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Religion Crossword Subjects

Religion Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
Religious Themes A decision to do bad or not loving. Prayer of ______ -A selfish prayer. Hope, Faith, and Faith are all _________ virtues. '________' is the Christian word for Emotions. ________ of the Church- Interpret Scripture and Tradition for our time and culture. Adult
Rome and Christianity Roman peace. God's annointed one. Nephew and adopted son of Caesar. Assistant of Caesar. Rise from the dead. Big
Rosemary Day of her party. Month she was born. A favorite pastime. A son. Town she lives in. Teenage
SAINTS ALIVE! Fill in the Saint or word that applies to a saint based on the clue for that number and direction An article of clothing of the Carmelites, but the small version represents dedication to Mary an desire to imitate her virtues.. Grandfather of Jesus and father of Mary. Saint who suffered martyrdom at 11 years old and known for forgiving her assassin on her deathbed.. We are not saints yet - we are saints ' __-___-______'. Number of men Jesus chose to be His Apostles. Teenage
Science Is a material that is a poor conductor of heat.. Is equal to amount of energy needed to raise the temp of 1 g of water by 1 celsius.. Are energy resource made from carbon-rich plants and animal remains.. Is a measure of the average kinetic energy of all the particles in an objects.. Is the sum of an objects kinetic energy and potential energy.. Hard
Scientology What do scientologists adress?. souls of dead people were blown about by nuclear winds. Technician of Dianetics. What kind of birth did scientologists have to give?. The intergalactic alien that Scientologists beleive. Adult
Sikhism How many core beliefs are there?. Who was the founder of Sikhism?. What do Sikh's wear on their heads to cover their hair?. What is the name of the Sikh festival in October?. What is the comb worn in a Sikh's hair called?. Hard
Spiritual Gifts to render support or assistance to others in the body of christ. to translate the message of someone who has spoken in tongues. to be able to minister in another culture. to apply knowledge to life in such a way to make spiritual truths quite important and useful in proper decision-making and daily life situations. to share what material resources you have with kindness and cheerfulness without thought of return. Older Children
St. Stephen Ministries Use the ministry highlights to the right to help you complete this crossword. Middle School youth who participate in Children's Faith Formation through Worship Arts. . A support group for families of children with autism.. A group of women who provide support to our church and community.. A support network for moms.. A support ministry for those who are ill or home bound.. Big
Testimony Bearing testiony helps us ___________ our feelings.. John 7:17 (3 words). Alma 5:46 (3 words). It is both the duty and ____ of LDS to know their religion is true. (Brigham Young). All testimonies come thru this power.. Hard
The Church in Medieval Times Known for his love of nature. Created College of Cardinals. Strict division among social classes; property is exchanged for service. Pope at time of St. Francis. Duke who donated land for a monestery. Hard
The Culture of Islam An tool used by sailors to determine their location. . To change form or appearance. . A person to recite prayer, also known as a crier. . A place in Spain, where a palace is located.. Islamic Art; Arabic decoration that were repeated over and over in geometric patterns, covering the surfaces of objects.. Hard
The Early Christian Church Savior that Jews prophesied in the Old Testament. The laws and teachings given to Moses by God. Someone who willingly suffers because of their faith. Public religious worship. Letters addressed to the early Christian churches. Older Children
The Early Church poverty, chastity, and obedidence. A short story with a message. Savior that Jews prophesied in the Old Testament. The laws of teachings given to Moses by God. Someone who willingly suffers because of their faith. Hard
The Eucharist you need the Eucharist as much as you need _____ ___ ______ for a healthy physical life.. the sacrament of the Eucharist always includes ______ steps.. it is the action of the _____ _____ that changes bread and wine into the body and blood of christ. what does the word Eucharist mean in greek?. it is the holy spirit whio comes upon the gifts of bread and wine that are ______ to God.. Older Children
The Golden Age of Islam The Muslims had this policy toward Jews and Christians.. The holy trip to Mecca.. The belief in one god.. A time of peace, prosperity and great achievements.. Muhammad forbade making these images.. Hard
The Hindu Puzzler Two nations rulting a region as partners. Where local rulers keep their title, but officials of the foreign power actually control the region. An area where a foreign nation gained complete control over another region and its population. The development of technology and industry on a large scale. The people that barged into India and took control of our land. Hard
The Holy Crossword Symbolized as a heart. 7 ways of learning. The belief and worship of God. Comes from the Greek word Biblia. A person admired for there achievements or accomplishments. Teenage
The Human Soul Word that soul is sometimes used interchangeably with . part of the soul that gives us the ability to make decisions . The most common experience that implies our immortality is _____. The face is a _____ of God . When is the soul created?. Big
The Mass Learning about the Mass A religious ceremony. Prayer of contriction. The book from which selected scriptures are read at Mass. A profession of faith. Lead the Entrance Procession and help during the Mass . Big
The Point of Your Anointing Comes only with the Holy Spirit. Never anointed with oil. Anointed and carried the _______ of the oil.. Anointing flows out of Christ's anointing. Were anointed for service. Hard
The Reformation Separate from Chuch. Government controlled by church leaders. French religious reformer. He wrote the book titled Utopia. Act of giving your allegiance to the Church of England. Hard
The Spread of Christian Ideas Separation of two most important branches of Christianity.. Byzantine missionary who carried message to Slavic people with his brother.. Churches that became known as the Roman Catholic Church.. Means to declare a person or group no longer belongs to the church.. Ruler of Kent.. Hard
The Teaching Ministry of Jesus He helped drive the British out of India.. Jesus called on the sick & the poor to have ___________.. eight guidelines to supreme happiness. Jesus didn't come to _____________ the law.. spirit of the law is a ____________ action.. Teenage
The Wise Men A very bright object in the sky. A very young child. The direction the wise men travelled. What the wise men brought with them. Method of transport for the wise men. Easy
Treasures of the Catholic Faith A failure to love God and others, rather than a deliberate act of turning away from God.. The Bible, a collection of books writen by human authors inspired by God.. The habit of doind good and wanting to do good.. The complete change that occurs at the concecration of the bread and wine at Mass.. One God in Three Divine persons-Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.. Big
Who is God The lowest part of a building. Knowing everything. a simple story used to illustrate a moral lesson. an image or other material object. Religious texts . Big
World Religions . animal that Jews and Muslims do not eat. place Christians hope to go after death. re-enacts the last supper during church services. name of the current Pope. Judaism's holy day from sunset Friday to sunset Saturday. Very Difficult
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