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Literature And Writing Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
Maurice Shadbolt Shadbolt's second name.. Amount of marriages he had.. Disease he suffered from.. Genre he mainly worked on.. Number of novels he wrote.. Hard
Literary Terms an author's use of hints, or clues, to suggest events that will occur later in the story. an implied comparison stating the resemblance between two things. something that is a sign of something else. the peak or turning point of the action; at this point we know the out come. exaggeration in writing or in speech. Big
Language Features Saying something that is not literally true, often used to make a comparison.. Giving human characteristics to something that is non-human.. Words that produce a hissing sound.. Doing words.. A question that doesn't need an answer.. Big
Greek Mythology -- Graces, were the three goddesses of Grace.. First human woman created by the gods.. He married Thetis with whom he fathered Achilles.. Personification of Darkness.. Sea nymph or known as the goddess of water,. Hard
Shakespeare Can you find the answers to the clues? Birthplace. Magician. Mad king. King of Naples. King of Scotland. Hard
Poetic Devices repetition of consonant sounds, but not vowel sounds. a comparison using as or like . comparison of unlike things . an object or action that means more than its literal meaning. sounding words . Hard
Greek Gods God of fire metalworking. Goddess of love and beauty. God of the Ocean. Messenger god. God of wine and festivities. Older Children
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Complete the crossword below. What is the house that was given as a gift?. Portland, Maine . March 24, 1882 . A very popular narrative poem, brought Longfellow a great deal of attention.. First poem published . Hard
Greek Gods he is god of fire and blacksmiths . She is Goddess of Love and Beauty . She is Goddess of the rainbow, messenger of the gods . He is god of the sea and causes earthquakes when he is angry. he has a son called Percy. he is God of the Roadways, Travelers, Merchants and Thieves . Hard
Superheroes Named after Renaissance Artist: Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello, Raphael. 'Have no fear _____________ is here!'. She later defected to the United States, becoming an agent of the fictional spy agency S.H.I.E.L.D., and a member of the superhero team the Avengers.. Mutants, a subspecies of humans who are born with superhuman abilities; they fight for peace and equality between normal humans and mutants.. Dynamic Duo. Big
W H Auden What class of degree did he get?. Which university did he attend?. What was Auden's middle name?. In which city was he born?. How did he die? In his ....... Hard
Poetic Devices A comparison between two objects with the intent of giving clearer meaning to one of them. . figure of speech which endows animals, ideas, or inanimate objects with human traits or abilities . use of words which imitate sound . A comparison between two objects using a specific word or comparison such as 'like', 'as', or 'than' . repeating words, phrases, lines, or stanzas . Big
An Inspector Calls giving or receiving money or goods by those with money to those who have none. A technique used in the play to bring humour into a non-humorous situation.. to take one's own life. when someone looks for information to solve something. well off financially. Big
A Raisin in the Sun to postpone. What does Ruth consider doing?. Beneatha's African boyfriend. what Walter wants for his son. Walter's friend. Hard
Hamlet synonymous of spectre.. the one who left Denmark to go to France.. it was considered a brave act.. the prince of Norway.. the only character that remain still alive in the end.. Hard
Greek Mythology Goddess of love desire and beauty.. Aphrodite during the Trojan War, fought for the side of . Is the body of myths and teachings that belong to the ancient Greeks.. Goddess of victory.. God of the sea.. Big
Vikram Seth he spent a part of his childhood in. his father's name was. after his graduation he went to _________ school in england to complete his a-levels. he had ______ siblings. he spent a part of his youth in. Hard
Salman Rushdie in 2012 he became an author to embrace__________. this was rushdie's secret alias.. he married ________ times. rushdie's first career was as a____________. mass demonstrations againt rushdie's knighthood took place in pakistan and ___________.. Hard
George Gordon Byron It was the companion of his loleliness . This word means a young noble awaiting knighthood. His masterpiece . His first poem. A metaphor used to describe the wave. Hard
William Blake The protagonist of Songs of Innocence. The representation of Satan in the 'Marriadge of Heaven and Hell'. The adjective that describes the lamb . Where the tyger was created . In the first and last stanza the rhyme scheme is. Big
What's the Persuasive Technique? A figure of speech in which an expression is used to refer to something that does not literally denote in order to suggest a similarity. Evokes emotion within the reader.. Based on the belief that traditional family arrangements are the best foundation for individuals and society. Leaders readers to feel that some arrangements threaten the moral fabric of society.. One's own desires should be placed ahead of others'. Suggests to the reader that their interests are in competition with or threatened. . The implied or associative meaning of a word. A statement that is in the form of a question but no answer is needed. It positions the reader to assume their answer will be the same as the writer.. Hard
George Gordon Byron It was the companion of his loleliness. This word means a young noble awaiting knighthood. His masterpiece. His first poem. A metaphor used to describe the wave. Hard
Wordsworth the place were Wordsworth studied . it is also called Mother. the place where he and his wife lived. these are described in the poetry. Wordsworth's favourite flowers. Hard
Coleridge The universal force that sheds light on man's spirituality. He does not speak as a moral agent, he is passive in guilt. The combination of the supernatural and The . He was born in Devonshire. The Mariner has a long grey .... Hard
Ballad Poems The word 'Ballad' comes from a French dance called ____. A type of figurative language used in 'Space Cows and Green Cheese'. A poem that tells a story. You can find good examples of ballad poems in a romantic type of ____. A famous author who wrote the book 'Pigs Is Pigs'. Hard
Poe's Hidden Poems GOOD LUCK!! huge brick building. what you do at night to rest . in shining armor and on a horse. someone who gives people their seats in weddings. the land between two mountains . Older Children
Zeus Home of Zeus and all the gods.. symbol of Zeus. . Zeus's brother god of the sea.. Zeus's wife. . Zeus was the god of___.. Older Children
Ancient Greeks Where are the gods believed live. Greek soldier. Military marching formation. What sea surrounds greece. Who is the King of the Gods. Older Children
Literature Complete the crossword below using words from from the Story, sometimes of a national or folk hero, that has a basis in fact but also includes imaginative material.. is an account of somebody's life written by somebody else, complete with details of the most important parts.. Is a piece of work in which the writer uses words to convince the reader that the writer's opinion is correct in regards to an issue. Sometimes involves persuading the reader to perform an action, or it may simply consist of an argument or several ar. a composition in prose or verse presenting indialogue or pantomime a story involving conflict orcontrast of character, especially one intended tobe acted on the stage; a play. . Lesson or message of a fable.. Big
Roman Mythology How well do you know your Gods and Goddesses? Roman Mythology was based off of ______ Mythology. Vulcan and Venus were ______. Greek counterpart is Demeter. Roman Mythology was____. Greek counterpart is Hades. Hard
Hamlet Act I informs Hamlet of how he died. Ophelia's brother. the Lord Chamberlain of Claudius's court; Ophelias's father. This character's recent death establishes the plot and mood. one of the guards who first encountered the ghost. Big
The Crucible disgustingly dirty; filled or smeared with offensive matter. with the mouth wide open as in wonder or awe. walk impeded by some physical limitation or injury. affect with wonder. rid of impurities. Big
Greek Mythology Solve the puzzle. goddess of the love. was invincible except his heel. biological father of Theseus. god of messages; mail god. goddess of harvest. Hard
Greek Gods and Godesses He was distinguished for his beauty.. was the lame god of fire and crafts or the two together, hence of blacksmiths. . is the goddess of love, beauty and sexual rapture.. While gathering flowers in a field one day, she was abducted to the Underworld by Hades, who arose in his chariot from a fissure in the ground.. was the god of the sea, earthquakes and horses. Hard
The Taming of the Shrew praiseworthy; approved; qualified. untruthful; lying . haughtiness; insolent pride; self-importance. to deceive; to mislead. to implore; to beg; to request earnestly. Older Children
Poetry Comparisonog two things without using like or as. Poetry that does not have a rhyme or regular meter. Exaggerated statements meant to be taken literally. Giving human like qualities to an inanimate object. An extended metaphor. Older Children
Literary Terms repetition of consonant sounds not at the beginning of words. comparison that doesn't use 'like' or 'as'. poetry with no pattern of rhyme or meter. recurring image, word pattern, or character that supports the main theme. exaggeration for effect. Hard
Greek Mythology goddess of love. half goat; half man. three-headed dog at the gates of the underworld. bronze bull that breathes fire. goddess of wisdom and battle strategy. Hard
Nyx and Erebus Greek Mythology Nyx and Erebus' son - God of upper air.. Nyx is Erebus' mother, sister, and.... God of darkness.. Nyx's element.. Nyx's symbol.. Hard
Characters from Romeo and Juliet Hopes to marry Juliet. character that killed Mercutio. Friend of Romeo. Capulet's daughter. Romeo's father. Older Children
The Necklace The item lost during the story. Mathilde wants to have a higher ____ in the world. This can bring power and respect. The couple fell into this and worked for years to pay it off. The twist ending is an example of this literary technique. The main character finally grows to be this. It took humility.. Older Children
Poetic Devices A comparison between two objects with the intent of giving clearer meaning to one of them. Often forms of the 'to be' verb are used, such as 'is' or 'was', to make the comparison. A figure of speech which endows animals, ideas, or inanimate objects with human traits or abilities. The use of words which imitate sound. A comparison between two objects using a specific word or comparison such as 'like', 'as', or 'than'. The repeating words, phrases, lines, or stanzas. Older Children
Poetic Techniques. A direct comparison is made between two things.. When one line of poetry runs onto another with no punctuation.. When two opposite images are placed side by side in a poem to create a contrast.. When you give an object human qualities.. Comparing two things using like or as.. Big
Folk Tale Find all the words that go in the boxes Babe the Blue Ox's best Friend. Paul Bunyan's animal companion. Someone who grows crops. A type of dough made from long fermentation dough. When wood is trimmed into a cylinder form. Hard
Heracles killing people is against the ____. Hercules had to ____ Cerebus. when Hercules had bloody hands he had to ____ them. Hercules killed his _______ in a magic haze. Goddess of the rainbow. Big
A Doll's House Doctor's ailment. To sign another person;s name. December 25th. Country where Mr. Helmer recovered. Last name of the doctor. Teenage
Story Elements genre in which you read about a person's life written by themselves. comparing two unlike things without using the words like or as. a type of narration where the narrator makes you a part of the story and uses the pronouns you and your. the author's purpose for writing a politica speech or an ad in a newspaper. the part of a story when teh conflict gets resolved or fixed. Hard
Fairy Tales & Fables Name the fairy tale or fable that matches each clue. This fable is the one we used as an example in class. This female had seven dwarfs come to live with her and is also a Disney movie.. This fairy tale involves a prince, a maid, and a glass slipper. This story/ character would be considered both a fairy tale and a fable and is in Into the Woods. This word describes something that you must show in your own stories. Two examples of these would be love and jealousy.. Older Children
The Road Not Taken A person, place, thing, object, or activity that stands for something beyond itself used to add a deeper meaning to the theme . The message a poet once the poem to have for the reader . The science or study of poetic meters and verse . The overall organization of lines and/or the predictable patterns of sound . Voice of the poem. Older Children
Homophones increased relavence of something. Picking something over another. Able to do something. A place with an arid climate. To give someone a job. Hard
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