the ______.. If the road is clear you can turn _____ on a red light.. Your mom brought you ______ lunch.. I saw my ______ when I stood on the scale..
Breakfast Food bacon. cereal. waffles. pancakes. breakfast.
Disorders of the Heart Body heart attack, caused by lack of blood supply to the heart / L ventricle most commonly affected. interference with the heart's electrical conduction system . mitral valve most commonly affected . inability of heart to pump enough blood to meet body's needs / to vital organs . *L side heart failure - result of rheumatic fever (autoimmune inflammatory response) .
Middle Ages History a document signed by king John. a diesease that spread over europe. protects the land. labors the land. owns the land.
Easter Holidays and Seasons You put your eggs in it. Easter treats. Baby sheep. Activity where you search for eggs. Pricipal animal of Easter.
Months of the Year Holidays and Seasons International Peace Day. We commemorate All the Saints' day. We go on vacation in.... We celebrate Children's day. We celebrate Halloween.
Friends Society When you can't do something alone she/he .............you.. When you have a problem your friend......................to you.. ...............you to parties.. Your friends ................you the way you are.. Never forgets your .........................
Work, Power, Machines Technology Mechanical advantage in the absence of friction. Rate of doing work; measured in Watts. Stored energy. 2 rigidly attached disks or cylinders, each one with a different elevation. Slanted surface along which a force moves an object to a different elevation.
How Flowers Reproduce Botany tall, thin stalk with a knobbed tip. pollen forms here. carried by insects. small leaf-like part at the base of the flower. each pollen grain is a single.
Rockets and Satellites Technology Any natural or artificial object that revolves around an object in space. Used to relay telephone calls, to measure Earth's atmosphere, and to photograph weather systems, crops, troops, and ships. A large satellite in which people can live for long periods. The first space station. Experimented with liquid fuels in the 1920s.
Sea Animals Animals the most dangerous. the most freindly. small but can bit you with its claws. starts with sh. looks like a dog.
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