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Teenage Crosswords

These crosswords are made for teenage kids. They are made up of words that are often found in middle school and high school spelling lists and cover subjects of interest to teenagers. To view or print a crossword puzzle for teenagers click on its title.

Title Subject Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints
The Tang and Song Dynasties History Please complete the crossword puzzle. The wealthiest class in the social hierarchy. Most respected form of literature. Had tributary states consisting of Korea, Tibet, Vietnam, and others.. Linked Huang and Chang rivers. Sold today in both China and America as fancy decorations.
The Lymphatic System Body There are 20 words in all and they all relate to the lymphatic system. There are no spaces. White blood cells that play an important role in the body’s immune response (that is, in the body’s fight against germs and diseases). . A type of lymphocyte that matures in the bone marrow. . Cells and organs that make up the lymphatic system.. The role of the ________ _________ is to process T-lymphocytes, that travel the body through the bloodstream.. A bodily fluid that consists of lymph and fat..
Nuclear Energy Science Fill in the crossword puzzle with the clues below. We have to get rid of_________waste from nuclear energy.. Energy released by reactions with atomic nuclei.. The nations of the world now have more than enough nuclear_______to kill every person on earth.. All aorund the world.. The country where nuclear energy is produced and used the most..
Computer Technology Makes Sound.. Type.. Base of the computer's systems.. Cools Down.. *Click*..
Energy Science type of potential energy. energy can not be created nor destroyed. energy due to random motion of the particles that make up an object. force that opposes motion between two surfaces. type of potential energy.
Electronics Science a signal that carries information.. curcuit contains large numbers of interconnected conductor solid-state components and is made from a sinlge chip of siemiconductor material such as silicon. . an element that is a poorer conductor of electricity than metals but a better conductor than nonmetals. . a signal that varries smoothly in time. . a solid-state that can be used to amplify signals in an electric curcuit. .
Hong Kong Historical Facts World Geography 1990: The [10] was approved to be the symbol of Hong Kong.. 1500s: European ships began arriving along China's southern coast. Driven by trade, the [2] were among the first to hit the scene in Hong Kong.. 1950s: Hong Kong enjoyed economic rivival based on [5] industries, such as textiles.. 1941: After attacking Pearl Harbour, the Japanese army invaded Hong Kong. Western citizens were interned in [4], while Chinese citizens were massared in large numbers.. 1841: When Hong Kong became part of Queen Victoria's dominions, foreign secretary [3] famously called Hong Kong a 'barren island with barely a house on it'..
Science Science form of spores . person who studies fungi. the mushroom or toadstool. the way yeast increases. where spores are formed.
Sound Waves and Light Science a substance that allows most of the light to pass through it. when waves are deflected when the waves go through a substance. the state of being reflected. transfer of energy from a wave to the medium through which it passes. maximum absolute value reached by a voltage or current waveform.
Infectious Diseases Health your body's first line of defense. tiny, single-celled organisms, some of which can cause disease. any agent that causes disease. an organism that absorbs and uses nutrients of living or dead organisms. a substance prepared to introduce the body to immunity.
Literary Features Literature and Writing Read the definitions and write the terms they describe in the crossword. a comparison between two things using 'like' or 'as'. where what is said is the opposite of what is meant. where a word makes the sound it represents. where something non-human is given human qualities. a comparison between two things.
Types of People Society to mourn or to express sorrow in a demonstrative manner. to decieve, to mislead, to persuade with charm. turbulent, stormy. to call together, to send or request to appear. arrogant, excessively proud and vain.
The Infernal Devices Books Title of the first book in the series. Setting of the series. Main male character who is a brave shadowhunter. Strange women that kidnap Tessa and attempt to marry her off to the Magister. Title of the third book in the series.
The British Empire History Read the clues to help you guess the words! Then fill out the crossword! the furthest country ruled by the British; until they became independant. there was a slavery revolt at St............ the shape referring to the trade. what was the key factor in Britain's victory. one of the most valuble commodities for trade in the 1700s.
The Empire and Slavery History How many factors are there for it being abolished?. What is the name of the man who won Quebec from the French?. How were the slaves transported?. Wealth is created by trade. The biggest port that traded in slaves.
The British Empire History 'The British _______'. these people were greatly wronged by the law enforcers og the british empire. Helped alot with the capture of America. Won alot of India for the British. alot of slaves were used for extracting______ from _______ cane.
The British Empire History The major city that James _______ captured in 1759. _______Clive: another great Empire Builder. James_______: one of Britain's most famous Empire Builders. The EIC. The river which James________ led his army further up than anyone before.
British Empire History A place in the British Empire furthest away from Britain (9). British ------ (6). The slave trade act was passed to ------- (7). The first place in the British Empire to demand (but fail to get) independency (5). Many white people were this to their black slaves (6).
Lacrosse Sports the padded upu person that stands with a big stick and saves shots. a specific order in which to cut around goal.. comes in many colours and is often made of cloth with a sticky side. the type of footwear worn. when a foul has been committed one player gets a.............shot.
Wildlife Management and Recreation Business and Work Work with conservation officials from around the world (2 words, no space). A computer specialist or technician mostly works ______.. A conservation officer or a ______ ______ is a resource person for school programs (2 words, no space). Outdoor recreation specialists plan programs like ____ ____, educational programs, and tours. (2 words, no space). A computer specialist or technician are vital support personnel for many wildlife ____..
The Infernal Devices Books Name of the 1st book. A creation of the Magisters - wrapped in human flesh. Person that Tess is arranged to marry by the Dark Sisters. Brave, outgoing shadowhunter. Two evil ladies that kidnapped Tessa at the beginning of Clockwork Angel.
Factors of Production Business and Work The effort that people devote to a task for which they are paid. Physical objects such as clothes or shoes. A situation in which a good or service is available. The study of how people seek to satisfy their needs and wants by making choices. Ambitious person who combines land, labor, and capital to create and market new goods and services.
Vocabulary Spelling Lists (verb) to search or examine thoroughly; to rob, plunder. synonyms: rummage, scour. (adjective) long and tiresome. synonyms: boring, monotonous. (verb) to deny interest in or connection with; to give up all claim to. synonyms: disavow, disown, repudiate. (noun) a person who sells something. synonyms: peddler, hawker, dealer, merchant. (noun) a temporary peace, halt in fighting. synonyms: cease-fire, truce.
Invertebrates Animals soft jelly like structure. certain kinds of worm. seanemone. animal with starlike shape. referrred to as invertebrates.
Mother's Day Other ' Sexy MF ' was a hit in the 90's for which American singer?. Christian name of Jesus's mother. Atom Heart Mother was an album by which British rock band?. First name of Elvis's mother. The painting, ' Arrangement in Grey and Black No.1 ' is better known as whose mother?.
Planet Neptune Science Largetst moon. Neptune has this number of rings. Color of Neptune. To move around a planet. Neptune has this number of moons.
World War 1 History this country suffered 1,773,000 deaths in world war 1. warships used to stop goods from leaving or entering Germany. an agreement among nations to defend one another . the war between the Triple Alliance and the Triple Entente. the Archduke of Austria-Hungary who was assassinated by a Serbian nationalist .
Statistics Math the difference between the greatest and the least numbers in the set. compares parts of the data to the whole. sum of the data divided by the number of items in the data set. shows the frequency of data that is in equal intervals. the number that occurs the most often.
Music Entertainment Match the hints related to music and instruments i sing threw this. i add intense bass. i have wee bells and tap on the knee. when on stage in front of a crowd i like to. a hillbilly guitar.
Sports Sports Identify the different sports im good at wrestling and holding other players. im very strong . often played by kids with chalk. the ball is oblong shaped. often played by smart people.
Civil Rights History City where Dr. King begins to use children to fill the jails. Group that will ride from Washington D.C. to the South to test integration laws. Name of the event that is 'a call for jobs and freedom' and is also nonviolent. Supreme Court case that rules that separate educational facilities were unequal. Name of the school James Meredith enters in 1962.
Gods Religion These are god of rome was the God of the Sun, poetry, music and oracles. was the God of Doors and beginnings and endings. was the God of Harvest and Agriculture. was the God of the Underworld. was the Goddess of Agriculture.
Civil rights History people that move to a new country. desegregation movement. new cival right laws. cival rights leader that was nonviolent. lifelong educator and president of morehouse colledge.
NBA Star Players Sports Plays for the Los Angeles Clippers and is the best point guard in the NBA. Plays with the Miami Heat and is one of the Top 3 Shooting guards in the leage. Plays along side of Kevin Durant and is the most explosive dunking point guard in the Nba. Plays for the Chicago Bulls and won the MVP Award last year. Plays for the Oklahoma City Thunder and is the best shooter in the Small Forward Position.
Math Terms Math where two faces of a three-dimensional object meet. way to remember the order of operations. a number in a list. flat or curver surface of a three-dimenional object. comparison of quantities measured in the same units.
Geometry Terms Math outside measurement of a circle. what is the another word for 'average'. 3 sided object. composition on a certain topic. used for writing.
The Teaching Ministry of Jesus Religion He helped drive the British out of India.. Jesus called on the sick & the poor to have ___________.. eight guidelines to supreme happiness. Jesus didn't come to _____________ the law.. spirit of the law is a ____________ action..
Economics Business and Work a place where people come together to buy and sell goods. where an item is sold for less money than it cost. an intangible good, e.g banking. money gained on the sale of an item. someone who takes risks (one word).
Dilations Math The new figure that results from the transformation of a figure in a plane.. P' is read as 'P __________'.. A square has ________ lines of symmetry.. A ________ ________ is a way to measure dilations, abbreviated with the letter 'k'.. If the image of a dilation is smaller than the original figure, then the dilation is a(n)____________..
World War I History an agreement among nations to defend one another. garden planted by Americans to help feed the soldiers fighting overseas. deep ditches where the soldiers fought during WWI. new technology used to help protect soldiers from poison gas. a love of one's country and the desire to have that country free of the control of others.
Congress Government and Politics a provision not likely to pass on its own merit that is attached to an important measure certain to pass. is the House sitting not as itself but as one large committee of itself. divisions of existing committees formed to address specific issues. are little different from bills, and when passed have the force of law. a procedure to bring a bill to the floor of the legislative body when a committee has refused to report it.
Harvesting Hope History Cesar Chavez a building where government meets. disagreements or fights. bright and shining. a club or organization. information given to the public to get attention.
Electromagnetism Science used to located objects on Earth. electromagnetic waves that you can detect with your eyes. has the highest frequency and therefore they carry the most energy. electromagnetic waves with wavelengths longer than about 0.001 . even higher frequncy than ultraviolet rays and has enough energy to go through the skin and the muscle.
Roaring 20's History A place where liquor/alcohol was illegally sold. African American poet, best writer during the Harlem Renaissance. Made the 'T model' car. A period of rising stock prices. First to fly across the Atlantic Ocean nonstop and alone.
Motion Science a space between objects, units, points, or states. the change in position of an object. a force that opposes motion between two surfaces that are in contact. the speed of an object in a particular direction. a system for specifying the precise location of objects in space and time.
Creation Religion Mythology Who caused the great flood to wipe the world clean?. Who was Earth-Mother?. Who was the lord of the underworld?. What was the name of the Age that was full of poverty, misery, cold weather, crop shortages and low food supplies?. Who was called a tremendous energy?.
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