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Teenage Crosswords

These crosswords are made for teenage kids. They are made up of words that are often found in middle school and high school spelling lists and cover subjects of interest to teenagers. To view or print a crossword puzzle for teenagers click on its title.

Title Subject Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints
The Maze Runner Books - Science Fiction felling expression or joy. thertening , informal nuicence. make or show to be invalid. to say something abrubtly. feeling or showing tiredness.
The Destructors Books Impatient. Unplanned. How many boys are in the Wormsley Common gang?. On what day do the boys meet to destroy the house?. Fronts of buildings.
The Roar Books a tube of metal, cardboard, and metal, or plastic containg a charge of explosive and, usually, shot or a bullet, for use in a fire arm. a small, mouselike artic animal having greyish or brownish fur, a short tail, and furry feet. a dead body, especially of a human being. not adequate; not enough; not as much as is needed. a member of the cabinet who is in charge of the goverment department.
The Mark of Athena Books A short sword. Gold. The Senate and People of Rome . Possessing spirit. Grain spirits.
The Killing Television Concerning the profession or activity. A fine dispevsion of minute droplets of one liquid in another in which it is not soluble or miscible. A view of or attude toward a situation or event. To become limp. To move unsteadly.
Wrush Books a word used to identify any of a class of people. a long, large piece of timber. trying; an effert. not hiding what is in ones mind. over come completely.
The Secret Garden Books lark that sings while soaring in great height. openpporch attached to a house. resting place for a bird. smiling and happy. to a degrea that erouses pity.
Trials of Death Books enjoyable. to bare without resisrance. an angry stare. moving nervously or impatient. to overcome with horror.
Far North Literature and Writing soaked. steam or heat. fall in shock. up right window. without lifting your feet.
The Mark of Athena Books A short sword. Gold. The Senate and People of Rome . Grain spirits. Silver.
Beatles Music first recorded single in 1962, composed by Lennon and McCartney (Unterberger). original member of the Quarry Men joined in 1957 (“Beatles”), collaborated with John Lennon and George Harrison to become the Beatles, singer, guitarist (Unterberger). nickname for the members of the Beatles: John, Paul, George, and Ringo (Unterberger). third to join the Quarrymen (“Beatles”), guitarist, “recorded several songs such as “He’s So Fine” is labeled as his most acclaimed record”, died in 2001 ('George Harrison”). drummer, replaced Pete Best (Unterberger).
New Moon Books the ones that are new to being a vampire . meaning there going to be alive forever because there vampire . the vampire that only his freireds know that he is . vampires can not be in the sun they sparkal . jab or any of the pack is in love with one person and the others cant hurt them no mater what .
13 Little Blue Envelopes Books Restaurant Ginny's aunt decorates. Second city Ginny travels to. Boy Ginny fell for . Ginny's real name. Amount of envelopes .
The House of the Scorpion Books wanting to cause pain, injury, or distress to another. prevented or hindered; excluded. being given a long lecture or scolding. done in an excited, restless, or uncontrolled manner. without hope or encourgement; depressing; a bleak future.
Don't Look Behind You Books identity april uses on the plane . guy who likes val . grandma. where the corrigans came from . aprils new friend .
Cask of Amontillado Books Main conversation topic. The cause of Fortunato's death. What Fortunato did to the author. Where Fortunato and the narrator met. Where Fortunato was when he died .
If There Be Thorns Books Something you keep hidden. A mean feeling. A classical dance. You wouldn't want to touch this. Your favourite old lady.
Career Decisions Business and Work is a series of related jobs or achievements through which a person progresses in a particular fiels.. enables eployees to work the hours that suit them best.. natural talents. is a paid or unpaid shor-term job offered to a student whi is interesed in entering a particular filed. work form home using communication links to the workplace.
The 39 Clues: The Maze of Bones Books The location of the second clue. The number of Branches in the Cahill family. The name of Dan and Amy's Grandmother. The name of Dan and Amy's au pair. what Alistair Oh invented.
If There Be Thorns Books A type of tool. A mean emotion. Something kept hidden. A type of dance. To do wrong.
Dooms Day Books Book by Connie Willis She 'traveled' to 1342. Deadly plague of 14th century. _____ book blends science fiction with historical reconstruction. Agnes' dog. Fictional type of travel.
Eating Disorders Health Eats excessively and purges food later on by use of laxatives, diet pills, or excessive exercise.. Otherwise not specified. May have many, but not all characteristics of the other disorders.. Victims of eating disorder can avoid or excessively consume this.. A person's ____ _____ is altered greatly if he or she is under the influence of the four types of eating disorders. . Eats excessively but does not purge food..
Pies Food beaten egg whites. to form the edge of the crust with your fingers. a type of corn product used for fruit pies that will be frozen. to bake a pie crust in advance; baked upside down in a pie tin. to sprinkle flour on pie crust before rolling out.
The Sugar Sweet Food Sugar is always ____________.. Sugar contains ______________.. C6 H12 O6. Sugar is a _____________.. Name of this cereal..
House of Night Books Used to be leader of Dark Daughters. Nefret's Consort,. Warrior that Aphrodite is involved with. Where Stark went to get Zoey after her soul was shattered. Twin with the affinity for fire.
Theatre Key Terms Entertainment Most likely in the middle of the audience. Most always up high . Most used as a projector screen . The most common stage . This stage doesn’t allow big sets.
The Crucible Books steadily lessening. sharp; painful. suffer ill health. persons who put on false appearances of virtue or religion. servile; cringing manner of one very conscious of a subordinate position.
Touching Spirit Bear Books - Childrens Literature Who try's to fill out a lawsuit to have abuse charge's droped and to get custody of Cole?. Peter and Cole carve the same totem of what ? . What did Cole throw up after eating, and then took out the chunk's to eat ?. What did Peter see after beating up Cole ?. What did Cole give to Peter that Cole got from Garvey when he first got on the island ?.
The Pigman Books Pigman. Who Dennis was told not to invite to the party. Mr Pignati's animal friend. Main character girl. Why Mr Pignati was in the hospital.
A Bridge to America Books people related to you who come after you, like your kids.. a narrow body of water connecting two larger bodies of water. people who move to find work . lines on a map showing areas north and south of the equator. possible, maybe.
The Houdini Box Books magician in the story. disappeared. person who uses illusions to entertain. main character. fell to pieces; decayed.
Folk Music Music 'The ____________ Spangled Banner'. 'John _______________ '. Instrument often heard in Cowboy songs. Sad songs sung by slaves. '_______________ Doodle'.
Slumdog Millionaire Movies a weapon made to explode when it hits sth. a place where aircraft arrive and leave, espcially military or private aircraft. the character played by a particular actor in a film. a room or set of rooms with very strong walls built underground as a shelter against bombs. an injury in which your skin is damaged .
What Maisie Knew Books What Henry James' writing was compared to. Mr. Beale's second wife. Where the book ends (Place). Main character. Author.
The Color Purple Books at the end who surprisingly visits Celie (3 words). 'Squeak' also known as _____ ______ wants to go home with Celie and Shug to be a singer (2 words). Celie's real dad, Alphonso, died and she ended up with his . Albert wanted Nettie, but Alphonso says he cant because shes too. after Celie found Nettie's letters, she was tempted to kill him while she was _______ him.
The Color Purple Books ________ also known as 'Squeak', wants to go home with Shug and Celie to be a singer (2 words). Celie's real dad Alphonso died, and she ended up with his. Albert wanted Nettie, but Alphonso denied because shes. after Celie finds Nettie's letters she tries to kill Albert while shes _______ him. After standing up for herself to the mayor, Sofia is sentenced to.
Hero's Journey Books Someone who guides you. The revelation. What you go on in this journey. Death & rebirth. The beginning.
BANKING & BUDGETING Business and Work The amount of money you allocate to pay for items, . Things you would like to have called. .. When you take money out of your bank account. . When you put money in the bank you are making a .. A safe place that holds your money for when you need it,.
The Book Thief Books Leisel's age.. Hans Hubermann's son, member of Nazi Party.. The protagonist.. The war that Leisel is involved in.. Number of books Leisel gets on her birthday..
The Menstrual Cycle Health 1.The release of an egg from an ovary. . 8.A small secretory gland. 5.Oestrogen is a.... 7.This organ is also known as the womb. 6.The ______ of the uterus is shed once a month.
A Long Walk To Water Books The place Salva sought refuge after being forced out of Ethiopia. Salva went back to Sudan to make these. The name of the river Salva had to cross from Ethiopia to Sudan. This person made many wells in Sudan . What we call the boys who came from Sudan to the United States.
The Digestive System Body performs over 500 different jobs. the process in which our body breaks down food and delivers nutrients. loop-like structures in the small intestine. removes water and salts. produces bile which breaks down fat.
Choosing a Career Business and Work the unique blend of qualities that defines an individual. an occupation to which you have made a long-term commitment. set of tasks you accomplish while you work. letter of introduction that you send with your resume to a potential employer. terminating employees to cut expenses.
Investing Business and Work Sponsor of a college savings plan. Borkerage firm with most offices nationally. Change traditional IRA to a roth. Emergency money might be kept in _____. Retirement account for after-tax dollars.
Eating Concerns Mental Health Assistance by someone trained to guide someone through their issues. Obesity percentages for this age group has increased dramatically over the years. Compulsive eating, unable to stop even when full. A lack or loss of appetite for food. Fearful of gaining weight. Contributing factor; people compare themselves to the people in magazines, online, or on TV.
Refinishing Collision Technology Used on plastics before painting . Used as a content for paint. Solvent used to clean gun. Used to clean lint from panel before painting. Used to clean panel before painting .
Clothing and Grooming Society A type of store that gives part of the sale price to the original owner.. A process that cleans fabrics using special liquids instead of water.. Treatment applied to fabrics to produce a certain look, feel, or performance.. Items that complete an outfit.. A way to wash a garment..
The Clockwork Three Books someone who makes music.. a church. something used to cut another thing. you have to have this to get on a boat. Giuseppe found this violin one day.
Go Big or Go Home Television Try your Best to answer all of our Meteor-Bite questions! The nickname they gave their inflatable boat they went fishing on.. Dr Rip's antidote was made out of this. The name of the bacteria that the Meteorite gave off. Brady 's cousin name and his best friend. This the thing that the Cravers were building in their backyard.
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