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Teenage Crosswords

These crosswords are made for teenage kids. They are made up of words that are often found in middle school and high school spelling lists and cover subjects of interest to teenagers. To view or print a crossword puzzle for teenagers click on its title.

Title Subject Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints
13 Little Blue Envelopes Books Restaurant Ginny's aunt decorates. Second city Ginny travels to. Boy Ginny fell for . Ginny's real name. Amount of envelopes .
13 Reason's Why Books Where Hannaha and Clay worked. What Hannah borrowed from Tony. What Clay and Hannah did at the party. What did Tyler did to Hannah. The name of the list Alex made.
1993 History Famous actress from Breakfast at Tiffany's dies. Won best actor in both Golden Globe and Academy Awards. Small toys stuffed with beans. Movie on WWII that won best film in Golden Globe. Kentucky Derby champion.
2012 ELECTION BUZZ Government and Politics amendment that gave African-Americans the right to vote. Presidential Race incumbent. generally speaking, a government party that does not side with the democrats or the republicans. They support views from both sides on separate issues . 2012 Republican Vice-Presidential Candidate. 2012 Republican Presidential candidate.
3D Shapes Math They connect the corners together and are the meeting point for the faces. The surface of a shape is called a _______. What are the meeting points for faces?. What 4 letter 3D shape has 12 edges?. A triangular ________ has 9 edges.
6 Positive Attitudes Other Name types of attitude Attitude when person is optimistic. Attitude when person is honest, open and tell people what’s on his/her mind. Attitude when person is full of life. Attitude when you learn new skills and things, your coworkers see you as person interested in your job. Attitude when person is open to new ideas, willing to listen and support others.
8th Grade List 2 Spelling Lists outward bearing or behavior. satisfy beyond desire. laughable, ridiculous. firm in will or purpose, unyielding. touchable.
A Bridge to America Books people related to you who come after you, like your kids.. a narrow body of water connecting two larger bodies of water. people who move to find work . lines on a map showing areas north and south of the equator. possible, maybe.
A Day No Pigs Would Die Books Who lives beside them, owns April. What class did Robert make a D in. Narrator . Which 'Aunt' was flipping out on Robert for making a D . Who was bullying Robert .
A Doll's House Literature and Writing Doctor's ailment. To sign another person;s name. December 25th. Country where Mr. Helmer recovered. Last name of the doctor.
A Long Walk To Water Books The place Salva sought refuge after being forced out of Ethiopia. Salva went back to Sudan to make these. The name of the river Salva had to cross from Ethiopia to Sudan. This person made many wells in Sudan . What we call the boys who came from Sudan to the United States.
A Rose for Emily Books to advance beyond proper limits. released from guilt. lasting indefinitely . to free from blame. incapable of being affected.
A Wrinkle in Time Books Chapter 3 and 4 vocabulary falling down. to go with an angry movement. huge. quality that makes a thing what it is. uncertain; doubtful.
Acts 1:8 Bible Fill in the words where they will fit. to. witnesses. shall. upon. Acts1:8.
Adjectives Spelling Lists cute as pie. wonderful, terrific, so good you can't believe it. not light. When it is sunny it is a __________ day. . When I am _________, I need to EAT!.
Africa World Geography it is when you use land. it flows the trough. a valley. a big desert. it is the heat or cold.
Alcohol and You Society A short term effect of alcohol is slurred s________.. V___________ can be a short term effect of drinking alcohol.. What organ in the body processes alcohol?. The penalty for public drinking is a $2000 f____.. Premix drinks are also known as RTD. What does this stand for?.
Alex Rider Books teenage spy. Central Intellegence Agency. spy organization. CIA agent . Country near Florida.
Alexandria History egyptian government was centered around a -----. alexander lived in the ------ age.. cleopatra's father. tutored alexander.. city founded by alexander in 332 B.C..
Algebra Math Equations that have the same solution.. For all real numbers a, b, and c.. The motion of an object moving at a constant rate.. An equation that is true for every value.. To find the mean of a set of numbers, find the sum of the numbers and divide the sum by the number of items..
Algebra Math a relation in wich every member of the domain is mapped 1 and 1 member of the range. if a graph does not change when reflected over a line or rotated around a point. a number that cannot be expressed in the form (a/b)where a and b are integers. a definition of a function by a formula in terms of the varible. a number of the term i.
Algebra I Math What difference means.. Solve for M: 14 = M + 5. What is first in the order of operations?. Solve for slope: (17, 56) M = 2. The reverse of FOIL..
Algebra Language Math a number by itself. discrete math . add all the terms . a letter or a dummy varible. symble .
Alien Invaders Science an event of scientific interest. tracking or following. the kind of plant or animal something is. a way of doing something. weather conditions.
All about rocks, minerals an mining Science a drilled sample of of rock . molten rock reaching the surface. the colour of the mark left when you scrape the mineral across a white tile . how shiny a mineral is. the study of rocks.
All About Stalls Animals What do you know about keeping a horse's home in fine shape? When a horse is stuck in the stall, this is the word used. Something you can wear to keep your hands clean. Bedding made from something you can read. Type of bedding; some horses like to eat it!. These are usually rubber and can be used to make stall more comfortable.
Allergies Health Allergies can not be ______.. Nearly half of all the _________ in the United States develop allergies.. An allergy starts when the ______ system mistakes a normally harmless substance for a dangerous invader.. If you have a severe allergy, your doctor may give you an emergency ___________ shot to carry with you at all times.. an oversensitivy to one or more common substances.
Almost Pursuaded Bible Paul Spoke to the King Name of the apostle. Name of the king. A Roman leader Paul wanted to see.. He blinded Paul on the road to Damascus. Governor of Caesarea.
American Outlaws History Jesse James was killed because his brother wanted the. People took the ... in their own hands. Frank James showed ........ around the James farm. Billy the kid was sentence to be . Jesse James brother was named.
American West World Geography mountain chain that extends from the arctic circle to the bottom of South America. deepest canyon in US. most dangerous animal in north america. largest desert in the united states. most famous in yellowstone erupts about every 80 minutes or so.
Among the Hidden Books unbelievably rich people were called. The name of the family with hair the color of sunshine. Which parent is more strict. What did the letter from the government want them to sell . What gets cut down in the beginning of the book.
Among the Hidden Books Luke reads them when he gets bored in his room. Another one of Luke's brothers. One of Luke's brothers. The government took it all down because of the new families that were moving in. A place Luke wants to go to meet friends like Matthew and Mark.
Among the Hidden Books where Jen thought she would finally be free. Luke's family's career. Luke's family had to get rid of their ____. The government destroyed the _____ to make new houses. main character.
Ancient Greece History Son of Philip the Second; became king of Macedonia after his father was assassinated. One of the most famous philosophers; had been Alexander’s private teacher. An area of land nearly surrounded by water. A place for town meetings and where farmers and craftspeople could trade. A type of government in which a small group of the richest and most powerful citizens controlled decision-making.
And Then There Were None Books Lying on the stand. Passionate. Believing in what is right. Secretly or stealthily. Evil or harm wished upon others.
Angela's Ashes Books What mam caves while sick. Malachy leaves to work for what army?. What his mam becomes. What happens to Frankie's eyes/his 'illness'. What Frankies dad is throughout the story.
Animal Farm Entertainment The enormous beast who was almost eighteen hands high. The owner of Pinchfield. One of the dogs that Napoleon transformed into an elitist guard dog. Mr. Jones' special pet. The pig who acted as Napoleon's taster in case someone tried to poison him.
Animal farm Entertainment The pig who challenges Napoleon for control of Animal Farm after the Rebellion.. The often drunk farmer who runs the Manor Farm before the animals revolution.. The cart-horse who's strength, dedication, etc., helps keep prosperity on the farm.. The other twin dog Napoleon takes to 'train'. The poet pig who writes verse about Napoleon..
April Raintree Books Cheryl _____ off a bridge.. April gets _____ to Bob.. they both are really close _____.. the main character's name is _____.. emotional distress and unhappiness.
Art Art part of a brush. How something feels.. An artist who cut off part of his ear.. Another word for to look closely. A method of printing..
Artemis Literature and Writing A Greek Goddess brother of artemis. artemis protects it. father of the twins. sister of apollo . mother of the twins.
Artemis Fowl 1 Books - Fantasy Where does Artemis live?. What kind of creature is Foaly?. How many years had it been since Holly had completed The Ritual?. What language is the Fairy Book written in?. What is Juliet's hobby/interest?.
Atmosphere Science layer of eaths atmosphere above the statosphere.. layer of earths atmosphere that is located above the troposhere and is made of primarily concentrated ozone.. energy transfer that occurs when molecuels collide.. is the upper most layer of the atmosphere.. transfer of energy by the flow of heated substances..
Australia World Geography A popular wind instrument in Australia. Another common marsupial that lives in gum trees. A famous rock in Australia that is made out of sandstone. A place in Australia that is home to many animals. A season in Australia.
Automotive Troubleshooting Transportation Used to clean corrosions on the battery. A case used to assist with injuries . This guide helps you with general knowledge about automotive troubleshooting. An instrument used to cut wire. Used to lubricate nuts and bolts.
Babylonian Empire History Which river was Babylon located?. What empire was founded around 1900 BC?. The small kingdom was inherited by_________.. The city Babylon was located on the Euphrates River west of______.. What river was the capital moves to?.
Babylonians History What was the system of writing for the Babylonians?. Who was the leader of the Babylonians?. What is the religion of the Babylonians?. What was the time period were the Babylonians rose to power?. What education would the Babylonian children received?.
Bacteria and Virus Health When an organism uses sunlight to make sugars. Method of reproduction in which 2 prokayotes exchange genetic material. Cell with a membrane surrounding the nucleus. Long single hair like apendage used by bacteria for movement. Domain of prokayotes with a cell wall.
Bacteria and Viruses Health monerans that feed on dead organic matter or on living things. a preparation of dead or weakened bacteria or viruses that produces immunity to a disease. a substance produced by microbes or fungi that can destroy bacteria or stop their growth. monerans that contain chlorophyll. any of mostly one-celled organisms in which the cell does not have a nucleus.
Bacteria, Viruses and Antibiotics Health Follwo the clues below and fill in the appropraite spaces Using too many hand sanitizers can help create ______-bugs.. Bacteria are essential to all ________.. What do antibiotics fight against, or kill?. Antibiotics are often used in _____ form.. Don't use antibiotics unless you are very, very _____..
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