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Sports Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
LeBron James the team he used to play for them anymore. Lebron lived a ....life as a kid. sport he plays. what wade,bosh and james are called. possistion he played in football. Older Children
LONDON 2012 Complete the crossword, the lesson will help you. the music representing a country. stadium where football took place. place where tennis took place. number of olympic sports. founder of the modern Olympics. Hard
London 2012 Olympic Games do the crossword! a mixed sport of shooting,equestrian,running,fencing, swimming. a mixed sport of running,cycling,swimming. you need a gun. similar to judo . bow+arrow+target. Older Children
Major League Baseball All 30 MLB teams!! Have won 3 World series in the past 5 years.. Plays in Baltimore.. Plays in Cinninati, Iowa.. Plays in Texas.. Plays at Fenway Park. Hard
March Madness Name of the NCAA basketball tournament played in March.. Name of the cancer run / walk Venest is participating in on May 24th.. The country in which these hockey players (Perry, Doughty and Getzlaf) played for in the 2014 Olympics.. 'In like a _____, out like a lamb'.. A symbol of luck with four leaves.. Older Children
Mark Messier hockey player one of Canada's national sport. his home town. his national team. Mr. Klok's favorite hockey team. the number of his jersey . Older Children
Martial Arts A stance preparing yourself to fight. Chuck Norris and Bruce Lee stared in _________________ together . A grappling style of martial arts. __________ studied martial arts in Korea. The belt colors yellow, orange and, red all represent the _____. Older Children
Melbourne Cup A winner twice in the 1930s. A famous and successful horse trainer. The first Melbourne Cup winner. A horse ridden by a Japanese rider. A very cold horse. Hard
Muhammad Ali his nickname. his career. his mothers name. where he won his gold medal. his boxing name. Older Children
N.B.A has a horse in their logo. their mascot is Hooper. team started playing in the year 1970. have a coyote as a mascot. in there name they have the opposite of a female cow . Hard
NBA Players Won the dunk contes this year. Piont guard for Golden State and won the three point contest. Point guard for OKC. He is the center for the Houston Rockets. Small Forward for the Clevland Cavilers. Big
NBA Star Players Plays for the Los Angeles Clippers and is the best point guard in the NBA. Plays with the Miami Heat and is one of the Top 3 Shooting guards in the leage. Plays along side of Kevin Durant and is the most explosive dunking point guard in the Nba. Plays for the Chicago Bulls and won the MVP Award last year. Plays for the Oklahoma City Thunder and is the best shooter in the Small Forward Position. Teenage
NBA Superstars Young and up and coming star in Boston. Was the leagues youngest MVP. Considered to have the best handle for a big man. Fashion Icon of the NBA. aka Superman. Hard
NFL MetLife Stadium. Lambeau Field. Raymond James Stadium. M & T Bank Stadium. Cowboys Stadium. Very Difficult
NFL Leader of the offense. First SuperBowl winners. First year player. When an offensive player loses possesion of the ball before a play is blown dead. Yards needed for a first down . Older Children
NFL's Greatests Guard-Tackle Baltimore (1957-1967). Defensive Tackle Pittsburgh (1969-1981). Linebacker Chicago (1981-1992). Wide receiver San Francisco (1995-2000). Wide Receiver Seattle (1976-1989). Big
Northampton Sports An annual water sports event hosted by the Rotary Club. The Northampton Cycle Route Sytem 'Connecting Northampton by Bike'. Northamptonshire's County Cricket Team . Northampton Leisure Trust's gym network (formerly three of them) . Current Manager of the Cobblers . Big
NRL Rugby League The number of points for a try in the NRL. The Brisbane __________________ are a QLD team. The official NRL team known as the Eels. What month of the year is the NRL Grand Final played?. What day of the week is the NRL Grand Final played?. Very Difficult
Olympic complete the crossword a event that includes rings, bar, beam ect.. field event . jumping event. held on a mat.. famouse sporting event held ever 4 years. what you get when you win. Older Children
Olympic You get on equipment. A fast athlete from Great Britian. A symbol of the Olympics. What the Olympics has left behind is called .......... ...................... Where the Olympics took place. Older Children
Olympic Games Complete the crossword by researching on the internet. *all number value answers are spelt in words. In which country was the 1992 Summer Olympics held ?. Blue, red, black and yellow are four of the five rings of the Olympic flag. What is the last one?. In which location did women participate for the first time in modern Olympic Games?. How many rounds are there in an Olympic boxing match ?. Before it begins its trip through 20 countries, where is the Olympic flame kindled ? [M---- -------]. Hard
Olympic Summer Camp Review What do the rings stand for?. The famous dance from argentina. What countries like to wave around. The continent where people surf. The fire that is passed around before the olympics. Big
OLYMPICS How many years are there between olympic games. Where was the 1992 olympics held. What 1960 Olympic champion lit the torch to start Atlanta's 1996 Olympic festivities. What new women's team sport was played on sand at the 1996 summer Olympics. Which country won the most medal in the 2008 olympics. Teenage
OLYMPICS An Olympic event that you can do to get to school. These People were first allowed to participate in 1900 at the second modern Olympic Games. The Olympic flag has 5 of these. How many years apart were the ancient Olympic games held. What you need to do to be given a gold medal. Hard
Physical Activity for Children How many minutes every day should children exercise?. What physical activity intensity is bike riding?. A synonym for sitting.. Being active for 60 minutes every day will maintain what?. What is one activity that strengthens muscle and bones?. Older Children
Pickleball Hitting the ball back and forth between opposite teams. When the serve does not clear the net. The way you serve. The only time someone can score is when they are ________. The server should start on which side of the court. Older Children
Playoff Football Players He is the MLB for the Broncos. He is the LB for the Colts. He is a LB for the Ravens. He is the DE on the 49ers. He is on the Vikings and ran over 2000 yards. Big
Prime Time Pitcher winter, spring, summer, fall are what?. the person who calls the players out or safe. someone who hits the ball. something you use to catch a ball. what baseball players wear. Older Children
Salt Lake 2002 Olympics Hockey was the assistant captain for Canada's team for the 2002 Salt Lake hockey (mens). won the gold medal in the 2002 Salt Lake olympics hockey. won the bronze medal in the 2002 Salt Lake olympics hockey. was the assistant captain for Canada's team for the 2002 salt lake hockey (mens). was the captian for Canada's team for the 2002 Salt Lake hockey (mens). Hard
Simple Machines The efficiency of a machine is always less than this. . Some of the work put into a machine is used to overcome this.. A type of pulley that changes the direction of the effort force.. The number of times a machine multiplies the effort, or input, force.. A slanted surface, or ramp.. Big
Soccer what is the new indoor soccer place?. What ball do you use in soccer?. What is the name of the indoor season?. A favorite soccer team.. World wide women's soccer team.. Older Children
Soccer A kick taken 12 yards in front of the goal as a result of a foul or hand ball.. Plays behind the fullbacks.. Plays between the fullbacks and the forwards.. Their primary job is to stop the opponents from scoring.. A free kick given after severe fouls such as hitting.. Older Children
Soccer Terms A kick done from the penalty line.. The sideline.. The players that are the offensive or scoring players.. Putting the ball in play by having one team kick the ball forward from the center of the field.. The players who play the entire field.. Older Children
Space Travel Non-Fiction Project / Mrs. Heaney Type of spacecraft that obtains thrust from a rocket engine. Sergei _________ has spent the most time of anyone in space. The first U.S. animal launched into space in 1949. The first Soviet animal launched into space in 1957. A layer of gases that may surround a material body of sufficient mass and is held in place by the the gravity of the body. Hard
Sport When you don't win a game, you.... it. I've started going to the gym, because I want to... . People swim in a swimming.... . A ground for tennis or basketball. A special area for football, rugby or hockey games. Older Children
Sport & Hobby this sport is also called bicycling or biking. it is a team sport played on ice, in which skaters use wooden sticks to shoot a hard rubber puck into their opponent's net.. Three major subdivisions within this sport reflect differences in board design, including surfboard length, riding style, and the kind of wave that is ridden.. It is is played with an oval or egg-shaped ball,players are to wear helmets, masks . this sport is also known as skydiving, it is where a person jumps from enough height. Teenage
Sport Terms The opposite of win. A full body suit worn while surfing. The item used to hit the ball in tennis. A person who is proficient in sport. The ability to stretch and flex. Hard
Sporting Life This sport is played on a field between two teams of 11 players; with a spherical ball that needs to be kicked through two posts to score a goal.. Australian swimming legend who won 1 silver and 2 gold medals at three consecutive olympic games.. This game is played on a grass or turf field. Players use sticks made out of wood or fibre glass to hit a round, hard, rubber like ball. The length of the stick depends on the players individual height. . What is the name of the first ever aboriginal sprinter to be a Commonwealth Games gold medalist at age 16? . An equestrian sport involving two or more jockeys riding horses over a set distance. Hard
Sports Identify the different sports im good at wrestling and holding other players. im very strong . often played by kids with chalk. the ball is oblong shaped. often played by smart people. Teenage
Sports You need a bike. . You need a net.. You need a bat.. You need a racket.. You need football shoes.. Older Children
Sports Euro Campions In 2008. Lost in 2010 world cup final to Spain . 2011 Stanley Cup Playoffs MVP. Goalie with most shutouts in the 2011-2012 regular season. Canadian player on the Toronto Blue Jays. Adult
Sports You dodge a ball to avoid getting out. How many positions are there in a netball match?. You use a pingpong ball. You use a net to catch and throw a ball. You have to try and touch the ball on the ground. Older Children
Sports These come around every 4 years. . 'May the ---- team win!'. Used in ice hockey. Known as 'the sports of kings'. Former England player and now manager of the English national football team. . Older Children
Sports Baseball players love _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ bases when a pitcher isn't looking.. Sound made when a cricket ball just touches the bat. A cyclist rides this. Tennis players hold this. To hit a golf or tennis ball high into the air. Hard
Sports Sports in our Lives Key player who calls plays in football. Needs to be very fast and agile at catching fly balls. A very active position in baseball. Favorite European sport. Key player on basketball team. Hard
Sports and Entertainment Marketing money earnedfrom conducting business and expenses are paid. Reduced unemployment. unfulfilled desire. prolong recession. Exchange of goods and services. Very Difficult
Sports and Games This famous sled-dog race takes place in Alaska. This is the most attended and watched sport in the world. In baseball, this person calls the words: safe, strike, ball, & out. Championship games for baseball. This sport uses gloves, bats, and balls. Big
Sports History Boxing gloves can be identified as far back as this millennium. International Soccer Organization. Ancient Olympic combat sport (during classic Greek era). Vale Tudo developed in 1920's Brazil and was brought to the United States by this family. Alexander Joy Cartwright developed the rules of this sport. Hard
Sports Idioms Find the definition of each sport idiom. try to deal with something or someone. the time when an activity starts. to just be able to manage, especially when you have financial difficulties. doing badly and likely to fail. to talk to someone for a short time to find out how they are or what they think about something. Older Children
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