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Teenage Crosswords

These crosswords are made for teenage kids. They are made up of words that are often found in middle school and high school spelling lists and cover subjects of interest to teenagers. To view or print a crossword puzzle for teenagers click on its title.

Title Subject Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints
Bank Account Reconciliation Math Rapper shot to death in Las Vegas. Amount of money n a checking account at the beginning of a statement period.. Includes all transactions that have occurred for a period of approx. one month. Deposits that have not yet appeared on the bank statement.. Where account holder records all of his transactions against his checking account.
BANKING & BUDGETING Business and Work The amount of money you allocate to pay for items, . Things you would like to have called. .. When you take money out of your bank account. . When you put money in the bank you are making a .. A safe place that holds your money for when you need it,.
Baroque Period Entertainment Word that describes the music and art of the Baroque Period. Work for Orchestra and Solo instrument. Composer of the Four Seasons. Oratorio by Handel. Composer employed by King George I.
BASIC COMPUTER SOFTWARE Technology a set of instructions that tells the computer what to do. is the main circuit board of your computer. This software runs the computer. a graphics editing program. a web browser.
Beatles Music first recorded single in 1962, composed by Lennon and McCartney (Unterberger). original member of the Quarry Men joined in 1957 (“Beatles”), collaborated with John Lennon and George Harrison to become the Beatles, singer, guitarist (Unterberger). nickname for the members of the Beatles: John, Paul, George, and Ringo (Unterberger). third to join the Quarrymen (“Beatles”), guitarist, “recorded several songs such as “He’s So Fine” is labeled as his most acclaimed record”, died in 2001 ('George Harrison”). drummer, replaced Pete Best (Unterberger).
Beauty Treatment Society Find the words tool for cutting hair that has two sharp blades with handles. a long thin mark or line that is a different colour from the surface it is on. substances used especially by women to make their faces look more attractive. a small tool with two long thin parts joined together at one end, used for pulling out hair. to form or make something form into a curved shape.
Biblical Account of Adam and Eve Bible Satan. the tendency towards sin, as a result of Original Sin. the state of complete harmony of our first parents with themselves, with each other, and with all of creation. the biblical Revelation about the origins of sin and evil in the world, expressed figuratively in the account of Adam and Eve in Genesis. source of life.
Big Time Rush Entertainment The adventurous one?. ______, likes wearing helmets.. Number of members. What do they hate?. What is Logan's full name?.
Big Time Rush songs Entertainment what song are these lyrics in? you get more beatiful every day. whoo hoo. lets throw a party in the sky. tuck you every night on the phone. we're gonna party all night.
Big Time Rush songs Entertainment what song are these lyrics in? Oh, when the lights go down in the city You'll be right there shining bright. you get more beatiful every day. whoo hoo. lets throw a party in the sky. tuck you every night on the phone.
Bill Gates Technology Where Bill Gates lived. Bill Gates current job. Bill Gates wife. A company owned by Bill Gates. this is a famous philanthropic.
Bill of Rights Government and Politics 1st. 6th. 4th. 22nd. 7th.
Biography Literature and Writing a persons life story written by someone else. careful study of a specific subject. things that are true. a persons life story written by themselves. one thing following after another.
Bioligy Science Match the correct word to the correct hint A reactant . Chemical formula for water. Making glucose by plants. organelle in plants that makes sunlight into glucose. when this hits an object it is either absorbed or reflected .
Biology Science Makes it's own food from sunlight; also known as an autotroph. A consumer that eats producers. A consumer that eats secondary consumers. Scientific study of interactions among organisms in an environment. Assemblage of different populations that live together in a defined area.
BioPsych Health Fill in words that best fit the blanks Motion blindness is _______ related. Higher peak _______ was measured in athletes compared to non-athletes. CIPA: Congenital Insensitivity to Pain with ___________. Inability to recognize objects despite otherwise satisfactory vision: Visual _______. Ratio of rods:cones converging in the optic nerve is about _______ : one.
Black Death Health How many people died in every 3. how the pneumonic plague spread. symptom of day one. Symptom of day two. the method of transport which carried the rats to Europe.
Blood Red Ochre Entertainment Fill in the blanks using words from the chapters of the novel. 19. In what other country do we find aboriginal peoples?. 8. David learned that a skeleton had been uncovered where?. 3. The pendant was what to the Beothuk.. 14. A steamy bathroom can be compared to what in the novel?. 2. Who gave David the pendant?.
Blues Clues -ible and -able Crossword Literature and Writing Complete the Crossword Able to exist together harmoniously . Capable of existing, taking place, or proving to be true. Pleasing; pleasant. Able to be agreed. Liable to or deserving punishment.. That can or might be corrupted..
BODY IMAGE Body persons with ___________ disorder often eat a very large amount of food and feel out of control while doing so.. __________ is a condition in which a person starve themselves in order to loose weight. showing__________ is one way to help someone with an eating disorder. a condition in which a person eats a very small amount of food or extremely large amounts of food is called ______. ________ themselves the way they are will help teen improve their body image..
Bond Girls Movies Your father did not call you that. Orange bikini but not entirely cheesy. Casino Royale. Live and Let Die, it's in the cards.. Landed in a pool, kinda lucky.
Bond Songs Movies Bond Theme Songs Madonna vs. Madonna. Shirley Bassy's first Bond Song. Tina and Famka in Soviet Union. Don't need love, for what is love good for. Adele and graveyards.
Books of the Bible Bible Swallowed by a fish. Son of Amoz. Invasion of locusts. Means 'Yahweh Remembers'. Lord's anger against Nineveh.
Breastfeeding Health _________ feeding can prevent engorgement.. _________ makes milk.. Correct latch makes ____ flow better. . Breastfeeding decreases baby’s risk of readmission to hospital related to respiratory and gastrointestinal _____________. . _____________ is a learning experience for mom and baby. .
Bridge To Terabithia Entertainment What company published bridge to terabithia?. What show did jess watchthat changed the way he started before running?. What company moved the burkes?. What public holiday did school start the day after?. What is the name of jess' school?.
Bridge To Terabithia Entertainment What did leslie give Jess for Christmas.. Jess asked who for permission to go to the art gallery.. What did Jess give leslie for christmas.. leslie father. Which month did it rain..
Bridge to Terabithia 7 Movies ...Paterson. The author of the book.. ...Creek Elementary School.. Jess and Leslie build one in the woods.. Jess and Leslie use this to swing across the creek.. This is the name of Leslie's father..
British Empire History A place in the British Empire furthest away from Britain (9). British ------ (6). The slave trade act was passed to ------- (7). The first place in the British Empire to demand (but fail to get) independency (5). Many white people were this to their black slaves (6).
business Business and Work Amount of Pay you earn before any deductions are made. Tax paid on business profits. This principle states that you cannot make a profit from insurance . An entrepreneur must be will to take this in order to set up a business. Coming up with new ideas.
Business Application Business and Work Identify the software or application Accounting Software. Business Software Suite. Messages and files sent via a network such as the internet. Personal Information Manager. a note taking software.
Capacity to Contract Business and Work Generally, the contracts of individuals lacking capacity are.... The three most common necessities are food, clothing and ________________.. Minors that misrepresent their age may be guilty of the tort . The ability to understand the consequences of a contract.. A person under the age of minority..
Capital cities World Geography Saniago is the capital. The capital of Venezuela. San Jose is its capital city. Cuba's capital. Capital of Jamaica.
Capitals of Spanish speaking countries World Geography Write the capital for the country given Colombia. Cuba. Chile. Costa Rica. Mexico.
Capitals of Spanish speaking countries World Geography Write the capital for the country given Uruguay. El Salvador. Venezuela. Honduras. Guatemala.
Capitals of Spanish speaking countries World Geography Write the capital for the country given Uruguay. El Salvador. Venezuela. Honduras. Guatemala.
Cardiovascular Respiratory Diseases Health immediate treatment for a stroke is. What is the name of the test you take to diagnose the disease?. what scan shows if there is bleeding in the brain?. the goal of treatments for Cor Pulmonale is too. high blood pressure is one cause of.
Cardiovascular System Body Use the definitions given to complete the crossword puzzle below. Inflammation of the vein, resulting in blood clots forming within the vein.. Inflammation of the muscle layer of the heart wall.. Periodic ischemic attacks affecting the extremities of the body.(i.e Fingers, toes, ears and nose).. Inflammation of several ateries.. A deposit of fatty substance in the wall of an atery, also called plaque..
Cardiovascular System Pathology Body symptoms: a squeezing pain or heavy pressure in the middle of the chest (angina pectoris). results in weakness, breathlessness, and edema.. disease of the myocardium. the cusps or flaps of the heart valve are too loose and fail to shut tightly...... extremely serious arrhythmia characterized by an abnormal quivering or contraction of heart fibers..
Career Decisions Business and Work is a series of related jobs or achievements through which a person progresses in a particular fiels.. enables eployees to work the hours that suit them best.. natural talents. is a paid or unpaid shor-term job offered to a student whi is interesed in entering a particular filed. work form home using communication links to the workplace.
Careers Business and Work Read the description and write down the career for each provides medical care. installs and repairs electrical circuits. changes one language to another. defends people in court. studies rocks.
Cask of Amontillado Books Main conversation topic. The cause of Fortunato's death. What Fortunato did to the author. Where Fortunato and the narrator met. Where Fortunato was when he died .
Causal Argument Society Infers a general conclusion based on a limited number of specific facts. Explain recurrences if the same phenomenon. Does not mean causation. Inductive reasoning only give______truths. Takes the ”after this therefore because of this” idea.
Celestial Bodies Science sometimes called a falling star. a meteor that reaches Earth. arms come off the bar. a celestial body naturally found in orbit. eventually becomes a meteor and then a meteorite.
Cell Structure and Function Body expelling substances from the cell. fibres composed of protein and DNA. makes up part of the bi layer of the cell membrane. will pass easily out of the lungs through diffusion. responsible for packaging and directing newly made proteins.
Cells Body Microscope that magnifies by focusing beams of electrons. Fluid-filled area of the cell used for storage. Sometimes called the Nuclear Envelope. Stores food or pigment molecules. Small, round structures that make proteins using genetic information from the nucleus.
Cells Body Plants need this to get glucose.. A group of cells working together.. An organism with one cell is called this.. A type of aquatic cell.. Robert Hooke came up with this. {2 words}.
CELLS Body captures energy and produces food. storage system (food,water,waste etc.). consists of only one cell. a cell in your body that gets rid of bacteria. the power house of a cell.
Cells and Oraganelles Science Biology the smallest unit in the body. packages and ships proteins. contains a flagella for movement. controls the cell activities. protein synthesis.
Cells and Organs Body The organ which pumps blood around the body. The organ where urine is stored. This controls the cell and contains genetic information. How many extra parts do plant cells have compared to animal cells. The system containing the stomach and intestines.
Change of Heart Books Bournes lawyer. Bourne was not _______. Bourne '______' Lucius. Good guy with speech a impediment. Mother of Elizabeth .
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