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Mental Health Crosswords

To view or print a Mental Health crossword puzzle click on its title.

Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
Death and Dying, Human Needs, Anorexia and Bulimia way of dealing with unpleasant situations. achieving full potential. complication of anorexia. oxygen is this kind of need. expert on death and dying. Teenage
Mental Health Demonstrates a cause-and-effect relationship between one variable and another.. Studies the causes, treatment, and prevention of different types of psychological disorders.. Austrian physician and founder of psychoanalysis.. Scientific procedures that involve systematically observing behavior in order to describe the relationship among behaviors and events.. The founder of psychology.. Teenage
Causes of Stress sad mood, loneliness, crying at times. a place where one studies and/or earns an education. your partner/boyfriend/girlfriend. physical wellbeing. the break-up of a marriage. Older Children
Tips For Depression Makes you feel down, sad, empty, hopeless or numb. Get a good night's ........... Follow your ........excercise regimen. Get out and ........daily. Eat well-balanced, nutritious .... and follow your prescribed dietary guidelines. Older Children
General Psychology ___________environment consists of the fluids that surrounds the cell and influence their growth and development.. Three to six year old is known as _____________.. These are called XY zygote. _______________. To the philosophers, psychology is the study of the ____________.. These are called XX zygote. _______________. Hard
Psychology Mental activity involved in the aquisition, retention, and use of information. The psychodynamic perspective emphasizes the role of the ______ in human behavior. Attitudes, values, beliefs, and behaviors shaped by a group of people and passed down to future generations. Founder of Structuralism. The use of the scientific method and direct observations. Adult
Psychology Antabuse is considered _______ therapy. Stage of change when an individual commits and makes plans to change. Consistent parenting is a _______ factor for drug use. Prevention approach often led by police officers. Most likey causal argument for marijuana as a gateway substance. Hard
Coping with Stress belief. ease. insane. feeling. technique. Hard
Substance Abuse the user seeks out the drug and insists upon being in situations where use can occur. when a person who is dependent on a drug stops taking that drug, he or she may experience withdrawel symptoms. is taking a large enough dose of a drug to poison the body, causing illness or death. a neurotransmitter that influences pleasure, mood and movement. requiring more and more of a drug to experience a pleasurable effect. Adult
Stress screamed . feeling when stressed. feeling tired. chest discomfort. opposite of gladness. Moderately Challenging
Emotions I was very __________ when I played outside today.. j __ __ __ o u s. w __ __ __ __ __ d. i __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ d. c __ __ __ __ __ e d. Older Children
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