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Religion Crossword Subjects

Religion Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
Prophetic Authority Authority is only affective after this action. The phase a prophet goes through to receive the prophetic key. Something authority is NOT. How authority is distributed. If you trace authority, you will find that it is a _____. Big
7 Sacraments What is it called when the bread and wine turn into the body and blood of Jesus in the Eucharist?. What object in marriage represents unconditional love for each other? . How many elements are there in the sacrament of Reconciliation?. During Confirmation, who says the line 'Be sealed with the gift of the Holy Spirit'?. During confession what do you confess to the minister?. Very Difficult
Facts on Buddhism Read the hint solve the puzzle! Another worshiped leader is a member of a religious community of woman . There are 2 holidays for Buddhists one of them is the celebration of Buddha's Birth. or the brahmins predicted would be a great... . 6 of 8 is... Promote good actions and prevent evil actions. 7 of 8 is... Be aware of but not attached to you emotions,thoughts, and feelings.. Hard
Buddhism Fill in the blanks or anwser the question. Do not harm or kill living things. Do not take things unless they are freely given. Lead a decent life. Do not speak unkindly or tell lies. Do not abuse drugs or drink alcohol.. Suffering is caused by cravings (desires and wants).. Celebration of buddha's birth, life, death, and enlightenment,. Prince Siddhartha was ______ at 16.. Promote good actions and prevent evil actions.. Hard
Who is God The lowest part of a building. Knowing everything. a simple story used to illustrate a moral lesson. an image or other material object. Religious texts . Big
The Mass Learning about the Mass A religious ceremony. Prayer of contriction. The book from which selected scriptures are read at Mass. A profession of faith. Lead the Entrance Procession and help during the Mass . Big
Middle East Religious Groups Three Main Religions of the Middle East The oldest of the three main religions of the Middle East. Jewish people worship in this building. Messiah (the anointed one)in Greek versions of the bible. Holy book for Christian people. 12 close followers of Jesus. Hard
Middle East Religions . Jewish place of worship. A government ruled by a religious leader. (Iran is a ________.). Jewish Holy Book. Belief in more than one God. Holy book of Christianity. Big
Muslim Empire a cube shaped building in Mecca.. an image of a deity other than God.. Birth place of Muhammad.. a Muslim temple or place of public worship.. a marketplace or shopping quarter, especially one in the Middle East.. Hard
Hinduism The act of showing reverence to a god. The worlds oldest religeon. The festival of light. A country that shares land borders with Pakistan, China, Nepal and many others. The third largest river by discharge. Hard
Judaism, Christianity, and Islam Jewish place of worship. first 5 books of the Old Testament. Christian holy book. Jewish god. Christian higher being. Big
Heaven is For Real A place known for life after death and, often depicted as being above the sky.. A Kings chair. Jesus was wearing this. the Christian scriptures, consisting of the 66 books of the Old and New Testaments. A medical doctor who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of disease and injury by using medical imaging technologies, such as MRI and CT. Big
Forensic In responses to high-profile financial scandals. Requires self-assessments of internal controls. Rounding acct balances and keeping the change. w/AICPA establishes audit standards. Stresses 3 fundamental conditions generall present with fraudulent activity. Hard
Sikhism How many core beliefs are there?. Who was the founder of Sikhism?. What do Sikh's wear on their heads to cover their hair?. What is the name of the Sikh festival in October?. What is the comb worn in a Sikh's hair called?. Hard
God the Father, Son and the Holy Ghost I am the one who convicts your heart.. For there are three that bear record in heaven, the Father, the **, and the Holy Ghost.. There are many names for Jesus in the bible, but we often refer to Him as the Son of God and the Son of **.. Let us make man in our own **.. I am ** I am.. Easy
Priesthood & Priesthood Keys Restored the keys and power of the Priesthood to the earth in these Latter Days. Two lines of Communication. Sacred trust to be used for the benefit of men, women, and children alike. Where I can learn more about the Priesthood. All Heavenly Father's sons and daughters are equally blessed as they draw upon the _____ of the Prieshood. Big
Christianity in the Middle Ages When you spoke negatively about the Church you were _______________.. In the town of ______ Fr Champagnat began his ministry as a priest.. Bread and Wine is ___________.. A ________ allows refuge for women and girls.. The Eastern and Western Christian Churches _____.. Big
Knowledge of the Priesthood There is great___to the Church in having the names of those called to offices in the Church presented in the proper meeting.. The___priesthood administers, and holds the keys of the kingdom & knowledge of God.. When___are set apart to offices, they receive authority, responsibility and blessings connected with the office, but they do not receive keys.. The___continueth in the church of God in all generations.. There are up to___deacons in a deacons quorum.. Hard
Christianity in the Middle Ages The great _____ was when the Eastern and Western Church split . When Christians were tortured those years were known as th age of ______. Rosarys were first given to St _______. _______ of Loyola . Catherine of Siennas feastday if the 29th of _____. Hard
The Golden Age of Islam The Muslims had this policy toward Jews and Christians.. The holy trip to Mecca.. The belief in one god.. A time of peace, prosperity and great achievements.. Muhammad forbade making these images.. Hard
Hinduism Hindu place of worship or temple. good and bad actions affects the next lifetime. Hindu worship. a follower of Hinduism. Hindu holiday for the new year, Festival of Lights, remembers Ramayana. Big
Judiasm fill in the blank most art is comprised of ______. locally, Jews worship in a _________. the religious symbol. the Torah is what. the holiday Jews celebrate near Christmas time. Older Children
Ramadan Activity The prophet who can talk to bird and animals and who controlled the Jinns.. The prophet who is nephew to Ibrahim (AS). The prophet who was given the Zabur.. Celebration after the month of fasting.. The prophet who built a ship. Big
History of Christianity One who chooses to suffer death rather than give up their faith. A religious movement of the 16th century to reform the Catholic Church. Island of the Northumbrian coast where Aidan established his monastery. A member of a community of women who have taken religious vows. People who served God and others in a special way in the North of England. Older Children
Judaism center of Jewish community, a place of prayer, study, education . study of right and wrong, good and evil . sacred text; collection of main teachings of Judaism . the worship for only one God . great prophet to whom God revealed the Torah . Older Children
Hinduism An incarnation of a Hindu god. The individual expression of Brahman.. Told in the Bhagavad Gita, he was chose between caste and family bonds. Priestly Caste. an avatar of Vishnu. Hard
Nicene Creed Catholic and what not past participle of beget.. knowing everything.. a person or thing that brings something into existence.. relating to the Apostles.. beyond or above the range of normal or physical human experience.. Hard
Hinduism One of the four aims of human life. Literally “meaning, sense, goal, purpose or essence”. A person’s soul. From Sanskrit meaning essence, or breath. The sum of a person's actions in this and previous states of existence, viewed as deciding their fate in future existences. Something that is owed or due. The endless series of births, deaths, and rebirths to which all beings are subject.. Very Difficult
Prophecy A prophet who prophecy foretold the coming of Christ. . People who spread the word of the Prophecy. God's decree, which usually ends up with God giving a prophecy that foretells the end of the world. The main person or thing discussed in literary forms.. A wrongdoing in the eyes of God. Older Children
Rome and Christianity Roman peace. God's annointed one. Nephew and adopted son of Caesar. Assistant of Caesar. Rise from the dead. Big
Basics of Islam Where will the people whose Good deeds are heavier than their Bad deeds be sent?. What is the Arabic word for Oneness of Allah?. Musa (as) brought which book from Allah?. Who brought the Zabur from Allah?. What is the Arabic word for Prophethood?. Hard
Judaism The place of worship. Country that Judaism began. Sign of Judaism. The holy book of Judaism. People that update and change the religion. Older Children
Baptism A state of preparation . Be opened . A convert to Christianity receiving training in doctrine. Unmerited favor of God. Someone authorized by the church to perform acts of the beliefs. Older Children
World Religions . animal that Jews and Muslims do not eat. place Christians hope to go after death. re-enacts the last supper during church services. name of the current Pope. Judaism's holy day from sunset Friday to sunset Saturday. Very Difficult
Eucharist communication with god. what god done in the begining . God rose and went up to.... the opposite of darkness. Something given to you. Big
The Spread of Christian Ideas Separation of two most important branches of Christianity.. Byzantine missionary who carried message to Slavic people with his brother.. Churches that became known as the Roman Catholic Church.. Means to declare a person or group no longer belongs to the church.. Ruler of Kent.. Hard
Christ the Eucharist Our 7 day week is based on this story. The night Jesus had his last supper. The day Jesus rose. The day lent starts. The things that Jesus took and said 'this is my body and blood take this in memory of me. Big
The Culture of Islam An tool used by sailors to determine their location. . To change form or appearance. . A person to recite prayer, also known as a crier. . A place in Spain, where a palace is located.. Islamic Art; Arabic decoration that were repeated over and over in geometric patterns, covering the surfaces of objects.. Hard
Life of Muhammad Complete the puzzle below. Khadija was the first _______ to Islam.. Meaning of the name Muhammad.. Muhammad received ________ from God.. Who delivered the message from God to Muhammad?. The pilgrimage to Makkah is known as the what?. Hard
Book of Mormon Son of Jarom. Son of Enos. Lehi departed Jerusalem with his family to this place. Visited the Americas. A round ball used as a guide for directions based on righteousness. Hard
Hinduism Refers to the illusionary appearance of the world.. The Hindu name for the 'real self' that is also identical with Brahman.. The connection between one's actions and the consequences of those actions.. A holy city for Hindus located on the Ganges River.. The liturgical and scriptural language of Hinduism.. Hard
Religious Settlement of America Teaching order of priests; counter reformation. rebaptizer. The Stuart kings said they were above this. form of church government used by Anglican and Roman Catholic. Gave England its first claim to the New World. Very Difficult
Holy Communion _______ is needed for Baptism. Eucharist means_______ in Greek. what sacrament is celebrated only once at an infant. Christ told us to keep his memory _______. receiving Eucharist brings you_____ to God. Older Children
The Eucharist you need the Eucharist as much as you need _____ ___ ______ for a healthy physical life.. the sacrament of the Eucharist always includes ______ steps.. it is the action of the _____ _____ that changes bread and wine into the body and blood of christ. what does the word Eucharist mean in greek?. it is the holy spirit whio comes upon the gifts of bread and wine that are ______ to God.. Older Children
Eucharist We recieve the _______ ____ _______ of Christ at Eucharist. . Every Eucharist is a remembrance of the death and ___________ of Jesus.. Who comes upon the Eucharist?. What does the word Eucharist mean?. _________ is a sacrament you can recieve over and over.. Older Children
Eletrical Electrical Terminology Metric measurement or testing device. To secure cable. Measure of power. To protect circuit. Loop or continuity. Older Children
Treasures of the Catholic Faith A failure to love God and others, rather than a deliberate act of turning away from God.. The Bible, a collection of books writen by human authors inspired by God.. The habit of doind good and wanting to do good.. The complete change that occurs at the concecration of the bread and wine at Mass.. One God in Three Divine persons-Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.. Big
Christian Themes Fallen angels. The religious leaders who opposed Jesus.. Where Christians will go after they die. The son of David who became king.. The flood story.. Very Difficult
Buddhism intricate sand art that is made by monks and destroyed upon completion. the steps a Buddhist must take to reach enlightnment. The core 'truths' that Buddhists accept about the world. the tree under wehich Siddhartha reached enlightnment. the dark lord who tried to prevent Siddhartha from reaching enlightnment. Hard
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