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Kids Crosswords

These crosswords are made for kids ages 4 to 7. They are made up of words that are often found in preschool, kindergarten, first, and second grade spelling lists and cover subjects of interest to young kids. To view or print a crossword puzzle for kids click on its title.

Title Subject Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints
Yankee Girl Books Alice's favorite member of the Beatles. The smell Alice thought she heard the night of the KKK fire in her lawn. Mrs. LeFleur sprayed Lysol and cleaned her desk to protect herself from Valeries _____.. The radio station that Valerie recommends to Alice. The part that Valerie deserved in the school performance but had to share with Debby.
Thunder from the Sea Books What are Thunder's colors?. Where was Thunder found?. What animal did Tom find?. How old is Tom?. Where was Tom born?.
The Bell Bandit Books to draw down or contact the brows in a sullen.. a person who habitually sees or anticipates the worst.. a loud uproar,as from a crowd of people. irregular,uneven and jagged.. incable of being excused or justified..
James and the Giant Peach Books Name one of James aunts. The Giant Peach landed in. They used him to bait the Seagulls. I have over 500 feet . The Giant Peach grew as big as a.
Animals Animals I love rolling around in mud. I can have one hump or two. A native NZ bird. I have 2 red legs, I'm a bird commonly found walking by the side of the road. A soft cuddly animal from Australia.
Because of Winnie Dixie Books Who is called a witch by the dunlap boys?. Who ownes the library?. Who gets found in a grocery store?. Who is Winnie Dixies owner?. Who are big fat bald headed babies?.
A Wrinkle in Time Books to make frantic. a strong, usually irresistible impulse to perform or act, especially one that is irrational or contrary to one's will. acting in opposition; hostile; unfriendly. 1) abnormally bent or turned to ones side; twisted; crooked: ex. a wry smile. 2) devious in course or purpose; misdirected. to skip about, as in dancing or playing; frolic.
Sarah Plain and Tall Books The ______ roam the meadow looking for bugs to eat.. The scared girl ________ into the water, trying hard not to get her chest wet.. Mother had a white, ruffled ________ that she wore under her dress.. Pa uses a _______ to prepare the soil for planting a garden.. The tent _______ when a limb fell on top..
Freak the Mighty Books Gram's husband. Max's Grandmother. Woman who lost her purse. Blades real name. The brawn of Freak the Mighty.
Little bear goes to the Moon Books a person whose job is to travel and work in space. a piece of furniture with a flat top supported by one or more legs.. the area that contains the entire universe beyond the earth.. a hard covering worn to protect the head.. an animal with two wings, two feet, and feathers..
Looking For Alaska Books Chip's nickname. Miles' 'girlfriend'. Where is Miles' originally from?. What they call the principal. One of Alaska, Pudge, and the Colonel's friend.
Harris and Me Books Farm life is hard but never _____.. The motor from the washing machine was mounted on the ________.. Buzzer is a really large cat - a _______.. The town had _____ buildings.. They used what type of trees used to make bows and arrows?.
Trapped in Death Cave Books full of adventures. name of main character. all of a sudden. facial bone. animal without legs.
Jangles: A Big Fish Story Books calming . length of something arranged in a spiral . to move or escape from the place one should be . catch or tear something . to see part of .
Farm Animal Animals likes to roll in manure. related to the horse. herds the sheep in. lays eggs for breakfast. chases mice.
St George and the Dragon Books The people were _________ of the dragon.. 'valiente' in Spanish. Where is St. George from?. The sun disappears at _________ .. The King's daughter.
The Fighting Ground Books not hidden by a veil or other covering; bare. of or characteristic of a tyrant. a unit of ground forces, consisting of two or more battalions or battle groups. so lost in thought that one does not realize what one is doing, what is happening, etc. bound by or as if by a spell.
The Sun and the Wind Books victory, success. give the _________ to a question. strength. please _______ my hand. not quickly or fast.
Fairy Tails Literature and Writing A Gloomy Place. Big Fortress. She is the Beautiful Daughter. She is the Rulers Wife. He is the Ruler.
Dragon Rider Books Firedrake uses this to fly during daytime. Spies. A sea _______ was friendly with the group. Guinevere _______. The Golden One lives in a _______.
Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of Nimh Body To get the meaning (page 44). Generally flat or unruffled, not rough (page 16). An agricultural implement used for cutting, lifting, turning over, and partly pulverizing soil (page 30). Having the attention or curiosity engaged. Moving or acting with a great speed ( page 18).
Farm Home and Family its pink and goes oink oink. you can keep the animals or tools in it. this is horses bedding. its mum is a pig. who ever lives on the farm lives in this.
HOLES Books We are ___________ you from school.. Dig out material from the ground.. His visionary voice is potentially ____________ by sorrow and grief, and he attempts to contain that dangerous erosion of his prophetic vision. . A small peg or plug, esp. for insertion into the vent of a cask.. The _____________ around my house is 30m..
Charlotte's Web Books a quiet dark place for animals to sleep. planning or plotting. baby goose. going on and on about something. body part on a spider that helps make their webs.
Runaway Ralph Books Taking pleasure in bloodshed or violence. Undestroyable. having or showing arrogant superiority . One who, or that which, braids.. Lacking in or damaging to dignity (Respect).
Charlottes' Web Books Sweat. Changing little. A container for animal food. A weak person or animal. Charmed.
Foods Food has the word eat in it. look like trees. it is a bird. come in pods. kids love it.
PIZZA Food What's your favourite pizza .....................?. Oh, yummy! This cake is really ...................... The red pizza sauce is made from ...................... We need a ..................... to make the sauce.. ....................... is the favourite pizza in the USA..
Grandmother Spider Brings the Sun Books if you try to look at the sun, you tend to do this with eyes. not loosely fitting. you need these in order to get to an unfamiliar place. soft sticky mud. the sun gives off ____.
Captain Underpants Books The hero of the story is Captain _________. A very powerful liquid - Extra _______Super Power Juice. A book with speech bubbles. First main character. A cermony where people get married.
Playground Recreation woof woof. clear. pests. strict. people who travel but have no homes.
Christmas Christmas I ring at Christmas Time. ...the red-nosed reindeer.. Decorations to hang on the Christmas Tree. The American name for Father Christmas. The big bag Father Christmas carries his presents in!.
Christmas Christmas Santa comes into the house down this. Sometimes found on top of the Christmas tree. Santa says this. You will get kissed if you stand under this. You hang these on the Christmas tree.
Spelling Word Spelling Lists you learn to swim in this. (4). it's almost the end of the ____. (4). you wear these when you swim. (7). We go to school _____ day of the week. (5). opposite of left. (5).
Winter Words Holidays and Seasons Answer these chilly questions! A popular winter sport in Canada.. It falls from the sky in winter.. We wear these to keep our hands warm.. Kim Yo-na is a talented figure __________.. In winter the weather is very ________..
Christmas Christmas on top of tree. long and shiny. jolly man in red suit. songs. gift.
Christmas Christmas Who makes presents?. On top of many Trees. Stripped candy treat. Jolly old guy. Bright Red Nose.
Family Home and Family a daughter of your mother`s sister or brother is your mother`s n...... Who is for your mother the son of her sister or brother?. the parents of your parents . a girl-child . a male parent.
Christmas Christmas Santa's little helpers.. This led the three wise men to Jesus.. The white sheet on the ground which snowmen i made out of.. The main ingredient to a perfect Christmas roast is a bird.... Join your lover for a kiss under this..
Mrs. Biddlebox Books Find the word that answers the questions below and write the answers in the puzzle. Mrs. Biddlebox transformed her bad day into what?. What Mrs. Biddlebox decided to do with her bad day?. What gave Mrs. Biddlebox a headache?. What did Mrs. Biddlebox do with the cake? . There were creakies in where?.
Objects at Home Home and Family a big soft seat to sit on. you use it to take the skin off fruit and vegetables. an area you can stand or sit on the outside of your apartment. a square box for entertainment. you put fresh flowers in it.
Thanksgiving Thanksgiving Thankful Words Grateful. Feeling of the heart. Meat eaten at Thanksgiving. When you smile. Bread dish.
Thanksgiving Thanksgiving a dessert that can be made from apples, cherries, pecan, or pumpkin. on November 11th, we honor those who served their country. month that Thanksgiving is in. the main item on the Thanksgiving day table. what is cooked inside the turkey.
Cain and Abel Bible What did God put on Cain to protect him?. What did Cain do?. What did God tell Cain to do with his sin?. Who was Eve to Cain and Abel?. Killing is forbidden in the fifth one of these?.
Vocabulary Spelling Lists somewhere you go in an emergency. If you find something funny, you.... something you listen to. an american sport. To move.
Vocabulary Spelling Lists someone who works under ground to dig for coal. green plant with feathery leaves. line made when 2 pieces are sewn together. something that is burned to give power or heat. solid figure with 6 sides.
Vocabulary Spelling Lists lets smoke escape outside. burning stick held in the hand to give light. long pole with a sharp point. made of nerves inside the skull. related to a monkey.
Vocabulary Spelling Lists large object in space. where 2 parts meet. an insect has 2. large rock. lie at an angle.
Halloween Halloween Use the hints to find out what the word is!!! what do people normally use for decorations?. what do vampires sleep in?. What noise does a werewolf make?. What do you make potions in?. what sucks your blood?.
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