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Government And Politics Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
Legislative Branch Complte the Crossword below punishes a person without a trial. oddly shaped election district. duties and powers the Congress has in additional to making laws. a population count. punishes for action that was not illegal when committed. Big
Government Amendment that gave women the right to vote. THE RIGHT TO HOLD GUNS AND SHOOT THINGS ('Merica!). Lowers the voting age to 18. Plan proposed that would base votes on population. Amendment that requires law enforcement to have probable cause before they can search or seize a citizens property. Very Difficult
Supreme Court Find out the words for the puzzle using the hints. A court composed of military personnel, for the trial of those accused of violating military law.. A transcript of proceedings made in trial court. An order by a higher court directing a lower court to send up the record in a given case for review, from the Latin meaning “to be more certain”.. In a civil suit, the person against whom a court action is brought by the plaintiff, in a criminal case, the person charged with the crime.. The power of a court to hear a case first, before any other court . Hard
Types of Government A small group of people who have control of a country or countries. A government in which a cabinet of composed legislatures nominate a leader.. A system of government by one person with absolute power.. A system of government where the head is also head of state and leads an executive branch.. A government in which the leader is head of state and leads an executive branch.. Older Children
Branches of Government The President has to be born a ______ of the United States.. How many Supreme Court justices have to vote yes to take a case?. The Supreme Court holds session from October through _____.. How many Senate members does each state elect?. The President is the leader of which branch?. Big
Branches of Government The President has to be born a ______ of the United States. How many Supreme Court justices have to vote yes to take a case?. The Supreme Court holds session from October through _____.. How many Senate members does each state elect?. Which branch is responsible for enforcing laws?. Big
Branches of Government The President has to be born a ______ of the United States. How many Supreme Court justices have to vote yes to take a case?. The Supreme Court holds session from October through _____.. How many Senate members does each state elect?. Which branch is responsible for enforcing laws?. Big
Current Events Who was the American Republican presidential nominee? . Who is Syria's closest ally?. In which Syrian city was ISIS first formed?. What fruit is threatened by a fungus and facing extinction within the next 20 years?. Who is the leader of Syria?. Big
Elections Vocabulary over U.S. Presidential elections The votes cast by regular citizens on election day. . A state marked by a certain color on election maps that normally represents Democratic states.. A formal survey of voters leaving polling places on Election day, asking for which candidates they voted.. One of the two major U.S. political parties that is normally Liberal in their beliefs.. A way for citizens to vote by mail when they cannot get to their polling place.. Hard
Judicial Branch Federal judges serve for. A detailed explanation or the legal thinking behind a court’s decision in a case. Only district courts have a judge and _____. . An official decision by a judge or a court that settles a case and may also establish the meaning of a law. The court’s calendar, showing the schedule of cases it is to hear. Hard
Voter Behavior A special tax, demanded by states, as a condition of voting.. Voter identification intended to prevent fraudulent voting.. The process by which people gain their political attitudes and opinions.. A term used to describe people who have no party identification.. The practice of voting for candidates of only one party in an election.. Big
Navy Raising and lowering of the National Ensign, the American flag and organization flags. Newly appointed petty officers that are drunk with rank, think they are in charge, and can order subordinates around. The equipment used in mooring or anchoring a ship. Candy, gum or cafeteria, sometimes called pogey bait. Coupon or receipt booklet. Big
Navy The right side of a nautical vessel. Was an essential part of the Vikings' navigation equipment. The term today means someone who is honest, forthright. A mop. Loose from moorings and out of control. Applied to anything lost or out of hand. Older Children
American Government Answers with more than one word will not have a space between the words. The building where the President lives and works. The level of government responsible for issuing driver's licenses. The first 10 amendments to the Constitution. Is elected every two years. The building where Congress meets. Big
A More Perfect Union A system that allows each branch of a government to amend or veto acts of another branch so as to prevent any one branch from exerting too much power. Corresponding in size or amount to something else.. A long and severe recession in an economy or market.. A body of electors chosen or appointed by a larger group.. Implementing, supporting, and enforcing the laws made by the legislative branch. Big
Branches of US Government Idea that allows different branches of government to limit the power of other branches of government. Idea that prevents one person or group from having too much control over the government. *Enforces/carries out laws, Article II of the Constitution, power to veto a bill sent to it by congress, power to appoint federal judges, power to lead the Armed Forces during a war, represents our nation in the world. Interprets laws, power to declare laws or actions by the government unconstitutional, Article III of the Constitution, power to sentence or decide the punishment for lawbreakers, power to settle disputes between states. The highest federal court in the US, consisting of nine justices, serve for live. Big
Bill of Rights The first ten [blank] make up the Bill of Rights. 7th amendment: trial by [blank]. Type of crime listed in 5th amendment. Military personnel listed in 3rd amendment. Document necessary to search property. Older Children
A More Perfect Union Solve the puzzle A system by which each branch of government limits power of other branches. A period when economic activity slows and unemployment increases.. Special group of electors chosen to vote for president and vice president. Branch of government that executes, or carries out, the law;headed by the president. The branch of government that includes the courts that settle disputes and questions of the law. Big
The Clinton Era The agreement reached at this Ohio city in Nov 1995 finally stabilized the Balkan region of Europe. A real-estate scandal from Clinton's days as a governor which plagued him throughout his presidency. Clinton and Janet Reno came under intense criticism for the handling of the Branch Davidian crisis near this Texas city. Clinton's efforts to bring peace to the Middle East failed when this 'Palestinian' leader rejected all proposals at the Camp David summit. Clinton worked closely with this Russian leader to reduce the threat of a nuclear exchange between these 2 superpowers. Very Difficult
The Path to the Constitution Changes to the Constitution. Those who were against the new Constitution. The first ten amendments to the Constitution. Event that showed people how weak the national government was. Former Virginia governor who opposed the Constitution due to the fact he thought it made the state governments less important. Older Children
Political Parties Two major parties compete for control of the government. Candidates are represented according to the amount of the popular vote that they received. Only one party exists or routinely controls the government. An electoral system where the person with the most votes wins, even if they do not receive a majority of votes. Many political parties exist and complete for control of the government. Big
Imperialism the adding of a region to territory. the british colony of india. a policy with a strong nation . lands surrounding the ocean. a policy that treats subject people different. Big
The Constitution To formally approve. To limit the powers in the branches of government. Senior members of the executive branch. First 10 Amendments to the Constitution. Rebellion by farmers in western Massachusetts. Hard
The Election Cycle the length of time the official serves in office. an important problem, concern or hope to discuss . results of a vote that are officially verifed. completion of a form in order to become a qualified voter. competition by rival candidates and parties for office. Big
First 10 Presidents Quiz 2 Fifth President. Fourth President. Seventh President. Eighth President. Third President. Big
Israeli Involvment with Donald Trump A dessert like area in the western portion of Israel considered Palestine.. Palistinians want half of this city.. The soon to be 45th president of the U.S.. The state that this entire evnt takes place in.. The Israeli Parliament.. Big
Citizenship, Voting, and Elections Complete the crossword below representatives from the 50 state party organizations who run a political party. held when no candidate wins a majority of votes in the primary. a number that is more than 50 percent of the total. organization of individuals with broad common interests. meeting of local party organizers. Big
Roles of the President and Vice President Determine the Presidential role that matches the hint or hint that matches one of your vocabulary words Where the President resides. The President oversees federal (national) agencies, appointing their directors and creating policies to determine their goals during his term. . The President makes plans to make sure the federal government's budget is profitable.. The President oversees treaties (agreements) with other countries.. Presides over the Senate and helps decide if the President is disabled.. Older Children
State Capitals What is the capital of Kansas?. What is the capital of Illinois?. What is the capital of Mississippi?. What is the capital of Texas?. What is the capital of Colorado?. Older Children
Government amendment that prohibits unreasonable searches ans seizures. amendment that is right to bear arms. confirm by expressing approval. not extreme or partisian. first 10 amendements of US Constitution. Hard
Jimmy Carter Who was President before him?. What did he have installed in the White House?. Who became President after him?. What religion was he?. What he won in 2002. Big
The Supreme Court The person who the case is brought against. The opinion of the court. A court's list of cases. The person who brings a case against someone in court. The court’s decision in a case that is to be used as an example in future, similar cases. Big
Roots of American Democracy a group of individuals or states that band together for a common purpose. When a judge uses a decision that was based on things that happened BEFORE to make a decision now . to vote to accept a rule or a law. a representative to a meeting. a group of people in one place who are ruled by the government of another place. Big
Thurgood Marshall First African-American Supreme Court Justice. President (abbreviated) that appointed Marshall to the Court of Appeals. President Kennedy appointed Marshall to this US Circuit in 1961. An opinion that expresses disagreement with the majority opinion of the court; Marshall gave many of these. President Johnson appointed Marshall to this position in 1965; this position fights cases for the United States. Big
The Federal System Service states provide for federal government is to approve constitutional _______________.. States can not take away our civil liberties and _________.. Amendment that guarantees all Americans 'equal protection of the laws.'. State constitutions contain a _____ __ ________ expressing our individual freedoms.. States can not do this with other states unless the federal government approves.. Very Difficult
Constitution Convention The first government of the United States was the Articles of ______________. James _______ is the father of the Constitution. The Constitutional Convention created a government with a stronger _______ government. George __________ was presiding officer of the convention. Congress will make no law until 1808 regarding the slave trade. Older Children
The Republicans Take Power Constitution is the supreme _____ of the land.. Last name of Jefferson's secretary of state.. Last name of man who challenged Madison and took his case to Supreme Court.. President Adams appointed Federalist to the court to ensure that they would __________ the courts.. Last name of Supreme Court Chief Justice who broadened the federal power at the expense of the states.. Very Difficult
Legislative Branch What term refers to people who are represented by a particular member of Congress?. Who serves as the assistant to the Speaker of the House?. Who presides over the House of Representatives?. Who serves as judge in an impeachment trial of the president? (2 words). Who has final authority to ratify any amendments?. Older Children
The Living Constitution President of the United States.. Authority to decide cases involving disputes over the law or behavior of people.. provisions of the Constitution that keep one branch from controlling the two brances.. Authority to decide whether a law is constitutional. Electors chosen by the states to elect the president and vice president.. Big
The United States Supreme Court Main duty of justices is to _____ and rule on cases.. Last name of president who refused to obey Chief Justice John Marshall's ruling.. Last name of man appointed by President John Adams as a justice of the peace.. Last name of chief justice who set forth principles of judicial review.. Agreements between the United States and other nations.. Very Difficult
The United States Supreme Court Main duty of justices is to _____ and rule on cases.. Last name of president who refused to obey Chief Justice John Marshall's ruling.. Man appointed by President John Adams as a justice of the peace.. Last name of chief justice who set forth principles of judicial review.. Agreements between the United States and other nations.. Very Difficult
Heads of States british prime minister. russian president. french president. afghanistan president. pakistan prime minister. Big
The Legislative Branch a member of the House must live in the ___ they represent. the will of the people is expressed through elected ___. the idea of people governing themselves is known as ___ democracy. the House has the sole power of ___. is a Representative dies, give up his/her seat, or is removed from office, the state ___ must call an election to fill the vacancy. Very Difficult
The Presidents: Washington to Monroe Use the hints to find the correct term that fits in the puzzle. She saved the portrait of George Washington. region that almost seceded. proved the opposite of the Whiskey Rebellion; weak vs. strong national government. war hero at Battle of New Orleans. Unpopular decision by Thomas Jefferson to cut off trade with England and France.. Very Difficult
Imperialism Least restrictive type of imperialism . Wanted share in governing process . Big country takes over little country for resources. Suez-Canal is located where . Most restrictive type of Imperialism . Big
The First Political Parties Adams feelings toward the three French agents who demanded a bribe.. Last name of fourth president of U.S. who opposed the Federalist.. Madison and Jefferson believed in a ______ interpretation of the Constitution.. Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions tried to _____ the power of the Federal government.. Resolution in this state claimed the Alien and Sedition Acts violated the Constitution.. Very Difficult
How Federal Courts Are Organized Magistrates may ______ court orders.. Length of time judges may hold their positions.. Federal district courts are the trial courts for __________ cases.. Judge sends a case back to a lower court to be retried again.. Mary Schroeder said, 'the role of female judges is not to feminize the courts but to __________ them.'. Very Difficult
System of Government Do the crossword puzzle below Is a form of government in which a small group of people holds power. Another form of authoritarian government is a dictatorship dictators. Rule by one person. A one-party system of government based on the idea of state ownership and government direction of property and industry. A representative democracy where citizens choose their lawmakers. Older Children
Foundations and Democracy Do the crossword puzzle A government in which citizens chose a smaller group to govern on their behalf. A form of democracy in which the people vote first hand. A freedom people possess relating to life, liberty, and property. The principle that a ruler or a government is not all-powerfull. A representative democracy where citizens choose their lawmakers. Adult
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