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Teenage Crosswords

These crosswords are made for teenage kids. They are made up of words that are often found in middle school and high school spelling lists and cover subjects of interest to teenagers. To view or print a crossword puzzle for teenagers click on its title.

Title Subject Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints
US Constitution Government and Politics three words which expresses self government. reviews/interprets the laws. advises the president. first ten amendments. enforces the laws.
crossword Other done intentionally. emotions. guarding a place. feeling extreme anger. disagreement.
PUZZLE TIME! Entertainment (Word Ladders1 p. 50-60) Opposite of wild.. You find this on your bathroom walls.. When food spoils it will do this.. Use this to clean the floor.. You hang your coat on this..
The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe Literature and Writing Unthreacherous sacrifice. Chief of the secret police for the white witch. Gives gifts to the beavers and the children. Different world. The Kings and Queens of Narnia.
Did God Really Say Religion Crossword what adam and eve tried to do when they heard God coming. Every good thing we have comes from..... Adam's wife. what Philippians 2:14 says is a secret to learn. what we should be about what we already have.
Breastfeeding Health _________ feeding can prevent engorgement.. _________ makes milk.. Correct latch makes ____ flow better. . Breastfeeding decreases baby’s risk of readmission to hospital related to respiratory and gastrointestinal _____________. . _____________ is a learning experience for mom and baby. .
OLYMPICS Sports How many years are there between olympic games. Where was the 1992 olympics held. What 1960 Olympic champion lit the torch to start Atlanta's 1996 Olympic festivities. What new women's team sport was played on sand at the 1996 summer Olympics. Which country won the most medal in the 2008 olympics.
World War 1 Crossword History By Beatrice Hernandez A blade adapted to fit the muzzle end of a rifle and used as a weapon in close combat.. A person educated and trained to care for the sick or disabled. A vessel that is capable of operating submerged.. The world's smallest continent, southeast of Asia between the Pacific and Indian oceans.. the place in which gallipoli is found.
Contagion Health -live. -method of muliplying microbial organisms by letting them reproudce in a controled environment in a lab. -how communicable diseases move from one place to another. Center for _____________ Control-protects public health and provides safety. -flowering plant in the olive family.
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Television season 3 episode 2. been Captain for 12 years. season 1 episode 1. moved to svu from narcotics. ADA after Alex Cabot.
All About Stalls Animals What do you know about keeping a horse's home in fine shape? When a horse is stuck in the stall, this is the word used. Something you can wear to keep your hands clean. Bedding made from something you can read. Type of bedding; some horses like to eat it!. These are usually rubber and can be used to make stall more comfortable.
The Three Musketeeers Literature and Writing Complete The Puzzle The musketeers strived to save the queen's _____. In The Beginning, ______ had ran into three musketeers.. The Country This Story Takes Place In. For Saving the queen's honor, Dartagnan's reward was a _____.. The musketeer who once loved milady..
Genetics: 'Building Blocks' Health Answer the puzzle below: the smallest part of a living being. a cell's protein factories found in all cells. protein machines that break down food into simple chemicals. tiny power plants working inside every cell. built like DNA but without the double twist.
The Magic Human Eye Body Look carefully at the clues provided and try to solve the crossword! Short sightedness . The bending of light as it passes from one substance to another.. Far sightedness . The point in space where parallel light rays meet after passing through the lens or bouncing off the mirror. . A lens having at least one surface curved like the inner surface of a sphere..
the hunger games trilogy Literature and Writing the head gamekeeper who accompanies katniss in books 2&3(2 words). katniss was______when her dad died. what katniss volunteers to be in book three. the male district three tribute in the third quarter quell. the city that the capitol was said to be near.
Mythology Literature and Writing greek god of the wild. greek god of love. egyptian god of war. hindu god of fire . norse god of war.
hunger games crossword Literature and Writing Home is that _________.. A ______ comes out of a gun at very fast speeds. A _____ is where people fight.. Running long distances makes me _________.. He has turned ______..
Sherlock Holmes- The Engineer's Thumb Literature and Writing . go left is a _______. stretched arm and hand. fake money. belief or judgement. on fire.
Soil Communities Science Find the word that fits and that best matches the clue given. These microbes live in soil and fix nitrogen.. This is when soil is worn away because of forces such as wind or water.. This fun guy has symbiotic relationships with plants so that they grow larger.. This type of soil can act as a toxin barrier because it's very slippery.. Many of these live in burrows under the soil..
Sherlock Holmes Books very angry. a sudden feeling. convince. insist. reason.
SAINTS ALIVE! Religion Fill in the Saint or word that applies to a saint based on the clue for that number and direction An article of clothing of the Carmelites, but the small version represents dedication to Mary an desire to imitate her virtues.. Grandfather of Jesus and father of Mary. Saint who suffered martyrdom at 11 years old and known for forgiving her assassin on her deathbed.. We are not saints yet - we are saints ' __-___-______'. Number of men Jesus chose to be His Apostles.
Malaysia World Geography Malaysia Day is held every 16 _____________ every year to mark the joining together of Malaya, North Borneo, Sarawak, and Singapore to form Malaysia. Tun ___________ was the fourth prime minister of Malaysia. This tree was introduced as commercial agriculture by the British during their colonization in Malaya. This island was founded by Captain Francis Light of the British East India Company in 1786. It was named Price of Wales Island. It is now a state within Malaysia. What is its modern name?. The flag of Malaysia also known as Jalur ____________.
The Treaty of Waitangi History He vistied NZ in 925?. Maori name for New Zealand?. A New Zealander of European descent?. The ship that James Cook came on?. The Waitangi __________ was set up in 1975..
US Constitution Government and Politics makes federal law. person who wrote the Independence. capital of kentucky. fought for women's rights. the ocean in the west coast.
Sherlock Holmes Books answered. many things. objects to solve a case. spy. scared.
Invasive Species Animals These critters can be found in the soil & gardens. these green things that have flowers can be invasive species too . This _ _ _ _ _ _ loosestrife is an invasive plant species . this word means an animal or plant that invades a new territory. control that is done by putting up structures and barriers, or by pulling weeds.
Math Vocabulary Math take away. the left side of the number line. the space inside an object. letters used in math. distance around an object.
Force & Motion Science A Passenger in a moving train tosses a coin which falls behind him. This shows that the motion of train is_________.. Quantity which is measured by the area occupied under the velocity-time graph.. Property of a substance which Resist any change in its state of rest or motion.. Changes continuously in uniform circular motion.. A rocket works on the principle of conservation of _____________..
Tom Sawyer Vocabulary Spelling Lists high station, rank, or repute. energetic; forceful. vanishing; fading away; fleeting. personal behavior; way of acting; bearing or deportment. a person who shares in one's activities, occupation, etc.; companion, associate, or friend.
Geology Science A type of sedimentary rock made up of stones/particles pressed together by waves/water. Conglomerate is often found in large expanses or beds. . One of the three main rock types, formed from the cooling and hardening of magma.. A type of igneous rock and the most common rock type in the earth's crust and makes up most of the ocean floor.. One of the three main rock types, formed deep within the earth, where rock material changes after being subjected to intense heat and pressure (squeezing). . An opening in the earth's surface that allows hot magma, ash, and gases to escape from deep below the surface. .
Computer Terms Other A programmable machine (input and output devices, CPU. A program file; Word, Excel, Internet Explorer, MS Paint, etc.... Instructions that you give to the computer. This enables us to send text across the Internet. Keyboard, Microphone and Mouse.
Big Time Rush Entertainment The adventurous one?. ______, likes wearing helmets.. Number of members. What do they hate?. What is Logan's full name?.
The Scarlet Letter Books __________ was the illegtimate daughter of Hester.. Mr. Dimmesdale was a __________.. Hester stood on the __________ in front of all the towns people.. Hester and Pearl lived in a cabin in the __________.. Hester makes gloves for __________..
US constitution Government and Politics wrote decleration of Independence. interprets law. father of nation. head of the executive. supreme law of the land.
French Revolution European History the dynasty of kings during the time before the french revolution. palace of the king during the reign of Louis XIV to XVI. government between 1794-1799. what the third estate transformed into. middle classmen that were lawyer, docter, or people with other well paying jobs.
Bacteria, Viruses and Antibiotics Health Follwo the clues below and fill in the appropraite spaces Using too many hand sanitizers can help create ______-bugs.. Bacteria are essential to all ________.. What do antibiotics fight against, or kill?. Antibiotics are often used in _____ form.. Don't use antibiotics unless you are very, very _____..
Linear Equations Math the highest power of a variable. The inverse of Addition. The positive integers together with 0. an equation with 4 or more terms . The inverse of division.
The Color of Water Chapters 1-9 Books to express sympathy. to imitate. a casual lack of concern. something that can be traded, anything that meets a need. unable to make mistakes.
Computers Technology the first progmrammer. the acronym for 'Graphic User Interface'. manipulates, operates, and analyzes the output generated by the computer. the cycle of input, processing and output. one of the two basic types of monitor and generally more affordable.
3D Shapes Math They connect the corners together and are the meeting point for the faces. The surface of a shape is called a _______. What are the meeting points for faces?. What 4 letter 3D shape has 12 edges?. A triangular ________ has 9 edges.
Blood Red Ochre Entertainment Fill in the blanks using words from the chapters of the novel. 19. In what other country do we find aboriginal peoples?. 8. David learned that a skeleton had been uncovered where?. 3. The pendant was what to the Beothuk.. 14. A steamy bathroom can be compared to what in the novel?. 2. Who gave David the pendant?.
Choir Entertainment The person who accompanies the choir. People who sing in a choir. 6 semiquavers = 1 ___ crochet. Cantabile = in a ___ style. Half a crochet.
The Holy Crossword Religion Symbolized as a heart. 7 ways of learning. The belief and worship of God. Comes from the Greek word Biblia. A person admired for there achievements or accomplishments.
Science Science the distance from one crest (or trough) of a wave to the next crest (or trough) . cytokinesis creates tow parts. these parts are called. an organism whose genetic information has been altered with the insertion of genes from another species. light that is emitted during exposure of the source to ultraviolet light. natural warming caused when gases in the atmosphere absorb thermal energy that is radiated by the Sun and Earth.
Math Terms Math A straight line that connects two vertex to each other . An angle whose measure is greater than 90 degrees.. A polygon with 4 sides.. An equation of fractions in the form: a/b = c/d . The number of square units that covers a shape or figure..
Target Words Workshop 6 & 7 Spelling Lists very particular and detailed . . the way something is put together .. awake , able to think and understand .. to detroy .. clearness ..
Jobs Business and Work He stops buildings and other things from burning.. He or she looks after your teeth.. He brings you your food or drinks in a restaurant.. He or she treats people who are ill or hurt.. She delivers your letters and parcels..
Do you know your bible? Bible Ezekiel had a vision of a wheel in the middle of a what?. Jesus taught the multitude in what format?. What type of leaf did the dove bring to Noah?. How many daughters did Jacob have?. Paul's death is recorded in what book of the bible?.
Art Art part of a brush. How something feels.. An artist who cut off part of his ear.. Another word for to look closely. A method of printing..
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