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Food Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
BASIC COOKING TERMS To add salt, pepper, or other substances to food to enhance flavor. To finely divide food in various sizes by rubbing it on a grater with sharp projections. To cut or chop food as finely as possible. To cook by dry heat usually in an oven. To flatten to a desired thickness by using a rolling pin. Hard
Food the way energy flows. an organism that makes it's food naturally. representation of predator prey reationship (chain). an organism that feeds of producer only. an organism that feeds of nectar. Big
Halloween Candy Favorites 'The fruitiest and the chewiest!'. fluffy clouds. nrocydnac spelled backwards. snap it and it'll crunch. sticky and chewy. Older Children
Garnishing & Knives The best way to garnishn a sandwhich. A knife used to cut vegetables. Used to sharpen a knife. A tool used to smooth icing on a cake. Knife blades are made up of high carbon steel and . Big
CooKing Terms to pour or spoon pan juices, melted fat, or sauces during cooking. to cause a sloid food to turn into or become a liquid. to separate solid for a liquid. to reduce food into small peices by pressing it against the 'teeth' of a grater. to change a food from a solid to a liquid. Hard
Nutrition Use the following clues to answer the numbered crossword Sugars that enter the bloodstream quickly. A unit of energy produced by food and used by the body. Building blocks that make up proteins. The part of grains and plant foods that cannot be digested. A condition in which the pancreas produces too much insulin. Teenage
The Art of Cooking coat a food with flour, milk or beaten egg, and seasoned crumbs or cormeal. pour liquid over a food as it cooks. to chop finely. coat a food with a liquid that forms a gloosy finish. mix with a spoon or wire whisk in a circular motion. Older Children
Organics in a nucleic-acid chain, a subunit that consists of a sugar, a phosphate, and a nitrogenous base. a type of biochemical that does not dissolve in water, including fats and steroids; lipids store energy and make up cell membranes. any of the organic molecules produced by living organisms. to change irreversibly the structure or shape—and thus the solubility and other properties—of a protein by heating, shaking, or treating the protein with acid, alkali, or other species. a chemical compound made up of copper sulfate, which can detect the presence of glucose or fructose. Hard
Safe Food Practices 76 million illnesses can be traced to foodborne ____ each year. Always replace when excessively used or deep groves are made (2 words). Food left outside for too long without being refrigerated is in the ______ (2 word). 50 to 75 degrees Farenheit is ideal for storing ______ (2 words). Your work station, ____, and hands should always be clean. Adult
Foods and Nutrition Rub food on a grater to break it into fine particles. Make liquid by heating. Quality of food, rough, smooth, creamy, etc.. Cook in the oven. Stir together two or more ingredients until blended. Big
Food Difference in protein when it changes from a liquid to a dense mass.. Holds the mixture together.. Puts air into the mixture.. When starch absorbs liquid- while heat is present and thickens to make a liquid which turns into a gel.. A very important source of insoluble fibre…but is not a digestible carbohydrate.. Hard
Diversity at the Table The most widely produced and eaten food in an area. A set of customs, traditions, and beliefs shared by a large group of people. The practice of creating new recipe by mixing the influences and preparation techniques of different food traditions. Abstaining from some or all foods for a period of time. Relating to a specific culture. Older Children
New Menu Rollout Crossword Summer 2012 Additions and Deletions A spicy, tomato-based sauce that traditionally accompanies couscous.. New chicken dish that has pearl couscous, asparagus, almonds, golden raisins, onions, and spicy Harissa sauce.. The winery that provides our new Chardonnay, Merlot, and Carbernet Sauvignon.. Sandwich deleted still available on Kid's Menu.. New chicken sandwich that has crushed avocado, tomato, onion, cilantro, jalapeño peppers, chipotle mayo and Rustic French bread.. Big
Italian Foods Use the hints below to solve the puzzle! cows make this, dairy product. served with meatballs. common topping on pizza. purple fruit that makes juice. any fruit can make this. Older Children
Carbohydrates Cannot be digested by humans. Your body breaks carbs down into simple sugars and they are absorbed into the. Found in most things you eat; provides energy for the body. A chronic disease that can be caused by taking in too many carbohydrates. Number of calories in a carb. Adult
Lots of Sugar in Soda To much sugar can cause ________.. The amount of sugar found in a 20oz bottle of soda is 22 _____.. With meals drink water or _____. What disease can happen if you drink to much soda or sugar drinks.. Hidden calories in sweet drinks. Older Children
DINNER TIME comes from a cow. it's breakable. a vegetable. a fruit. it's expected at the table. Moderately Challenging
Salads These ROCK!. Salad served as your meal. Fruits & vegetables provide this non nutrient in salads. Fruits & vegetables provide this nutrient in a salad. common type of lettuce. Hard
Processing Food preserves food for 2 years or longer. bacteria that cannot be seen by a naked eye. removes moisture. things that grow on food. radioactive beams that kill micro-organisms. Adult
Vegetables Write the vegetable for each clue High in protein. Red and made into sugar. Hard to eat when missing front teeth. Gives bad breath . Green and grows in a pod. Simple
Cooking peaks that gently bend over like waves when you lift the beaters from the mixture . a baked dish made by folding stiffly beaten egg whites into a sauce pan r pureed food. the two thick twisted strands of albumen that anchor the yolk in the center off the egg. an air pocket. eggs baked in a greased shallow dish and often topped with a small amount of milk. Big
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