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Math Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
Geometry A triangle which has two of its sides equal in length. A polygon with 6 sides. It is made up of two rays. A flat, closed figure made up of line segments. Two lines that cross. Hard
Geometry the way a number goes - positive or negative. part of a circle containing its center and an arc . a zero-dimensional figure; while usually left undefined. the actual area of a region . a segment that helps to make up a face. Hard
Geometry a triangle with three acute angles . in a right triangle, the side opposite the right angle . polygon with six sides. lines that do not intersect and are not Coplanar . a polygon with ten sides . Hard
Geometry A curve where any point is an equal distance from the focus and directrix. Selection of objects in which the order of the objects matters. A number multiplied by itself two times. A set starting point used to solve geographic equations. . The shape of a beverage can. The shape of a tube. The shape of a pool noodle.. Big
Geometry Use the hints to figure out what the word is (may be more than one) a _________ is a line that intersects a circle in two points. a ________ is cyclic iff there exists a circle that contains all of its vertices. every _______ is a cyclic. an inscribed angle is equal in measure to half its intercepted arc. in a _______, equal chords have equal arcs. Older Children
Geometry Fill In The Blanks. Is a location. a point that bisects a line segment. two lines that a right angle at their point of intersection. two lines that never intersect. Finite portion of a line that has two endpoints. Older Children
Geometry the common endpoint of the angle. a figure formed by two rays that have the same endpoint. the number that is paired with a point on a number line. the smallest figure in geometry. the point that divides the segment into two congruent segments. Big
Geometry A line that intersects two or more lines in different points.S. Points that do not lie on the same line.. A pair of nonadjacent angles formed by two intersecting lines.. Lines that intersect to form right angles.. Lines that lie in the same plane (coplanar) and that never intersect.. Hard
Geometry Nonadjacent exterior angles that lie on opposite sides of the transversal. Formed by two rays with the same endpoint. An 'if-then' statement. Two angles whose sides are opposite rays. An angle that is greater than 0 degrees, but less than 90 degrees. Older Children
Geometry the longest side of a right triangle, opposite the right angle.. are a pair of matching sides that are in the same spot in two different shapes.. The two sides besides the hypotenuse. The side between two angles. A slide. Older Children
Geometry The common endpoint is a. Formed by two noncollinear rays that have a common endpoint. A simple location is a . A ray that divides an angle into two congruent angles. Two angles that lie in the same plane, have a common vertex and a common side, but no common interior points. Hard
Geometry simply a location on a plane.. a ray that divides an angle into two congruent angles. two angles that lie in the same plane, have a common vertex and a common side, but no common interior anglesr. any measurement depends on the smallest unit available on the ruler. a particular position, point , or place. Hard
Geometry A statement that can be proved. It has one endpoint. It has two endpoints. A geometric figure made up of infinitely many points; it extends endlessly in two directions. Points on the same line . Older Children
Geometry Two angles and an included side. Angles that are in the same corner of each intersection . Two sides and an included angle . a pair of angles on the outer side of each of those two lines but on opposite sides of the transversal.. Two lines intersected by a transversal . Hard
Geometry magic number of a triangle. line cutting between 2 other lines. angles that share a side and a vertex. What field did I get my original college degree in?. triangle that has at least 2 congruent sides. Older Children
Geometry - polygons angles outside a polygon are called _____. triangle with two sides equal. six sided shape. angles are measured in _______. a shape that has many sides. Hard
Geometry and Other Math Terms where the two sides of an angle meet. consists of two rays wiht the same endpoint. has no dimension and is represented by a small dot.. the answer to a division problem. to divide into two congruent parts. Big
Geometry Lines the common endpoint. two rays that share common point. represented by a dot. Lines that cross each other at some point. Lines that never intersect. Older Children
Geometry of Design triangle that angles are less than 90 degrees. A triangle with one angle that is greater than 90 degrees.. Each angular point of a polygon, polyhedron, or other figure.. A solid composed of two congruent circles in parallel planes, their interiors, and all the line segments parallel to the axis with endpoints on the two circles. The amount of rotation needed to bring one line or plane into coincidence with another, generally measured in radians or degrees. Very Difficult
Geometry Portfolio an acute triangle that has all equal sides and angles. a triangle that has two equal sides and two equal base angles. two angle that have equal length and angles. a triangle that forms a triangle that equal to 90%. uses the coordinate plane and algebra to prove a geometric concepts. Teenage
Geometry Project 2 rays that have the same initial point. __ finds the length of segment/distance between 2 points. A __ has no size or dimensions . 2 angles that share a common vertex, side, & no common interior point . rise over run. Hard
Geometry Puzzle If you mow the front half of the lawn..... If two angles add up to 180˚, then they are complementary.. 4+8=8+4. x/3=9, x=27. C=C. Hard
Geometry Puzzle A triangle with two congruent sides. A six sided polygon. The commond endpoint in an angle. Two rays with a common point. A figure made up of line segments. Very Difficult
Geometry Terms outside measurement of a circle. what is the another word for 'average'. 3 sided object. composition on a certain topic. used for writing. Teenage
Geometry Terms two rays that share a common endpoint. has no dimension, an exact location (a dot). two rays that share a starting point but GO in opposite directions. an angle that measures exactly 90 degrees. a point a line segment that divides in into two equal parts. Big
Geometry Terms theoretical location that has no size. means to cut into two equal segments or angles. lines that do not intersect. arc that is more than a semicircle. angle that is 90 degrees. Older Children
Geometry Terms a common way to organize proof in geometry that has two columns one for statement, one for reason. point at which a line or ray ends. a lines that cut through two or more lines. two angles that are on the same side of the transversal, on different lines and outside the two lines. point halfway along. Big
Geometry Vocab (R-Z) a proof with a column for statements and a column for reasons. a point where two sides of a polygon meet. lines that are not parallel and do not intersect in space. y = mx + b. a ruler with no markings on it. Hard
Geometry Vocabulary When a figure is turned a specific number of degrees about the origin or a fixed point. Angles opposite of each other when two lines cross. A line that crosses at least two other lines. Angles on opposite sides of the transversal but outside the two parallel lines. Movements of figures that do not change the shape of the figure just the position. Hard
Geometry Vocabulary The corner of sn sngle or shape.. Points marking the end of a line.. A set of points that has rays that come together at the middle.. Lines that intersect and are not parallel.. A spot or location on a coordinate grid.. Hard
Geometry Vocabulary Each answer is a term used frequently in the study of Geometry. Clues are in the form of definitions, theorems or examples. the side opposite the 90 angle in a right triangle. triangle in which two sides are the same length. the point at which two lines, rays or segments intersect. when two lines are cut by a transversal, angle pairs that are on opposite sides of the transversal. a line which intersects a system of two or more lines. Hard
Geometry Vocabulary (F-Q) a six sided polygon. a triangle with one obtuse angle. an exact location in space. the two congruent sides of an isosceles triangle. a simple closed two-dimensional shape made of line segments. Hard
Geometry Words a point inside of a parabola. the numbers that solves a quadratic equation. the highest or lowest point on a parabola. a line above or below the parabola. the 'middle term in a quadratic expression. Teenage
Goemetry a common endpoint. two collinear rays that have a common endpoint. simple location. a set of points that satisfy a given condition. rise over run. Hard
Grammar Under, over, at, on, in though, into. a preposition of time. an auxillary verb showing possibility starting wih W. Names, February, June, Joshua, King Henry, Amazon River, Halstow School etc. an auxillary verb showing possibility starting with S. Hard
Graph theory There is not a route that may be used to get to any other point on the graph. A point on the graph where edges meet. More than one point on a graph. A line connecting pairs of points. A step by step procedure Startin at the end and working backwards to the beggining point. Older Children
Graphing 26 is _________ ________ 34.2. The point (4,-6) is located in the ________ _________. . The point (3,4) is located in the _________ ________.. The point (0,0) is known has the ___________.. The point (-5,5) is located in the ________ ____________.. Hard
History of Money Items used for trade. Legally binding notes that buyers use to promise sellers unconditionally that they will pay specific amounts of money within a specific time. Resources will run out eventually. The movement of people from rural areas to cities. Valuable item used instead of money. Hard
Inductive Reasoning and Problem Solving Guess. Facts that lead to conclusions. A conclusion based on information. Something that repeats. Example that proves something false. Teenage
Integral Calculus Fill in the calculus crossword opposite/hypotenuse . area under the curve as defined by trapezoids. the slope of the tangent line. to simplify a limit definition problem one would use:. The area under the curve on a set interval. Hard
Intro To Integers a number that belongs to the set of positive whole numbers, their opposites (negative whole numbers), and 0. a natural number with a value greater than zero. smaller; represented by the symbol . a nonnegative integer; includes all the natural numbers and zero. two different numbers that have the same absolute value. Hard
Intro to Rays it is formed when the light rays appear to be originating from a point but does not actually meet. he angle at which light hits a reflecting surface . the mirror-like reflection of waves, such as light. a line (straight or curved) that is perpendicular to the light's wavefronts. the light that falls on a subject. Hard
Investing stocks of large, well-established corporations with a solid record of profitability (ex. IBM, Coca-Cola). a way to minimize risk which involves spreading the risk among many types of investments. a prolonged period of rising stock prices; general feeling of investor optimism. an increase in the number of outstanding shares of a company's stock (selling price is lowered in direct proportion). (a.k.a. shareholders) the owners of a corporation (those who invest in stock). Hard
Kinematics Vector quantity which represents how fast an object moves and its corresponding direction. Set of points where an object moves. Change in velocity. Vector quantity which represents the movement from the starting position to the final position. Motion at a constant velocity. Hard
Library of Functions A function whose value is a constant raised to the power of the argument, especially the function where the constant is e.. A function that maps the set of non-negative real numbers onto itself. Graphed as half of a parabola with a vertical directrix.. A function, the result of the division of two exponential functions. The graph has an S-shape. The inverse of an exponential function. A mathematical function of a single real variable that remains constant within each of a series of adjacent intervals but changes in value from one interval to the next. EX: y=[IxI]. Hard
Line and Angle four angles formed outside by a transversal and two parallel lines. two angles that have the same vertex, share a common side, and do not overlap. angles that together measure 180 degrees. a line that intersects two parallel lines and form eight angles. two lines in the same plane that do not intersect. Hard
Linear Equations the highest power of a variable. The inverse of Addition. The positive integers together with 0. an equation with 4 or more terms . The inverse of division. Teenage
Linear Equations Complete the crossword puzzle below The first thing that you have to write when you are solving an equation(it helps you solve the equation). Where you plot the points. Has a constant ratio between two quantities and it goes through the origin(0,0). Usually on the bottom side of the graph (also used in science). How steep a straight line in. Big
Linear Equations and Inequalites . all the y's. 0 is on top. parallel lines have the same y intercept. 0 is on bottom. Hard
Lines and Angles Point where arms of an angle meet. Entity formed when two rays meet at a point. An object that has no length and no breath. Three or more lines passing through the same point. Lines which do not meet at any point. Older Children
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