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Teenage Crosswords

These crosswords are made for teenage kids. They are made up of words that are often found in middle school and high school spelling lists and cover subjects of interest to teenagers. To view or print a crossword puzzle for teenagers click on its title.

Title Subject Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints
Ed Sheeran Music What is his favorite toy to play with?. What Country was he born in?. What word does he have tattooed on his arm?. What are Ed's fans are called. Who is his favorite rapper?.
Artemis Fowl 1 Books - Fantasy Where does Artemis live?. What kind of creature is Foaly?. How many years had it been since Holly had completed The Ritual?. What language is the Fairy Book written in?. What is Juliet's hobby/interest?.
Outsiders Books Silliest of the group, loves to talk. The car that the greaser's know means the Soc's are coming. Fights between greasers and socs. the title of the novel we are reading. Sodapop's best friend who doesn't like Ponyboy.
Among the Hidden Books where Jen thought she would finally be free. Luke's family's career. Luke's family had to get rid of their ____. The government destroyed the _____ to make new houses. main character.
The Cay Books The word they spelled on the beach in stones.. Name of the cook's cat.. A tropical bird.. Where Mr. Enright worked.. Facing forward, the left hand side of a ship..
The Outsiders Books Bad tempered. A declaration of doing a crime. The feeling of being annoyed. Really emotional. An upset feeling.
Teenage Years Society Crossword Puzzle The ability to keep trying even though something may be very difficult. Extra Curricular Activities. A strong belief in the value of work. This is another word for your teenage years.. A person between the ages of 13 and 19.
The Cay Books Based on the book by Theodore Taylor The German ships. Timothy's Pet. What bit Phillip when he was fishing?. The town in Curacao. Who started the war on the island?.
The Outsiders Books large-flowered garden plant derived chiefly from the wild pansy of Europe and having velvety petals of various colors. a tuft of hair in a different direction from the rest. a horse of light tan or golden color. concussion. having a difficult and contrary disposition.
The Perks of Being a Wallflower Books What is Charlie's favorite class?. How did Charlie meet his friends?. What did I rate this book?. Describe Charlie's personality.. What format is this book in?.
Maniac Magee Books The star quarterback. What Amanda kept in her suitcase. What the East and the West ends are called . John McNab's gang's name. What is Maniac's main skill. He is ____..
Walk Two Moons Books Salamanca's brave grandparents. Salamanca's respectable grandparents. Ms. Cadaver's job. Salamanca's grandmother's name on the Pickford side of her family. Salamanca's friend.
The Last Olympian Books Use the clues to determine where the key words fit into the crossword. the ship that Beckendorf and Percy blew up. Percy battles Luke/Kronos and wins, but Luke was able to kill himself by stabbing himself in the armpit. a demigod; helps Percy on his mission to destroy the Princess Andromeda. The author of the Percy Jackson series. a demigod; son of Poseidon.
The Adventures of Vin Fiz Books Fill in the words from the clues! Lacey warned him about Chief and his gang.. The name given for the twin's plane.. The express which was high-jacked and stolen.. The man who built the 'grow big' machine.. The brother of Chief..
Imaginary Girls Books ruby's 'new' boyfriend. ruby let 9 of these go. chloe went to stay with her dad and ______ for 2 years. main character. ruby and chloe's mom.
Divergent Movies Erudite transfer. The honest. He was given the opportunity to become one of the leaders of Dauntless but refused. Someone who can belong to more than one faction. The brave.
Alex Rider Books teenage spy. Central Intellegence Agency. spy organization. CIA agent . Country near Florida.
The House of the Scorpion 1 Botany A tiny unborn human. The boy clone. This looked like lemon soda. A tool used to pull out slivers. An exact copy of another living being.
Doll Bones Books Something that is NOT allowed.. A river that borders Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, Kentucky, Indiana, and Illinois.. When you are ready to face/endure danger or pain.. The spirit of someone dead.. An activity you play/do for your own enjoyment..
Everlost Books everlost monster. all the children in everlost. mary's slave. what allie tries to 'teach' the mcgill. boat at the pier.
Business Application Business and Work Identify the software or application Accounting Software. Business Software Suite. Messages and files sent via a network such as the internet. Personal Information Manager. a note taking software.
Ferris Bueller's Day Off Movies The act of destroying or the state of being destroyed; destruction. Follow what is generally held to be the correct line of behavior.. To get caught . Allow the existence, occurrence, or practice of (something that one does not necessarily like or agree with) without interference.. An amusing situation or person..
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Music Hardcore punk hip-hop band the ________ Boys were inducted in 2012. _____ day is an angsty punk band and lead singer Billie Joel Armstrong where inducted in 2015.. Infamously their latest album was uploaded to every iTunes account worldwide for free. Run______. Known famously for the Dick _______ Rockin’ New Year’s Eve, as host of American Bandstand in the early ‘60s he earned himself a spot in the museum for leading the way of Rock n’ Roll through media. .
Paper Towns Movies let's see if you can find these words! Obvious and dull. Conceited. Take a position of power legally. A hint. to hand down.
When You Reach Me Books kisses Miranda. sandwiches. wears one platform shoe. hidden in the fire hose. always brings bags of potato chips.
13 Reason's Why Books Where Hannaha and Clay worked. What Hannah borrowed from Tony. What Clay and Hannah did at the party. What did Tyler did to Hannah. The name of the list Alex made.
The Crucible Books a farmer; dislikes hypocrisy; a lecher. a severe trial. reverend in whose home the story begins. the Putnam's fat, sly, meciless girl servant. sevant of the Proctor's.
Among the Hidden Books Luke reads them when he gets bored in his room. Another one of Luke's brothers. One of Luke's brothers. The government took it all down because of the new families that were moving in. A place Luke wants to go to meet friends like Matthew and Mark.
The Last Song Books By: Nicholas Sparks Ronnie's 10 year old brother . Bumps in to Ronnie on the beach. Ronnie's mother . Bad boy and fireball thrower. Ronnie's father .
Driver Distractions Other Driver distraction is a _______ problem, and we all have a role in solving it. 34 percent of teens that text and drive and don't think they will get _____ .. Longer commutes, heavier _________ and in-vehicle technology all contribute to driver distraction.. Multitasking takes your __________ away from driving and is extremely dangerous. . Adjust controls - radio, _______, seat, AC - only when stopped or before driving..
Angela's Ashes Books What mam caves while sick. Malachy leaves to work for what army?. What his mam becomes. What happens to Frankie's eyes/his 'illness'. What Frankies dad is throughout the story.
Unwind Books The camp no one wants to attend. The name Connor and Risa give the storked baby they found. Body parts. What everyone saw Connor as. Another name for the cops.
Among the Hidden Books unbelievably rich people were called. The name of the family with hair the color of sunshine. Which parent is more strict. What did the letter from the government want them to sell . What gets cut down in the beginning of the book.
Holocaust History Nazi symbol.. Religion of Jewish people.. Secret state of Nazi Soldiers in Europe.. Extreme cruelty.. Hitler's superior race..
The Color of Water Books Ruth accepted to have dinner with Rocky, because he is quite _______. (P.174). Who is the man that Ruth had adventure with before she met Dennis?. What’s the title of chapter 10?. Who had white hats cover their faces with tow tittle eyeholes cut out so they could see?. What’s the name of place where white and black had a party?.
A Doll's House Literature and Writing Doctor's ailment. To sign another person;s name. December 25th. Country where Mr. Helmer recovered. Last name of the doctor.
A Wrinkle in Time Books Chapter 3 and 4 vocabulary falling down. to go with an angry movement. huge. quality that makes a thing what it is. uncertain; doubtful.
The Serpent's Shadow Books Dead or looks dead. Watching a person or situation very carefully so that you will notice any problems or signs of danger immediately. A situation in which you have to make a difficult decision. A feeling of sympathy for someone who is in a bad situation because you understand and care about them. To break something into very small pieces, or to be broken into very small pieces.
Evolution Science the formation of new and distinct species in the course of evolution.. the reduced genetic diversity that results when a population is descended from a small number of colonizing ancestors.. the theory that changes in the earth's crust during geological history have resulted from the action of continuous and uniform processes. the total number of fossils that have been discovered, as well as to the information derived from them. the gradual development of something, usually from a simple to a more complex form..
Common Litigation Terminology Business and Work A numbered list of legal allegations, with specific details about application of the governing law to each count. The person or company being sued. Court where the lawsuit is filed. The person filing the lawsuit. A formal written statement that admits or denies the allegations in the complaint and sets forth any available affirmative defenses.
Hush, Hush Books What subject did Patch and Nora meet? . Who is at the verge of dying in the school library? . Who is Nora's best friend?. Who does Nora fall in love with?. What's Nora blood condition? .
And Then There Were None Books Lying on the stand. Passionate. Believing in what is right. Secretly or stealthily. Evil or harm wished upon others.
John Mellencamp Music NO SPACES What is his biggest hit song?. What was he?. What month was he married?. What instrument did he play?. What did John love to do?.
Ever After Movies what was the name of the nasty step sister?. Who did Danieille fall in love with?. What book was this movie based off?. Name of the movie?. was there a glass slipper in this movie?.
Bridge to Terabithia 7 Movies ...Paterson. The author of the book.. ...Creek Elementary School.. Jess and Leslie build one in the woods.. Jess and Leslie use this to swing across the creek.. This is the name of Leslie's father..
Teething Health The pointy teeth. A mineral used to build strong teeth.. The number of teeth we are born with. A natural acid not good for teeth. A teething _______can be used for pain relief.
A Day No Pigs Would Die Books Who lives beside them, owns April. What class did Robert make a D in. Narrator . Which 'Aunt' was flipping out on Robert for making a D . Who was bullying Robert .
The Wave Books Concentration camp build by the Nazis to kill people quickly.. School in Palo Alto, California were the Wave experiment took place.. The students used this when they saw each other.. Principal of Gordon High.. A strange boy in the class who thinks the Wave is great..
The Value of Upcycling Earth Sciences very big; enormous. the long, dried stems of plants such as wheat; also a thin plastic or paper tube used to drink. something of value. how useful or important something is; how much money something could be sold for. a picture made with small pieces of colored stones, glass, tiles, etc..
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