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Literature And Writing Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
Literary Devices A hint of whats to come. Comparison not using like or as. Extreme exaggeration. Giving human characteristics to something not human. Remembering something that has already happened. Big
Antigone killed his father and married his mother. holy or strictly religious. multiple gods. Blind prophet. one god. Hard
Paradise Lost Complete the following crossword to help you understand key vocabulary terms while we are reading paradise lost creator of all things. not earthly; heavenly; celestial.. a conversation, esp. a formal discussion.. one who pleads or makes a request in behalf of another or others.. to have spoken irreverently or profanely of or to God or sacred things.. Big
Literary Epics The great runner. Occupied the island of Crete and laid the groundwork for the Greeks written language. One of the oldest stories ever recorded, written in cuneiform . A long narrative poem, often written about a hero or heroines . The first feat/monster Beowulf overcomes. Big
Poetry Combining senses or mixing senses together. A figure of speech that suggests a non-literal similarity. An object which carries more meaning. Exaggeration. When one line of verse continues onto the next line. Hard
Tell Tale Heart contempt; ridicule. cautious; watchful. hiding one's feelings or purposes. clarity; awareness of detail. annoyed. Big
Masque of the Red Death Clowns, ludicrous figures. . A famous play written in 1830 by French dramatist Victor Hugo. The play was classified as “Romantic” and was opposed by people who were referred to as “Classicists”. Propriety and good taste in conduct or appearance.. A lavish often outdoor entertainment, a large elaborate party. . Having battlements and high walls like a castle. . Big
O'Henry a very bright and radiant light. done constantly or as a habit. slang term for friend. a close friend. a large amount of money. Big
Famous Writers One of these character's topics. The perishing of a beautiful ______. A famous writer in the Romanticism time period. Changed his name. The religion of early America. Often cast in a bad light. a religious movement in America in which the human was glorified. The famous work attacking Puritans. Big
Macbeth character meant for comic relief. wife of Macduff. Banquos son. wife of Macbeth. has very good memory. Big
Poetry Techniques a word or phrase used to compare two people, objects or animals; the worlds a stage. exageration . an object or animal does something only a human can do; the snowflakes danced. the idea or meaning of the poem . two things are compared using 'like' or 'as'; white as a ghost. Big
Short Story Theory This conflict happens within the character.. The hints and clues provided by the author that suggests the outcome of the story.. This point of view has the narrator share the story as if he/she were holding a camcorder.. This conflict happens due to an outside force such another character, the environment, fate, etc.. Max is a pig when he eats his dinner. What figurative language am I?. Big
Murder Mystery Read the clues below and fill in the answers! Remember to go back to the tricky ones when you have more letters! There could be a lot of this if the murder has been very violent!. The mystery is often set in an abandoned house, where people might feel.... The person who the crime was against. The reason why someone committed the crime. Someone who saw something suspicious. Older Children
Character Adjectives excessively or unduly sensitive.. having full assurance. Sure.. readily or easily affected by stimuli.. causing boredom.. requiring or asking for more than is generally felt by others to be due.. Big
Elements of a Short Story hints or clues about events that happen later in the story. man vs. man or man vs. nature. when the readers knows something that the characters don't know. point that only tells the story from one person's point of view . quality that makes the reader want to keep reading to find out what happens next. Hard
Sonnet Act of interpreting or discovering the meaning of a text, usually involves close reading and special attention to figurative language.. A word, phrase, line, or group of lines that is repeated, for effect, several times in a poem.. Unrhymed iambic pentameter verse . A lyric poem of 14 lines, commonly written in iambic pentameter.. A poem consisting of four lines, or four lines of a poem that can be considered as a unit. Older Children
Tolkien These are mostly from the book, but there are some movie references too. Elf-king killed in battle with Sauron. The plains of Mordor. The morning star of Middle-Earth. Not over-fond of dwarves, but likes a good story. Capital city of the Shire. Very Difficult
Poetry Terms Determine the term that goes with each clue (definition/example). a character through which the poet speaks. the repeated consonant sound (any part of a word) through a poem. ex. He was busier than a one-legged man in a butt-kicking contest.. ex. The sun peeled back the clouds and blanketed our shivering backs.. emotional association of a word's meaning. Very Difficult
Elements of a Short Story Man vs. man or man vs. nature. hints or clues about events that happen later in the story. when the reader knows something that the characters don't know. point of view that only tell the story from one person's point of view, he, she, they etc.. something that represents both itself and something else. Hard
Sylivia Plath Disorder Plath struggled with most of her life. Plath's husband, fellow poet. Plath's place of birth. Awarded Pulitzer Prize for this work in 1982. The formation of a word by imitation of a sound made by its referent . Hard
American Literature unit vocabulary jump or dance around excitedly.. the presentation of something as being smaller, worse, or less important it actually is . erase (a mark) from a surface. logic and inference or a conclusion hat does not follow from premises . philosophy which says that thought and spiritual things or more than ordinary human experiences. Big
Eelements of Literature Human vs human. The author tells the story directly. Through thoughts, actions, physical appearance, or other character's comments. Statements that describe/ Develop the character. Human vs self. Big
Who Wrote That? Enter the writer's last name that matches the work Young Goodman Brown. Introduction to Nature. Crossing Brooklyn Ferry. An Occurrence Owl Creek Bridge. Appeal to the Christian Women of the South. Big
The Dickens Era Charles Dickens, Great Epectatios ans the Victorian era One of Pip’s expectations is to become a …. The young lady the Pip loves passionately and is hopelessly on love with.. Biddy was Pips friend since they … together.. When Charles was only 12, his father was taken to … Prison.. Where Pip and Magwitch first encountered each other.. Big
Short Story Elements conflict that takes place within the mind of a character. central message or insight about life . shows events from before the present of the story. an intended contradiction between . the narrator uses the pronouns I, me, and my. Older Children
Gary the Dreamer afraid or freightened. A device that controls the flow of water. thinks well of someone or something. strolling musicians. to make a sound of a letter or word. Young Kids
Pieces of a story A struggle between the charcter and person or force outside of their body. A struggle in a characters mind. The sequence of events that make up a story. The reason or reasons a character acts or behaves a certain way. The time, place that a story takes place. Older Children
Literature of the Middle Ages A type of play depicting the event's of Jesus' Crucifixtion. The code that knights lived by.. Parables or allegories structured as morality tales to resolve a moral conundrum. The Canterbury Tales were written by ______________.. These fables became allegories for teaching Christian ideals.. Hard
Genre a story with a hero. a story about someones life. a story that gets you to buy something. a play of some sort. a story with talking animals. Big
Biographies a true story about someone's life. a listing of family members in the form of tree branches. listing of events in the orde that they happened. events that have already happened. an event that really happened in the past. Older Children
Media Literacy Please fill out the puzzle below. Dictionaries, encyclopedias, atlases, and other reference manuals related to particular professions or trades. . Low price paperback books sold mostly on racks in drugstores, supermarkets, airports, and bookstores. . The best-selling religious book of all time. . The segment of the book industry that publishes scholarly books in specialized areas. . A marketing strategy that involves publishing a topical book quickly after a major event occurs. . Big
Short Story Giving hints on what will happen later in the story. Readers know more than the characters do. Uncertain of an outcome. Object that stands for something else. Giving human qualities to non-human things. Big
Elements of Fiction the way of saying something beyond the dictionary definition. a statement about the future. a type or class of literature. the underlying message in a story. an event that took place before the current time of a story. Big
Elements of Literature When the narrator does not take part in the story, and knows everyones ideas and emotions. A complication on the outside of a character. When the writer is not in the novel, and we only know one or two people's thoughts. An issue that lies within a character . The life lesson that the creator would like us to acknowledge . Big
Elements of a Short Story I tell the story, but I ain't part of it..no way!. I'm very exclusive, I only like to focus on the thoughts and feelings of one character.. I know everyone and everything that happens in the story.. I'm what happens when characters talk to each other.. I am super intense..... Big
Short Story a clue or hint given to a reader about what is to come in the story. the turning point in a story when the central problem or conflict is most intense or exciting. the message about life or human nature that is the focus in the story the writer tells. action and events in the story that help resolve the conflict and bring the story to a close. when the conflict is fully resolved and the story comes to a satisfying end . Big
Edgar Allen Poe Poem dedicated to his wife.. Professional team named after Poe's poem.. First modern detective story.. Boston. Poe's age at death.. Older Children
The Black Cat Relating to the musical period following the Renaissance . To obtain or get care by. A fire breathing female monster. Ask for or try to obtain from someone. Not to be revoked or recalled. Big
Plot Diagram The highest point our the turning point of the story.. Centrat message, concern, or purpose of literary work.. How the story comes to an conclusion.. The final result of this story.. What did you learn about the main characters, what is the main probelm.. Older Children
Literary Terms _____ person point of view: told from the point of one observer or narrator; records only what is seen or heard. a hint or suggestion of a coming event. _____ conflict: the struggle within a character dealing with emotions and feeings; takes place within the mind of a character; man vs. self. the use of a word or phrase that is less expressive or direct, but considered less distasteful or offensive than another. _____conflict: opposition to a character which comes from environment surroundings, or other characters; a character struggles against some outside force; man vs man vs nature. Big
Elements of Style Refrences to other texts, myths, symbols, famous figures, historical events, quotations, and so on.. May be long or short. May contain subordinate clauses or fragments.. It advances the story. It may be an entire conversation or just a fragment. It is a substitution for narration.. The use of alliteration, assonance, consonance, dissonance, rhythm, unusual word choice, repetition, onomatopoeia, ect.. It can be in first, second, or third person. It can be omniscient limited omniscient, or multiple.. Big
Maurice Shadbolt Shadbolt's second name.. Amount of marriages he had.. Disease he suffered from.. Genre he mainly worked on.. Number of novels he wrote.. Hard
Literary Terms an author's use of hints, or clues, to suggest events that will occur later in the story. an implied comparison stating the resemblance between two things. something that is a sign of something else. the peak or turning point of the action; at this point we know the out come. exaggeration in writing or in speech. Big
Language Features Saying something that is not literally true, often used to make a comparison.. Giving human characteristics to something that is non-human.. Words that produce a hissing sound.. Doing words.. A question that doesn't need an answer.. Big
Greek Mythology -- Graces, were the three goddesses of Grace.. First human woman created by the gods.. He married Thetis with whom he fathered Achilles.. Personification of Darkness.. Sea nymph or known as the goddess of water,. Hard
Shakespeare Can you find the answers to the clues? Birthplace. Magician. Mad king. King of Naples. King of Scotland. Hard
Poetic Devices repetition of consonant sounds, but not vowel sounds. a comparison using as or like . comparison of unlike things . an object or action that means more than its literal meaning. sounding words . Hard
Greek Gods God of fire metalworking. Goddess of love and beauty. God of the Ocean. Messenger god. God of wine and festivities. Older Children
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Complete the crossword below. What is the house that was given as a gift?. Portland, Maine . March 24, 1882 . A very popular narrative poem, brought Longfellow a great deal of attention.. First poem published . Hard
Greek Gods he is god of fire and blacksmiths . She is Goddess of Love and Beauty . She is Goddess of the rainbow, messenger of the gods . He is god of the sea and causes earthquakes when he is angry. he has a son called Percy. he is God of the Roadways, Travelers, Merchants and Thieves . Hard
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