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Bible Crosswords

To view or print a Bible crossword puzzle click on its title.

Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
Moses and the Plagues and the Passover Moses told the people to observe this ceremony and pass it down to their............... The word Exodus means the...........................of a large number of people.. The tenth plague was the worst, every ............................ son of the Egyptians died.. In the eighth plague swarms of these animals ate what was left of their food.. They had to paint their ...............................with the blood of the lamb.. Big
The Birth of Jesus The wise men followed a __________ that led them to Jesus.. Who announced the birth of Christ to the shepherds?. The mother of Jesus?. Mary and Joseph could not stay at the ________ because it was full.. Who were tending their flocks by night?. Easy
Bible Facts You Should Know Son of David & Bathsheba. Number of Old Testament Books. Second King of Israel. The son of promise.. One-third who dared defy Nebuchanezzar.. Big
bible Trivia 2 Jesus was crowned with one of these. How we communicate with God . Jesus resurrected him. Satan covered him in boils. Bible book after Matthew, mark,Luke and John . Hard
Hezekiah What was the name of Hezekiah's mother?. In what month was the passover celebrated in the first year of Hezekiah's reign?. Who was the main prophet during Hezekiah's reign?. Which king is Hezekiah compared to?. In what year of his reign did Hezekiah fall ill?. Big
Baby Moses What did Jochebed make for Moses?. What was the name of Moses' father?. Who was watching Moses' on the river side?. What was the name of the baby in the basket?. Who found baby Moses?. Older Children
Bible Timeline What God made. The 400 years between the OT and NT are called the _____years. Men who told Israelites what God told them to say. Built a big boat. Led his people out of Egypt. Older Children
John The Baptist John recognzied Jesus as the ______.. John's father. John said that he's the voice of one calling in the _________.. John's mother was a relative of _____.. Jesus came from _____ to the River Jordan to be baptized.. Big
In The Fiery Furnace The 3 friends were not ------ of the king. Nebuchadnezzar made a new one of these and sent throughout the land. The number of men Nebuchadnezzar saw in the fire.. God sent one of these to save the 3 friends from the fire. The fire was so hot that the soldiers were ----- to death . Older Children
The Parable of the Great Banquet The guest who received the invitations made ______ for not coming.. God tells us about the feast He has prepared for our souls in the ______. A man prepared a _______ and invited many guests.. When we don't have ______ to read or learn from God's Word we are making excuses.. The master told the servant to invite the ______, those who can't use their arms or legs.. Older Children
Samson and Delilah Cut Samson's Hair. Source of Samson's Power. Samson used 300 of these. Samson was refreshed by this. Samson was attacked by this animal. Older Children
Women in the Bible Successful in getting Samson to divulge the source of his strength. Sister of Moses. Mother of Samuel. Zechariah's wife and Mary's cousin.. The Lord made her childless because she mocked the way the King worshipped the Lord.. Older Children
Persistent Widow The Parable of the Persistent Widow Short Story. Constant or Continuing. Something or somebody that is not fair. follower of Jesus. Women whose husband died. Older Children
The Wise and the Foolish Builder A building you call home. Lacking knowledge, experience, and good judgement. Blowing air. Having experience, knowledge, and good judgement. Water that falls from the sky. Easy
Noah Its the opposite of subtracting numbers. . The complete opposite of being strong. . You use it for smelling things.. You have a left hand and a ____ hand.. The opposite of getting something for free.. Older Children
Lot's Bad Decision Lived in Sodom. Visited Abraham. What God used to destroy the city. Abraham's Wife. What God does with sin. Older Children
Moses in Midian Moses life after killing the Egyptian and running away to Midian Moses son was called this.. When he realised someone knew about the Egyptian, he ......... Moses ran away to this country.. The person whom Moses killed was an ......... Moses murdered an Egyptian, this means he ...... someone. Hard
Sacrament of Anointing of the Sick In John 9:1-41 Jesus heals ?. The Gospels portray Jesus as a ?. Sacraments are Christ's ? to the Church. Anointing of the sick expresses our faith in the ?. The Church has this number of sacraments. Hard
Crossing the Jordan Where God's people were going to live. Sticks and ________. Opposite of wet. Another word for strength. You, us, we, everyone. Older Children
Rainy Days/ Rainbow Promise what did Noah first build when on land. one of Noahs sons. man who looked on the sinfullness of the world with fear. pairs of each animal used for food. pairs of each animal not used for food. Older Children
Mary and Martha Tell her to _______ me!. Martha and Mary were _______.. Martha felt _______.. Mary sat at the Lord's feet _______ to what he said.. Who made time to focus on Jesus?. Older Children
Gethsemane Last Supper Trials Judas' sign of betrayal. Jesus admitted to being this. The garden where Jesus prayed. Another word for the Sanhedrin. They couldn't agree on their evidence. Hard
Jesus Prays Judas ____ Jesus to identify him to his enemies.. The name of the garden.. The disciple who betrayed Jesus.. The helper God would send to His people. What the disciples did instead of watch.. Moderately Challenging
The Light of the World use when referring to someone or something for the first time. something kind of heavy. Gods children should be what?. physically in contact with and supported by a surface. another word for except. Older Children
The Fruits of the Spirit Glations 5:24 the opposide of being mean . something that you need when dealing with your brother or sister when they irritate you . the way you should treat a baby with _________. Bad is to wickedness ______ is to rightiousness. For the '____' of the Lord is our Strangth: another word for Happy . Older Children
The Sorcerer’s Profession of Faith The Sorcerer’s Sin claiming that he was someone-------,. that none of the things which you have --------may come upon me.”. Then they ---------hands on them, and they received the Holy Spirit.. Repent therefore of this your-------. to whom they all gave-----. Very Difficult
The Burden of Sin An action made that weakens the relationship between us and God.. An extreme outburst of frustration and uncontrollable anger.. To have a strong physical attraction that disrespects the person that the attraction is directed towards.. Sin that is found within our society.. To wish to have the things that other people own.. Hard
The Godhead word describing christ John 14. One way to know Heavenly Father _______ Nephi 32:9. M. Russell Ballard Nov 2009 talk one of there things for fathers to do ___ ___. What denotes there is a God? _____ _____ Alma 30:44. role of the Holy ghost D & C 42:17. Very Difficult
Important People in the Bible Was blinded on the road to Damascus.. Swallowed by a great fish. Prepared the way for Jesus.. The very first king of Israel. Why do bad things happen to good people?. Hard
Beginning of the Gospels Bible Translation is ESV Where Mary and Joseph settled to live (Matthew 2:23). The prophet who predicted John the Baptist's ministry (Mark 1:2). The father of Jotham (Matthew 1:9). John's name for Pharisees (Matthew 3:7). Town close to where John the Baptist did his baptizing (John 1:28). Hard
Plagues of Egypt The first plague . The fourth plague. The third king of Israel . The first king of Israel. The first husband of Bathsheba, David had him killed. Older Children
The Godhead This ____ member of the Godhead will protect you from Physical and Spiritual danger. He started this as a reminder of his great atoning sacrifice. I am a _____ of God. At Confirmation, you were given the _____ of the Holy Ghost. The Supreme Being; is perfect, has all power, knows all things. Older Children
Miracles of Jesus Seen through belief in miracles. He was 'asleep' four days when Jesus woke him (John 11:1-45). Jesus fed 5,000 with this and two fish (Mark 6:32-44). Jesus turned this into wine (John 2:1-11). Jesus' miracles found here. Older Children
Jesus and the 12 Apostles Jesus rode one of these when they tried to make him king. a days wage was paid with this roman coin. the garden where Christ prayed on his last night. helped man he found beaten up on the road. john the ______ ; son of Elizabeth. Very Difficult
The Book of Ruth Name: ______________________________________________________________ Boaz wants to _____________ Ruth. To gather leftover grain is to _____________. King David was the great grandson of ___________. The Kinsman took off his sandal to _______ the agreement. Ruth's sister-in-law. Older Children
Apostles Creed And the life______. The meaker of_____ and Earth. The________ of saints. I believe in the Holy______. Suffered under_______. Older Children
Moses and the Ten Plagues all the water in Egypt turned into this -it is red. Title of king of Egypt who would not release the Isrealites from slavery. small mosquito like insects that plagued the Egyptians the 3rd time. who the Isrealites worshipped- Gods personal name. the brother of Moses who did all the speaking. Older Children
Prophet Amos Born in Judea in the town of _______________. Amos is usually recognized as the prophet of _____________. What Century was he born in?. Amos preaches especially against hypocritical worship, oppression of the poor, and _____________. Meaning of Amos' name: _____________. Older Children
John 6:25-71 According to vs.47 you must believe to get____________________ life. In vs. 53, Jesus said we must drink his______________. Jesus claimed to be the bread that came from ____________ (vs.32-35). Jesus taught all of this while in the synagogue in ______________________ (vs.53-59). ______________ __________________ said only Jesus had the words of eternal life (vs.67-69). Older Children
Bible Verse Psalms 118:18. Acts 2:24. Jeremiah 8:3. Proverbs 18:21. Romans 6:9. Older Children
Old Testament When 11 of the sons of Jacob were leaving Egypt, in whose sack did they find Joseph’s silver cup. Who was the King of Salem to whom Abram gave a tenth of everything . What did God create on the first day of creation? . How many days and nights did it rain during the great flood . How many sons did Jacob have. Hard
The 10 Commandments No using textbook . See if you know the commandments first ! ____ your father and mother . Your shall not commit ___________. You shall not take the name of Lords your God in _________. You shall ______ ______. You shall not ____. Older Children
Hezekiah Find the answers in II Kings and then number the clues in the order that they happened. (19:6) Isaiah said that they should not be ________________________.. (18:19) Rabshakeh, the ________________________ of the Assyrian army asked Hezekiah why he thought Judah would not be captured.. 18:1) Hezekiah ruled Judah at the same time that Hoshea ruled ________________________.. (18:17) ________________________, the king of Assyria, came up to try to capture Judah.. (19:35) An ________________________ killed 185 thousand of the Assyrian soldiers.. Hard
Hebrew Names of God Psalm 23:1. Our Prince of Peace. He is aware of everything in our lives. Same meaning as The Self- Existent One. Jesus is with us. Hard
Bible a preposition. a definite article used before the noun. singular pronoun used in first person. a spoken or written reply. used instead of I in the predicate after the verb. Easy
God the Son In the New _____Christ is used over 400 times.. The Gospels were inspired by the Holy ______________.. The _________ gospels are Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.. Throughout the different gospels the historical details are not always the same but this does not change the _____________ truth.. When you hear “Kingdom of God” we are not referencing a specific ___________ or time.. Hard
Hebrews Chapter 14 He was afraid. He would have blank the blessing. Without no man shall see the Lord. Is a consuming fire. But he was blank. Older Children
Genesis 11:8-9 So the Lord scattered them from there over all the earth, and they stopped building the city. That is why it was called Babel - because there the Lord confused the language of the whole world. From there the Lord scattered them over the face of the whole all the earth. building the city. why it was called. world. of the whole. Older Children
Cain and Abel What did God put on Cain to protect him?. What did Cain do?. What did God tell Cain to do with his sin?. Who was Eve to Cain and Abel?. Killing is forbidden in the fifth one of these?. Young Kids
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