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Kids Crosswords

These crosswords are made for kids ages 4 to 7. They are made up of words that are often found in preschool, kindergarten, first, and second grade spelling lists and cover subjects of interest to young kids. To view or print a crossword puzzle for kids click on its title.

Title Subject Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints
Body Parts Body You have two under your head. This is between your arm and your fingers.. You put your shoe on this. You have ten at the end of your feet. This is very long.
DuckTales (2017) Television A friend of Donald while on the island; It is a reference to Castaway's Wilson. The Voice Of Donald Duck Since 1985. Name of the sitcom that Gene creates due to Donald's first wish. The rocket that Della Duck took which caused her to land on The Moon; named for greek moon god Selene. Guest voices pre-teen Donald in 'Last Christmas'; previously voiced Huey, Dewey, Louie, and Webby.
Alone on a Wide Wide Sea Books - Childrens Literature Owner of Arthurs Hell.. Arthurs Mother.. He got killed by Piggy Bacon.. The boat in which Allie sailed.. The main character..
Animal Noises Animals gobble gobble. baa. cock-a-doodle-do. woof. neigh.
Animals of the World Animals Can you find all the animals in this cross word? Lives in Africa, it is very big. A pink bird that migrates every year. It is the most popular pet in England. The fastest animal in the world. A very long neck.
TS Words Spelling Lists Pieces of outdoor clothing that are worn over other clothes to keep warm or dry. People who have been trained in the science of animal medicine, whose job is treat animals who are sick or injured. Dogs, especially ones that are not of a particular breed. Animals, birds, etc. that you have at home for pleasure, rather than one that is kept for work or food. When someone _____ a dog, she touches it gently several times with her hand flat to show kind feelings.
Teeth Body Another word for filling. The hard white covering over your teeth. You clean your teeth with it . Pointy teeth next to your incisors. These teeth are also called biscupid teeth and you have 8 of them .
Barney Goose Television Crossword They gave Barney carrotts to eat. White birds on the lake. The name of the ocean. A brown animal Barney met in Limerick. Shines a light for boats to see.
Homophones Spelling Lists Something that is listened to. A small island. A group of cattle. Past tense of to pass. A path through a church or supermarket.
Earth and Space Astronomy The number of moon phases. Number of hours between a low tide and a high tide. Part of the shadow where all sunlight is blocked. Order for earth, sun, and moon for a lunar eclipse. What type of eclipse occurs during the day.
Judy Moody Saves the World Books - Childrens Literature falling in small drops. trash. a plan to do something. a small amount. an area that is blocked out from the sun.
The Little Mermaid Movies What is the baby Frist name?. What is the theme of the baby shower after?. What did Ariel like doing the most of?. What do you call a person that is an marmaid?. Who wanted to take ariel voice?.
The Secret Seven Books - Childrens Literature a building in a backyard that you keep stuff in. a light that you can hold to see things. a lucky number. something that you don't want other people to know. an animal that you can ride.
George's Marvelous Medicine Books - Childrens Literature mean, brown teeth,tiny. How many medicines did George make?. Grandma was ------------ to George. What happened to Grandma in the end?. What room was the first one George went to to start getting his supplies for his medicine?.
At the Zoo Recreation Use the hints to fill in the puzzle This animal has a very large mouth. This animal climbs trees. This animal likes cheese. The baby mouse does this all day. This animal can talk.
Middle School: Dog's Best Friend Books - Childrens Literature fill in empty spaces rafes school. rafes dog. rafes grandma. Rafes hometown. Main character.
Old Yeller Movies Who is the new person in town?. What did Old Yeller save Little Arliss from?. Whats the name of the book?. What is the animal Travis asked for before Papa left?. Whats the name of the disease Old Yeller has?.
House of Robots Books - Childrens Literature How do Sammy, E and Trip normally get to school. The name of Sammy's drone. Type of black vehicle following E. The name of Sammy's sister. What is Sammy afraid of?.
Parts of the Body Body The front part of your head, where your eyes, nose, and mouth are. Part of your face below your nose that you use to eat and speak. One of the two body parts in your face that you use for seeing. The area at the back of your mouth and inside your neck.
Animals Animals This animal has humps on its back.. This animal is known as “Man’s best friend.”. This animal has a mane and big roar.. This animal lives in the ocean and is known for its long nose. . This animal has big ears and likes to hop..
Charlotte's Web Books - Childrens Literature A group of baby pigs is a __________.. Did Wilbur want to be a Christmas meal?. Did Fern love Wilbur more than anything?. ___________ was the other pig at the fair.. Fern's last name is ___________..
EE Words Spelling Lists Complete the crossword puzzle. I used ________ to pull out a splinter.. I saw a _______________ at the zoo.. We keep our plants in a __________ during the winter.. He drank from a __________________.. The ____________ called a foul in the game..
Early Childhood Home and Family Hey kids! Can you help me solve this puzzle! On these you can climb. Climb, climb, climb, all the way to the top!. A, B, C, D, E, F, G.... the color of a firetruck, an apple, and a raincoat!. 3 sides and very pointy, like an icicle out in the winter!. You sit too long on this comfy place and you might fall asleep!.
The Birchbark House Books - Childrens Literature Good Luck! what was omakayas crow's name?. who was considered as,'the most beautiful girl in the village?. she rescued omakayas when she was a baby.. Omakayas held him when he died.. she's the main character..
Island of the Blue Dolphins Books - Childrens Literature what was the island called. what was karana first dog name. what was the name of the first person who took karana father place. what was karana second dog name. what was karana real name.
Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH Books - Childrens Literature fill the puzzle with the right answers have fun!!!! The rosebush is were the rats lived. Mr.fitszgibbons plows every spring.. Jonathen frisby is Mrs.frisbys husband he died. Jeremy is the crow that got tangled on the fence post.. Timothy was Mrs.frisby son he was very sick.
Goat in the Rug Books - Childrens Literature single pieces of thread. to make cloth by crossing materials over one another . twisting together material to make yarn or thread. thick thread made of cotton or wool. a substance used to change the color of something.
Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH Books - Childrens Literature Who was the leader of the rats?. How many children did Mrs. Frisby have?. Where was the rats' hideout?. What was Mrs. Frisby's husband's first name?. What do the rats escape from the lab through?.
Mercury : the Planet Astronomy core component. holes on the surface. mercury is 1/3 the size of this planet. has none of these. path around the sun.
CH Words Spelling Lists Before your become a teenager you are called a ..... .. If there was a green t shirt or a blue t shirt which one would you ...... to wear?. The policeman had to ..... the naughty man down the road.. The country where Chinese people come from.. A small red fruit on a stalk that has a stone in the middle..
Time Travelling with a Hamster Books - Childrens Literature to copy. outside our control. duck down. a disaster or tragedy. to think something is a certain way.
The Little Red Hen Books - Childrens Literature This animal plays in the mud all day.. Preposition meaning: 'towards something.'. The Little Red Hen needed help but her friends always said this.. This animal barks.. To put a seed in the ground is to __________..
Parts of the Body Body there is a button in the middle.... it joins the head and the body. we have two in the mouth. dogs have four, spiders eight and birds two!. it is in the arm.
Hank the Cowdog Books - Childrens Literature The Dungeon of Doom Hank is supposed to keep these away from the ranch property. Drover's hide out. A place where Hank's owners want to send him. Hank's owner who wears glasses. Slims girlfriend .
Long Vowel Sound Spelling Lists Complete the puzzle using the words and clues shown below. She gave me a ______________of her orange. I called my bestfriend on my mother's __________________. Your dinner is on the dining____________________. The_____________ran from the police. I am a_____________ at Richmond Park Primary School..
Little Red Riding Hood and Jack and the Bean Stalk Books - Fairy Tales and Fables The wolf jumped into bed and pulled the covers over his __________ .. The name of the little girl who lived in a village near a forest.. 'Fee-fi-fo-fum, I smell the blood of an __________ .. Jack climbed the __________ .. The wolf __________ Grandmother;.
The Three Little Pigs Books dry stalks of corn. smoked or unsmoked meat from a pig. branches and trunks of trees which can be used for making things. a small, oblong block used in building. a wild animal like a big, fierce dog.
The Mitten Tree Books Fill in the answer to appear pleasant or agreeable. a receptacle made of interwoven material . to tie together. exciting wonder, curiosity, or surprise . a round mass of snow pressed or rolled together.
Olive the Other Reindeer Movies Use the hints to identify the word. Dog who thought she was a reindeer. Transportation vehicle used by Olive to get to the North Pole. Gift giver who let Olive ride on his sleigh.. What some did to Olive. What Santa and his sleigh ran into and could not see.
Spelling Spelling Lists opposite of far. to put on clothes. you listen with this. work to be done. a sweet fruit.
How Santa Lost His Job Books Solve the clues to fill in the crossword. The toy makers are called. what happened to the Deliverator. Whose idea was it to create the deliverator. The main character of the story. He wears a red suit and has a white beard. besides Clara, who kept Santa company on the night before Christmas.
The Grinch Books Fill in the puzzle with words from 'You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch!' awful, terrible. deserving strong condemnation. insects that eat wood. shockingly unacceptable. dishonest or illegal.
The Missing Cupcake Mystery Books A thing to store food. Also named mother. Simple or without anything. Something that is hard to understand . Also named father.
Posy the Puppy Books What you would use to cut paper. What you put on to cover a scrape or cut. If you don't tell the truth you are telling a _______. A baby dog. A path that connects two holes underground.
Where the Red Fern Grows Books What is the name of the girl dog?. What type of hunter was Billy. Where did Billy keep the money he was earning in a K.C. ________ Powder?. What is the name of the boy dog?. What is the name of the mountains Billy and his family live in?.
So B. It Books Who taught Mama how to bake in Heidi's lie?. What was the gum that Heidi ate after she regurgitated?. What was the name that Mama called Bernadette?. What month did Heidi's mom die in?. What transportation unit did Heidi use to get to Liberty?.
Elmo Makes Music Television Solve this crossword and arrange the letters to get your next clue! What does Telly love?. 8 is the what of the day?. What makes music?. He's a bit grouchy. 'Just start singing up the _____!'.
Puss in Boots Books Best friend of Puss. Name of kingdom. The queen. Things are sold here. What Tabby wears.
Sing Down the Moon Books portion into which something is divided. submitting to authority. expression of anger. loose wide-necked garment. strong, heavy cotton.
Mr Henshaw Books What dinner do Leigh and his mother go get and eat in the car?. What is the short term for the refrigerated truck that Leighs dad drives?. How much money does Leigh's dad send after he looses his dog?. What is Leighs mother in class to become?. What is the name of the boy that becomes Leigh's friend?.
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