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The Judicial Branch Crossword Puzzle

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The Judicial Branch

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1 The power of the U.S. Supreme Court to determine if a law passed by Congress or a presidential action is in accord with the Constitution.
4 A statement written by a Supreme Court justice who disagrees with the majority's decision.
5 The body of law that regulates the conduct of individuals as members of the state.
6 Lower federal courts that have original jurisdiction in most cases invovling federal laws.
7 Federal courts that review decisions appealed from district courts.
8 Law based on the U.S. Constitution and Supreme Court decisions.
9 A statement written by a Supreme Court justice who agrees with the majority's decision but for different decisions.
10 An earlier court decision that guides judges' decisions in later cases.
12 The authority of a court to be the first court to hold trials in certain kinds of cases.
18 The authority to interpret and administer the law; also, the range of that authority.
2 The authority of some courts to review decisions made by lower courts.
3 An act that breaks the law for which a punishment has been established.
11 The body of law that governs relationships among indviduals and that defines people's legal rights.
13 The right of a convicted person to ask a higher court to review his or her case.
14 Judges of the Supreme Court.
15 To return an appealed case to a lower court for a new trial.
16 Customary law that develops from judges' decisions and is followed in situations not covered by statutory law.
17 A written statement by the U.S. Supreme Court explaining its reasioning behind a decision.
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