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Bible Crosswords

To view or print a Bible crossword puzzle click on its title.

Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
The Joseph Story To make it look like Joseph died from an animal they put _____ on the coat. . Joseph's dreams suggested that he would one day ____ over his family and they will bow down to him.. There will be _____ years of adversity and _____ years of famine.. Who tries to take the place of Benjamin? . Joseph had _____ dreams. . Big
Daniel and His Friends Obeyed God king of Babylon. boys were ______ than the wise men. what Daniel asked the man in charge for. how boys looked after 10 days. why God was happy with them. Big
The Life of Joseph Also known as a 'pit' . Who did Joseph want his brothers to bring to him . Jacob's other name . Joseph's second son name . What was Joseph's wife name . Big
The Twelve Disciples He was also called Bartholomew. We are not told much about him. He took the place of Judas . The brother of Peter. He was a son of Alphaeus, and known as 'the lessor.'. Big
Birth of The Prince of Peace The Old Testament prophet that spoke of the Prince of Peace.. To wrap tightly. Where did Mary lay Jesus?. What was the name of Jesus' mother?. Where was there 'no room'?. Older Children
Paul, The Pauline Letters & The Catholic Letters Paul teaches us to honor the ... of the Law, not just the LETTER of the Law. In Paul's Letter to the ... he teaches that disciples must be ready for the end times. Jesus makes the Church His body through the ... of the Sacraments, . The NT letters were written to be read ... in different gatherings of people in different cities. The town where Paul was originally from is part of the modern country called.... Very Difficult
Jesus Early Life where did Jesus go without telling Mary or Joseph . Jesus cast what out of a man. Jesus shard this with the 5000. Jesus healed a man who had a skin disease . what did Jesus do to a blind man. Easy
Jesus Life Jesus forced these out of people?. Who baptised Jesus?. Who betrayed Jesus?. Jesus healed a man with this skin disease.. What age was Jesus when he ran away to the Temple?. Older Children
Book of Joshua Moses told the people that his _________, Joshua, was chosen by God. Jonah, the great prophet, was in the belly of a great ____. The descendants of Abraham will be exiled in a foreign land where, for four hundred years, they will be _________. The people passed over on ____ ground. Changed his name from Hoshea to Yahshua. Older Children
Ruth and Naomi Boaz and Ruth fell in love and were ____?. The type of grain that Ruth would pick up after the harvest. Obed became grandfather to. Ruth and Boaz' first son was named. The number of son's Naomi has were. Big
Adam and Eve Adam and Eve did not obey God, so they would have to deal with ______ and thistles.. Who convinced Eve to take the fruit and eat it?. God took a ___ from Adam, and made a woman.. Adam named every creature or __________.. The Lord God formed man of the _____ of the ground.. Older Children
Bible Definitions you need to find the word to the defenition the concrete or stone structure that supports a building from beneath. all knowing. God and His Word. a charachteristic or quality belonging to specific person. a short story that contains biblical truths for our lives. Big
Paul and the Early Christians City carved from Ash underground; Hid many Christians during persecution. Extremely High Interest on Loans . Forbidden: Sexual ethics was important to early Christians. Means Witness. City where the word 'Christian' was first used . Big
Temptation taking something that isn't yours. where Jesus lives. where you plant things. snake. opposite of truth. Easy
Exodus Moses father-in-law who gave him advice. Youngest son of Jacob whose mother was Rachel. Moses sister offered to find a Hebrew woman to nurse the baby that Pharoah's daughter found. Destination of Israelites (2 words). What part of Moses was radiant when Moses came down from the mountain?. Big
Romans 2 VERSES Behold, thou art called a Jew, and in the law, and makest thy boast of God, . For as many as have sinned without shall also perish without law: and as many as have sinned in the law shall be judged by the law; . Thou that sayest a man should not commit adultery, dost thou commit adultery? thou that idols, dost thou commit sacrilege? . And art that thou thyself art a guide of the blind, a light of them which are in darkness, . But we are sure that the of God is according to truth against them which commit such things.. Hard
The Tax Collectors and the King and His Servant Jesus tells Peter to go and get thisforgiveness. The servant asks the king for this until he pays the large debt.. The king was angry that his servant did not show this...to the other servant.. The servant owes this to the king.. The king put his servant here because he did not show compassion to another servant as he did to him!. Older Children
The Messiah and the Hebrews This word actually means 'Covenant' and is stronger than a contract.. The example Jesus gave to the Apostles and us about being the 'first' in His kingdom.. Hometown of Jesus' mother.. Reading at Mass that used to be sung or prayed in ancient Hebrew worship.. All 400 of these messengers from God were killed by the Hebrews.. Hard
Stephen & Conversion of Paul Bible Test Review Stephen angered many Jews by accusing them of killing this person.. A person who is persecuted for his/her faith.. When Saul was confronted by Christ, what happened to his eyes?. Stephen accused the Jews of being this.. What those killing Stephen placed at Saul's feet.. Older Children
The Creation of the World Fill in the spaces by looking up the Bible verses. The Lord is the ____God, the Creator of the ends of the earth. Isaiah 40:28. He is the Maker of the ___ and earth, the sea, and everything in them. Psalm 146:6. For He ____, and it came to be; He commanded, and it stood firm Psalm 33:9. He is the ____ of the Bear and Orion, the Pleiades and the constellations of the south. Job 9:9. He marks out the ___ on the face of the waters for a boundary between light & darkness. Job 26:10. Older Children
Old Testament Knowledge God told him to go to Nineveh.. David took his head to Jerusalem.. She left a scarlet rope hanging from a window.. Noah's ark was made of ______ wood.. Solomon asked God for ________.. Hard
Types of Christ Prefigured Jesus by being in the belly of the whale for three days, and emerging again; Christ was in the belly of death for three days and emerged from the tomb victorious.. A son of David, just as Jesus was called the Son of David; he built the Temple just as Christ built the true Temple through His death and resurrection.. The only person in the Old Testament to hold the double office of priest and king; Christ is prophet as well as prophet and king.. A righteous sufferer who, like Christ, was tempted by the devil.. His name means ‘rest,’ and God gave him the mandate to be fruitful and re-multiply, just like Adam.. Big
Job's Second Test Job feared God and __________. God asked Satan had he considered my_______. Job told his wife you speak as one of the ______. Satan was doing this in the earth. Satan answered the Lord and said--------all that a man hath will he give for his life. Big
Noah How many days/nights did it rain. Who built the ark. What symbolized Hashem's promise. Who ordered Noah to build the ark. What did Noah build. Easy
The Names of the Disciples Jude or Judas the son of James. The brother of Peter and first Disciple Jesus called. The son of Alphaeus. He was also called Nathanael. Also known Iscariot and the one who betrayed Jesus. Older Children
Sodom & Gomorrah Lot was so ____,he couldn't move.. God was going to ____ Sodom.. God ___ Lot and his 2 daughters.. The rotten smell of Sodom and Gomorrah reached to ____.. The angels struck the men around Lot's house with ____ so they couldn't find the door.. Big
The Angels The angels who disobeyed God are called evil - - - - - - -. Every person has one of these angels. The angels who obeyed God went here. God's messengers. Angels were created by . Older Children
People in the Bible Who Disobeyed God I tried to run away from the Lord. I was sent to Neneveh but I started my journey to Tarshish. . It took the life of my firstborn for me to obey. . I was told to speak to the water but I struck it.. I wrongfully numbered the people. (1 Chronicles 21:1). While Moses was up on mount Sinai talking with God, I made a golden calf for the people to worship. Older Children
Escape From Egypt God.............................His people. What did God do to the sea so that they could walk through it on dry land. Where in the Bible can we read about this?. God protected His people with a pillar of....................during the day. The people of Israel thought they were going to get caught they were................... Big
Moses and the Plagues and the Passover Moses told the people to observe this ceremony and pass it down to their............... The word Exodus means the...........................of a large number of people.. The tenth plague was the worst, every ............................ son of the Egyptians died.. In the eighth plague swarms of these animals ate what was left of their food.. They had to paint their ...............................with the blood of the lamb.. Big
The Birth of Jesus The wise men followed a __________ that led them to Jesus.. Who announced the birth of Christ to the shepherds?. The mother of Jesus?. Mary and Joseph could not stay at the ________ because it was full.. Who were tending their flocks by night?. Easy
Bible Facts You Should Know Son of David & Bathsheba. Number of Old Testament Books. Second King of Israel. The son of promise.. One-third who dared defy Nebuchanezzar.. Big
bible Trivia 2 Jesus was crowned with one of these. How we communicate with God . Jesus resurrected him. Satan covered him in boils. Bible book after Matthew, mark,Luke and John . Hard
Hezekiah What was the name of Hezekiah's mother?. In what month was the passover celebrated in the first year of Hezekiah's reign?. Who was the main prophet during Hezekiah's reign?. Which king is Hezekiah compared to?. In what year of his reign did Hezekiah fall ill?. Big
Baby Moses What did Jochebed make for Moses?. What was the name of Moses' father?. Who was watching Moses' on the river side?. What was the name of the baby in the basket?. Who found baby Moses?. Older Children
Women in the Bible A Who's Who of the Bible's Notable Females Took the shears to Samson's locks.. Aged Jewish prophetess who foretold of Jesus in the temple of Jerusalem.. Wife of Moses. Wife of Cleophas; was present at the Crucifixion.. Mistook the risen Christ for the gardener.. Hard
Bible Timeline What God made. The 400 years between the OT and NT are called the _____years. Men who told Israelites what God told them to say. Built a big boat. Led his people out of Egypt. Older Children
John The Baptist John recognzied Jesus as the ______.. John's father. John said that he's the voice of one calling in the _________.. John's mother was a relative of _____.. Jesus came from _____ to the River Jordan to be baptized.. Big
In The Fiery Furnace The 3 friends were not ------ of the king. Nebuchadnezzar made a new one of these and sent throughout the land. The number of men Nebuchadnezzar saw in the fire.. God sent one of these to save the 3 friends from the fire. The fire was so hot that the soldiers were ----- to death . Older Children
The Parable of the Great Banquet The guest who received the invitations made ______ for not coming.. God tells us about the feast He has prepared for our souls in the ______. A man prepared a _______ and invited many guests.. When we don't have ______ to read or learn from God's Word we are making excuses.. The master told the servant to invite the ______, those who can't use their arms or legs.. Older Children
Samson and Delilah Cut Samson's Hair. Source of Samson's Power. Samson used 300 of these. Samson was refreshed by this. Samson was attacked by this animal. Older Children
Women in the Bible Successful in getting Samson to divulge the source of his strength. Sister of Moses. Mother of Samuel. Zechariah's wife and Mary's cousin.. The Lord made her childless because she mocked the way the King worshipped the Lord.. Older Children
Persistent Widow The Parable of the Persistent Widow Short Story. Constant or Continuing. Something or somebody that is not fair. follower of Jesus. Women whose husband died. Older Children
The Wise and the Foolish Builder A building you call home. Lacking knowledge, experience, and good judgement. Blowing air. Having experience, knowledge, and good judgement. Water that falls from the sky. Easy
Noah Its the opposite of subtracting numbers. . The complete opposite of being strong. . You use it for smelling things.. You have a left hand and a ____ hand.. The opposite of getting something for free.. Older Children
Lot's Bad Decision Lived in Sodom. Visited Abraham. What God used to destroy the city. Abraham's Wife. What God does with sin. Older Children
Moses in Midian Moses life after killing the Egyptian and running away to Midian Moses son was called this.. When he realised someone knew about the Egyptian, he ......... Moses ran away to this country.. The person whom Moses killed was an ......... Moses murdered an Egyptian, this means he ...... someone. Hard
Sacrament of Anointing of the Sick In John 9:1-41 Jesus heals ?. The Gospels portray Jesus as a ?. Sacraments are Christ's ? to the Church. Anointing of the sick expresses our faith in the ?. The Church has this number of sacraments. Hard
Crossing the Jordan Where God's people were going to live. Sticks and ________. Opposite of wet. Another word for strength. You, us, we, everyone. Older Children
Rainy Days/ Rainbow Promise what did Noah first build when on land. one of Noahs sons. man who looked on the sinfullness of the world with fear. pairs of each animal used for food. pairs of each animal not used for food. Older Children
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