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Religion Crossword Subjects

Religion Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
Hinduism & Buddhism The Preserver. Siddhartha stopped _______ (cleaning). The Hero God. Siddhartha asked many people known for their ______. Siddhartha started _______ (not eating). Hard
History of Christianity One who chooses to suffer death rather than give up their faith. A religious movement of the 16th century to reform the Catholic Church. Island of the Northumbrian coast where Aidan established his monastery. A member of a community of women who have taken religious vows. People who served God and others in a special way in the North of England. Older Children
Holocaust / Shoah A Jewish place of worship. A place where a dead personís body is taken to be cremated (burnt). The most notorious death camp and was located in Poland.. The destruction of a particular race.. A special unit of the German Army, whose job it was to murder the Jews: altogether over 2 million people.. Hard
Holy Communion _______ is needed for Baptism. Eucharist means_______ in Greek. what sacrament is celebrated only once at an infant. Christ told us to keep his memory _______. receiving Eucharist brings you_____ to God. Older Children
Human Geo Religion Belief in one supreme god. Voluntary travel to see a sacred site or pay respects. deliberate mass murders of groups of people. Belief in multiple gods. muslim Pilgrimmage to Mecca. Hard
Islam Complete the crossword puzzle by using the clues below. A low square building surrounded by statues of gods and goddesses . followers of the religion of Islam. a city in western Saudi Arabia and the holiest city of Islam. First cousin, son-in-law. a close companion, father-in-law. Hard
Islam Month of fasting.. Ka'aba -- Black stone after to One God; located in Mecca.. Fasting.. Percentage of income donated to needy.. The name for chapters in the Holy Qur'an.. Hard
Islam Dynasty from 750 AD. Ruled from Baghdad. Descendents of the Holy Prophet's uncle.. Caliphate Dynasty who ruled from Damascus. First Caliph (after Ali) was Mu'aloinya.. The barbaric time in Arabia before Islam.. Individual prayer in one's own language as compared with the ritual five daily prayers in Arabic. . Sayings of the Holy Prophet.. Very Difficult
Islam fasting during holy month of Ramadan. belief in only one God. paying of alms for the needy; one of the 5 pillars. pilgrimage to Mecca; one of the 5 pillars. one who submits to the will of God. Hard
Islam Islam is the ??? largest religion in the world. Belief that there is only one God. Islam translates as.... Followers of the religion Islam. Messenger of God. Hard
Islam and Muhammad muslisms' god. muhammad's boss. the tribe that rasied muhammad. the word mean cube in arabic. a believer in islam. Teenage
Jehovah's Witnesses What they were called first?. Where did they come up with the name?. What was his 7 series called?. What doctorite do they deny?. What group do they have a lot in common with?. Hard
Jews I will s_ _ _ _ a person. A famous nation in the middle east . some that buys and sells . the main character of Ben Hur. Teaching of God. Teenage
John 1 Jesus; Light, Life, Lamb of God, Creator, Fullness of Grace and Truth, Glory of God, and Christ 1:12 he gave the right to become ________ of God. 1:9 The true light that gives light to every man was coming into the _______.. 1:4 that life was the _______ of men.. 1:17 grace and truth came through ___________________.. 1:14 the glory of the One and Only, who came from the _______, . Hard
Joseph Smith Joseph Smith's wife.. The place where Moroni hid the plates.. Joseph Smith's mother.. Joseph Smith's visit from God and Jesus in the Sacred Grove.. Town where Joseph Smith lived.. Big
Judaism Title of honor bestowed on spiritual head of the Babylonian academies.. Jewish religious movement from 6th century Europe.. Jewish sect which became standard for Jewish people. Day of Lamentations for destruction of the Temples.. Metaphorical meaning of a text.. Hard
Judaism The place of worship. Country that Judaism began. Sign of Judaism. The holy book of Judaism. People that update and change the religion. Older Children
Judaism center of Jewish community, a place of prayer, study, education . study of right and wrong, good and evil . sacred text; collection of main teachings of Judaism . the worship for only one God . great prophet to whom God revealed the Torah . Older Children
JUDAISM, CHRISTIANITY AND ISLAM Use the clues to complete the puzzle period of fasting for Muslims. the first montheistic religion to develop in the Middle East. Jewish place of worship. the country the Jews were granted in 1948. The result of Martin Luther's challenges to the Catholic Church. Hard
Judaism, Christianity, and Islam Jewish place of worship. first 5 books of the Old Testament. Christian holy book. Jewish god. Christian higher being. Big
Judiasm fill in the blank most art is comprised of ______. locally, Jews worship in a _________. the religious symbol. the Torah is what. the holiday Jews celebrate near Christmas time. Older Children
Kingdoms of Christianity Paintings and Sculptures of sacred figures. A Christian Monk Slave. Church Officials. The Byzantine Emperors Top General. The Collection of Guidelines for Monks. Hard
Knowledge of the Priesthood There is great___to the Church in having the names of those called to offices in the Church presented in the proper meeting.. The___priesthood administers, and holds the keys of the kingdom & knowledge of God.. When___are set apart to offices, they receive authority, responsibility and blessings connected with the office, but they do not receive keys.. The___continueth in the church of God in all generations.. There are up to___deacons in a deacons quorum.. Hard
Lent The first day of lent. The last week of lent. Jesus was nailed to. A season . The day before ash wedenesday. Older Children
Lent ___ Wednesday . When we go to Church on ____ Sunday. We ______ for easter. For Easter we have a _____. Mother of Jesus. Older Children
Life of Moses Exodus 2:1-3:7 Moses was __________ to look at God. The bush was burning yet the bush was not _____________.. God heard these from His people. The name of Moses first born son. Moses had to remove these before move forward. Teenage
Life of Muhammad Complete the puzzle below. Khadija was the first _______ to Islam.. Meaning of the name Muhammad.. Muhammad received ________ from God.. Who delivered the message from God to Muhammad?. The pilgrimage to Makkah is known as the what?. Hard
Middle East Religions . Jewish place of worship. A government ruled by a religious leader. (Iran is a ________.). Jewish Holy Book. Belief in more than one God. Holy book of Christianity. Big
Middle East Religious Groups Three Main Religions of the Middle East The oldest of the three main religions of the Middle East. Jewish people worship in this building. Messiah (the anointed one)in Greek versions of the bible. Holy book for Christian people. 12 close followers of Jesus. Hard
Miranda Ramahi Religion III PD. H Small linen used to wipe the chalice and the celebrant's fingers and mouth. What is found at the entrance of each Catholic Church?. Vessel used to contain the precious blood of Christ. 'Lord have mercy'. In this prayer sinfulness is acknowledged and intercession requested. Hard
Muslim Empire a cube shaped building in Mecca.. an image of a deity other than God.. Birth place of Muhammad.. a Muslim temple or place of public worship.. a marketplace or shopping quarter, especially one in the Middle East.. Hard
Nicene Creed the place that the nicene creed was written in . the place you go to when you die . the latin word for believe . the place nicea is in . what is the father, the son and the holy spirit . Older Children
Nicene Creed Catholic and what not past participle of beget.. knowing everything.. a person or thing that brings something into existence.. relating to the Apostles.. beyond or above the range of normal or physical human experience.. Hard
Priesthood A duty of deacons is to pass this . A duty of teachers is to do this with the sacrament. Priesthood authority is required to perform this ordinance (D&C 35:6). What priesthood authority is necessary to baptize? (JSH 1:69). Who appeared to Joseph and Oliver when they prayed in May 1829 (JSH 1:72). Hard
Priesthood & Priesthood Keys Restored the keys and power of the Priesthood to the earth in these Latter Days. Two lines of Communication. Sacred trust to be used for the benefit of men, women, and children alike. Where I can learn more about the Priesthood. All Heavenly Father's sons and daughters are equally blessed as they draw upon the _____ of the Prieshood. Big
Prophecy A prophet who prophecy foretold the coming of Christ. . People who spread the word of the Prophecy. God's decree, which usually ends up with God giving a prophecy that foretells the end of the world. The main person or thing discussed in literary forms.. A wrongdoing in the eyes of God. Older Children
Prophet Muhammad What was the prophet's (PBUH) mother's name?. Prophet Muhammad's (PBUH) wife was . What was the Prophet's (PBUH) second job?. What year was the prophet born in?. What was the name of Prophet Muhammad's (PBUH) father?. Hard
Prophetic Authority Authority is only affective after this action. The phase a prophet goes through to receive the prophetic key. Something authority is NOT. How authority is distributed. If you trace authority, you will find that it is a _____. Big
Puritanism Jesus died for the chosen only, not for everyone. the saving transfiguring power of God. sovereign gift of God, graciously bestowed . Through Adam and Eve's fall, every person is born sinful- concept of Original Sin. Unites the soul with God after death, and will elect a form of community of saints . Teenage
Puritanism Jesus died for the chosen only, not for everyone . The saving and transfiguring power of God. Sovereign gift of God, graciously bestowed . Through Adam and Eve's fall, every person is born sinful. Unites the soul with God after death, and will elect form of community of saints . Adult
Ramadan Activity The prophet who can talk to bird and animals and who controlled the Jinns.. The prophet who is nephew to Ibrahim (AS). The prophet who was given the Zabur.. Celebration after the month of fasting.. The prophet who built a ship. Big
Reformation Catholic mob violence against the Huguenots that lasted several months. Work assigned by the priest after confession to help atone sins. People who left the Catholic Church to follow Scripture. Important Reformed leader who wrote about how God is sovereign. Important leader of the Reformation, but fought with Luther. Big
Religion All things God made. What God created on the 1st day. What God did on the 7th day. What Jesus told us to call God. The third person in the Holy Trinity. Older Children
Religion One of the four Main religious groups of jews in Jesus' days that was based on scripture and jewish oral tradition.. The governing system which prevailed in Europe in the middle ages in which a Lord granted land to a vassal in return for services.. The attempt to reconcile or blend the beliefs and practices of various religions into one.. Those moral teachings which are essential corollaries of the church's understanding of God revealed in Jesus.. The structural order of leaders within the Church.. Hard
Religion Complete cross word puzzle. Where Jesus returned to preach. Gospels of Matthew, Mark, and Luke. Short stories Jesus used to preach. The brother of Martha and Mary. Type of writing that begins with a dialogue. Older Children
Religions Judaism was first practiced by a small group of people called _____.. Muslims call god _____.. The holiest city in Islam is _____.. In the Jewish faith, the day of atonement is _____.. What term do historians use to describe cultures that have organized governments, religion and use technology and metal?. Older Children
Religions Land, people, love of God, Torah are the four cornerstones of _____.. What marks the beginning of the Islamic calendar?. What is the term for the belief in more than one god?. The teachings of Moses are written down in the _____.. How many wives can a Muslim have?. Very Difficult
Religious Place of worship. A religious convenant that is described in the Bible. To carry out, put into effect. The belief in a single God (one God). Blood relative in the direct line of descent.. Hard
Religious Settlement of America Teaching order of priests; counter reformation. rebaptizer. The Stuart kings said they were above this. form of church government used by Anglican and Roman Catholic. Gave England its first claim to the New World. Very Difficult
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