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Technology Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
Electric Circuits a material which does not allow electricity to flow through it. a circuit with only one loop. drawing which represents a component. makes and breaks a circuit. a circuit with more than one loop. Hard
Machines and Appliances Put the left over food in the _________ or it will spoil. . Every morning I can wake up to the smell of coffee boiling in the _____ _______. . My new Apple ________ is so light and portable I can carry it in my bag. . After I wash my hair, I use a ______ _______ to make it dry. . I lost my midterm tests so I need to use a _________ to copy it for my binder. . Big
Machines A type of pulley attached to something that doesn't move. The number of times the machine multiplies force. A simple machine consisting of two circular objects of different sizes. A simple machine that is a straight slanted surface. A type of pulley that uses both a fixed and moveable pulley. Big
Rockets and Satellites Any natural or artificial object that revolves around an object in space. Used to relay telephone calls, to measure Earth's atmosphere, and to photograph weather systems, crops, troops, and ships. A large satellite in which people can live for long periods. The first space station. Experimented with liquid fuels in the 1920s. Easy
Electric Motors When an object becomes magnetized and exerts magnetic force it's called a______. When OPPOSITE poles come together they..... The earth has a North and _____ pole . a small compact engine . He invented the first electric motor (Last Name). Older Children
Mirrors And Lenses an objects position determines whether a convex lens forms a ________ or a virtual image. an imaginary line that divides a mirror in half. a flat sheet of glass that has a smooth, silver- colored coating on one side. a concave lens can only produce _________ . the point at which rays parallel to the optical axis meet. Hard
Work, Power, Machines Mechanical advantage in the absence of friction. Rate of doing work; measured in Watts. Stored energy. 2 rigidly attached disks or cylinders, each one with a different elevation. Slanted surface along which a force moves an object to a different elevation. Easy
Fiber Optics A unit of information made up of eight bits.. Magnitued or strength of an electronic signal.. The unit for measuring electric current.. The decrease in power of a signal.. Unit of electric current or rate of flow of electricity.. Hard
Telescope to bounce an image or light back. an optical tool used to magnify distant objects. scientist who made a new kind of telescope. to study something to gain new information. astronomer who made the first telescope. Older Children
Electric Tools an electric light that you hold in your hand and point at things. apply a lubricant to. a substance that leaves signs of where it has been, for example as it passes through someone’s body. material used for preventing heat, cold, noise, or electricity from passing through something. to force something out of its original shape by bending it or turning it around. Older Children
Engines fuel used in jet engines. the most popular plane engine. engines used on tourism planes. engine only used for high speed. power the compressor. Older Children
Circuits Words to do with electrical circuits components one after the other. This controls everything. Beware of the teeth. side by side circuits. thin wire which breaks if power is too much. Older Children
Lighting The light that fills shadows, aimed opposite a key light.. A device for joining cables to each other or to instruments.. Heavily insulated wire for joining instruments to electrical outlets or to a switchboard.. The dimming of one set of lighting instruments as another set comes up.. A document prepared after the light plot; indicates what lighting changes are to take place and when.. Hard
Inside a computer what did microsoft create to make computing accessable to almost everyone. Used to point at things on the monitor. a kind of computer that is portable . a mashine that manipulates data accourding to a list of instructions. process used to communicate letters, numbers and symbols. Older Children
Bicycle parts what we use to make the wheels go around. where you might need some air. between these the wheels go. from the centre to the rim of the wheel. help us be seen in the dark. Older Children
Tires a piece of cloth that you sew over a hole in clothes, or over a part where holes might form. a strong substance that can bend easily and is used for making things such as tires and boots. a piece of equipment used for lifting and supporting a heavy object, for example a car when you are changing a tire. diminish, as by friction. hold a surface firmly and so do not slip. Older Children
Inside a Computer The act of joining or linking . The primary display screen of a computer system. A device that is physically connected to a computer. A stationary electric charge . The programs used to direct the operation of a computer. Big
Laser To _________ your microscope you need to place it where it will be during the procedure and then hit the green focus button. . The test fire should take place ________ the patient is in the room . The clear plastic tubing that is wrapped around the laser arm attaches to the micromanipulator and to the _______ machine. The micromanipulator is located in the _______ cart. To remove micromanipulator from microscope loosen the holding screw, ______ the release lever and slide the micromanipulator up and out. Big
Accidental Inventions several things mixed together. soft and sticky. to become liquid under the effect of heat. place where goods are bought and sold. to prevent transfer of electrticity, heat or sound. Big
Circuit Vocabulary anything that inhibits the transmission of energy. a circuit having its parts connected serially. an electric current flowing in one direction only. a closed circuit in which the current divides into two or more paths before combining in a complete circuit. an instrument designed to measure electric current, voltage, and usually resistance, over several ranges of value. Hard
Simple Machines Number of times a machine multiplies a force. A modification of a pulley. A straight slanted surface. Flat surface. Made of two inclined planes put together. Older Children
Engines gases or steam produced by an engine as it works. the tube in an engine that a piston moves backward and forward. chemicals and other substances that have a harmful effect on air, water, or land. a long metal bar in a vehicle’s engine that is connected to the wheels and changes power into movement. one of several parts on the outside of a wheel that fit into the holes in something such as a chain or a piece of film and pull or turn it when the wheel turns. Hard
Prehistoric Inventions This helped form modern transportation. The fibers of this organism were used in prehistoric pottery to prevent shrinking and cracking. One helpful material for prehistoric inventions. Is considered more of a discovery than an invention. Made with animal hides between 500,000-100,000 BC. Older Children
Hand Tools its two main parts are the blade and the stock.. this is used for setting out and checking distances on a work piece.. shaped in the form of the letter G.. made of cast iron, often with a quick release device.. a metal tool in the form of a pair of dividers.. Big
Computer Central Processing Unit. Moves the cursor. The main circuit board of a microcomputer. The motherboard contains the connectors for attaching additional boards. Processes the computers functions. Used to store information. Big
Computer Parts Find the Parts used to provide energy to the computer. a medium-capacity removable disk storage system. used to cool the computer. used to control the computer. data storage medium. Big
Computers Display of currently used programs. Names for small picture found in computer. Miniature version of a document. A beam of light. Base to the designing of a web page. Older Children
Telegraph means to write. short electrical signals.. equal to one dot.. long electrical signals.. method for transmitting letters,numbers and characters.. Older Children
Cellphones bird logo. status. another word for weightless. you look at it when you text. where you store your numbers. Very Difficult
Parts of the Sewing Machine My job is to keep your stitches even.. I raise and lower a foot.. Always have this at the top when you start and when you stop.. Place the spools of thread onto me.. There are usually three of us on a machine.. Hard
The Gun girl that like main character. in a state of foul decay or decomposition, as animal or vegetable matter; rotten. to coil again. to thrust or bring in without invitation, permission. a neighborhood criminal. Hard
Leonaardo da Vinici's Inventions plane. helicopter. robotic. car. lets you fall slower . Older Children
Inventions and Discoveries Someone who invents things.. This person invented the rain gauge.. This invention by Jang Yeongsil tells us the time by using the sun.. One of the boys in BE1A. To do or choose something without a specific reason or method.. Big
Studebaker Studebaker trivia economy cars. eight cylinder version. Last of the hawks. Who bought Studebaker. heater. Hard
Power Tools socket wrench power tool designed to deliver high torque output with minimal exertion by the user. completely even with no rough areas or lumps. harmed or injured. very similar to hand powered ratchet wrenches in that it has the same square drive, but an air motor is attached to turn the socket drive. Pulling the trigger activates the motor which turns the socket drive. a tool used for making a hole in something. Big
Computer Vocabulary the entire chart and all its elements. a decorative line that can be applied to worksheet cells or objects, such as charts, pictures, or text boxes.. the values that a function uses to perform operations or calculations. a set of search conditions that is used to find data. a sign that is used in comparison criteria to compare two values. Older Children
Wood working agianst the wood . establilshes a true face on a board . top of the board . vise connect to atable . saw that cuts boards at angles . Big
Refinishing Collision Used on plastics before painting . Used as a content for paint. Solvent used to clean gun. Used to clean lint from panel before painting. Used to clean panel before painting . Teenage
Simple Machines is a machine consisting of two wheels of different sizes that rotate together. is a slanted surface or ramp. is a machine that combines two or more simpple machines. is an inclined plane with two sloping sides instead of just one. is a rope wrapped around a wheel. Big
hand tools the raised line that curves around a screw. a small flat ring used for filling the space between two metal parts, for example between a surface and the top of a screw. the equipment, machines, and vehicles used in a particular area of activity. A variously shaped hand tool having a pair of pivoted jaws, used for holding, bending, or cutting. a small metal object with a hole in the middle that you screw a bolt through in order to fasten things together. Older Children
Physical Components Use a microprocessor chip as it CPU, more commonly known as PCs, combines desktops and laptops.. Component that processes data by interpreting/executing instructions that are contained in computer programs.. Groups of 8 bits.... Time between the processor initiating a request for a byte or word in memory until it is retrieved.. Temporary but fast storage.. Very Difficult
Uses of Computers in Society Allow people to maintain communities of friends who share photos, journals and interests.. Scientific application of info about humans to the design of objects, systems, and environments that humans use and interact with.. Reuse extends the lives of the products and keeps them out of waste longer.. Reduces glare allowing monitor to be used.. Theft of computer resources or use of computer systems.. Hard
Methods Engineering implies that the product remains under production’s direct control. . This system is the most common form of PMTS.. denote the fundamental motions of human activity. . is used to display a micromotion study analysis. . is defined as a complete movement ofnbody member”, such as: a hand moves from rest through space and again comes to rest.. Hard
The Origins of Type and Typography An artistic style that used exaggerated motion from 1501 to 1600. Last name of the man who designed the first italic to compliment the roman type. 17th Century style. Letters in 1406 in which competed with black letter. A book printed between before 1501. Teenage
The Camera To wind up and hold film in place. Easy to click-and-wind quickly. A button to allow a picture to be taken. Allow a flash to occur. Shows what will be in your photo when clicking shutter. Hard
Tracking On The Web The collective aspect of the set of characteristics by which a thing is definitively reconizable or known. When users opt out thinking there preventing data collection. One thousandth of a second.. Standard targeting company that uses real-time bidding.. To have force or influence; bring about an effect or a change. Big
The Media: Print and Internet e.g. Mozilla Firefox or Opera. an exact reproduction in every detail (of a book). a person that writes biography of a famous person on behalf of the person. a single sheet or folded sheets of paper giving info about something. a part of the book cover which use, when it's standing on a shelf. Teenage
Internet Memes Sayings Rainbows, Poptarts, flying?. 'Like a ____'. NOPE!. A rotating vegtable. Do this in YOUR spaceship!. Hard
Radiology The ability to take up liquids or x-rays. Examination by means of a fluoroscope. Thickness of consistency; impenetrability. Its compound are used in x-raying the digestive system . A garment, usually fastened in the back, worn over all or part of the front of the body to protect agaist radiation. Hard
Cellphones you press it when you text. another word for weightless. where you store your numbers. you look at it when you text. unsocialable. Hard
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