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Math Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
Data Analysis and Probability probability experiment when each outcome has an equal chance of being picked.. an organized collection of data.. a questionaire that leads a person to answer a certain way.. when the question does not influence the answer.. the likelihood that something occurs based on the results of an experiment.. Adult
Decimal review three multiplied by zero point four equals . How many decimal places does 4.7862 have?. When you multiply a number by a 100 the decimal point moves .... spaces to the right. ordering decimals from smallest to largest, is writing them in ............ order. When multiplying decimals, the number of decimal places in the questions and the answers are the . Older Children
Dilations The new figure that results from the transformation of a figure in a plane.. P' is read as 'P __________'.. A square has ________ lines of symmetry.. A ________ ________ is a way to measure dilations, abbreviated with the letter 'k'.. If the image of a dilation is smaller than the original figure, then the dilation is a(n)____________.. Teenage
Drafting A thin line used to indicate the center of a round object in a secondary (not true- shape) view.. A thin line used to indicate the center of a symmetrical object. . A thin line used to indicate the center of a round object in a primary (true-shape) view.. Heavy, dashed lines used to show sectional views. Arrows are extended from the endpoints to illustrate the viewing direction.. A collection of the different lines used in drafting, with classifications for line weight (thickness) and linetype.. Hard
Economics concerns of society as a whole. economic transactions involving individuals and businesses. gives the author or artist exclusive rights to publish and sell their work. love of one's country. people decide when, what, and how they buy or sell. Hard
Equation Addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. A mathematical sentence that contains an equals sign. Whole numbers and their opposites. A letter used to represent a number. Another word for variable. Older Children
Equations and Inequalities A mathematical sentence that contains the symbol. An algebraic or numerical sentence that shows that two quantities are equal. If you multiply both sides of an equation by the same number, the two sides will remain equal. Opposite operations, or operations that undo each other, such as addition and subtraction or multiplication and division. An expression that includes at least one variable. Hard
Euclid's Axioms and Postulates has neither length nor breadth. ends of a line. whole is greater than _____. edges of surface. has length and breadth only. Older Children
Euclidean Geometry set of points. A location in space that has no physical features. Due to this a point cannot be measured.. A ray, line segment, or line that intersects the interior of an angle to form two angles of equal measure that use the sides of the angle.. All angles measure between zero and one hundred eighty degrees. To find the measure of larger angles you need to add the measures of the linear pair inside of the larger angle.. The part of the angle that can normally be measured by a protractor. It is convex and between zero and one hundred eighty degrees.. Hard
Factors & Multiples two numbers. a diagram used to break up a number. used to determine whether a number is divisible by other numbers. separate and divide. highest number that divides into two or more numbers. Older Children
Factors & Multiples two numbers. a diagram used to break up a number. used to determine whether a number is divisible by other numbers. separate and divide. highest number that divides into two or more numbers. Older Children
Financial Accounting Reconciling Cash Book to bank statement. Obligation of the entity due to past transactions. Normally calculated at time and a half. IAS 38 allows ____to be capitalised. A collection of related accounts. Big
financial vocab. Money a business has to pay out to maintain opertion. The relationship between assets and two types of equities (liabilities & owner's equity). A subdivision under either Assets, Liabilities or Owner's Equity. You buy something and agree to pay later. Money to be received. Teenage
Formula Chart 6 feet equal 2 of these (calculate). A= 1/2 aP is used to find the area of this regular shape. all sides of a shape added together. its area is found by bh/2. to find its volume use 1/3 Bh. Older Children
Fraction the numerator is larger than the denominator. two fractions that are equal in value. flip the fraction so the numerator becomes the denominator and vice versa. number on the bottom part of a fraction. smallest possible fraction. Older Children
Fraction Vocabulary Read definitions and write the correct term in the appropriate space A fraction whose numerator is always 1. Of two numbers are factors that are the same that are called these. This fraction has a numerator greater than or equal to its denominator. The least common multiple of the denominators. The numer and denominator have no common factor other than 1. Big
Fractions ___________ numbers are numbers that are only divisible by 1 and itself. ____________ common Factor. ___________ numbers that have more factors than just 1 and itself. two fractions that are equal are _______________ fractions. __________ multiplication is a trick to comparing fractions. Older Children
Functions all possible y values. coordinate plane. a function. determines if a line on a graph is a function. describes the steepness of a line. Teenage
Geography Economy is focused on service industries with a well defined support. Economy is still based on manufacturing . Making or refining products from raw materials . Extraction of resources from the Earth. The number if infants who die out of every 1000 born. Hard
Geometric Solids ________ are the 2-dimensional surfaces that make up solids.. Three or more edges intersect at a point called a ________.. A ____________ is a solid that has two circle bases.. Two faces intersect in a segment called an ______.. A ___________ solid is a solid that is made by combining two or more solids.. Hard
Geometry a triangle with three equal sides and three equal angles. the flat surface of a three-dimensional shape. a solid shape with a circular base and a curved surface that tapers to a point. a polygon with four sides. a straight line joining two points of a circle. Hard
Geometry Triangle that has 3 congruent sides. Triangle that has one obtuse angle. Triangle that has no congruent sides. Triangle that has only acute angles. Triangle that hasat least 2 congruent sides. Older Children
Geometry flat surface that has no thickness and extends forever. triangle with at lease 2 congruent sides. a line segment that connects two non-adjacent vertices of a polygon. triangle with exactly one right angle. figures that have the sameshape and size. Big
Geometry the new figure after a transformation. distance around the outside of a circle. flat surface that extends forever in all directions. flat side of a three--dimensional figure. an exact location in space with no size. Hard
Geometry The distance d between any two points (x1,y1) and (x2,y2). when you find a pattern in specific cases and the write a conjecture for the general case. the opposite of the original statement. first wrtie the converse and then negate both the hypothesis and the conclusion. The midpoint M of the line segment with endpoints A(x1,y1) and B(x2,y2). Teenage
Geometry A line that intersects a circle in exactly one point.. All sides congruent.. The distance around a circle.. A repeating pattern of figures with no gaps or overlaps.. Type of arc that is bigger then half a circle.. Hard
Geometry Triangle with all sides congruent.. The distance around a circle.. A repeating pattern of figures with no gaps or overlaps.. A 7 sided figure.. Theorem that states: leg squared plus leg squared equals hypotenuse squared.. Very Difficult
Geometry is Opposite over Adjacent . Circles with the same center are ______________ circles. The difference between the highest and the lowest numbers in a set of numbers. is Opposite over Hypotenuse. or average, of a set of numbers is found by dividing the sum of the numbers by the amount of numbers added. Hard
Geometry has only 2 equal sides. a tool used to measure angles. a 7 sided figure. an angle larger than 90 degrees but smaller than 180 degrees. has 3 unequal sides. Hard
Geometry common endpoint of two rays. location. two angles created by intersecting lines who share only a common endpoint. angle measures exactly 90. two or more objects on the same plane. Hard
Geometry Logic and review a branch of geometry where we study deduction and induction. when you continue a pattern or make an observation. a series of related numbers or objects - a trend. a closed many sided figure that is made up of straight lines. a line that crosses two other lines. Teenage
Geometry all the the angles in a triangle are less then 90.. The triangle has an obtuse angle.. Defined by the two rays that form it. . Lines that do not intersect and are not in the same plane.. Lying on the same plane. . Very Difficult
Geometry measurement of an angle. dvides an angle into two congruent angles. a line that intersects two or more lines in a plane. 2l + 2w. a2 + b2 = c2. Big
Geometry Given two points in a plane and the line containing them. Two rays that have the same endpoint. An object . postulate that is between two points on a line. a location that is in space with no physical features and cannot be measured. Very Difficult
Geometry 2 sides equal. has 6 sides. a shape with 3 or more sides. has 10 sides. has 20 sides. Hard
Geometry A triangle that has an angle smaller than 90 degrees. the side opposite of the 90 degree angle in a right triangle. A triangle that has an angle that is bigger than 90 degrees and is smaller than 180 degrees. where 2 lines meet. the measure between 2 lines that meet at 1 point. Very Difficult
Geometry the side opposite the right angle in a right triangle . the union of 2 rays that have the same endpoint; measured in degrees or radians . non-coplanar lines that don't intersect . a zero-dimensional figure; while usually left undefined, has four main representions . nonstraight and nonzero angles that have a common side in the interior of the angle formed by the noncommon sides . Hard
Geometry A triangle which has two of its sides equal in length. A polygon with 6 sides. It is made up of two rays. A flat, closed figure made up of line segments. Two lines that cross. Hard
Geometry the way a number goes - positive or negative. part of a circle containing its center and an arc . a zero-dimensional figure; while usually left undefined. the actual area of a region . a segment that helps to make up a face. Hard
Geometry a triangle with three acute angles . in a right triangle, the side opposite the right angle . polygon with six sides. lines that do not intersect and are not Coplanar . a polygon with ten sides . Hard
Geometry A curve where any point is an equal distance from the focus and directrix. Selection of objects in which the order of the objects matters. A number multiplied by itself two times. A set starting point used to solve geographic equations. . The shape of a beverage can. The shape of a tube. The shape of a pool noodle.. Big
Geometry Use the hints to figure out what the word is (may be more than one) a _________ is a line that intersects a circle in two points. a ________ is cyclic iff there exists a circle that contains all of its vertices. every _______ is a cyclic. an inscribed angle is equal in measure to half its intercepted arc. in a _______, equal chords have equal arcs. Older Children
Geometry Fill In The Blanks. Is a location. a point that bisects a line segment. two lines that a right angle at their point of intersection. two lines that never intersect. Finite portion of a line that has two endpoints. Older Children
Geometry the common endpoint of the angle. a figure formed by two rays that have the same endpoint. the number that is paired with a point on a number line. the smallest figure in geometry. the point that divides the segment into two congruent segments. Big
Geometry A line that intersects two or more lines in different points.S. Points that do not lie on the same line.. A pair of nonadjacent angles formed by two intersecting lines.. Lines that intersect to form right angles.. Lines that lie in the same plane (coplanar) and that never intersect.. Hard
Geometry Nonadjacent exterior angles that lie on opposite sides of the transversal. Formed by two rays with the same endpoint. An 'if-then' statement. Two angles whose sides are opposite rays. An angle that is greater than 0 degrees, but less than 90 degrees. Older Children
Geometry - polygons angles outside a polygon are called _____. triangle with two sides equal. six sided shape. angles are measured in _______. a shape that has many sides. Hard
Geometry and Other Math Terms where the two sides of an angle meet. consists of two rays wiht the same endpoint. has no dimension and is represented by a small dot.. the answer to a division problem. to divide into two congruent parts. Big
Geometry Portfolio an acute triangle that has all equal sides and angles. a triangle that has two equal sides and two equal base angles. two angle that have equal length and angles. a triangle that forms a triangle that equal to 90%. uses the coordinate plane and algebra to prove a geometric concepts. Teenage
Geometry Project 2 rays that have the same initial point. __ finds the length of segment/distance between 2 points. A __ has no size or dimensions . 2 angles that share a common vertex, side, & no common interior point . rise over run. Hard
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