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Food Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
Rosemary Guess these words that have something to do with the herb, rosemary! the color of the leaves. another word for smell/aroma. the reason this herb is used to cook with. name of the herb. another use of rosemary. Hard
Safe Food Practices 76 million illnesses can be traced to foodborne ____ each year. Always replace when excessively used or deep groves are made (2 words). Food left outside for too long without being refrigerated is in the ______ (2 word). 50 to 75 degrees Farenheit is ideal for storing ______ (2 words). Your work station, ____, and hands should always be clean. Adult
Salads These ROCK!. Salad served as your meal. Fruits & vegetables provide this non nutrient in salads. Fruits & vegetables provide this nutrient in a salad. common type of lettuce. Hard
Salads usually served as a light salad. usually in casual dining. should include a variety of flavors, textures, and colors. once shaken, will split up more to create a green. chefs use variations of cooked foods. Big
Sandwiches Creamy sauce made from egg yolks. Salts side kick. A green leafy vegetable. A type of mustard. A root vegetable. Older Children
Sandwiches and Pizza expanded basic sandwich mad with three slices of toased bread and two layers of different fillings. a sandwich with the filling inside heated. an oversized, baked sandwich with a yeast-bread base, usually served open-face with assorted toppings. a very large sandwich made on a loaf of italian or french bread or a large hard roll. has just one slice of bread and a topping. Older Children
Service Food any item used to serve or eat food . a tip, or extra money, in appreciation for service . a method of serving food in which people help themselves to food set out on a table. a way of serving meals in which food is portioned out on individual plates in the kitchen and brought to the table. a way of serving meals in which food is placed in serving dishes and passed around the table . Big
South American Cuisine Marinated seafood salad. South America has many sweet and hot varieties of these. This type of delicious Brazilian treat was named after a General. Name for the leftover ceviche marinade that is served in a small glass. Delicious caramel sandwich cookies. Hard
South Asian Spices & Herbs Identify spices and herbs used in South Asian Cuisine amongst the oldest fibre crops in the world. Its fibres are used to make linen. The fibres are taken from the stem of this plant and are two to three times as strong as those of cotton. Source of Omega 3.. It is the world's third-most expensive spice by weight, outstripped in market value only by saffron and vanilla. is often used in traditional Indian sweets and in masala chai (spiced tea). It is even used by confectionery giant Wrigley!. All parts of the plant are edible, but the fresh leaves and the dried seeds are the parts most traditionally used in cooking. It seems to have been cultivated in Greece since at least the second millennium BC. It was brought to the British colonies i. The seeds are rich source of oil and protein. The seed has oil as high as 46-48 percent; whole seed meal has 43.6 percent protein. The earliest reference is from Indian story of Gautama Buddha and Kisa Gotami in the 5th century B.C.. sweet neem leaves. Hard
Spices Of India The fresh leaves and the dried seeds are the parts mostly used in cooking. A paste or sauce is made from the seeds, used as a condiment. It is called Badian Khatai, Bunga Lawang, Annachi mokku and Anas puvvu. It is seen as a seasoning, and is often paired with salt. Used as spice and as preservative in mummification. Hard
Stir-fry a large rounded pan used for stir-frying. a nutrient supplied by brown rice. a food often served with stir-fry. a nutrient supplied by vegetables. an ingredient in which stir-fry is cooked. Older Children
Storage Of Food Use each clue to find the correct word butter, margarine and shortening should be kept in the_____________. fish and meat. on a wire rack or basket in a well ventilated place. air tight containers. used for non perishable foods. Big
Sweets strawbarrylaces. sweets. lollies. cadbury. creameeggs. Big
Tasty Apple best friend.. Blueberries is...?. That you used ,when you are eating soup.. Hare's favourite vegetable.. Pig meat. Easy
Tea Time yummy with tea. type of tea cultivated in China. tea known as Jade Dew. national beverage of Great Britain. the first people to import tea to Europe. Big
Techniques of Food Preparation To rub foods on a grater to make smaller particles . To cut a very thin layer of peel from fruits or vegetables. To soak in an acid-oil mixture . To combine two or more ingredients by beating or stirring . To heat liquid to the simmering point. Easy
The Art of Cooking coat a food with flour, milk or beaten egg, and seasoned crumbs or cormeal. pour liquid over a food as it cooks. to chop finely. coat a food with a liquid that forms a gloosy finish. mix with a spoon or wire whisk in a circular motion. Older Children
The Sugar Sweet Sugar is always ____________.. Sugar contains ______________.. C6 H12 O6. Sugar is a _____________.. Name of this cereal.. Teenage
The United Tastes of America Curry can be very hot and .... A sweet drink made from a yellow fruit with water and sugar.. Short for a typical kind of American fast food.. A sweet fruit, from which wine is made.. You usually buy them in a pack and children like to have them with milk for breakfast.. Moderately Challenging
Vegetables Write the vegetable for each clue High in protein. Red and made into sugar. Hard to eat when missing front teeth. Gives bad breath . Green and grows in a pod. Simple
Vegetables You should choose vegetables are that are ________ in size. . Leafy green vegetables are a good source of this nutrient. . This class of vegetables includes garlic and onion. . Dried vegetables such as peas, beans, and lentils. . This class of vegetables includes asparagus and celery. . Hard
Vegetables Tomato __________ : prepared tomatoes, made by blanching, peeling, seeding, and dicing raw tomatoes.. There are two basic types of this family of vegetables: sweet and chile.. __________ and Seeds vegetables include peas, beans, bean sprouts, corn and okra.. This family includes garlic, shallots, green onions, and dry (or cured) onions.. _________ onions include leeks, scallions, and chives.. Hard
Yeast Breads Dough kneaded, proofed, shaped & allowed to rise in a cooler. Protein in flour. Uses yeast mixed with flour first and then warm liquid is added to make the dough. The temperature described that kills yeast. Liquid used to hydrate the yeast. Big
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