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Mental Health Crosswords

To view or print a Mental Health crossword puzzle click on its title.

Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
Take Charge of Your Attitude! Haman's bad attitude was fed by his desire to _____________.. Be ______________.. bad attitudes can result in the same desire to __________ to others that she or he is someone important. A selfish attitude will lead to ___________.. Haman had a bad attitude, an attitude that _______________ him.. Hard
Theories of personality Solve the following crossword Children who rebled against toilet training and expelled races purspeacefully.. Freud believed that boys develop both sexual attraction to their.... He is an example of personality. (cartoon). The unic way which each individual think and feel.. First stage ocuring In the first years and a half of life in which the mouth is the erogenous zone.. Very Difficult
Theory of the Seasons of Life Four tasks are required to ___________ the second stage. __________ stages to becoming an adult. First stage is called _______________________. Forming a Dream and give it a ____________ in the life structure. ______________ life structure to see if your living your dreams or not. Hard
Tips For Depression Makes you feel down, sad, empty, hopeless or numb. Get a good night's ........... Follow your ........excercise regimen. Get out and ........daily. Eat well-balanced, nutritious .... and follow your prescribed dietary guidelines. Older Children
Who's Who in Psych? Structuralism, though introspection.. Observational learning.. Taste Aversion.. First laboratory on sleep. . Classical conditioning.. Very Difficult
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