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Business And Work Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
Computer Basics a non portable computer. parts of the computer you can touch. camera used to view another person on the internet. term for restarting the computer. software that allows the computer to view the internet. Very Difficult
Categories of Graphic Design These designers make data understandable and easy to use in a way that is effective, efficient, and attractive.. These designers must consider government regulations on the size and shape of their designs.. The intent of ____________________ is to persuade, identify, or inform.. These designers tell a story or visually articulate a concept through filmmaking, animation, and visual effects; examples of their work may include film title sequences, trailers, animations, and:or broadcast IDs.. Each of the specialized areas of graphic design has its own particular ____________________ to solve. . Hard
Consumer Economics Advance in knowledge leading to new and improved goods and services and better ways of producing them. Resources of land labor capital and entrepreneurship used to produce goods and services . Condition of not being able to have all of the goods and services one wants because wants exceed what can be made from all available resouces. Ability of risk taking individuals to develop new products and start new businesses in order to make profits. The amount of output that results from given level of inputs . Big
Jobs & Places someone who takes cares of a farm. a person who is learning at college, university or school. a particular set of clothes which has to be worn by the members of the same organization or group of people. someone who plays football, especially as a job. a building or a set of building where large amounts of good are made using machines. Big
Principles of Design Subtle, gradual change. Can refer to a variety of changes: size, color, value, texture, etc.. Uses similar elements throughout an artwork to visually 'tie' the work together.. Describes the size relationships between the objects in an artwork. . Deliberate placement of elements next to each other to make their differences stand out.. Creates stability in an artwork by distributing elements to create equal visual weight throughout the work. Can be described as Symmetrical, Asymmetrical or Radial.. Adult
Career Choices Please match Hint with Career Cares for the Sick. Deals with the Law and Behaviors. Likes helping and giving Treatment to the Sick.. Study Documents & Source to research Past. Deals with Numbers Concepts and Theories. Older Children
Real Estate Terms 1 percent of the amount of the mortgage. earnest money. a declaration by governing powers that a structure is unfit for use. annual percentage rate. an amount owed to another. Adult
Scheduling Appointments If a person cannot make any of the open appointments a counselor may have, an alternative would be ________.. Where does a 'rescheduled' note go?. This is one of the most important things to have when scheduling an appointment.. What students mostly go to Amy?. Which day generally has fewer appointments?. Easy
Library Where all of our new books appear first. Downloadable citation management tool. Send your documents to any of our ___ for retrieval. Service that allows students to checkout books from other libraries. Most common resource in a library. Hard
Economics Money left after selling goods and services and costs of operating a business have been paid.. Goods that are purchased to add comfort or pleasure to life.. Businesses that offer the same goods to the same customers. . Value of the next-best alternative that is forgone to produce or obtain another product. . Economic system in which decisions are based on customs and centered on family.. Hard
Economics stock prices have risen steadily. stocks that are considered undervalued. a share or partial ownership in a corporation. most watched market indicator, serves as market index. buying a stock on borrowed $, buy now pay later. Big
Business Ethics and Diversity different behavior patterns of various groups. things that are important to an individual. strong belief toward people, things, situations. way of behaving toward others. the unique qualities of an individual, which usually reflect personal morals and values. Big
Business Application Identify the software or application Accounting Software. Business Software Suite. Messages and files sent via a network such as the internet. Personal Information Manager. a note taking software. Teenage
Jobs a person that takes care of sick or injured people , has gone to medical school. a person that grows and harvests large amounts of fruits and vegetables . a person that cooks in restaurants. a person a person that works in a clinic or hospital with medical training but not a doctor. a person that works in an office answering phones and typing. Big
Financial Analysis Another term for carrying value is ____________ value.. A balance sheet category that includes obligations of a company including customer deposits and unearned revenues.. Working capital and its components include items that will turn to cash or will require the use of cash within one year of the balance sheet or within the operating _______, if that is longer than one year.. The debt to equity ratio, debt to total assets, and the times interest earned ratio are indicators of a company's leverage and its ___________________.. The return on assets ratio, the profit margin ratio, and the return on stockholders' equity are indicators of a company's ___________________.. Big
Lifeguard Situation in which a lifeguard enters the water to aid a guest in distress . Rescue in witch you are able to maintain your 10/20 . Flow of oxygen is temporarily disrupted . Blood flow to the brain is disrupted due to blocked or ruptured arteries in the brain. The third stage of drowning. Hard
Building Your Business covering a relatively long period of time. of decisive importance with respect to the outcome; crucial. The state of being related by kindred, affinity, or other alliance. a person who purchases goods or services from another. the favorable or prosperous termination of attempts or endeavors; the accomplishment of one's goals. Easy
Library writes the words in the story. a non-fiction book about a person's life. using someone else's work without citing or getting permission. company that puts the book together. a type of book that contains certain characteristics or elements. Big
Accounting and Finance Technology An economic obligation (debt) payable to an individual/organization outside the business.. an amount of money that is given back to you if you are not satisfied with the goods or services that you have paid for.. also suppliers [plural] a company or person that provides a particular product.. Total of goods and services bought in a period.. Allocation of the cost of an intangible asset over its service life.. Hard
World Business - Trade someone who studies economic systems or production processes to see if it is operating effectively and how much profit it is making. selling products outside of the country for less than it cost to produce them at home. . independence. propsperity. financial. Hard
Wine Harvest what wine is made from. Where grapes are grown. grape . picking seasons. New World. Big
50 Icons of Fashion Use the clues to identify the Fashion Icon Italian fashion house known for its criticism of the fashion system. Innovative, colorful and eccentric designs. Italian fashion house known for its colorful knits. Parisian fashion house, Alber Albaz is the Creative Director. Parisian Haute Couture designer who uses a lot of historic references, known for the pouf skirt, rose prints. Designed Christina Aguilera's wedding dress. Belgian furniture designer turned menswear designer. Creative director for Dior.. Big
Banking Words account used to save money for later. put money in the bank. person that helps you at the bank. where you keep your money at the bank . sign the back of a check . Easy
The Stock Market where stocks are bought and sold. share of a fund that may invest in many different stocks or bonds. investment in the debt of a company. investment in the future value of a particular item. initial public offering of a company stock. Older Children
Business It is a business owned and operated by just one person. the form of business organization is most suitable for very large businesses. which be wholly owned by the state or central government.They are usually businesses which have been nationalised. a group or association of between two and 20 people who agree to own and run a business together.. a business based upon the use of the brand names,promotional logos and trading methods of an existing successful business. Big
Dental Follow directions to complete the puzzle I extend from 2nd to 8th week. Primary teeth fall off. Period of fertilization. At this period I only need to develop. I make the 1st pair of branchial ach. Older Children
Hershey The home the Hersheys built in town overlooks what?. HenryandFanny . Kitty had what disease? . Where was Milton Hersheys wife from? . Hershey sold what company in 1900? . Very Difficult
Food & Restaurant Cook who works and assists the main chef. Food rolled in bread crumbs and then fried. Outdoor seating. Restaurant that specializes in casual food and alcoholic beverages. Food brought to the customer's home. Hard
Occupation what Buakaw does for a living. what Tukky does for a living. what Pleumjit does for a living. what Aung San Suu Kyi does for a living. what Thapanee does for a living. Older Children
Business Management identifying right and wrong behavior within a workplace, culture, or other organization. person who has authority over job duties and employees. specific, meaningful, achievable, clearly communicated, and consistent with overall company expectations. a way to measure how well the product or service is performing. companies will try to increase sales revenue or decrease cost in order to increase this. Older Children
Medical Specialists treats heart disease. treats diseases of the blood and blood-forming tissues (oncology including cancer and other tumors). diagnoses and treats lung disorders. treats diseases of the female reproductive system .. administers anesthesia and monitors the patient during surgery.. Big
Supply, Demand, & Prices a cost that rises and falls depending on how much is produced. describes describes demand that is very sensitive to a change in price. the amount a supplier is willing and able to supply at a certain price. fixed costs plus variable costs. consumers buy more of a good when its price decreases and less when its price increases. Hard
Job Qualities correct. someone who is never late. behaves like an adult. someone who can accept new or different ideas. someone who solves problems using whatever is available. Big
Excel Complete the crossword below A drop-down menu item and a button on the standard toolbar that allows you to select a formula that you wish to apply to data in your worksheet. A feature that allows you to copy information in a active cell to another cell or range of cells selected horizontally. Mathematical statement used to calculate a value. Formatting that applied to a cell when a specified condition is met. Horizontal part of the worksheet. Very Difficult
Market Structures Few large sellers control most of the production of good or service. Profit limited by its geographic location that only a single seller decides to enter market. Set their products apart. Government providing public goods because normal price system does not work . Producers. Big
Cowboys and Cattle Ranchers name for men who owned large amounts of range and cattle. famous state in America for cattle and ranching. Mexican cowboys. first settlers to permanently move to Great Plains. mate animals to produce offspring. Older Children
Making Money Solve by answering or filling in the blanks Money that is made in a business, through investing, etc., after all the costs and expenses are paid. regular payment made into a fund by an employee towards a future pension. Received for work or service, by the hour, daily or weekly basis. Periodically paid to an individual for regular work or salary . the dividend will be paid without __________ of tax. Hard
Honey Bees & Beekeeping The gland used to draw other foraging bees to a flower source.. This substance comes from the glands in a nurse bees head. It helps to develop a young bee into a queen.. This is the waterproof armor that covers a bee.. Tiny openings that bring oxygen into the bee's body.. These are found at the base of a flower head and develop into fruit.. Very Difficult
Travel Agent Terminology Fees charged to cover changes made to the booking. International Air Transport Association. They put together packages which the travel agent sells on their behalf. Companies who provide products eg accommodation, airlines, restaurants. Travel Agents Association of New Zealand. Older Children
Internet Terminologies Complete the crossword puzzle below. a technical acronym that means 'hypertext transfer protocol', the language of web pages. a compressed container of multiple smaller data files, or a purposeful long-term storage of files that are not going to be used often. a free software package that lets you view web pages, graphics, and most online content. the private company or government organization that plugs you into the vast Internet around the world. any malicious software designed by hackers. Big
Bank Statements Definition the process of taking money from your bank account. money you add to your account . the person behind the counter who takes money,answer questions, and cashes checks. the person who takes applications for loans . similar to a check; used to pay bills, make purchases. Older Children
Stock Market place to trade stocks. execute requested trades. privately managed stock portfolios. portions of ownership. group of stocks. Big
Common Litigation Terminology A numbered list of legal allegations, with specific details about application of the governing law to each count. The person or company being sued. Court where the lawsuit is filed. The person filing the lawsuit. A formal written statement that admits or denies the allegations in the complaint and sets forth any available affirmative defenses. Teenage
Categories of Law Terminology Terms related to the types of law that are enforced in our everyday lives Type of law created by government representatives. The type of law that has the highest power, and overrides every other law. When a judge decides a case differentiates too much from a previous decision's case. Refers to the content of the law. The laws that are enforced within a specific nation/country. Hard
Respiratory Nursing surgical removal of a lobe. collapse of the alveoli. a device used to check the pulmonary function.. a procedure to drain fluid from the pleural space. TB bacilli is this type of bacilli. Hard
Water Treatment set the standards for water quality for dialysis treatments. Percent _____; measure of RO membrane operation; should be 90%. non-carbon based impurities. holds purified water to reduce the work load of the RO. uses resin beads to remove contaminants from water using ion exchange. Hard
Partnership Puzzle Fill in the blank with the correct vocabulary word Type of partnership where only one partner is in control of the business.. Money or other valuables belonging to an individual or business.. A business organization in which two or more individuals manage and operate the business.. The activity of buying and selling.. An occupation or a calling.. Big
Pedicuring Complete the crossword puzzle. metal implement with a grooved edge.. larger than fingernail clippers and have a curved or straight jaw.. used for more efficient removal of debris.. soften and smooth thickened tissue.. keep toes apart while polishing the nails.. Big
Written Contracts the first thing a court will look at. courts award money to prevent the unjust enrichment of one party. lying under oath. not required to be in writing. a third party is liable for an oral promise to pay another's debt. Big
Library Terms Person who writes a book. A book about a person's life, written by another person. When a book is published. A set of books with iniformation on people, places, and things. The company that makes a book. Hard
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