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Music Crosswords

To view or print a Music crossword puzzle click on its title.

Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
That Summer Where does Haven first run into Sumner after him and Ashley breakup. What does Haven do the day before Ashley's wedding. Lorna's nickname to Haven's mother. What grade will Haven be in when school starts. How tall is Haven. Hard
Music to raise one pitch. the group name of white keys. to lower ione pitch. the note inbetween the two staffs of the grandstaff. the name of the upper clef. Older Children
Australian Music Revision Crossword Puzzle famous aerophone instrument played by men only.. Aboriginal ceremony involving singing and dancing.. a long held note usually in the bass. upper notes created above a low fundamental bass note. instruments with a stretched membrane. Hard
Music A note that gets 1 beat. The right hand plays in the ------ clef. What is a dot placed over a note called. Another word for 4/4 time ( 2 words - (6,4). How would you play Legato. Older Children
Music in the Middle Ages Complete the crossword How were Gregorian chants passed down?. The offical music of the Roman Catholic Church. Where was the center for polyphonic music?. The Gregorian chant was named after what pope?. Guillaume de Machaut studied. Hard
Italian Music Terms brisk, fast tempo. stressed, accented style of playing. gradually get slower. play in the same manner. a term indicating the end of a piece of music. Hard
Ludwig Van Beethovan The country where Beethoven was born. role model; persuasive; influencing others. a piece of music written for one or two instruments; usually three or four large sections that are different from each other in rhythm and mood. absence of hearing sense. angry; irritable; enraged; venomous; brutal. Older Children
Instruments of the Orchestra A large horizontal version of a hammered instrument . Favorite of rock music . This is a sort of 'overgrown cornet'. The lowest sounding member of the woodwind family. We are now starting to enter the world of the larger instruments. Very Difficult
Country Music Instrument often used in cowboy songs. John Denver sings a song about a certain state. Which state?. Who sings Dust in the Wind?. Patsy's Cline's hit song that was actually written by Willie Nelson. Hank Williams pick-up line: 'Hey __________'. Big
Musical Terms Tempo indication meaning to play fast and lively. A symbol meaning to raise the note a half step. Tempo indication meaning slow or walking . To gradually speed up. A symbol meaning to lower the note a half step. Big
Musical Instruments Of South East Asia Countries is doubled reed eight finger wind instrument with conical tube made from a jack fruit wood.. music that performed during harvest season to give thanks to the rice spirit.. is one of the influential countries in Southeast Asia.. is a mouth organ made up of eight pieces of bamboo pipes of varying lengths inserted into an empty gourd.. also used in theatrical performance like Chinese opera and puppet shadow play.. Hard
20th Century Music Also known as 'Father of Impressionism'.. it contains unique or original elements, or it explores unusual fusions of different genres.. is the term generally used to describe music composed between the abandonment of tonality at the conclusion of the Romantic period and Arnold Schoenberg's creation of twelve-tone composition.. a waltz with a frightening undertone that had been compossed for ballet, a composition of Joseph Ravel.. In which composers sought to return to aesthetic precepts associated with the broadly defined concept of 'classicism', namely order, balance, clarity, economy, and emotional restraint.. Hard
Sousaphonics voices only. rectangular percussion instrument. the metal discs as part of a drumkit. small bamboo strip fixed to a mouthpiece of a saxophone. 'buttons' on brass instruments. Older Children
Music Elements Complete the crossword Volume markings for music. The density of sound. The relative frequency of sound. Two or more notes played at the same time. 4/4 is an example of a Time _____________. Older Children
Woodwind Family There are 24 hints, have fun working out the crossword! Most common saxophone. Part of instrument the reed is attached to. Name of an instrument family. Instruments that use a double reed are the oboe and .... Element of nature used in playing instruments. Hard
Motown Puzzle Large distinctive voiced bass-baritone singer known for his romantic songs.. Outstanding singer known for her wild wigs and ability to shake while dancing to her songs. Popular fashion style description of some of the costumes worn by Motown performers. R&B Group who jumped to the top of the charts with the hit 'End of the Road'. Soulful Motown singer who was killed by his cross dressing ignorant father.. Very Difficult
One Name Bands Magic Carpet Ride. Rock And Roll All Nite. How You Remind Me. Clocks. Come Sail Away. Hard
Black Music Legends Large R&B singer known for his distinctive bass-baritone voice and romantic song image.. A Jamaican reggae singer, songwriter, musician, and guitarist who achieved international fame and acclaim.. Soulful singer killed by his ignorant father.. Soulful balladeer & Grammy Award winner for a song about his deceased father.. Once dubbed the hardest working man in show business & the Godfather of Soul.. Hard
Country music artists Finding music artists by linking them to their songs titles 'Redneck Paradise'. 'What hurts the most'. 'Live like you were dying'. 'You and tequila'. 'Little red wagon'. Hard
Country music artists Finding music artists by linking them to their songs titles 'What hurts the most'. 'Live like you were dying'. 'Need you now'. 'Jesus take the wheel'. 'If i die young'. Older Children
Reggae Music Complete using clues when the genre originated. a famous singer of this genre. a popular symbol of reggae. the dominant instrument. the main instrument plays on a certain beat. Older Children
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Hardcore punk hip-hop band the ________ Boys were inducted in 2012. _____ day is an angsty punk band and lead singer Billie Joel Armstrong where inducted in 2015.. Infamously their latest album was uploaded to every iTunes account worldwide for free. Run______. Known famously for the Dick _______ Rockin’ New Year’s Eve, as host of American Bandstand in the early ‘60s he earned himself a spot in the museum for leading the way of Rock n’ Roll through media. . Teenage
Bon Jovi Their most recognizable song. Album, that won their first grammy award. The man behind the keyboards. The number of awards they have won. The singers birth name. Big
Music and The Holocaust Complete the following During The Holocaust music was played here as a symbol of freedom. The capital of music during The Holocaust. Most of the music played was Beethoven and other..... Germany had a long tradition of ------- success. Burning, in which substances combine chemically with oxygen from the air and typically give out bright light, heat, and smoke. Big
Beethoven he composed 1 of these. this person had a large impact on is life. he composed 32 of these. he was this 'G' word. where he was born. Older Children
Italian Musical Terms delecate. gradually getting faster . rather slow. gradually getting slower . end. Hard
Opera Beginning musical piece that summarizes all the songs in the opera. A play in which words are sung and not spoken. The lowest female voice. Famous opera composed by Georges Bizet. If the audience likes the opera they yell this word at the end of the opera. Hard
All About Gershwin He sang his songs, first name was Frank (What's his last name?). Geshwin's Folk Opera. George. While visiting Paris, George wrote 'An American in . Judy (what's her last name?). Hard
John Williams fill in the blank or answer the question Where he went to college, studying composition. A re-dedication for the Statue of Liberty that he made. A part of the military that he served in. One of the most popular and successful ........... orchestral composers. One of his films, which was a popular movie made about an archaeologist played by Harrison Ford. Hard
Exploring Music Awareness What musical sign is the end of a piece of music?. How can I legally download music from the internet?. This is the lowest pitched instrument in the brass family of instruments.. What do we call a song that is recognized by the country's government as it's official song?. What continent influenced American hip hop rhythms?. Big
Scottish Music Group of instruments, includes accordion, fiddle, guitar, drums (5,4). String instument with 6 strings, it can be strummed or plucked (6). Unaccompanied singing similar to Beat Boxing (5,5). Best paid DJ in the world right now, born in Dumfries (6,6). Scottish singer that you can 'read all about', in the charts with David Guetta at the moment (5,5). Hard
One Direction They came in this place on the X Factor. Niall plays this instrument. Liam is afraid of these.. Liam was on the reserved list for the _____.. Liam and Louis co-wrote this song in Midnight Memories. Hard
Rock Music The Italian word for 'lively and fast'. Middle Eight is also known as the __________. The Italian word for 'moderate speed'. The Italian word for 'slowly'. In what sub-genre of music would you find the 'wobble-bass'?. Hard
Backstreet Boys The year they started. What month was the album black and blue released. Place where the Band formed. This member played the guitar. This member played the bass guitar. Older Children
Musical Terms The shaping of a musical idea. Moderately fast tempo. Sharp, flat, or naturals occurring outside of a given key signature within a composition. The initial attack of a note using your tongue. Symbol that raises the pitch by a half step. Very Difficult
Clarinet Famous cartoon character who plays the clarinet. Where you blow on. Where the inventor lives. The inventor. The inventor's son. Older Children
Elements of Music material that produces sound itself. concordant harmonious tones that are stable and or relaxing. degree of loudness or softness of music. 3 part form based on statement, contrast or departure, and repetition ABA. highest of lowest note. Hard
Classical Era Known as 'papa of the symphony'. A piece for solo instrument accompanied by the orchestra. German composer who composed some of the finest music when he was deaf. A person who performs alone. Another great classical composer and a child prodigy. Hard
Musical Terms A note without a stem. Duration of notes. The upper clef of a grand staff. Attaches to the notehead. To slow the speed. Big
Wind Ensemble The one word that best describes The Star Bangled Banner. . The most famous term to describe a fast tempo.. The opposite of flat. . If the room is cold your pitch is generally ________.. This instrument uses a double reed and typically plays the tenor and bass line.. Big
John Mellencamp NO SPACES What is his biggest hit song?. What was he?. What month was he married?. What instrument did he play?. What did John love to do?. Teenage
Disney Song NAME THAT SONG! With tuppence for paper and string, you can have your own set of wings! - Mr. Banks (Mary Poppins). Tale as old as time.True as it can be, barely even friends, then somebody bends unexpectedly.- Mrs. Potts. The rainstorm and the river are my brothers. The heron and the otter are my friends; And we are all connected to each other In a circle, in a hoop, that never ends!-Pocahontas. It's glory they'll gimme! My dear friend, King 'Jimmy' will probably build me a shrine... When all of the gold is MINE!- Governor Radcliffe (Pocahontas) . So prepare for a chance of a lifetime. Be prepared for sensational news! A shining new era is tiptoeing nearer, and where do we feature? Just listen to teacher- Scar & the Hyenas (The Lion King). Hard
Carrie Underwood Carrie auditioned here for american idol. She grew up in a Small town. Many young girls looked up to her. Was released in 2005 . Carrie loved this more than singing. Big
Ever After father's wife. a ceremonial chair. currency. public space. position in group or society. Hard
Musical Instruments A string instrument played with a plectrum.. An instrument that was invented by the Russian Leon Theremin. It was one of the first electronic instrument and sounds without any physical contact.. A percussion instrument that belongs to the family of membranophones originated in ancient Manding Empire.. A small flute.. A wind instrument that Woddy Allen plays.. Older Children
Choir A lip _____ is when we buzz our lips (and it's a silly warm up!). The four articulators are tongue, teeth, jaw and _____.. A song that sounds creepy/dark is _____.. If you love to sing, you should always be in the ____!. A song that sounds bright/happy is ____.. Older Children
Music Terms makes the note sound higher and remains in effect for the entire measure. makes the note sound lower and remains in effect for the entire measure. where musical notes and rest are placed. the pulse of music. short lines above and below the staff. Older Children
Musical Terms and Notations full ensemble. a small group of performers in unison. one performaner. raises the pitch of a note one half step. lowers the pitch of a note one half step. Hard
Jazz American jazz musician, trumpeter, bandleader, and composer. known as 'Yardbird' and 'Bird'; American jazz saxophonist and composer.. an American jazz pianist and composer, considered to be one of the foremost exponents of cool jazz.. City in Illinois. : an American composer, pianist, and big-band leader. Hard
Song Groups Original Name The O'Jays. British alternative rock band formed in 1996. Their First Chart Appearances was with 'The Lonely Drifter'. . Who formed the Stooges in 1967 after witnessing a Doors concert in Chicago. Founded in Detroit , Michigan as 'The Four Aims'. Big
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