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Kids Crosswords

These crosswords are made for kids ages 4 to 7. They are made up of words that are often found in preschool, kindergarten, first, and second grade spelling lists and cover subjects of interest to young kids. To view or print a crossword puzzle for kids click on its title.

Title Subject Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints
Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH Books - Childrens Literature fill the puzzle with the right answers have fun!!!! The rosebush is were the rats lived. Mr.fitszgibbons plows every spring.. Jonathen frisby is Mrs.frisbys husband he died. Jeremy is the crow that got tangled on the fence post.. Timothy was Mrs.frisby son he was very sick.
Goat in the Rug Books - Childrens Literature single pieces of thread. to make cloth by crossing materials over one another . twisting together material to make yarn or thread. thick thread made of cotton or wool. a substance used to change the color of something.
Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH Books - Childrens Literature Who was the leader of the rats?. How many children did Mrs. Frisby have?. Where was the rats' hideout?. What was Mrs. Frisby's husband's first name?. What do the rats escape from the lab through?.
Mercury : the Planet Astronomy core component. holes on the surface. mercury is 1/3 the size of this planet. has none of these. path around the sun.
CH Words Spelling Lists Before your become a teenager you are called a ..... .. If there was a green t shirt or a blue t shirt which one would you ...... to wear?. The policeman had to ..... the naughty man down the road.. The country where Chinese people come from.. A small red fruit on a stalk that has a stone in the middle..
Time Travelling with a Hamster Books - Childrens Literature to copy. outside our control. duck down. a disaster or tragedy. to think something is a certain way.
The Little Red Hen Books - Childrens Literature This animal plays in the mud all day.. Preposition meaning: 'towards something.'. The Little Red Hen needed help but her friends always said this.. This animal barks.. To put a seed in the ground is to __________..
Parts of the Body Body there is a button in the middle.... it joins the head and the body. we have two in the mouth. dogs have four, spiders eight and birds two!. it is in the arm.
Hank the Cowdog Books - Childrens Literature The Dungeon of Doom Hank is supposed to keep these away from the ranch property. Drover's hide out. A place where Hank's owners want to send him. Hank's owner who wears glasses. Slims girlfriend .
Long Vowel Sound Spelling Lists Complete the puzzle using the words and clues shown below. She gave me a ______________of her orange. I called my bestfriend on my mother's __________________. Your dinner is on the dining____________________. The_____________ran from the police. I am a_____________ at Richmond Park Primary School..
Little Red Riding Hood and Jack and the Bean Stalk Books - Fairy Tales and Fables The wolf jumped into bed and pulled the covers over his __________ .. The name of the little girl who lived in a village near a forest.. 'Fee-fi-fo-fum, I smell the blood of an __________ .. Jack climbed the __________ .. The wolf __________ Grandmother;.
The Three Little Pigs Books dry stalks of corn. smoked or unsmoked meat from a pig. branches and trunks of trees which can be used for making things. a small, oblong block used in building. a wild animal like a big, fierce dog.
The Mitten Tree Books Fill in the answer to appear pleasant or agreeable. a receptacle made of interwoven material . to tie together. exciting wonder, curiosity, or surprise . a round mass of snow pressed or rolled together.
Olive the Other Reindeer Movies Use the hints to identify the word. Dog who thought she was a reindeer. Transportation vehicle used by Olive to get to the North Pole. Gift giver who let Olive ride on his sleigh.. What some did to Olive. What Santa and his sleigh ran into and could not see.
Spelling Spelling Lists opposite of far. to put on clothes. you listen with this. work to be done. a sweet fruit.
How Santa Lost His Job Books Solve the clues to fill in the crossword. The toy makers are called. what happened to the Deliverator. Whose idea was it to create the deliverator. The main character of the story. He wears a red suit and has a white beard. besides Clara, who kept Santa company on the night before Christmas.
The Grinch Books Fill in the puzzle with words from 'You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch!' awful, terrible. deserving strong condemnation. insects that eat wood. shockingly unacceptable. dishonest or illegal.
The Missing Cupcake Mystery Books A thing to store food. Also named mother. Simple or without anything. Something that is hard to understand . Also named father.
Posy the Puppy Books What you would use to cut paper. What you put on to cover a scrape or cut. If you don't tell the truth you are telling a _______. A baby dog. A path that connects two holes underground.
Where the Red Fern Grows Books What is the name of the girl dog?. What type of hunter was Billy. Where did Billy keep the money he was earning in a K.C. ________ Powder?. What is the name of the boy dog?. What is the name of the mountains Billy and his family live in?.
So B. It Books Who taught Mama how to bake in Heidi's lie?. What was the gum that Heidi ate after she regurgitated?. What was the name that Mama called Bernadette?. What month did Heidi's mom die in?. What transportation unit did Heidi use to get to Liberty?.
Elmo Makes Music Television Solve this crossword and arrange the letters to get your next clue! What does Telly love?. 8 is the what of the day?. What makes music?. He's a bit grouchy. 'Just start singing up the _____!'.
Puss in Boots Books Best friend of Puss. Name of kingdom. The queen. Things are sold here. What Tabby wears.
Sing Down the Moon Books portion into which something is divided. submitting to authority. expression of anger. loose wide-necked garment. strong, heavy cotton.
Mr Henshaw Books What dinner do Leigh and his mother go get and eat in the car?. What is the short term for the refrigerated truck that Leighs dad drives?. How much money does Leigh's dad send after he looses his dog?. What is Leighs mother in class to become?. What is the name of the boy that becomes Leigh's friend?.
Horrible Harry and the Christmas Surprise Books Song Lee got out of her seat and went to the costume box nd got the ______.. Harry _____ when saw the tray of frosted Christmas cookies.. Mary got Sydney to jion in on their _______ to remove Harry's gift.. Mr. Cardini had Harry write a letter of ________ to Song Lee.. Miss Mackle didn't want to miss all the special____ the class had planned for the day..
Huckleberry Finn Books Huckleberry Finns best friend . Huckleberrys father was. author of the book. huck and jim excape down the river using this. was a slave at uncle johns quarles farm.
Snow Treasure Books What Lovisa was scared the Nazi's were doing to them.. The name of the country they are in.. The children started up a ______________ fight after they buried the gold.. The uncle that heard the signal that the Nazi's were coming.. The friend who sled down the tall sloped mountain with Peter..
Charlotte's Web Books A small, graceful, swift flying bird.. A long, narrow, shallow feeding container.. Respected or honored greatly.. Attracted and delighted.. Violation of what is right..
Magic Tree House Series Books The place where Jack and Annie stay. A boy that has a magic treehouse and saves his sister. A boy that Jack and Annie do not know till they see their faces. A guy that lives in a ice palace. A girl that Jack and Annie do not know till they see their faces .
How to Train Your Dragon Books Complete this crossword puzzle to get the map to find the treasure the Outcasts have hidden The protagonist of 'How To Train Your Dragon'. ______ the Treacherous was the antagonist of 'How To Train Your Dragon'. Its natural coloration seems to be a dull olive-green, though it can hard to see. Produces an electrical spark from its mouth to ignite the flammable gas to creating lethal explosions. Has a tail that is covered in bristling poisonous spikes, which are used as projectiles to stun or immobilize its prey.
The Mouse and The Motorcycle Books Read the clues to help you fill in the crossword The __________ View Inn, is where Keith and his family stayed.. Protective gear for heads.. When food is brought to your room.. Where Aunt Adrienne vanished.. The pill Ralph searched for..
Family Home and Family A daughter of your brother or sister. The woman who loves you unconditionally from birth, the one who puts her kids before herself and the one who you can always count on . A son of your brother or sister. A married woman . A married man.
Animals Animals Likes to roll in the mud!. Slimy and sticky with shells on its back. A bigger, and uglier version of frogs!. It likes to eat banana!. Slimy and sticky with no shells on its back.
Click Clack Moo Books to walk like you own the world. to walk back and forth in a small area. quickly and lovely, like a nice walk. each person in an argument gives up what they want. to ask for something.
Gary the Dreamer Literature and Writing afraid or freightened. A device that controls the flow of water. thinks well of someone or something. strolling musicians. to make a sound of a letter or word.
A Letter to Amy Books Complete the crossword puzzle using words from the word bank. to look quickly at something. contains three angles. a vehicle like a bicycle that contains three wheels. uncontrollable. a place or angle where two or more sides or edges meet.
Paddington the Bear Books Buying clothes or toys. . Use brush to make. . Something you create. . To celebrate. . A Bear.
The Horned Toad Prince Books channel in which water runs through. large aea of rolling grass. roped. act of kindness. name of the horse in the story.
Flyte Books By the end of the book, Septimus learned the lost arte of ____.. Septimus's dragon is named this.. The name of Simon's horse is __________.. Who is the seventh son of the seventh son?. Grandpa Benji saved Septimus and Nicko in the form of a _______..
Hansel and Gretel Books Their fathers job. The evil ladies transport. The Children. A sweet treat. Home Sweet.....
Penguin Chick Books A roof that is in the shape of an upside-down bowl.. To go somewhere very quickly.A very small amount.. You tear it down or destroy it.. It is a kind of flag with words on it.. It is not covered by anything..
Cartoons Television What is the name of the mermaid from Jake and the Never Land Pirates?. What is Spongebob Squarepants house?. What is the name of the dog in Adventure Time?. Name the princess in Shrek. What colour armour does Mike the Knight wear?.
Balloonia Books Fluffy and white. You will see lots of animals here. The boy in the story. The girl in the story. You will see lots of rides here.
The Trial of Cardigan Jones Books Make good choices in your _____.. Be sure to _____ your mistakes neatly.. What is the _____ of lunch?. Mom said she had a _____ for us if we did well on our test.. What is the _____ for crossing the street?.
Animals Animals Has eight legs. No eyelids or ears. Mans best friend. The king of the jungle. Only this animal canot jump.
Cinderella Books a lady who has married a child's father. to wed a person. to make fun of someone. not good to look at. 12 o'clock at night time.
Snow White Books a person who works in a mine. a small cosy house. a small adult person. a place with lots of trees. a female ruler of a country.
Cabbage Patch Fib Books the opposite of disbelief. Dad gives this look when mad. When Dad saw the spaghetti in Chris' nose he began to throw a __________. to give someone oxygen. very clever.
Tikki Tikki Tembo Books regard with great respect. causing on to feel bored or annoyed. causing difficulty or annoyance. under a spell or cast a spell on someone. bad luck or unlucky.
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