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Music Crosswords

To view or print a Music crossword puzzle click on its title.

Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
Music Terms makes the note sound higher and remains in effect for the entire measure. makes the note sound lower and remains in effect for the entire measure. where musical notes and rest are placed. the pulse of music. short lines above and below the staff. Older Children
Musical Instruments A string instrument played with a plectrum.. An instrument that was invented by the Russian Leon Theremin. It was one of the first electronic instrument and sounds without any physical contact.. A percussion instrument that belongs to the family of membranophones originated in ancient Manding Empire.. A small flute.. A wind instrument that Woddy Allen plays.. Older Children
Musical Instruments Of South East Asia Countries is doubled reed eight finger wind instrument with conical tube made from a jack fruit wood.. music that performed during harvest season to give thanks to the rice spirit.. is one of the influential countries in Southeast Asia.. is a mouth organ made up of eight pieces of bamboo pipes of varying lengths inserted into an empty gourd.. also used in theatrical performance like Chinese opera and puppet shadow play.. Hard
Musical Terms Raises the pitch a half step . Lowers the pitch a half step. Medium quiet, medium soft. 5 lines and 4 spaces used for writing music . Medium Loud. Hard
Musical Terms A note without a stem. Duration of notes. The upper clef of a grand staff. Attaches to the notehead. To slow the speed. Big
Musical Terms The shaping of a musical idea. Moderately fast tempo. Sharp, flat, or naturals occurring outside of a given key signature within a composition. The initial attack of a note using your tongue. Symbol that raises the pitch by a half step. Very Difficult
Musical Terms Tempo indication meaning to play fast and lively. A symbol meaning to raise the note a half step. Tempo indication meaning slow or walking . To gradually speed up. A symbol meaning to lower the note a half step. Big
Musical Terms and Notations full ensemble. a small group of performers in unison. one performaner. raises the pitch of a note one half step. lowers the pitch of a note one half step. Hard
Old tunes are the best an attempt to do something new or difficult. amateur (adj/). gloomy; that makes you feel sad, bored, or uncomfortable. very happy and excited. about interesting or valuable discoveries that are made by accident . Big
Old tunes are the best an attempt to do something new or difficult. amateur (adj/). gloomy; that makes you feel sad, bored, or uncomfortable. very happy and excited. about interesting or valuable discoveries that are made by accident . Hard
One Direction They came in this place on the X Factor. Niall plays this instrument. Liam is afraid of these.. Liam was on the reserved list for the _____.. Liam and Louis co-wrote this song in Midnight Memories. Hard
One Name Bands Magic Carpet Ride. Rock And Roll All Nite. How You Remind Me. Clocks. Come Sail Away. Hard
Opera Beginning musical piece that summarizes all the songs in the opera. A play in which words are sung and not spoken. The lowest female voice. Famous opera composed by Georges Bizet. If the audience likes the opera they yell this word at the end of the opera. Hard
Reggae The main musical section. A beginning musical section. A musical element used in reggae. A concluding musical section. A common theme for reggae. Hard
Reggae Music Complete using clues when the genre originated. a famous singer of this genre. a popular symbol of reggae. the dominant instrument. the main instrument plays on a certain beat. Older Children
Rock & Roll _______ Comes Alive. ____ Straits. Band named after river in Egyptian mythology. band named after mid-western city. Don Henley's band. Big
Rock and Roll Groups This group was influenced by 'Alice Copper'.. Top song is 'Night Fever'.. 'Mr. Roboto' is a song by them.. Marc Bolan died in a car crash.. Number one song is 'Dancing Queen'.. Hard
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Hardcore punk hip-hop band the ________ Boys were inducted in 2012. _____ day is an angsty punk band and lead singer Billie Joel Armstrong where inducted in 2015.. Infamously their latest album was uploaded to every iTunes account worldwide for free. Run______. Known famously for the Dick _______ Rockin’ New Year’s Eve, as host of American Bandstand in the early ‘60s he earned himself a spot in the museum for leading the way of Rock n’ Roll through media. . Teenage
Rock Music The Italian word for 'lively and fast'. Middle Eight is also known as the __________. The Italian word for 'moderate speed'. The Italian word for 'slowly'. In what sub-genre of music would you find the 'wobble-bass'?. Hard
Scottish Music Group of instruments, includes accordion, fiddle, guitar, drums (5,4). String instument with 6 strings, it can be strummed or plucked (6). Unaccompanied singing similar to Beat Boxing (5,5). Best paid DJ in the world right now, born in Dumfries (6,6). Scottish singer that you can 'read all about', in the charts with David Guetta at the moment (5,5). Hard
Song Groups Original Name The O'Jays. British alternative rock band formed in 1996. Their First Chart Appearances was with 'The Lonely Drifter'. . Who formed the Stooges in 1967 after witnessing a Doors concert in Chicago. Founded in Detroit , Michigan as 'The Four Aims'. Big
Songs (4) i love the way you dance with anybody and tease them all by sucking on your thumb. (2) we got weeds in the back yard 4 feet tall cheech and chong probably would have smoked then all. (5) 9 times out of 10 shes right and i am wrong and when i won't give in she just goes along. (4) cadillac horns on the hood my buddy frankie had his dad hook him up good. (2) ooh ee ooh ah ah ting tang walla walla bing bang. Hard
Sousaphonics voices only. rectangular percussion instrument. the metal discs as part of a drumkit. small bamboo strip fixed to a mouthpiece of a saxophone. 'buttons' on brass instruments. Older Children
Taylor Swift Lyrics Come morning light, you and I'll be safe and______.. 'Cause I see sparks fly whenever you____.. Out of this curtained room, out of this hospital gray, we'll just_______.. _______about the day you wake up and find, what you've been looking for has been here the whole time.. You are the best thing that's ever been____.. Teenage
That Summer Where does Haven first run into Sumner after him and Ashley breakup. What does Haven do the day before Ashley's wedding. Lorna's nickname to Haven's mother. What grade will Haven be in when school starts. How tall is Haven. Hard
The Elements of Opera Test Your Opera Knowledge! The patterns of movement of the people onstage as the opera progresses. An orchestral piece that my be played at the very beginning. An Italian word that people may shout after an exciting aria. A musicial form that sounds like natural patterns of speech. The place where the actions will occur on stage. Teenage
The Renaissance Lute the lower strings of the lute.. the wood that lutes were made of.. the place in which the player pushs on the strings to change the pitch.. the main part of the lute that produces the sound.. A composition technique that used multiple layers of harmony.. Older Children
The Romantic Era One of the romantic beliefs. Rediscovered Bach's music. Best pianist of the romantic era. Composer that thought his head was falling off during a concert. same music, new words for each stanza. Hard
Waltzing Matilda type of Australian tree. Australian slang for 'sheep'. dancing. blanket used for sleeping on when camping. horse. Teenage
Wind Ensemble The one word that best describes The Star Bangled Banner. . The most famous term to describe a fast tempo.. The opposite of flat. . If the room is cold your pitch is generally ________.. This instrument uses a double reed and typically plays the tenor and bass line.. Big
Woodwind Family There are 24 hints, have fun working out the crossword! Most common saxophone. Part of instrument the reed is attached to. Name of an instrument family. Instruments that use a double reed are the oboe and .... Element of nature used in playing instruments. Hard
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