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Business And Work Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
The Judiciary Law based on the U.S. Constitution and the constitutions of various states.. The body of law enacted by legislatures (as opposed to constitutional law, administrative law, or case law).. The courts; one of the three branches of the federal government in the United States. A court decision that furnishes an example or authority for deciding subsequent cases involving identical or similar facts and legal issues.. The body of law developed from judicial decisions in English and U.S. courts, not attributable to a legislature.. Older Children
Economic total supply of goods and services that firms in a national economy plan on selling during a specific time period.. returns, proceeds, or revenue, as from property or investments.. the sum or amount of money or its equivalent for which anything is bought, sold, or offered for sale.. pertaining to the production, distribution, and use of income, wealth, and commodities.. a supply of goods kept on hand for sale to customers by a merchant, distributor, manufacturer.. Hard
Marketing Terms ___ method is using an objeciton as a selling point. reasons for not buying or not seeing the sales person. ___ the preparation for the face to face encounter with potential customers. concerns, hesitations, doubts. ___ benefit selling is matching the characteristics of a product to a customer's needs. Older Children
Big Business Terms gaining control of the many different businesses that make up all phases of a products development . a joining of two companies that occurs when one company buys more than half of the stock in the other company, resulting in the companies coming to act as one . a claim on the assets of a corporation that gives the purchaser a share of the ownership of the corporation . a business that is owned by two or more co-workers. corporations that hold the stocks and bonds of numerous companies. Big
Big Business corporation that giver the purchser a share of the ownership. business owned by 2 or more people who share any profits. when similar companies in the same industry enter into agreemnt to break competition in order to manipulate prices and supply. conduct business in its own name. money that can be invested. Older Children
Intro to Business People who work for a business. Compensation in forms other than direct payment for work. An employee who works less than full-time employees by working either fewer hours each day or fewer days each week. A system that combines a small wage or salary with an additional amount determined by the employee’s performance. A specific amount of money is paid for each week or month worked. Hard
Bench and Machine Tools a machine or part of a machine that does a particular job. A powered vertical drilling machine in which the drill is pressed to the work automatically or by a hand lever.. to provide with ridges, to assist the grasp, as in the edge of a flat knob, or coin. a round part inside a machine that fits into another similar part and makes it turn aroumd and around. A small machine for grinding which, having short legs, is set on a bench to bring it to a convenient height.. Older Children
BANKING & BUDGETING The amount of money you allocate to pay for items, . Things you would like to have called. .. When you take money out of your bank account. . When you put money in the bank you are making a .. A safe place that holds your money for when you need it,. Teenage
Why Do We Do Preflight Inspections? to manage or regulate. we turn this on and off. you turn this or pull this or twist this. significance. for business purposes. Hard
Career Choices Examines people, listen to them describe their health problems, and do tests to see what is wrong.. They compose, sing, and play music. They perform solo or as part of a group. They perform in sound studios and on stage.. Brings us electricity. They put in the wires that carry electricity through houses, offices, and factories; they also fix electric machines.. Helps people find facts. They organize information and help people find books, magazines, videos, websites, and other information.. Grows crops and raise animals; they decide when to plant, fertilize, harvest, and sell crops.. Hard
Vehicle Construction Part of vehicle where the coil springs and strut fit up to . Part thatis the framework around the front body structure for holding the cooling system radiator and related parts. Frame where structural body parts are welded together. Another name for center section of the car. Another name for composite body. Hard
Financial Applications The amount of Money a company makes after its expenses.. How much you can spend on your credit card.. At the end of the month you should _________ your checkbook.. Part of your insurance payment will be for ________ Injury Liability.. When calculating the average you are calculating the ______.. Very Difficult
Textiles Used for a warm hat. Used to stitch. Used to alter the size of stitches. Used to undo stitches. Used to decorate fabric comes from the french. Hard
Choosing a Career the unique blend of qualities that defines an individual. an occupation to which you have made a long-term commitment. set of tasks you accomplish while you work. letter of introduction that you send with your resume to a potential employer. terminating employees to cut expenses. Teenage
Criminal Lawyer You must be this for one year before becoming a licensed lawyer.. You must work as this for 5-6 years before becoming a Senior Lawyer.. Abbreviation for the test to enter law school.. Is one of the three main areas you would work in.. You prepare these before, and during the court.. Hard
Crime Scene Investigators Crime Scene Investigators work these kinds of hours.. The main field of work that this occupation is in.. Investigators are sometimes required to go here to testify.. Crime scene investigators receive these like other police officers.. This job can often be this for the investigators.. Hard
Legal and Ethical Issues The abuse of an older person. Use of words or actions to cause emotional pain or injury. Moral principles or standards that govern conduct. Act of withdrawing support or help from another person in spite of duty of responsibility, falls under the category for neglect. The use of force to cause pain or injury to the abused person's body. Hard
Investing Sponsor of a college savings plan. Borkerage firm with most offices nationally. Change traditional IRA to a roth. Emergency money might be kept in _____. Retirement account for after-tax dollars. Teenage
Relationship Checking Accounts You can protect against this by opening a savings account. The interest rates are determined this way. These types of transfers are free with this account. You can earn this with relationship checking accounts. This is done to the minimum daily balance requirement for the 1st three months from the account opening date. Big
Economic System Money left from sales after subtracting all the cost of operating the business . Generally found in countries that have democratic forms of government. Establishment or enterprise that supplies us with goods and services. Where goods are produced the way they have always been produced . Nation's plan for answering the key economic questions. Big
Boeing 787 Fuel Leaks defects. fixed. the condition of being able to fly. broken. correct, official, or acceptable. Hard
Credit Cards Is any fee repersenting the cost of credit.. The price paid to a buisness or bank for borrowing money.. Something that is owed or due.. The ability to obtain goods or services before payment.. The amount of credit that a financial institutin extends to a client .. Older Children
Investing items of ownership convertible into cash. Analysis- going through financial statements and digging deep to find the true value of a stock.. a particular market where stocks and bonds are traded; stock exchange.. the sum of the after-tax profit of a business plus depreciation and other noncash charges. the outstanding capital of a company or corporation.. Teenage
Marketing Store specializes in a specific type of merchandise. Take title- Owning the product/(2 categories) Full service & limited service. o Gives a retailer price reductions if they meet specific performance requirements. o all business activities concerned with the sale of products to: the sale of products to consumers.. o 1 Transaction. Hard
Construction Construction The part of a building or wall which supports the superstructure. Exactly perpendicular; vertical. An electrical switch that is activated by changes in temperature. Matched boarding or panel work covering the lower portion of a wall. Municipal rules regulating safe building practices and procedures. Big
The Smart Consumer These types of stores carry one specific type of product. . A food produced without the use of fertilizers, pesticides, or growth stimulants. . An agent used to kill insects, weeds, and fungi that attack crops. . A brand sold only by a store or chain of stores. . A dietary reference that appears on food labels. . Hard
The Design Process This is a way of expressing the. Sketching. the point at which you start. getting an understanding of the needs of the design activity. Trying out your solution to the initial problem.. Comparing the project against the design brief. Older Children
How to be an Entrepreneur an appalling. to detect. to show by example. an explaination. unquenchable. Teenage
HAIRDRESSING Read the clues. Write the words in the grid. We cut hair with these.. Doing this can take eight hours!. We use this to dry hair.. We use this to wash hair.. We look into this to see ourselves.. Older Children
Computing a set of rules governing the format of data sent over the Internet or other network. the part of a computer in which operations are controlled and executed. a brand name used for various mid-range to high-end consumer and business microprocessors. a format for compressing image files. a notation resembling a simplified programming language, used in program design. Teenage
IT Crossword Holds whole numbers. takes in the disk. Inputs speech. data. Main memory in the computer. Teenage
Code of Conduct for Nurses The Nursing Council’s primary concern is ___________ (6,6) .. Your nursing practice must not be ______________ by the use of alcohol or drugs (11).. _______________ occurs when health consumers are given sufficient information, in a manner they can understand, in order to make an informed choice about their care and treatment, and are fully involved in their care and treatment (11).. Nurses must be _________ and maintain the public’s trust in the nursing profession (11).. Accepting, ___________ favours or hospitality may compromise the professional relationship with a health consumer (5).. Teenage
Jobs has technical knowledge. evaluates the project. is not paid. links people and jobs. drives cars. Older Children
Types of Engineers Makes sure Everything is........... soap. Works on technology. Responsible for all equipment. Makes bombs. Older Children
Hand Tools hammer with a flat face and a round face for shaping metal. is exactly vertical. cut or channel made by a saw. used to pull nails that are flush with wood surface or slightly below. used to snap a straight line over a long distance. Hard
Housing and Interior Design a tool for understanding and using color. guidelines for working with the elements of design, the princples are proportion, scale, balance, emphasis, and rhythm. a lighter value of a color, created by adding white to the color. needs related to the mind, and emotional needs related to feelings that must be met in order to live a satisfying life. a darker value of a color, created by adding black to the color. Big
Pharmacy Brand name of Fluticasone Nasal Spray. inhaler form of Fluticasone . Brand name of Hydroxyzine Chloride. Brand name of Conjugated Estrogen. brand name of tamsulosin . Hard
Insurance Complete the crossword puzzle. Insurance that covers direct loss due to fire, lighting strike, or removal from premises due to fire.. Indemnified by own insurance company regardless of who is at fault.. Exceptions to coverage.. Intended to indemnify for harm of insured person/real property brought about by perils.. Attached to policies for special and individual need.. Big
Leadership...What is it? the ability to direct and influence others. personal magnetism or charm. a beleif that an entire group of people fit a fixed or common pattern. a way of acting to fulfill cetain responsibilities in life. a set moral prinicples or values. Very Difficult
Paint and Refinishing Collision Repair Process used to locate imperfections in body filler. Liqiud material used to fill minor scatches in bofy filler . Material used for small dents or hail damage. Process used for stripping paint . Material used to clean body surfaces before painting. Older Children
Types of engineers Uses professional tools, machines, and other equipment to execute different welding tasks. Works with computer technology, Electrical or mechanical engineering. Utilities the principles of science to design function, attractive and structurally sound . Makes mechanical devices to make life comforrtable. Solves medical and health related problems. Big
Engineers roads and building. crops and livestock(raise animals). protects water supply. a mechanical. work or research about insects. Big
Engineers design landscaping . roads, airports, and bridges are made by this type of engineer . creates machinery that we use to solve problems. design and develop medical instruments. protects water suply. Big
Types of Engineers what type of engineer makes stuff out of raw materials?. what type of engineer makes technology that helps people?. what type of engineer makes computer software?. what type of engineer makes bombs?. what type of engineer makes storage device?. Big
Marketing Fill in the words that match the description. assesment that t. the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large. . consists of consumers who purchase goods and services for personal use.. the idea that a business should strive to satisfy customers.. this added value in economic term is called.. Older Children
Stock Vocabulary A legal form that lists the issues to be decided at a stockholders meeting. A calculation that includes the yearly dollar amount of dividends as well as any decrease of original investment price. The right to buy or sell a stock at a predetermined price for a period of time. A market in which an investor purchases securities via investment banks. A procedure in which the shares of stock owned by existing stockholders are divided into shares. Hard
TRIAL PROCEDURES the lawyer who prosecutes on behalf of the government and society. information based on the thoughts of the witness, usually an expert. the selection of a jury. the formal conclusion that sums up key arguments and evidence, given by each side in a trial. act of knowingly giving false evidence in a judicial proceeding. Very Difficult
Payment Policies The beneficiary is not responsible for for the additional cost of an _____________ unless there is an ABN. . Non-contract suppliers who opt to continue renting competitive bid items after the program is implemented are called _______________ suppliers. . The ______________ useful lifetime fo oxygen equipment is five years or 60 months. . Beneficiaries have the option to stay with a grandfathered supplier or ___________ to a contract supplier.. For a traveling beneficiary, payment is based on their _______________ residence. . Hard
COMMONLY USED BROADCASTING TERMS to condense or revise material or footage. an advertisement for a not-for-profit organization such as American Heart Association, Partnership for a Drug-Free America, etc..).. associated press news service that supplies international, national and regional information and stories. these are almost always rewritten before ailing. . small teases ( with or without audio/video ) that come at the end of one newscast segment often previewing what is coming up in the rest of the newscast. . usually the last thing a reporter says in either a live or recording news story, indicating the piece is ending.. Teenage
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