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South American History Crossword Puzzles

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South American History Crosswords

To view or print a South American History crossword puzzle click on its title.

Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
The first Farmers in Southern Africa Complete the crossword puzzle abreviation: Before Christ: before the birth of Christ. These people lived in Southern Africa 20 000 years ago.. These people were herders and arrived 2 100 years ago.. A unit of time (100 years). Period in history when people made and used iron. Hard
Genetics the result of a gene you inherited from your parents. a tool used to predict the genotype probabilities. the passing of traits from parent to offspring. the physical outcome of a trait. the genetic make up of a trait. Big
Brazil Capital of Brazil before Brasilia. Opposite of Longitude. A City of importance to the country. Removing trees. Capital of Brazil after Rio de Janeiro. Hard
Spanish Conquistadors Hernan Cortes' translator, advisor, and lover.. capital city of the Aztec empire, on which modern-day Mexico City was built. Believed he could succeed like no other conquistador had before, conquered Mexico. Conquered Peru's Inca empire. natural protection, resistance. Big
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