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Simple Crosswords

These crosswords are intended to be very simple. They are made up of one to five letter words and cover simple to understand subjects. They usually have less than ten words. To view or print a simple crossword puzzle click on its title.

Title Subject Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints
Vegetables Food Write the vegetable for each clue High in protein. Red and made into sugar. Hard to eat when missing front teeth. Gives bad breath . Green and grows in a pod.
Short E Spelling Lists Use each clue to find the correct word A spider can make this.. You sleep outdoors in this.. You can fly in this..
spell list Spelling Lists . I ate my breakfast _______ watching tv. Small rodent that squeaks. Small branch or stick. To make a car move. Used to cut food.
Ravenclaw Literature and Writing Anytonym (opposite) of soft. It is _____________ house.. The same as sixty minutes.. Please place that over ____________.. Antonym (opposite) of in..
Hufflepuff and Gryfindor Literature and Writing A kangaroo carries their joey in one.. Synonym (similar in meaning) of yell. This is ____________ house.. The same as sixty minutes.. Please place that over ____________..
Long vowels Spelling Lists smaller than rats. a part of the body on your face. You could answer this if someone asks you how you feel. leave plenty of this between you and the person in front of you. Personal ________. you can turn this in a book.
Vocabulary Spelling Lists Insects donít have any _________.. A bird hatches from an __________.. She ________ all her folders with her today.. I ate my lunch ________ I was hungry. . BBS is a very _________ school..
Words Spelling Lists bunny features. part of a constellation. the basketball team for Miami. bicycle part. the planet we live on.
Different Parts of the Body Science sense of smelling. sense of sight. use for walking. use for talking. use for chewing anfg grinding.
Word study Spelling Lists expired milk. meat cook on a grill. full of happiness. not a girl. metal sheet covers food.
seashore Entertainment crabs live under me. i stick to rocks. im a very noisy bird. hides in rock pools. you can build castles from me.
Words Spelling Lists ___ dog is black.. __ see a box.. I___ the cat.. The car ___ red.
Vocabulary Spelling Lists If it is not shiny it is ________. When somehing is expected. The opposite of a lie. What you do with your hair. What is left over after you are done eating.
Abilities Society voice. roller. drawing. mountain. salsa.
Ale Words Spelling Lists boy or man. dim. a strong wind. used for weight. a cabbage.
Spelling Society clean. animal flesh. a grip to stop slipping. to make hot. braid.
'M' Puzzle Society I like to eat _________.. Please don't be _______!. I went to the mailbox to get our ________.. She will ______her bed soon.. My mom is proud of _______..
Spelling Spelling Lists something flat to carry things. rest . do not move. how does sugar taste. to do something fun.
Christmas Puzzle Christmas Fill in the correct words to solve the Christmas puzzle They jingle on Santa's sleigh. The place where Jesus lay. They were watching their sheep when Jesus was born. The day Jesus was born. Santa's leading reindeer.
numbers 1-10 Math . . . . .
The Great Horned Owl Animals Lives in a _________ tree.. The color of the Great Horned Owl's feet. This can eat a Great Horned Owl. The color of the Great Horned Owl's eggs. They are yellow and black.
Peter's Chair Books My bird _____ out of his cage.. I _____ two inches last year!. the opposite of old. Don't forget to drink your orange _____.. Please don't _____ with your mouth open.
Farm Animals Animals goes oink oink. baby cat. baby dog. goes meow. baby chicken.
A Dog's Sense of Smell Animals Dog's have up to 300 million _______ devoted to smelling . Dog's _______ are 10,000 times better than humans . Every item in a dog's environment has an ______ profile . Dog's can _______ when a person is happy, sad, sick or mean . Dog's can _______ things up to 40 feet underground .
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