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Mental Health Crosswords

To view or print a Mental Health crossword puzzle click on its title.

Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
Positive Body Image electronic platforms that can be both beneficial and harmful to health . what we should do when we see unrealistic images. our response to accounts that make us feel down. something we can do for a friend. a behaviour that we should 'call out' as it harms people. Big
Psychology Antabuse is considered _______ therapy. Stage of change when an individual commits and makes plans to change. Consistent parenting is a _______ factor for drug use. Prevention approach often led by police officers. Most likey causal argument for marijuana as a gateway substance. Hard
Psychology Mental activity involved in the aquisition, retention, and use of information. The psychodynamic perspective emphasizes the role of the ______ in human behavior. Attitudes, values, beliefs, and behaviors shaped by a group of people and passed down to future generations. Founder of Structuralism. The use of the scientific method and direct observations. Adult
Psychology The outcome of a behaviour that generally leads an individual to repeat the behaviour.. The process in which the behaviour of a person or animal is modified.. A group of symptoms in schizophrenia which include flat emotion, interrupted thought processes, and lack of speech or social skills.. A pathological false belief.. A developmental disorder characterised by impaired social skills and communication, along with repetitive behaviour.. Big
Psychology Observation When participants are observed without their knowledge this is absent. A way of recording information during observational research in quantitative form. These observations may be carried out in laboratory situations or natural situations.. A form of analysis typically used in indirect observational studies e.g. observing advertisements on TV. Sampling where the researcher decides on a time say 5 seconds and then records what behaviour is occurring at that time. Hard
Psycology assumption or prediction or educated guess. which the psychologist observes the subject in a natural setting & without manipulation . which participants are unaware of which participants recieved the treatment. which data are collected from groups of participants of different. harmless pill. Big
Pyschological Adventure a simple testable statement. consists of somatic and autonomic nervous systems. fundamental, raw experience associated with stimuli. Study of just one or a few. An investigation of courtship befhavior in humans. Hard
Schizophrenia Type of schizophrenia symptoms that are the presence of inappropriate behavior.. When a person appears to lack any emotion at all.. A type of psychosis that is caused by a head injury or illness affecting the brain.. One of the symptoms of psychosis; Mood disorder that causes feelings of sadness and loss of interest.. False beliefs; When a person cannot tell what is real from what is imagined.. Hard
Self Esteem A P______ view of your self leads to self-confidence. Wanting to look like someone else means you have a N_______ view of yourself. One example of a personal W __________ is being ill-mannered. L______ self-esteem means the person does not love him/herself. The ability to behave appropriately in different situations is S_____-_______. Older Children
Self-esteem when you are happy you. be ________ with your decisions and judgments. self-esteem is how much you ______ yourself. ______ from your mistakes. _______ in everything you do and you will succeed. Older Children
Sigmund Freud's Theory of Personality Say one thing but mean your mother. Causes an axious person to express the opposite of an unconscious feeling. View of personality based on unconscious thought processes. Founder of psychoanalysis. Pattern of thinking, feeling, acting. Hard
Sleeping Dirorders Not getting enough sleep , different sleeping schedule daily. Itching sensation , irresistible urge to move the legs. Normal sleeping schedule , relaxation. Suddenly stops breathing for short period of time while sleeping. The harsh or hoarse sound created while sleeping. Adult
Social Work Services and Mental Health mainly involves females and eating habits. psychological,emotional or cognitive disorders. commonly found in returning veterans. employed in a wide range of mental health facilities. most common form of psychosis. Big
Special Topics In Memory the difficulty adults have remembering experiences from their first two years of life.. refers to our recollection of events that happened in our life and when those events took place.. a memory of an experience, especially a traumatic one, that is recalled after an often lengthy period of repression.. refers to an account given by people of an event they have witnessed.. the ability to produce unusually sharp and detailed images of something one has seen. . Hard
Stress screamed . feeling when stressed. feeling tired. chest discomfort. opposite of gladness. Moderately Challenging
Substance Abuse the user seeks out the drug and insists upon being in situations where use can occur. when a person who is dependent on a drug stops taking that drug, he or she may experience withdrawel symptoms. is taking a large enough dose of a drug to poison the body, causing illness or death. a neurotransmitter that influences pleasure, mood and movement. requiring more and more of a drug to experience a pleasurable effect. Adult
Take Charge of Your Attitude! Haman's bad attitude was fed by his desire to _____________.. Be ______________.. bad attitudes can result in the same desire to __________ to others that she or he is someone important. A selfish attitude will lead to ___________.. Haman had a bad attitude, an attitude that _______________ him.. Hard
The Cognitive Approach where congnitive psychologists draw conclusions about the way mental processes operate on the basis of observed behaviour. what other scans are used to study biological structures. what is it called when the mind is compaired to a computer. as we get older our schemes become more.... they are developed from experiences. Big
The Self and Perception a general idea of how an event should unfold; a rule governing the sequence of occurrences in some activity. a type of schema. a bias that operates in the self-attribution process and lead us to take credit for the positive consequences and to deny responsibility for the negative consequences of our behaviors. often-followed rule of perception:if messages or people are very different from each other, they probably don't belong together and do not constitute a set or group. a perceptual process that influences us to maintain balance among our perceptions. a principle stating that things that look alike or are similar in other ways belong together and form a unit. Hard
Theories of personality Solve the following crossword Children who rebled against toilet training and expelled races purspeacefully.. Freud believed that boys develop both sexual attraction to their.... He is an example of personality. (cartoon). The unic way which each individual think and feel.. First stage ocuring In the first years and a half of life in which the mouth is the erogenous zone.. Very Difficult
Theory of the Seasons of Life Four tasks are required to ___________ the second stage. __________ stages to becoming an adult. First stage is called _______________________. Forming a Dream and give it a ____________ in the life structure. ______________ life structure to see if your living your dreams or not. Hard
Things to do in Isolation... Flour, eggs, sugar and milk is used in.... The welfare officer you can have a chat with at Storthes . tidy your room, hoover and disinfect/ sanatise. If you don't want to cook, you could always order a.... Putting pieces together to form a picture. Big
Tips For Depression Makes you feel down, sad, empty, hopeless or numb. Get a good night's ........... Follow your ........excercise regimen. Get out and ........daily. Eat well-balanced, nutritious .... and follow your prescribed dietary guidelines. Older Children
Who's Who in Psych? Structuralism, though introspection.. Observational learning.. Taste Aversion.. First laboratory on sleep. . Classical conditioning.. Very Difficult
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