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Religion Crossword Subjects

Religion Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
The Point of Your Anointing Comes only with the Holy Spirit. Never anointed with oil. Anointed and carried the _______ of the oil.. Anointing flows out of Christ's anointing. Were anointed for service. Hard
The Reformation Separate from Chuch. Government controlled by church leaders. French religious reformer. He wrote the book titled Utopia. Act of giving your allegiance to the Church of England. Hard
The Spread of Christian Ideas Separation of two most important branches of Christianity.. Byzantine missionary who carried message to Slavic people with his brother.. Churches that became known as the Roman Catholic Church.. Means to declare a person or group no longer belongs to the church.. Ruler of Kent.. Hard
The Teaching Ministry of Jesus He helped drive the British out of India.. Jesus called on the sick & the poor to have ___________.. eight guidelines to supreme happiness. Jesus didn't come to _____________ the law.. spirit of the law is a ____________ action.. Teenage
The Wise Men A very bright object in the sky. A very young child. The direction the wise men travelled. What the wise men brought with them. Method of transport for the wise men. Easy
Treasures of the Catholic Faith A failure to love God and others, rather than a deliberate act of turning away from God.. The Bible, a collection of books writen by human authors inspired by God.. The habit of doind good and wanting to do good.. The complete change that occurs at the concecration of the bread and wine at Mass.. One God in Three Divine persons-Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.. Big
World Religions . animal that Jews and Muslims do not eat. place Christians hope to go after death. re-enacts the last supper during church services. name of the current Pope. Judaism's holy day from sunset Friday to sunset Saturday. Very Difficult
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