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Kids Crosswords

These crosswords are made for kids ages 4 to 7. They are made up of words that are often found in preschool, kindergarten, first, and second grade spelling lists and cover subjects of interest to young kids. To view or print a crossword puzzle for kids click on its title.

Title Subject Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints
The Mouse and The Motorcycle Books Read the clues to help you fill in the crossword The __________ View Inn, is where Keith and his family stayed.. Protective gear for heads.. When food is brought to your room.. Where Aunt Adrienne vanished.. The pill Ralph searched for..
Family Home and Family A daughter of your brother or sister. The woman who loves you unconditionally from birth, the one who puts her kids before herself and the one who you can always count on . A son of your brother or sister. A married woman . A married man.
Animals Animals Likes to roll in the mud!. Slimy and sticky with shells on its back. A bigger, and uglier version of frogs!. It likes to eat banana!. Slimy and sticky with no shells on its back.
Click Clack Moo Books to walk like you own the world. to walk back and forth in a small area. quickly and lovely, like a nice walk. each person in an argument gives up what they want. to ask for something.
Gary the Dreamer Literature and Writing afraid or freightened. A device that controls the flow of water. thinks well of someone or something. strolling musicians. to make a sound of a letter or word.
A Letter to Amy Books Complete the crossword puzzle using words from the word bank. to look quickly at something. contains three angles. a vehicle like a bicycle that contains three wheels. uncontrollable. a place or angle where two or more sides or edges meet.
Paddington the Bear Books Buying clothes or toys. . Use brush to make. . Something you create. . To celebrate. . A Bear.
The Horned Toad Prince Books channel in which water runs through. large aea of rolling grass. roped. act of kindness. name of the horse in the story.
Flyte Books By the end of the book, Septimus learned the lost arte of ____.. Septimus's dragon is named this.. The name of Simon's horse is __________.. Who is the seventh son of the seventh son?. Grandpa Benji saved Septimus and Nicko in the form of a _______..
Hansel and Gretel Books Their fathers job. The evil ladies transport. The Children. A sweet treat. Home Sweet.....
Penguin Chick Books A roof that is in the shape of an upside-down bowl.. To go somewhere very quickly.A very small amount.. You tear it down or destroy it.. It is a kind of flag with words on it.. It is not covered by anything..
Cartoons Television What is the name of the mermaid from Jake and the Never Land Pirates?. What is Spongebob Squarepants house?. What is the name of the dog in Adventure Time?. Name the princess in Shrek. What colour armour does Mike the Knight wear?.
Balloonia Books Fluffy and white. You will see lots of animals here. The boy in the story. The girl in the story. You will see lots of rides here.
The Trial of Cardigan Jones Books Make good choices in your _____.. Be sure to _____ your mistakes neatly.. What is the _____ of lunch?. Mom said she had a _____ for us if we did well on our test.. What is the _____ for crossing the street?.
Animals Animals Has eight legs. No eyelids or ears. Mans best friend. The king of the jungle. Only this animal canot jump.
Cinderella Books a lady who has married a child's father. to wed a person. to make fun of someone. not good to look at. 12 o'clock at night time.
Snow White Books a person who works in a mine. a small cosy house. a small adult person. a place with lots of trees. a female ruler of a country.
Cabbage Patch Fib Books the opposite of disbelief. Dad gives this look when mad. When Dad saw the spaghetti in Chris' nose he began to throw a __________. to give someone oxygen. very clever.
Tikki Tikki Tembo Books regard with great respect. causing on to feel bored or annoyed. causing difficulty or annoyance. under a spell or cast a spell on someone. bad luck or unlucky.
Disney Princesses Movies She's going to let it go. She's wishing for the one she loves to find her. She wants to build a snowman. Her dream is a wish her heart makes. A warrior princess who wants to rebuild her kingdom.
There's a Boy in the Girls' Bathroom Books Author of this book. Kids thought Bradley was a ______________. Bradley did this for the first time. Melinda gave both boys a ___________ eye.. Main setting of this book.
Disney Friends Entertainment Who was the Snow Queen?. She had seven dwarfs to help her.. Who saved her sister and her kingdom?. She had a mean stepmother.. Who fell in love with the Beast?.
Arthur and The Seeing Stone Books Nain tells this story. a setting that is used alot in this book. a name used in many ways in the book. the first animal that is seen in the book. we find out that this character dies in chapter 22..
Runaway Ralph Books to a faint degree or weakly perceived. have a wish or desire to know something. having wrinkles. made joyful. in a way that is difficult to understand or explain.
Phineas L. MacGuire Books A type of makeup girls wear on their lips.. A small mammal that you can have in your house.. Seeds come from ______.. A small red fruit.. A yellow sour fruit..
The One and Only Ivan Books Ivan uses this to create his artwork. Something you read. The main gorilla in the story. Ivan is this type of animal. The mall manager.
The Castle in the Attic Books a shaking disease. water surrounding a castle. metal grill. William's best friend. William's gymnastics coach.
The Three Little Pigs Books - Fairy Tales and Fables Match the description with the right word. The wolf climbed into this to get inside the house.. The first little pig made this house out of.. This was in the pot at the end of the book.. The pigs were finally blank.. The third little pig built his house out of,.
Over the Hedge Movies person who tries to kill pests. potato chips RJ needed to find for the bear. what separates the forest from the neighborhood. when animals go to sleep for the winter. name of the raccoon in Over the Hedge.
The One and Only Ivan Books The Wet Material for Drawing. What You Read. The Main Gorrila. The Little Grl. The Baby Elephant.
Charlotte's Web Books Chapters 7-11 What is Wilbur's food called?. Who is going to save Wilbur?. Fern ______ Wilbur.. What does Charlotte write in her web?. The oldest sheep gives Wilbur some _______ news..
Danny the Champion of the World Books name of the doctor who treats Danny's dad. birds that are being caught in the woods. name of the owner of the woods where the birds are. name of Danny's father. name of the main character.
Leven Thumps Books What company does Aunt Addy work for?. , Leven, and Geth snuck into Germany in a Taxi's...?. Where did Leven live before he went to Foo?. Where is the Entry way to Foo?. What does Brick call Leven?.
The Prince & the Pauper Books Mark Twain's real last name. Prince's last name. Name of the king's palace. The Prince of Wales's first name. City where the prince and the pauper live.
The Journey of Oliver K. Woodman Books Be _____ not to slip and fall on the ice.. The ______ tended the crops.. The singer sang a _____ song.. She is ______ my best friend.. His dog followed ______ beside him..
Summer of the Swans Books a saddle for women on which the rider sits, facing forward, usually with both feet on the left side of the horse.. a tangled mass of prickly plants.. conversation between two or more persons.. somthing that decieves by producing a false or misleading impression of quality. a charge of wrongdoing; imputation of guilt or blame..
Maniac Magee Books Something chioce or pleasing.. Easy to see or notice.. To form rings,spirals,etc;gather or rertact in a circular way.. A variation of hockey played by children with a curved stick or blook of wood.. IVery hard to please..
Across the Wide Dark Sea Books Crowded; not enough room. Slowly leaking. Tired; needing rest. Small community in a new place. Heavy hook to hold a ship.
Because of Winn-Dixie Books Use the clues to solve the puzzle! I usually spend my whole life sitting on shelvs. A brand new car. Five bucks a week. Can I pay a little at a time?. My dad is really rich and bought me one.
Adventures of the South Pole Pig Books The dogs on the ship are .... Flora eats .... Flora's cat friend on the farm. The place the ship is traveling to, where the expedition will take place. The orange cat on the ship.
The Lion, the Witch and the Woredrobe Books an acute sound. type of flower. religious sanction. one that is injured, destroyed or sacrificed under any verious conditions. a kind of creaure.
Warriors Into the Wild Books the path that splits shadow and thunder clans. the one who is from the shadow clan. the leader of the thunder clan. a cat who shows courage . someone who owns a kitty as a pet.
My Side Of The Mountain Books A city boy who runs away from his noisy home to live in the mountains.. A tool that is used to tell the direction. Hint(N,S,E,W). A wily raccoon who is one of Sam's friend. . The author of my side of the mountain.. The place that Sam Gribley leaves his home to live..
Sign of the Beaver Books showing or feeling regret for something done. table made with a rough board that has a flat side. a person who owns a business or property. a dull gray metal that is a mixture of tin and usually lead. to produce sound in an unsteady way especially because you are afraid or nervous .
Woods Runner Books uncivilized, cruel, fierce. an abnormal involuntary contraction or a violent disturbance. roaming about and raiding in search of plunder (goods or valuables). to cut up so as to make imperfect. a person who predicts events.
Charlotte's Web Books This if the second thing that Wilbur was forced to eat.. Who told Wilbur she would see him in the morning?. A long narrow shallow feeding bin for animals.. How many eggs hatched?. What was one of the things Wilbur was forced to eat?.
How To Train Your Dragon Books What Hiccup cuts to free the dragon. What the dragons like to eat. What Gobber and Hiccup make in the shop. Name of the island the Vikings live on. The place where Hiccup finds the dragon that he has shot down.
Frindle Books His dad sold this.. Mrs,Granger's eye color. Mrs.Granger gave this to Nick. The name of the school.. Mrs.Granger called the frindle phase this..
Into The Land Of Unicorns Books Colour of the light that swirled and twisted around her.. Find the ____ one.. Chapter three. 'The wanderer is _____.'. Grandmother's question. Do you think I'm _____?. Colour of main character's hair..
Ordinary Boy Books Find all the words using the clues listed below. A university leader or scientist. Excessive or superior power. The indestructable superhero. Things that hold you back. The quality of being great or distinguished.
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