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Government And Politics Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
Legislative Leaders Job Functions Persuades members to vote for party-sponsored legislation for Senate. Presides over the Senate. Leads meetings. Persuades members to vote for party-sponsored legislation for the House. Guides party's proposed laws through congress for the House. Older Children
Military No Spaces between the words a soldier who is deployed from an aircraft and lands on the ground using a parachute. a portable cannon used to fire bomb shells . Protects the head. also known as the brain-bucket. an explosive used to destroy enemies by detonation or by contact. soldiers wear these to protect their feet from different environments. Big
Military LeCroy's Corps. Phonetic 'N'. Durden's Corps. Randleman's Corps. Phonetic 'B'. Very Difficult
Military J.Glenn is first American _________to orbit the earth. is used for communication between continents. living quarters for soldiers. a person that offers free service. military rank below a captain. Hard
Military Terms to dismiss from the army dishonorably . A wide range of miscellaneous articles for sale. . intend . to wheedle or get without paying. . a scoundrel or impertinent rogue. Hard
Missouri Government a formal statement of the fundamental rights of thincorporated e people of the United States, in the constitution as Amendments 1–10, and in all state constitutions.. a building occupied by a state legislature.. the city or town that is the official seat of government in a country, state, etc.. the head and chief administrator of the U.S. Department of State.. the branch of government charged with the execution and enforcement of laws and policies and the administration of public affairs.. Older Children
Missouri Government a formal statement of the fundamental rights of thincorporated e people of the United States, in the constitution as Amendments 1–10, and in all state constitutions.. a building occupied by a state legislature.. the branch of government charged with the execution and enforcement of laws and policies and the administration of public affairs. the city or town that is the official seat of government in a country, state, etc.. the head and chief administrator of the U.S. Department of State.. Older Children
Navy The right side of a nautical vessel. Was an essential part of the Vikings' navigation equipment. The term today means someone who is honest, forthright. A mop. Loose from moorings and out of control. Applied to anything lost or out of hand. Older Children
Navy Raising and lowering of the National Ensign, the American flag and organization flags. Newly appointed petty officers that are drunk with rank, think they are in charge, and can order subordinates around. The equipment used in mooring or anchoring a ship. Candy, gum or cafeteria, sometimes called pogey bait. Coupon or receipt booklet. Big
Origins of American Government Eryn Percle #25 A joining of several groups for a common purpose.. Organized by a person to whom the king had made a grant of land,. Established that the power of the monarchy was not absolute and guareented trial by jury and due process of law to the nobility.. Those persons who opposed the ratification of the Constitution in 1787-1788.. Representatives.. Hard
Our Criminal Courts The court's authority to hear a case for the first time. . A more serious offence where the offender may be held on remand or granted bail. The case is heard before a judge and a jury. E.g. murder, culpable driving, serious drug offences. A legal principle where higher courts have superiority over lower courts - a lower court must follow the higher court's decision in similar cases.. This court hears all indictable offences, except treason, murder, and murder-related offences. The ______ Court. The court's authority to hear a case on appeal.. Big
Our Leader's Our World a rule people must follow. a woman born to rule a country. a man born to rule a country. a country ruled by a dictator where people cannot vote or have choices. a leader who rules a country by force. Easy
Parliment What colour is the House of Representatives. The flag on top of the buliding is the size of what. There are 150 what in the House of Representatives. Serjeant-at-Arms carrys what. The Senate is red for the Eucalyptus'. Older Children
Peace Corps The first appointed director of the Peace Corps . The university that the Peace Cops was inspired. 63% of the Peace Corps volunteers are:. The Peace Corps closed its port here in 1979.. 46% of Peace Corps volunteers are here:. Big
Pledge of Allegiance freedom. loyalty for a country . a promise . every person. can not be divided. Older Children
Political and Economic Turmoil in Asia The ______________ of other nations benefited greatly by China's economic growth. When other countries produce goods for sale in the USA.. By the mid 1980's, China began encouraging ___________ enterprise.. This country is the top military power in Asia.. ____ ____ [2 words, country] is the most rigidly run Communist state in the world. Older Children
Political Behavior a group of people seeking control of government through the winning elections. all the people ebtitled to vote in a given election. largest number of votes cast for the office. smaller unit of election administration . a general agreement among various groups on fundamental matters. Big
Political Economy a number of powerful companies use their power to control everything. this type of integration is when the same company owns different aspects of the same production line. this is determined by a logical formula based on utilitarian purpose. refers to the religious practice of attributing human characteristics to material objects. when a company recirculates, recycles, repackages, and redeploys an intellectual property that it already owns. Big
Political Parties Two major parties compete for control of the government. Candidates are represented according to the amount of the popular vote that they received. Only one party exists or routinely controls the government. An electoral system where the person with the most votes wins, even if they do not receive a majority of votes. Many political parties exist and complete for control of the government. Big
Political Systems A political system where several regional (local) governments have the power. A political system where 1 central government has all the power. Power effectively rests with a small number of people. A multi-party system of government in which the executive branch is formally dependent of the Parliament's acceptance. Political system where only one person has political power. Older Children
Political Terms the right to speak your mind. basic. deliberate killing of a large group of people or ethnic group. mass movement. protection granted by a country for political refugees. Big
Politics The most important committee in Congress. Another name for non law making powers. This person acts as President of the Senate when the VP is not available . The most powerful member of Congress. The most important job of Congress. Big
Politics Political systems and ideologies throughout the world. This is the type of democracy that most modern states, such as the USA have. People elect representatives to make decisions and laws for them.. This ideology includes paradigms such as small government, a free economy and private ownership.. In this type of democracy the people themselves are directly involved in making the country's laws and decisions.. This ideology believes that with social issues, the government should give direction.. This ideology believes that with social issues, people should be left alone to make their own choices.. Big
Politics & Goverment A Prime Minister and his cabinet is responsible to legislative branch . The President is directly responsible to the people . Supreme power of the state to command and enforce obedience to its inhabitants. Rule by the church.. A system of government in which virtually all power is held a small number of wealthy people who shape policy to benefit themselves.. Hard
Politics and Government an analysis of politics that views power as concentrated among the rich. economy model an analysis that explains politics in terms of the operation of a society's economic system. an analysis of politics that sees power as spread among many competing interest groups. a political system that denies the people participation in government. the ability to achieve desired ends despite resistance from others. Big
Politics of the gilded age Supported the patronage system. In 1883 cpmgress passed this act. Requiring that some jobs be filled by writing exams . This system made the government innefficient and corrupt. The government jobs that are handed out following an election victory. an increase in the value of money and a decrease in prices. Hard
Power of the Presidency Country side retreat for the president. Where the president lives for free. Unofficial powers given to the president. An informal power that carries the weight of a law. Ammendment that explains what happens in vacancy of vice president. Older Children
President a person not committed to traditional beliefs. a person that is not affiliated to any political party. a body of electors. where voters cast thier ballots. the person just below the persident. Hard
Presidents Enter correct presidents last name. Was a general in civil war before becoming president. First African American president. Died because he would not wear a coat. Two presients that were related besides the Adams and Roosevelts. Famous for his teeth. Older Children
Presidents of the United States Tear down this wall” speech. He oversaw the end of Reconstruction and the United States' entry into the Second Industrial Revolution. Was the last President to own slaves. The first president to fly in an airplane. Became President leaving the Vice President’s office vacant. Big
Preventing Murders Def: Penalty inflicted for offense, fault, etc.. Syn: Prevent, prohibit, restrain. Def: Uncontrolled strong force. Syn: Penitentiary, jail, confinement. Syn: Captive, convict, detainee. Adult
Richard Nixon & Watergate American History Vocabulary. Economic slowdown coupled with inflation.. Republican leader of House of Representatives who succeeded the resigning Vice President and later President Nixon & granted Richard Nixon an unconditional pardon for all crimes.. Led embargo on oil from the Middle East to the United States & increase prices of oil during the 1970s causing an energy crisis in America. (Acronym) . Vice President to Richard Nixon who was forced to resign in 1973.. Harvard law professor appointed as a special prosecutor to investigate the Watergate case.. Moderately Challenging
Rights and Responsibilites person who owes loyalty to a particular nation and is entitled to all its rights and protections. feeling th love and devoation toward one's country. the willingness to work for the good of the nation or community even at great sacrifice. the responsibility of every citizen to serve on a jury when called. the idea that people have a right to disobey laws they consider to be unjust. Older Children
Roles in the Criminal Justice System assists with rehabilitative interventions and ensures compliance with court orders. party appealing a judgement. lawyer paid by legal aid that helps those who appear in court without own lawyer. keeps a written record of everything that is said in the courtroom. group chosen to swear to hear evidence and witness testimony. Hard
Roles of the President Executes public policy. Fundraises for political friends and gives speeches for his party. Goes to other countries as the architect of foreign policy. vetoes bills he dislikes. invites foreign leaders to the White House. Older Children
Roles of the President and Vice President Determine the Presidential role that matches the hint or hint that matches one of your vocabulary words Where the President resides. The President oversees federal (national) agencies, appointing their directors and creating policies to determine their goals during his term. . The President makes plans to make sure the federal government's budget is profitable.. The President oversees treaties (agreements) with other countries.. Presides over the Senate and helps decide if the President is disabled.. Older Children
Roots of American Democracy a group of individuals or states that band together for a common purpose. When a judge uses a decision that was based on things that happened BEFORE to make a decision now . to vote to accept a rule or a law. a representative to a meeting. a group of people in one place who are ruled by the government of another place. Big
Royal Family Where the Queen spends her Christmas holidays. The Queen's pet. London residence. Male monarch. Special headgear. Older Children
Royal Family Great Granddaughter. Future King. The Queen's Highland holiday. The Queen's favourite dog. The Queen's London residence. Older Children
So You Want To Be President? having to much pride in your looks. the work of government. not proud. taking care of someone. seriously. Older Children
State Capitals What is the capital of Kansas?. What is the capital of Illinois?. What is the capital of Mississippi?. What is the capital of Texas?. What is the capital of Colorado?. Older Children
States Angel Falls is the worlds highest one of these. The Colorful State. Hipsters mode of transport. Bring one back from death's door. Clean, _______, Broil. Big
Statue of Liberty ___________ after statue's completion.. _____________Statue of' Liberty Enlitening the World'. Another word for statue of liberty is___________.. The Statue of Liberty has_________.. The Statue of Liberty was a gift from________________.. Older Children
Structure of Canadian Government The governing party of BC.. Mayor of Kamloops. Lieutenant Governor of BC. The act that was passed at the time of Confederation that divided the powers and responsibilities between a national government and the provincial governments.. The Prime Minister of Canada. Very Difficult
Supreme Court Decisions on these are finalized by the Supreme Court.. Cases that have to do with Civil Rights and freedom are protected by the. Only the most important ones are ruled by the Supreme Court.. There are nine justices but only one of these. The Judicial Branch has a large number of theses that can be grouped into three main areas. . Older Children
Supreme Court Find out the words for the puzzle using the hints. A court composed of military personnel, for the trial of those accused of violating military law.. A transcript of proceedings made in trial court. An order by a higher court directing a lower court to send up the record in a given case for review, from the Latin meaning “to be more certain”.. In a civil suit, the person against whom a court action is brought by the plaintiff, in a criminal case, the person charged with the crime.. The power of a court to hear a case first, before any other court . Hard
Supreme Court Decision Making Power of the courts of a country to examine the actions of the legislative, executive, and administrative arms of the government and to determine whether such actions are consistent with the constitution.. A vote made by someone who has no allegiance to any political party and whose unpredictable decisions can swing the outcome of an election one way or the other.. A person not directly engaged in a case who advises the court.. A group of legislators who act together for some common purpose irrespective of party lines.. A doctrine or policy of following rules or principles laid down in previous judicial decisions unless they contravene the ordinary principles of justice.. Teenage
System of Government Do the crossword puzzle below Is a form of government in which a small group of people holds power. Another form of authoritarian government is a dictatorship dictators. Rule by one person. A one-party system of government based on the idea of state ownership and government direction of property and industry. A representative democracy where citizens choose their lawmakers. Older Children
Taxes Reduces the tax assessed value of the home, so the tax rate is applied to a lesser amount. . Is a temporary reduction or decrease in tax amounts.. One of the three most common tax types.. A claim against the property or the payment of a debt, judgment, mortgage or taxes. A lienable item is any item for which a lien against the property may be placed if the item is not paid. . Wells Fargo Real Estate Tax Services Internal Wells Fargo Tax Department. Hard
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