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Food Crosswords

To view or print a Food crossword puzzle click on its title.

Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
Food Chemistry Element necessary for building bones. Sugar found in beets. Unit of heat. Sugar found in milk. Sugar that is broken down for energy in cells. Hard
Food From Around the World Answer the clues to complete the crossword Tea with cake and cream.. England's most famous meal.. Crispy rolls with vegetables and meat inside.. Raw fish and rice.. Seafood and rice from Spain.. Big
Food Prep Terms to add, salt pepper,or other substances to food to enhance flavor. to coat an item of food in flour or breadcrumbs before cooking it. to blend two or more ingredients together into a single mixture. to cook food by dry heat, such as an oven. to cook just below the boiling point. Older Children
Food Technology 'An apple a day keeps the __________ away!'. To stop apples browning sprinkle with ?. There are over-----thousand different varieties of apples worldwide. Country which produces the most apples each year. Shape of apple filo parcel. Older Children
Food Terminologies Complete the crossword puzzle below To partially cook for a given amount of time in boiling water as a preliminary step. To add moisture. To cut into very fine pieces. To cook foods slowly in a specified amount of liquid in a covered pot or pan. To restore by placing in water. Hard
Food: Fuel or Pleasure the quantity you eat of a kind of food during a meal. a piece of cloth or paper used at meals to protect your clothes and to clean your lips and fingers. (of food) having a strong taste because spices have been used to flavour it. meat cooked for a long time in liquid, usually with vegetables. fish and sea creatures that can be eaten, especially shellfish. Hard
Foods has the word eat in it. look like trees. it is a bird. come in pods. kids love it. Young Kids
Foods and Condiments This is used on both hot dogs and hamburgers. This is made from eggs and oil and can be used to make potato or tuna salad. Food many people eat for breakfast. This is made from tomatoes, oil, and garlic and is put on top of pasta. Some people put this on their baked potatoes. Older Children
Foods and Nutrition Rub food on a grater to break it into fine particles. Make liquid by heating. Quality of food, rough, smooth, creamy, etc.. Cook in the oven. Stir together two or more ingredients until blended. Big
Foods Safety This must always be used in the kitchen . Always wipe the tables so you don`t create . Always ____ your dishes once you are finished with them. Use this while cutting foods. Use this to dry your dishes. Older Children
French Cuisine A thin, light, delicate pancake.. An expert or judge of a specific thing or field.. Italian sauce.. A domestic bird used as food.. An Italian appetizer consisting of small pieces of grilled or toasted bread.. Older Children
french food try to guess the food by the hint tres petit,vert/violet. blanc,creamux,laiterie. verte,longue,. laiterie,frois. petit,rouge,autour. Hard
Fruit the edible, pulpy, smooth-skinned berry or fruit that grows in clusters on vines. the egg-sized edible berry with fuzzy brownish skin and slightly tart green flesh. sour yellow fruit. juicy tropical fruit with spikes on its 'shell'. the fruit of such a tree or shrub. Older Children
Fruit Used for making vinegar, wine and jams. Sour flavour. An aromatic, pear-shaped fruit used in preserves. A sweet and juicy fruit available in many varieties. From a mediterranean tree widely cultivated for its edible fruit. Easy
Fruit a fruit green with seeds on the inside and brown and hairy on the outside.. an oval shaped fruit.. a fruit that is almost always the finishing touch to ice cream.. a fruit that has the same name as its colour.. a fruit shaped like a circle and has multiply of it in on one pack.. Easy
Fruit and Vegetable Crossword How many mystery fruits and vegetables can you name from the clues? Looks like a cauliflower but is green. Yellow and sour. A tropical fruit with a spiky skin. Fruit given at half time in sports, a great source of vitamin C. Tropical fruit with a stone. Easy
Fruit Production Industry third most lucrative crop per hectare. lygus lineolaris. pseudomonas viburni. founder of most successful commercial cranberry crop production method. shallow tillage (5-8cm deep)= good ______ ______. Hard
Fruits You can use ____ fruit for cooking because they are past prime eating quality. . This category includes oranges and grapefruits.. Strawberries and cantaloupe are a good source of this. . These fruits have reached top eating quality. . Fruits with a higher ____ content will cook quicker in the microwave. . Hard
Fruits can also be bitter. i hang around in a bunch. im named after a bird. these can be used for butter. these are red, green and pink. Hard
Fruits and Vegetables fruits and begetables are in this. the color of cucumber. it's purple and it's a fruit. brown. it's long and green. Easy
Frying Stir fry in this. Battered deep fried banana. Frying does this to food . Beer, Tempora, Yeast are different types. used to take food out of the fryer. Big
Garnishing & Knives The best way to garnishn a sandwhich. A knife used to cut vegetables. Used to sharpen a knife. A tool used to smooth icing on a cake. Knife blades are made up of high carbon steel and . Big
German Potato Salad der Speck, a part of pig commonly served at breakfast.. der Senf, good on hotdogs.. der Pfeffer, you sneeze if you sniff it.. die Petersilie, a common garnish on dishes. der Essig, an acid commonly used in cooking.. Easy
Grain Foods The largest part of a kernel of grain containing most of the starch and the protein of the kernel but few minerals and little fiber. . An elastic protein substance that provides the structure in baked goods. . Starchy grain that is suitable to use as food. . This is produced from durum wheat and makes pasta dough. . Swelling and subsequent thickening of starch granules when heated in water. . Older Children
Greek Cuisine Creamy, crumbly cheese that adds a saltiness to salads and pastries. . Extensively used cooking, particularly to make sauces.. Used to wrap rice, pine nuts and herbs.. Very popular in Greek cooking e.g. peas, chickpeas, lima beans, lentils.. Most common accompaniment to stews and dolmades.. Big
Halloween Candy Favorites 'The fruitiest and the chewiest!'. fluffy clouds. nrocydnac spelled backwards. snap it and it'll crunch. sticky and chewy. Older Children
healty fruits something purple. something green. something red. something yellow. great eating. Easy
History of Food Gases that trap heat in the atmosphere.. Any organism that threatens human interests.. Substances intended to repel, kill or control any species deemed a pest.. A measure of energy.. The temperature, precipitation, humidity and other weather conditions over a long period of time.. Hard
How to Improve Your Eating Habits Waz of eating.. Food that contains all the essential parts and naturally-occurring nutrients of the entire grain seed in their original proportions.. To convert (food) into simpler chemical compounds.. Synonim for salt.. Meat with low level of fat.. Easy
I Love Beer Kickoff wheat beer style. Can only be brewed by 1 of 8 Monasteries in the world to be authentic. German for black beer. White beer style. Used to poor 'real ale'. Hard
Intermediate Healing Foods Identify the Curing Food Heartburn. Fatigue. Sleepless Nights. Hemorrhoids. Tummy Troubles. Hard
Irish Food -Two Words- Cooked blood, with other meats, in the shape of a sausage.. -Two Words- Bread fried in bacon fat.. -One Word- Raw and mashed potatoes fried on a griddle.. -One Word- Bread with sultanas and raisons.. -One Word- Boiled pigs feet.. Hard
Italian Cusine This puzzle was designed to see how carefully you read the assignment piece on Italian Cusine. The puzzle is based on important words that were through the assignment. Popular cheese. Phrase used before eating. Essential ingrediant when cooking Italian food. Sea that peninsula extends out to?. Cooks a common grain. Adult
Italian Cusine Popular cheese. Phrase used before eating. Essential ingrediant when cooking Italian food. Ocean that lies next to Italy. Cooks a common grain. Teenage
Italian Foods Use the hints below to solve the puzzle! cows make this, dairy product. served with meatballs. common topping on pizza. purple fruit that makes juice. any fruit can make this. Older Children
Jalapeno Bagels Other than cream cheese, what Pablo spreads on his bagel,. The language Papa speaks besides English.. Papa's favorite bagel.. Shape the dough is formed in when making bagels.. Braided Jewish bread.. Big
Junk Food All the words will be used in this puzzle. One word has been placed to get started. Animal shaped, chewy candy. Air like candy on a stick. red or black long candy. Fried and round with a hole in middle. Orange color, shaped like a triangle and crunchy. Older Children
Kitchen Safety Never leave ____ hanging when the stove or oven are on and heated. . _____ Should be in every kitchen or near every klitchen to ensure maximum safety. . Keep a lookout for _____ in the kitchen while cooking.. These objects are just as dangours as sharpened objects. . you should always tie this back when cooking or baking.. Big
Kitchen Safety Causes food poisoning. Lift a pan lid ____________ from your body.. Always cut on a ______________________(2 words). _________ your hands before working in the kitchen.. Wash hands after using the _______________.. Hard
Lemons Lemons are commonly used to make this.. A yellow, sour fruit.. Holds the leaves and fruit to the tree.. Allows the tree to reproduce.. Protects the insides of the fruit.. Older Children
Lots of Sugar in Soda To much sugar can cause ________.. The amount of sugar found in a 20oz bottle of soda is 22 _____.. With meals drink water or _____. What disease can happen if you drink to much soda or sugar drinks.. Hidden calories in sweet drinks. Older Children
Meal Planning Terms A meal that takes the place of breakfast and lunch.. Finger foods.. Meals are placed in a public area where diners generally serve themselves.. The first meal of the day.. Is usually eaten about 6 o'clock in the evening.. Older Children
Meat This meat comes from deer. This describes the highest and most expensive grade of meat. Meat, poultry and fish are sources of ___ protein. A sauce in which you soak meat before cooking to add flavor. Small white flecks of fat in the meat are called ___. Hard
Meat and Poultry Terms Bacon, ham, and cold cuts.. Adding acidic compounds like tomato juice, vinegar, lemon juice, etc.. Grinding, pounding, and cutting.. Edible muscles of animals.. Large cuts of beef that is sold to retail stores.. Very Difficult
New Menu Rollout Crossword Summer 2012 Additions and Deletions A spicy, tomato-based sauce that traditionally accompanies couscous.. New chicken dish that has pearl couscous, asparagus, almonds, golden raisins, onions, and spicy Harissa sauce.. The winery that provides our new Chardonnay, Merlot, and Carbernet Sauvignon.. Sandwich deleted still available on Kid's Menu.. New chicken sandwich that has crushed avocado, tomato, onion, cilantro, jalapeño peppers, chipotle mayo and Rustic French bread.. Big
Nutrition Use the following clues to answer the numbered crossword Sugars that enter the bloodstream quickly. A unit of energy produced by food and used by the body. Building blocks that make up proteins. The part of grains and plant foods that cannot be digested. A condition in which the pancreas produces too much insulin. Teenage
Nutritious Snacks hard and crunchy squares . type of nut . green, leafy, and topped with dressing. blended micture of fruits or vegetables. small rectangular nutrition bars (sometimes coated in chocolate) . Easy
Organics in a nucleic-acid chain, a subunit that consists of a sugar, a phosphate, and a nitrogenous base. a type of biochemical that does not dissolve in water, including fats and steroids; lipids store energy and make up cell membranes. any of the organic molecules produced by living organisms. to change irreversibly the structure or shape—and thus the solubility and other properties—of a protein by heating, shaking, or treating the protein with acid, alkali, or other species. a chemical compound made up of copper sulfate, which can detect the presence of glucose or fructose. Hard
Pancake Day liquid produced by cows. flat round cake. celebration. go without eating. protection garment to be used in the kitchen. Easy
Pasta wide flat-shaped pasta is arguably one of the oldest types of pasta.. Tortellini is a ring-shaped pasta typically stuffed with meat, cheese or vegetables. . can be baked, tossed in soups or salads, or topped with cream, tomato, cheese or meat sauces.. Cavatelli resembles tiny hot dog buns. These shapes are commonly served with thick, chunky sauces or in pasta salads.. alphabet . Older Children
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