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Government And Politics Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
The Constitution these actions are protected by law. every citizen is entited to a fair. this amendment gave African American men the right to vote. people who live in a democracy have many. a person who works without pay. Older Children
Our Criminal Courts The court's authority to hear a case for the first time. . A more serious offence where the offender may be held on remand or granted bail. The case is heard before a judge and a jury. E.g. murder, culpable driving, serious drug offences. A legal principle where higher courts have superiority over lower courts - a lower court must follow the higher court's decision in similar cases.. This court hears all indictable offences, except treason, murder, and murder-related offences. The ______ Court. The court's authority to hear a case on appeal.. Big
Richard Nixon & Watergate American History Vocabulary. Economic slowdown coupled with inflation.. Republican leader of House of Representatives who succeeded the resigning Vice President and later President Nixon & granted Richard Nixon an unconditional pardon for all crimes.. Led embargo on oil from the Middle East to the United States & increase prices of oil during the 1970s causing an energy crisis in America. (Acronym) . Vice President to Richard Nixon who was forced to resign in 1973.. Harvard law professor appointed as a special prosecutor to investigate the Watergate case.. Moderately Challenging
Presidents Enter correct presidents last name. Was a general in civil war before becoming president. First African American president. Died because he would not wear a coat. Two presients that were related besides the Adams and Roosevelts. Famous for his teeth. Older Children
United Nations Constitutes one of the principals organs of the united Nations. West German language of England mostly spoken in America. Primary instrument for establishing and maintaining international peace. Achieving international co-operation in solving international problems of economic, social and cultural chracter. Roman language used in parts of Belgium, France and Switserland. Big
Canadian Politics in the 1920s Complete the crossword below People who could not find a lot work after the war. A new party that took many seats away from the Conservatives . Someone who promised to help when the East was in a economic depression but only made changes to his political advantage . People in Canada who were discriminated and forced to change their ways of living which caused the highest suicide rate in Canada. A party that had been broken up over the conscription crisis and delegates wanted a leader who would unite it once again. Big
Canadian Politics in the 1920s He belonged to the Conservative party. . The most seats in the legislature or Parliament in a government system.. Became leader for the NDP. . Punished Conservatives for almost a decade. . Refused a request from the Prime Minister to dissolve Parliament. . Big
Executive Branch Who is the president pro tempore now. Who is the current head of the state department . Who was the 26th president. These are written agreements with other nations. This helps set up plans that guide our nations relationship with other nations. Older Children
Political Behavior a group of people seeking control of government through the winning elections. all the people ebtitled to vote in a given election. largest number of votes cast for the office. smaller unit of election administration . a general agreement among various groups on fundamental matters. Big
Theodore Roosevelt the year Theodore died. the month Theodore was born in. Theodore Roosevelt's first wife's name. what Theodore won in 1906. the part of New York Theodore lived. Older Children
Keynesian Economic Theory President who is said to have taken traditional Keynesian approach to economy. Keynesians are often advocates for _____ _____. Father of Macroeconomics. Keynes believe _____ could be decreased by increasing government spending. Peace agreement affected by Keynes' theory. Hard
Cold War Leader of Soviet Union leader who allowed for more freedoms. What U.S. signed when withdrawing from Vietnam War. What the U.S. and Soviet Union became after WWII. U.S. policy to stop spread of communism. The communist side in the Korean War. Hard
Peace Corps The first appointed director of the Peace Corps . The university that the Peace Cops was inspired. 63% of the Peace Corps volunteers are:. The Peace Corps closed its port here in 1979.. 46% of Peace Corps volunteers are here:. Big
Taxes Reduces the tax assessed value of the home, so the tax rate is applied to a lesser amount. . Is a temporary reduction or decrease in tax amounts.. One of the three most common tax types.. A claim against the property or the payment of a debt, judgment, mortgage or taxes. A lienable item is any item for which a lien against the property may be placed if the item is not paid. . Wells Fargo Real Estate Tax Services Internal Wells Fargo Tax Department. Hard
Imperialism to distort or exaggerate the news to attract readers. let all nations would have equal trading rights in China. the duty of the Western powers to take their superior culture to the lesser nations. system in which people have their own government, but the home country has final say in important matters. the development of industry in a nation. Hard
Government number of years for the term of a president. group of advisers . a document that goes through the process of becoming a law. number of years for the term of a member of the House of Representatives. branch that enforces the laws. Hard
Kennedy and Johnson low cost health insurance coverage to any poor American who cannot afford private. Kennedy's proposal to improve the economy. Johnsons major legislative reforms addressing poverty, education, healtcare etc. . Preschool program for low-income families. Kennedy did not have a strong ____________, or public endorsement of his proposals. Big
Democracy Join or work without being paid or rewarded. A part of a counrty. Surveying. Moving out of a country . Everybody must do it. Big
Statue of Liberty ___________ after statue's completion.. _____________Statue of' Liberty Enlitening the World'. Another word for statue of liberty is___________.. The Statue of Liberty has_________.. The Statue of Liberty was a gift from________________.. Older Children
Power of the Presidency Country side retreat for the president. Where the president lives for free. Unofficial powers given to the president. An informal power that carries the weight of a law. Ammendment that explains what happens in vacancy of vice president. Older Children
Civil Rights bans slavery. doesn't allow discrimination against female students. used by the Supreme Court to determine constitutional validity of practice, esp race. overruled by Brown v Board of Education. guaranteed protections from government infringement. Hard
Eminent Domain In this case, Eminent Domain was denied because of the lack of evidence of blight, but redeveloped some parts of the city.. A temporary reduction or elimination of a tax for an individual.. A case decided by the Supreme Court of the United States involving the use of eminent domain to transfer land from one private owner to another private owner to further economic development. . The legal seizure of property by a government authority for public use, through the powers of eminent domain, in exchange for fair market value.. The income that is gained by governments through taxation. Hard
Civil Rights Social movements in the United States aimed at outlawing racial discrimination against black Americans. A type of demonstration where people enter a public building and refuse to leave until their demands are met. Went on for about a year until the Sumpreme court ruled that segregation on public transportation was illegal. National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. Made it easier for African-Americans to vote. Hard
States Angel Falls is the worlds highest one of these. The Colorful State. Hipsters mode of transport. Bring one back from death's door. Clean, _______, Broil. Big
Congress Senators represent their _________________. Congress is the ____ making body . a ________committee is one made up of both members of each house. length of citzenship required to be in the House of Representatives. ___________ leaders act as spokespeople for their parties. Older Children
Government Your Delegate to Richmond. Your Representative to Washington, D.C.. One of the 2 houses of Congress, the House of _____. Many feel this amendment is being attacked by recent legislation. Head of Virginia's Executive Branch. Big
Military J.Glenn is first American _________to orbit the earth. is used for communication between continents. living quarters for soldiers. a person that offers free service. military rank below a captain. Hard
The Constitution The actions of each branch is tied together and each is held accountable.. Allows courts to make sure that government acts in accordance with the Constitution. . An advisory body to the President. (Example of governmental custom.). The first ten amendments to the Constitution.. The Constitution is broken down into seven sections called.... Hard
Constitution to consent or agree to. to select or designate to fill an office or position. the ability of each branch of government to exercise checks, or controls, over the other branches. act of official confirmation. the President in his role as commander of all armed forces. Big
Pledge of Allegiance freedom. loyalty for a country . a promise . every person. can not be divided. Older Children
Military Terms to dismiss from the army dishonorably . A wide range of miscellaneous articles for sale. . intend . to wheedle or get without paying. . a scoundrel or impertinent rogue. Hard
Government Who approves the amendments?. Congress has the power to propose _________.. The president and the senate have the power to review all laws and _________ of the US. The system that allows each branch of government to limit the powers of other branches. The federal court has the power to settle _________________.. Very Difficult
FREEDOM OF SPEECH Speech that is crude, coarse, profane, ribald or partially offensive . A public talk or lecture. Also called an open forum, is open to all expression that is protected under the First Amendment. Property the government has deliberately set aside for speech uses by members of the public. Works that visually depict real children engaged in sexual acts. Big
Legislative Leaders Job Functions Persuades members to vote for party-sponsored legislation for Senate. Presides over the Senate. Leads meetings. Persuades members to vote for party-sponsored legislation for the House. Guides party's proposed laws through congress for the House. Older Children
Absolutism Monarchs tried to improve _________ by increasing their own power.. Territorial and ___________ conflicts between states led to almost continuous warfare.. Absolute Monarchy declares that the monarchy holds ultimate _____ over the government.. The idea that God created the monarchy. Absolute Monarchy was created in the _____________ century.. Older Children
What Are Taxes service that is provided and paid for with tax money. service that is provided and paid for with tax money. money people are required to pay for support of the government. . service that is provided and paid for with tax money. tax that provides money and medical care to retired and disabled people. . Older Children
The Juvenile Justice System A transcript or recording made of all testimony given. This type of hearing determines what punishment will be given to the delinquent juvenile.. At this initial meeting with the judge, a juvenile hears the charges against him or her.. Of, for, or relating to young people. . The formal accusation that the juvenile has commited an offence.. Older Children
Democratic Party Democrats support the right to choose to have this, even if the mother cannot pay.. Largely credited with writing the Constitution.. Used the Indian removal act of 1830.. Jackson is known for representing this.. At one time was the president of Princeton University.. Hard
The Presidency It lasts four years . passed under Lincoln's guidance. Next in line after the Speaker . formerly the Ottoman Empire. First in line after the VP . Very Difficult
Government Governmental aquisition of private industry for public use.. Someone with Spanish or Portuguese and Native American ancestry.. A member of the house of Commons in the U.K.. Political subdivisions in Japan. . The delegation of authority from the central government to regional governments. . Hard
Roles of the President Executes public policy. Fundraises for political friends and gives speeches for his party. Goes to other countries as the architect of foreign policy. vetoes bills he dislikes. invites foreign leaders to the White House. Older Children
Government Second level of power, includes schooling regulations. Intelligence Agency. Lowest level of power, include trash pickup. U.S. Department of . Branch of government that carries out the laws . Older Children
United States of America Monument in New York that represents the spirit of America . Model of American culture that resembles a vegetable dish . American fast food outlet that was the first one to introduce self service system . Current President of the USA . favorite game of the Americans . Big
The Courts and Judical Branch belief that supreme court justices should not actively try to shape social and political issues or redefine the constitution. literally, 'made more certain' an order from a higher court requiring a lower court to send the record of a case for review. view of supreme court justices who agree with particular ruling . judical decision that is used as a standard in later similar cases. supreme court opinion by one or more justices in the minority who oppose the ruling. Hard
The President's Roles Head of the Executive Branch. Leader of his/her political party. Architect of American Foreign Policy. Proposer of the legislative agenda. Ceremonial Head of the Government. Older Children
Andrew Johnson A plan or drawing produced to show the look and function or workings of a building, garment, or other object before it is built or made. The maintenance of a desired level of quality in a service or product. A new method, idea, product, etc.. The objects of a person's ambition or effort; an aim or desired result. A decision-making process surrounds any design. Older Children
Government rule based on status. The men who created our Constitution. rule by a rich few. Ancient philosipher who gave us the original ideas for government. Two men who expanded Aristotle's ideas for government into the Social Contract Theory. Older Children
Crime Scene - Do Not Cross location where a crime occured. A draft representation of all essential information and measurements at a crime scene.. Properties of evidence that can be attributed to a common source with a high degree of accuracy . any object that can establish that a crime has been committed. A precise rendering of the crime scene, usually drawn to scale.. Teenage
US Government a defined period of time in office. President's duty to influence the making of laws. tocancel or postpone the punishment of (someone, esp. someone condemned to death). narrow interpretation of constitutional provisions. when two or more members of Congress agree prior to an arrangement to support each other's bills. Very Difficult
Executive Branch The result of the votes of all eligible voters. A body of advisers to the President, composed of the heads of the executive departments of the government. Term for the President as the main architect of foreign policy and spokes person to other countries. The titular head of a nation as distinct from the head of the government. A head of state or officer in supreme command of a country's armed forces. Teenage
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