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Literature And Writing Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
Quick classics Stinging play. Timelord?. Sea battle. Historian. King of Troy. Hard
The Whipping Boy a tough, lawless person; roughneck; bully.. a deep, wide trench, usually filled with water, surrounding the rampart of a fortified place, as a town or a castle. . paved with stones. knee-length trousers commonly worn by men and boys in the 17th, 18th, and early 19th centuries. . a loud, sharp, shrill cry. Older Children
Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston (made by Lanza Attisha English 3H block 1) Janies first husband, who she leaves for Starks. In her relationship with who does Janie become jealous of another woman. Joe Starks bought this to make Janie happy. Janie is put on trial for Tea Cakes death she is pronounced what. Where does Janie return to at the end of the novel. Hard
Cyrano de Bergerac by Edmond Rostand Having total knowledge . Scold. Rude . Hopeless. Scientific study of insects. Hard
Synonyms Crossword happy. man. music. woman. sad. Easy
The Book Thief With force or drive. To manage skillfully in an unfair manner. Deserving to be despised. Desire to inflict injury. To make or hold motionless with amazement. Adult
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets A word that people can call Muggle Borns.. Filch's cat. The house that Draco Malfoy is in.. The school's caretaker. A wizarding sport played on broomsticks.. Older Children
Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston Janies first husband, who she leaves for Starks. in which relationship does Janie become jealous of another woman. Joe Starks bought this to make Janie happy. Janie is put on trial for Tea Cakes death she is pronounced what?. where does Janie return to at the end of the novel. Teenage
Blues Clues -ible and -able Crossword Complete the Crossword Able to exist together harmoniously . Capable of existing, taking place, or proving to be true. Pleasing; pleasant. Able to be agreed. Liable to or deserving punishment.. That can or might be corrupted.. Teenage
The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe Unthreacherous sacrifice. Chief of the secret police for the white witch. Gives gifts to the beavers and the children. Different world. The Kings and Queens of Narnia. Teenage
-tion Crossword When you see 'tion' in a word, you say 'shun'. Can you work out which -tion words fit the clues? A choice.. The act of adding.. A sudden, violent outburst.. The act of giving to a charity.. A short description to go with an illustration.. Older Children
The Three Musketeeers Complete The Puzzle The musketeers strived to save the queen's _____. In The Beginning, ______ had ran into three musketeers.. The Country This Story Takes Place In. For Saving the queen's honor, Dartagnan's reward was a _____.. The musketeer who once loved milady.. Teenage
the hunger games trilogy the head gamekeeper who accompanies katniss in books 2&3(2 words). katniss was______when her dad died. what katniss volunteers to be in book three. the male district three tribute in the third quarter quell. the city that the capitol was said to be near. Teenage
Mythology greek god of the wild. greek god of love. egyptian god of war. hindu god of fire . norse god of war. Teenage
hunger games crossword Home is that _________.. A ______ comes out of a gun at very fast speeds. A _____ is where people fight.. Running long distances makes me _________.. He has turned ______.. Teenage
Sherlock Holmes- The Engineer's Thumb . go left is a _______. stretched arm and hand. fake money. belief or judgement. on fire. Teenage
The Poet's Toolbox Applied Figure the word out and insert the word in the puzzle In an ________rhyme, the rhyming words occur somewhere between the beginning and end of one or more lines.. To ________ is to ascribe human qualities to nonhuman things.. Remember, ________ is simply a matter of looking closely at a poem and thinking about how all the parts fit together.. A ________ is a figure of speech in which a word or phrase that means one thing is used to represent another thing in order to suggest a similarity between the two.. In 'To Autumn,' the reader gets the impression that the speaker of the poem is talking to ______.. Very Difficult
Introduction to the Romantics Jean - Jacques Rousseau argued in his book Emile that society should try to draw out the basic ____________ that has been corrupted by society.. For many Romantics, _____________________was the most often the inspiration for Romantic subjectivity.. ____________ is the state of interpreting sensory experience through the filter of personal feelings, prejudices, and interpretations.. Many poems from the Romantic era depict nature as though it were a ____________ being with whom the poet can interact.. For the Romantics, Neoclassicism's emphasis on rigid _________, wit and reason, and social commentary was too narrow and constrained.. Very Difficult
Literary Terms and Devices a figure of speech in which two unlike things are explicitly compared using like or as . an intention or attitude opposite to that which is actually or ostensibly stated.. The use of pictures, description, or figures of speech such as similes and metaphors to visualize a mood, idea or character. a person who gives an account or tells the story of events, experiences, etc. . language that contains or uses figures of speech especially metaphors. Very Difficult
Poetry Terms a comparison where one thing is LIKE another. a word picture or mental picture of something not present or real. the attitude toward the subject that is shown by the way a poem is written and how words are used. repeating a word, sound, phrase, stanza or pattern of words to either create an effect or emphasize an idea. a word that represents a sound, like crash, pow or moo. Teenage
Literature Lady Macbeth convinced Macbeth to do a lot of things by using this tactic.. Northanger Abbey is a parody of the typical ________ story.. They invaded earth in War of the Worlds.. Emotion that played a huge role in causing the death of Lady of Shallot.. The ____ ____ and the Sea. Older Children
Speech anything that establishes a fact or gives us a reason to believe something. Type of inductive reasoning, drawing a conclusion based on physical evidence. Type of inductive reasoning, an illustration in which the characteristics of a familiar object or event are used to describe the characteristics of a less familiar object or event . errors in reasoning or mistaken beliefs. Uses a specific case to get to the general truth. Teenage
Poetry Terms A comparison between two things, using the words 'like' or 'as'. A group of words that help paint a picture in the readers mind . The Writer's attitude towards the subject or reader. The formation of words with meanings that are connected to their sounds . Giving human characteristics to objects or animals. Teenage
Artemis A Greek Goddess brother of artemis. artemis protects it. father of the twins. sister of apollo . mother of the twins. Teenage
Writing using like or as. language that appeals to the sense. where the story told from. a story about someone's life told from another persons pov. the time period and place. Very Difficult
Biography a persons life story written by someone else. careful study of a specific subject. things that are true. a persons life story written by themselves. one thing following after another. Teenage
Reading and Writing a type of figurative language that uses like or as to make a comparison between two unlike things or ideas. a contradiction between what happens and what is expected. writing that appeals to one or more of the 5 senses and creates a picture in the reader's mind. a three line Japanese poem, usually describing a scene in nature. a type of literature, such as poetry, drama, biography etc. Big
Shakespeare's Life Shakespeare's Mother.. There are later supposed versions of this play but little is known of the original.. A maker, worker, and seller of leather goods such as purses, belts, and gloves.. Shakespeare's first daughter.. Where Shakespeare was babtized. (2 words). Teenage
Reading one who does not beieve in a god. the state of being or living alone. fair. possible and believable. prey or what is being hunted. Hard
Literary Features Read the definitions and write the terms they describe in the crossword. a comparison between two things using 'like' or 'as'. where what is said is the opposite of what is meant. where a word makes the sound it represents. where something non-human is given human qualities. a comparison between two things. Teenage
Rhetorical Strategies a comparison using like or as.. using vaguely suggestive, physical object to embody a more general idea.. using a part of a physical object to represent the whole object.. using a different part of speech to act as another, such as a verb for noun, or noun for a verb.. talking about not being able to talk about something.. Hard
Short Story Terms Use the clues to find the words A comparison that uses like or as. Where the story takes place. The type of narration used to tell the story. The narrator is telling the story from the outside and is not a character in it. Giving human qualities to an inanimate object. Moderately Challenging
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