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Math Crosswords

To view or print a Math crossword puzzle click on its title.

Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
Geometry Puzzle If you mow the front half of the lawn..... If two angles add up to 180˚, then they are complementary.. 4+8=8+4. x/3=9, x=27. C=C. Hard
Geometry Puzzle A triangle with two congruent sides. A six sided polygon. The commond endpoint in an angle. Two rays with a common point. A figure made up of line segments. Very Difficult
Geometry Terms outside measurement of a circle. what is the another word for 'average'. 3 sided object. composition on a certain topic. used for writing. Teenage
Geometry Terms two rays that share a common endpoint. has no dimension, an exact location (a dot). two rays that share a starting point but GO in opposite directions. an angle that measures exactly 90 degrees. a point a line segment that divides in into two equal parts. Big
Geometry Terms theoretical location that has no size. means to cut into two equal segments or angles. lines that do not intersect. arc that is more than a semicircle. angle that is 90 degrees. Older Children
Geometry Vocab (R-Z) a proof with a column for statements and a column for reasons. a point where two sides of a polygon meet. lines that are not parallel and do not intersect in space. y = mx + b. a ruler with no markings on it. Hard
Geometry Vocabulary When a figure is turned a specific number of degrees about the origin or a fixed point. Angles opposite of each other when two lines cross. A line that crosses at least two other lines. Angles on opposite sides of the transversal but outside the two parallel lines. Movements of figures that do not change the shape of the figure just the position. Hard
Geometry Vocabulary The corner of sn sngle or shape.. Points marking the end of a line.. A set of points that has rays that come together at the middle.. Lines that intersect and are not parallel.. A spot or location on a coordinate grid.. Hard
Geometry Vocabulary Each answer is a term used frequently in the study of Geometry. Clues are in the form of definitions, theorems or examples. the side opposite the 90 angle in a right triangle. triangle in which two sides are the same length. the point at which two lines, rays or segments intersect. when two lines are cut by a transversal, angle pairs that are on opposite sides of the transversal. a line which intersects a system of two or more lines. Hard
Geometry Vocabulary (F-Q) a six sided polygon. a triangle with one obtuse angle. an exact location in space. the two congruent sides of an isosceles triangle. a simple closed two-dimensional shape made of line segments. Hard
Geometry Words a point inside of a parabola. the numbers that solves a quadratic equation. the highest or lowest point on a parabola. a line above or below the parabola. the 'middle term in a quadratic expression. Teenage
Graph theory There is not a route that may be used to get to any other point on the graph. A point on the graph where edges meet. More than one point on a graph. A line connecting pairs of points. A step by step procedure Startin at the end and working backwards to the beggining point. Older Children
Graphing 26 is _________ ________ 34.2. The point (4,-6) is located in the ________ _________. . The point (3,4) is located in the _________ ________.. The point (0,0) is known has the ___________.. The point (-5,5) is located in the ________ ____________.. Hard
History of Money Items used for trade. Legally binding notes that buyers use to promise sellers unconditionally that they will pay specific amounts of money within a specific time. Resources will run out eventually. The movement of people from rural areas to cities. Valuable item used instead of money. Hard
Inductive Reasoning and Problem Solving Guess. Facts that lead to conclusions. A conclusion based on information. Something that repeats. Example that proves something false. Teenage
Integral Calculus Fill in the calculus crossword opposite/hypotenuse . area under the curve as defined by trapezoids. the slope of the tangent line. to simplify a limit definition problem one would use:. The area under the curve on a set interval. Hard
Intro To Integers a number that belongs to the set of positive whole numbers, their opposites (negative whole numbers), and 0. a natural number with a value greater than zero. smaller; represented by the symbol . a nonnegative integer; includes all the natural numbers and zero. two different numbers that have the same absolute value. Hard
Investing stocks of large, well-established corporations with a solid record of profitability (ex. IBM, Coca-Cola). a way to minimize risk which involves spreading the risk among many types of investments. a prolonged period of rising stock prices; general feeling of investor optimism. an increase in the number of outstanding shares of a company's stock (selling price is lowered in direct proportion). (a.k.a. shareholders) the owners of a corporation (those who invest in stock). Hard
Kinematics Vector quantity which represents how fast an object moves and its corresponding direction. Set of points where an object moves. Change in velocity. Vector quantity which represents the movement from the starting position to the final position. Motion at a constant velocity. Hard
Library of Functions A function whose value is a constant raised to the power of the argument, especially the function where the constant is e.. A function that maps the set of non-negative real numbers onto itself. Graphed as half of a parabola with a vertical directrix.. A function, the result of the division of two exponential functions. The graph has an S-shape. The inverse of an exponential function. A mathematical function of a single real variable that remains constant within each of a series of adjacent intervals but changes in value from one interval to the next. EX: y=[IxI]. Hard
Line and Angle four angles formed outside by a transversal and two parallel lines. two angles that have the same vertex, share a common side, and do not overlap. angles that together measure 180 degrees. a line that intersects two parallel lines and form eight angles. two lines in the same plane that do not intersect. Hard
Linear Equations the highest power of a variable. The inverse of Addition. The positive integers together with 0. an equation with 4 or more terms . The inverse of division. Teenage
Linear Equations Complete the crossword puzzle below The first thing that you have to write when you are solving an equation(it helps you solve the equation). Where you plot the points. Has a constant ratio between two quantities and it goes through the origin(0,0). Usually on the bottom side of the graph (also used in science). How steep a straight line in. Big
Linear Equations and Inequalites . all the y's. 0 is on top. parallel lines have the same y intercept. 0 is on bottom. Hard
Math Difficulty: medium solve the work sheet. good luck!! a shape with all congruent sides. a unit of measuring angles or for measuring temperature. a triangle with 3 congruent angles. a 3 sided polygon . a triangle that has a 90 degree angle. Hard
Math A number that has exactly 2 factors.. The time between midnight and midday.. One of 4 equal parts.. The sum or whole number amount.. An instrument used to measure angles.. Hard
Math Find a solution to an equation.. The difference between the greatest value and the least value in a data set.. The symbols used to write a number:0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,and 9.. A way of displaying objects in rows and columns.. A number that has a whole number and a fraction.. Hard
Math A combination of a whole number and a fraction.. The average of a set of numbers.. The perimeter of a circle.. Any shape with 3 sides.. The point where a line crosses the x or y-axis.. Hard
Math How many quarts are in a gallon?. How many years are in a decade?. Figures with the same size and shape.. The number occuring most often in a set of data.. A triangle with 3 egual sides.. Older Children
MATH A body is said to be in __________ if it moves in a straight line at constant speed. a mathematical operator that returns an output of true if and only ifall of its operands are true. an algebraic equation in which each term is either a constant or the product of a constant and (the first power of) a single variable. uses symbols such as , , , or to compare two quantities. a mathematical statement that asserts the equality of two expressions.. Big
Math You do this to get the sum of two numbers. a+0=a. PI. A mathematical expression using a '='. .25,.333..,.2. Hard
Math the first number in the ordered pair. a line that neither rises or falls going left to right (horizontal line) . must have the same variable or group of variables with the same exponents. vertical line. in one variable is any equation that can be put in the form of ax + b = 0 . Hard
Math The top part of a power. Another way of saying anything raised to the second power. Divide. A kind of fraction where the top number is bigger than the bottom number. What you call x raised to the 6th . Hard
Math A number that is divisable by one and itself.. To learn by heart, commit to memory.. A number or algebraic expression obtained by dividing one number or algebraic expression.. A mathematical statement.. A number that can be divided with more than just one and itself.. Older Children
Math A number that is divisable only by one and itself.. To learn by heart, commit to memory.. A number or algebraic expession obtained by dividing one number or algebraic expression.. A mathematical statement. A number that con be divided with more than just one and itself.. Older Children
Math whole numbers and there opposites. 1,2,3 . number under zero. reversible operation. adding up fraction and take them away. Older Children
math a number that can only be divisible by one and itself. to learn by heart, to commit to memory. the answer to a division problem. a mathematical statement. a number that is divisible by more than just one and itself. Hard
Math is helpful to use this when you are solving a problem where you have to find out how many different ways an event can happen . the number that indicates how many times the base number is multiplyed by itself . getting a variable alone on one side of an equation or inequality in order to solve the equation. in some problems there is a relationship between diffrent pieces of information and you do what?. an expression that contains at least one variable. Older Children
Math To join to or more numbers to create one. Drawing or diagram to record information. Number that divides two numbers exactly. A Part to Whole Comparison. Having the same amount or value. Big
Math a number that tells how many times the base is used as a factor. the number to used to divide another number. a common way of writing numbers. the symbols used to show number 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9. the answer to an addition problem. Older Children
Math a line that can reflect the image on itself . 6 sides . the side opposite a right angle . 2 congruent sides . point that joins 2 sides of a triangle . Hard
Math A fraction, or ratio, in which the denominator is assumed to be 100. The symbol % is used for percent. . The union of two rays with a common endpoint, called the vertex. A type of drawing used to represent data.. An equation of fractions in the form: . The distance of a number from zero; the positive value of a number.. Older Children
Math the order of operation . each angular point of a shape. the space (usually measured in degrees) between two intersecting lines . out of 100. a plane figure with at least three straight sides and angles, and typically five or more. Big
MATH CROSSWORD PUZZLE ASSIGNMENT FA-2 If the dividend and divisor are both positive or negative, the quotient is___________.. Directed numbers are also called_____________ numbers.. The standard or basic unit of mass is _____________.. The reciprocal of an improper fraction is a______________ fraction.. The sign of the product of 23 negative integers and 7 positive integer is__________ .. Teenage
Math Definitions A polygon having six sides. The process of placing a point on a number line at its proper location. a line that divides a figure into two halves that are refections of each other. the sum f the data divided by the number of items in the data set. a type of statistical graph using lines to show how values change over a period of time. Teenage
Math Definitions A cirlce in which each side of the polygon is tangent to the circle. Two figures that have the same shape but not necessarily the same size. Lines in the same plane that do not intersect. A triangle with no congruent sides. A segment whose endpoints lie on a cirlce. Older Children
Math Models Vocabulary a relation in which none of the first coordinates (the Xs) repeat. . A number when multiplied by itself gives the original number. the X-Values. Distance around the outside of a shape. a set of ordered pairs . Hard
Math Project The number you multiply a number into . Ax+By=C. Slope a horizontal line. A line that goes 'UP & DOWN'. y-y=m(x-x). Hard
Math Terms where two faces of a three-dimensional object meet. way to remember the order of operations. a number in a list. flat or curver surface of a three-dimenional object. comparison of quantities measured in the same units. Teenage
Math Terms Fill in the crossword according to the hints distance around a circle. a part of a number. the interior of a shape. greater than 90 degrees. vertical. Older Children
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