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Food Crosswords

To view or print a Food crossword puzzle click on its title.

Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
Salads These ROCK!. Salad served as your meal. Fruits & vegetables provide this non nutrient in salads. Fruits & vegetables provide this nutrient in a salad. common type of lettuce. Hard
Processing Food preserves food for 2 years or longer. bacteria that cannot be seen by a naked eye. removes moisture. things that grow on food. radioactive beams that kill micro-organisms. Adult
Vegetables Write the vegetable for each clue High in protein. Red and made into sugar. Hard to eat when missing front teeth. Gives bad breath . Green and grows in a pod. Simple
Cooking peaks that gently bend over like waves when you lift the beaters from the mixture . a baked dish made by folding stiffly beaten egg whites into a sauce pan r pureed food. the two thick twisted strands of albumen that anchor the yolk in the center off the egg. an air pocket. eggs baked in a greased shallow dish and often topped with a small amount of milk. Big
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