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Big Crosswords

These crosswords are all on very big grids. They contain over 40 words of any size. To view or print a big crossword puzzle click on its title.

Title Subject Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints
Big Brother Television Where do you work?. What you squirted in Rose's eye. First Dog's Name. Favorite casino video game. Name of pet bird.
Big Business Terms Business and Work gaining control of the many different businesses that make up all phases of a products development . a joining of two companies that occurs when one company buys more than half of the stock in the other company, resulting in the companies coming to act as one . a claim on the assets of a corporation that gives the purchaser a share of the ownership of the corporation . a business that is owned by two or more co-workers. corporations that hold the stocks and bonds of numerous companies.
Big Cats & Chameleons Animals Aside from mothers and their cubs, tigers usually live _____.. Chameleon's are masters of __________.. The ______ of a chameleon is made up of bone, elastic, and muscle.. The _____ is the biggest cat in the World.. Baby cats are referred to as _______. .
Big Sur World Geography ____start page let’s you set a custom background image to start every browsing session with the view that works for you. And decide what appears on your start page — such as your Reading List, Favorites, iCloud Tabs, Siri Suggestions, and even a Priv. Discover new places to eat, shop, and explore with curated _____ from brands you love.. Privacy information on the App Store. More _____ in every download. Developers self-report how they use your data, including what data they collect and whether that data is used to track you across other apps and websites.. Cameras that support _____ Secure Video can now take advantage of Face Recognition and Activity Zones, allowing you to tailor notifications to specific people or specific areas in your camera’s view.9. _____ Now is the new home for Apple Music,10 featuring new releases, artist interviews, and playlists personalized for you — all in one place..
Bill of Rights Government and Politics nineteenth amendment. first amendment. sixth amendment. eighth amendment. seventh amendment.
Billionaire Boy Books - Childrens Literature Read the questions and write your answer in the squares. Job of person Joe's mum ran off with.. Joe wants one of these.. Joe''s last name.. Name of toilet paper created by Joe's dad. This is how old Joe is..
Biology Biology Crossroad A large naturally occurring community. Large group of organisms. an individual animal, plant, or single-celled life form. A group living in the same place. Any of the almost spherical concentric regions or matter that make up the earth.
Biology Science the scientific study of heredity. the process when cells shrink because of lack of water. this is made up of a nitrogen base molecule, suger molecule, and a phosphate molecule. proposed scientific explanation for a set of observations. logical interpretation based on prior knowledge or expierience.
Biology Biology a conjugated protein, consisting of haem and the protein globin, that gives red blood cells their characteristic colour. It combines reversibly with oxygen and is thus very important in the transportation of oxygen to tissues. he system by which ingested food is acted upon by physical and chemical means to provide the body with absorbable nutrients and to excrete waste products. an air cell of the lungs, formed by the terminal dilation of tiny air passageways.. either of the two main branches of the trachea.. the act of exhaling..
Biology Biology Attraction of molecules of the same substance.. Macromolecule made mainly from carbon and hydrogen atoms; includes fats, oils, and waxes.. Protein that acts as a biological catalyst.. Weak acid or base that can react with strong acid or base to help prevent sharp sudden changes in PH.. Basic unit of matter..
Biology Science species that are only found in that area. gradual process of becoming extinct. using resources at a rate in which they can be replaced. event in which a large % of species become extinct. materials found in the biosphere such as fuels, minerals, etc. .
Biology Systems Biology What system is made up of the autonomic nervous system, spinal nerves and cranial nerves?. A chemical messenger that is secreted from glands and diffused throughout the body in the blood to stimulate changes within the body.. One or more bundles of axons creating part of the system where impulses are sent between the brain, spinal cord and other parts of the body. . The internal environment of an animal's body has many factors that have to be kept at a steady set level (e.g. temperature and blood glucose level). The maintenance of these steady set state conditions in the body is called?. What is the word given to the system that is going on in the body but an animal is not conscious of it?.
Biomedical Careers Business and Work skilled workers that work with complex systems or perform highly technical mechanical or diagnostic tests in medical or scientific laboratories Maternal and fetal medicine. ls in charge of processing patient data such as treatment records and related insurance information. . a person trained to care for the sick or infirm, especially in a hospital.. healthcare professionals who practice in pharmacy, the field of health sciences focusing on safe and effective medication use.. the fields of biology and health care. Bioengineers work with doctors..
Biomedical Science Careers NONE A qualified person that helps with the body and heart.. A special doctor that helps feel the tightness in your chest and shortness of your breath.. A surgeon that does operations on the brain.. A person who studies the immune system in all organisms.. A person who is dealing with energy, efficiency, energy services etc..
Biomedical Science Careers Business and Work nutrition specialist. researches and experiments with the process of chemicals. examines patients. test blood and plasma. develop new medicines to fight disease.
Biomes Other A region characterized by very dry climate and extreme temperatures.. Nonliving. A region found at far northern and far southern latitudes.. Cone-Baring trees that usually keep their leaves during all the seasons of the year.. Living .
Biomes Earth Sciences Rainforest having moderate temperatures. Northwestern coast of U.S. is a temperate rain forest. Receives more than 300 cm of rain per year. Huge trees: Cedars, Redwoods, Douglas Firs.. Grassland that is located closer to the equator than prairies. Can receive as much as 120 cm of rain per year. In addition to grass, scattered shrubs and small trees can grow.. Extremely cold and dry biome. Usually receives NO more precipitation than a desert biome. Most soil is frozen all year long (permafrost) During summer, the top layer of soil thaws, but the rest remains frozen.. Rainforests Found in regions close to the equator Warm and humid all year long. Lots of precipitation. Diverse plant growth.. Forest where trees that shed their leaves and grow new ones each year (Oaks, Maples…) Receive enough rain to support the growth of trees and other plants (at least 50 cm per year). Growing season is 5 to 6 months long..
Biomes World Geography Limestone ridge found in tropical climates and composed of coral fragments that are depositied around organic remains. Area of land that is periodically underwater or whose soil contains a great deal of moisture. A forest that is characterized by trees that shed their leaves in the fall. A species that colonizes an uninhabited area and that starts an ecological cycle. The organisms that live at the bottom of a pond, lake, or ocean.
Biosphere Earth Sciences Extremely hot and dry. . A biome that takes up 75% of the Earth's surface and everything that lives in it.. Any non living factor in an environment. . The permanent destruction of forests to make room for land.. The conversion from an animal habitat to a human habitat..
Bird Animals Birds have this kind of fertilization. A bird egg has a ' ' carbonate in the shell to make it hard. Feathers are made of this. in birds, the eggs pass from oviducts into a multipurpose cavity called the ' ' before leaving the body. Birds belong to this class.
Birds Animals No tail feathers. Sweet tooth. Texas, Mississipi, Florida, Arkansas, Tennesse. Cavity nesters. 'Bald'.
Birds Animals Find the correct words Higher in fat content and lower in carbonhydrates. Often sold as a parakeet. Known for its singing ability. Provides a source of calcium and will be eaten by larger birds. Contains some of the smartest birds.
Birds Of Ireland Art Names Of Irish Birds One for sorrow, two for joy. The cleverest of birds. A rare Irish Bird. Fork Tail. Flies in flocks.
Black American Actors Entertainment Coming to America and Mulan. Dreamgirls. Ghostbusters and Oz. Star Wars and Field of Dreams. Sister Act and Lion.
Black Boy Books - Autobiography When Tony won his award, his friends busted into a ______ with whooping and hollering.. Jake created an ________ to blame Annie for the prank.. Janet's _________ got her out of running the mile and writing a three paged essay on why she shouldn't talk back to her teachers.. James was always _________ for help in school.. It was heartbreaking to witness his disabled grandfather's ________ that he was still able to walk..
Black Contributions to America Web Search Society Invented System Of Hair Straightening. Peanut Butter. Developed A System That Allowed Computers To Communicate With Printers And Other Devices. Refined Process of Evaporating Milk. Installed Wires On Telegraph,Worked With Samuel Morse.
Black Excellence in 20th Century History North Mpls. Avenue of insurrection of Af. Amer. youth in late 60's. . Settlement house providing lodging for famous musicians during MN segregation era.. HBCU attended by counselor Mr. Crenshaw. University of famous airmen.. First African American woman alderwoman from No. Mpls. Now a Girls in Action leader.. National African American magazine started by John Johnson in 1945..
Black Heritage Society Wife of Civil Rights Leader. Performed open heart surgery. Supreme Court Justice. First black millionaire. Invented Peanut Products.
Black History History when people gather to protest . An American state. The leader of the Civil Rights Mouvement. synonym of separation. To refuse to buy or use something as a protest.
Black History Month US History use the information in the booklet to help you check your answers at the end. It creates .................. of how African - Americans were and are treated. . it is so important because we ............ really do the history of blacks in history lessons. . who changed this celebration to black history month?. Martin Luther King Jr. ................... 2 grades in high school. . What was this celebration originally called?.
Black Like Me Books a dangerous, difficult situation. where Griffin and his family live. a deliberate discourteous act. the city that Griffin hitchhikes through to get to Mobile. the first stop on Griffins journey after he arrives in New Orleans.
Black Revolt and Civil Rights History A state in the South that passed racist legislation (capitol is Atlanta). Black militant leader who felt that the black movement was being watered down by the white power structure. Black and Whites rode buses together in the South to protest interstate buses who separated the races. A term to describe unfair treatment of lower classes of people by the upper class. These are two class terms that help to describe an income gap.
Blood Body red blood cells contain this protein. . this increases when you exercise.. this carries the oxygenated blood from the lungs back to the left atrium of the heart.. these carry blood away from the heart.. these prevent back flow.
Blood Administration Health important antigen associated with blood transfusion. Most frequent complication from transfusion reaction. What is the only acceptable fluid to transfuse blood with. how many hours is blood tubing good for. What needs to be done Q15, then Q1hr.
Blood on the River Books a wooden frame made for hanging a person. unwilling. Group of people called together to give advice. disease that causes plants to die. Man of good social position.
Blood Transfusion Body IV catheter should be _____guage our larger to prevent damage to red blood cells.. Blood transfusions should be completed with in ______hours of the time the blood was issued from blood bank.. Antibody screen and ____________ should be peformed within 72 hours prior to transfusions.. Record _____ amount of blood transfused.. If a transfusion reaction is suspected, stop the transfusion and notifiey _______ immediately..
Blueback Food Fish popular with people for food. Movement of the water. Machine that helps produce air. A marker device that floats on the water. An opening between rocks, somnetimes underwater.
Blugold Soccer Sports A term that can be used interchangeably with forward, though it sometimes refers specifically to a forward that is the team's primary scoring threat.. A move where a player attempts to win the ball by sliding towards the ball.. Our team's name!. When a player strikes or deflects the ball with their head to pass or shoot.. A player positioned at the front of a formation responsible for trying to score goals..
Bob Dylan Music 'But _________ musta had the highway blues' (from Visions of Johanna). 'Sweet ________ the peasants call her the goddess of gloom'. 'Is _________ sweeping up on desolation row'. Bob's father was a semi professional ________ player. Bob's younger brother name.
Body Body 4 Muscles on top of your upper leg. You can have stomach Pains -_-. The back of your humerus. Starts at the center then goes to your shoulders. Back of your lower leg.
Body Orientation Body Complete Crossword It separates the body into to equal left and right parts. . It is a space in the body where organs are situated. There are many of these places where organs can be acted based off of their location. . related to the thorax . related to the head . This is a position where the body is upright, not flexed or tense. The 'standard' body position. .
Body Systems Body The Skeleton Skull. Ribs. Heel Bone. Lower Jaw. Thigh Bone.
Bon Jovi Music Their most recognizable song. Album, that won their first grammy award. The man behind the keyboards. The number of awards they have won. The singers birth name.
Bonds Business and Work The specific date on which the issuer promises to return the investor's principal. The order of repayment. Mostly tax-exempt securities issued by local government entities. Equity at the bottom of the capital structure; often has the lowest recovery value. Securities issued by companies to raise capital to carry out strategic objectives.
Bones Body Find Out All About Your Bones! Inner bone of the Hip Bone. Bones that Protect the Heart. Bones that make up the Ankle. Shoulder Bones. Protects the Brain .
Book Genres Literature and Writing detailed description of a person's life. used in many works of literature to show foolishness in humans, organizations, or even governments . is a book made up of comics content that is a longer form of fiction. a book that has a large collection of writings . short story that typically features folkloric fantasy characters, such as dwarves, dragons, elves, fairies, giants, gnomes, goblins, mermaids, trolls, unicorns, or witches, and usually magic..
Books of the Bible Bible Old Testament 2 16th Book/ Man of Perseverance. Name Means 'Help', #15 Book. 5th Book of History/10th Book in the O.T.. 8th Minor Prophet/Forced to see Evil. 10th Minor Prophet/Name means 'My Holiday'.
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