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Teenage Crosswords

These crosswords are made for teenage kids. They are made up of words that are often found in middle school and high school spelling lists and cover subjects of interest to teenagers. To view or print a crossword puzzle for teenagers click on its title.

Title Subject Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints
Ethan Frome Literature and Writing Ethan's wife. Ethan's occupation. The town where the Fromes live. Zeena's cousin. Zeena's favorite wedding present.
Drug Abbreviations Health twice a day. right now. bedtime. quantity sufficient. subcutaneous.
Pediatrics Health causes lyme disease. brothers and sisters of a patient. first menstrual period. e-choli is the most common cause of this infection. shots given throughout childhood to prevent disease.
Fahrenheit 451 Literature and Writing in a routine manner. certainty, confidence. a language specialist. delicate, ornamental work made from twisted wire of gold or silver. excess words; wordiness.
Understanding Text Literature and Writing An idea in the text. What someone thinks. One way to get public support for a cause. Beast. To treat with extreme unkindness.
Hyderabad Monument World Geography perfect match. make a place or monument look ugly. a noise which sounds like a complain. built to celebrate the end of plague. make a noise likea mouse.
The Scientific Method Science It is important to always follow ________ procedures to ensure no accidents. An educated guess. What is seen and heard in an experiment. We never eat or ________ in the lab. There are ________ steps to the scientific method.
Mental Health Mental Health Demonstrates a cause-and-effect relationship between one variable and another.. Studies the causes, treatment, and prevention of different types of psychological disorders.. Austrian physician and founder of psychoanalysis.. Scientific procedures that involve systematically observing behavior in order to describe the relationship among behaviors and events.. The founder of psychology..
Acts 1:8 Bible Fill in the words where they will fit. to. witnesses. shall. upon. Acts1:8.
vocab. Spelling Lists breaks down object into its component objects. changes color intensity. allows the beginning and end of video to be trimmed. moves an object toward the top of the stack. area to type and format notes.
Science Science The basic unit of structure and function of living things.. The part of a cell that directs all of a cell's activities.. Too small to be seen without using a microscope.. The thin covering that surrounds every cell.. A living thing.
The Scientific Method Science a group that is not affected by the manipulated variable. an educated guess. a tool that organizes data for scientists. the variable that is tested. an effect that can be explained by 'mind over matter'.
Biblical Account of Adam and Eve Bible Satan. the tendency towards sin, as a result of Original Sin. the state of complete harmony of our first parents with themselves, with each other, and with all of creation. the biblical Revelation about the origins of sin and evil in the world, expressed figuratively in the account of Adam and Eve in Genesis. source of life.
history History how people interact with one another in society. social movement on banning the use of alcohol. a social reform movement developed within religious instututions. favoring native born americans over immigrants. promisng to never lie by law.
Fitness components Health goalkeepers may have this. if you have this gymnastics could be your game. you might need this to jump. walking along a rope. 100 m sprint.
THE STORY OF THE AGED MOTHER Literature and Writing Anger - Calm. Distressed - Peaceful. Indestructible - Destructible. Enthusiastic - Apathetic. Boring - Exciting.
Office Terms Business and Work Used to apply a command or finalize data entry. Also used to move the insertion point to the next line.. Adds a space at the insertion point.. The Alt, Ctrl, and Shift keys are all examples of this type of key.. Can be used for different commands, depending on the program. Often used with modifier keys.. The blinking vertical line that indicates where you will begin entering text or data on the screen..
Inductive Reasoning and Problem Solving Math Guess. Facts that lead to conclusions. A conclusion based on information. Something that repeats. Example that proves something false.
Allergies Health Allergies can not be ______.. Nearly half of all the _________ in the United States develop allergies.. An allergy starts when the ______ system mistakes a normally harmless substance for a dangerous invader.. If you have a severe allergy, your doctor may give you an emergency ___________ shot to carry with you at all times.. an oversensitivy to one or more common substances.
financial vocab. Math Money a business has to pay out to maintain opertion. The relationship between assets and two types of equities (liabilities & owner's equity). A subdivision under either Assets, Liabilities or Owner's Equity. You buy something and agree to pay later. Money to be received.
Objective Society Type of correlation. Refer to picture A.1. y = mx + b. Type of correlation. Refer to picture B.1. Type of correlation. Refer to picture C.2. What is this called? f(x).
Lab Equipment Science is used for collecting or placing a small amount of liquid . placing objects under the microscope lens. is used for measuring liquids. clothing protection. is used heating.
Vocabulary Spelling Lists International organization founded in 1948 to promote peace and the betterment of humanity. refers to a government which is divided into three distinct branches: the legislative, the executive, and the judicial. an intellectual movement I the 17th and 18th century which questioned human knowledge and fundamentally changed . an agreement amongst all members of a society in which they give up some of their freedom in order to organize together for mutual protection. a government in which citizens elect representatives to make laws and policies for them. .
The U.S. Constitution Government and Politics Father of the Constitution. interprets the laws. president's term in office. number of articles in the US Constitution. number of colonies.
Vocabulary Spelling Lists well meaning and kindly, serving a charitable rather than a profit-making purpose. perceptible by the senses of intellect . intended or likely to placate or pacify . inclined to lay down principles as incontrovertibly true . showing smug or uncritical satisfaction with one’s self or one’s achievements .
James Madison History Madison was the _ president. Madison initiated this war. His political party. Madison's wife; First Lady. He drafted and is known as the Father of this document.
INTRODUCTION TO GEOGRAPHY Science A circle of constant longitude passing through a given place on the earth's surface and the terrestrial poles. The section of a map that explains symbols for the map features. The imaginary line that circles the globe from north to south at 0 degrees. Imaginary east-west circles parallel to the Equator. Any of the imaginary lines encircling the Earth's surface, relating to lines or surfaces that are separated everywhere from each other by the same distance.
Moon Phases and Seasons Science When the moon is behind the sun and not visible. When a planet or moon goes around a sun or planet. When the sun is getting blocked out by the moon.
The U.S. Constitution - Part One Government and Politics interprets the law. father of nation. enforces the law. supreme law of the land.
Bill of Rights Government and Politics 1st. 6th. 4th. 22nd. 7th.
The American People Government and Politics the principle that every citizen of a democracy has an opportunity to try to influence government. rule by the people. a system of government in which citizens govern themselves. the practice of organizing on the basis of sex, ethnic or racial orientations. a shared body of values and beliefs that shapes perceptions and attitudes towards politics.
WWE Sports The Vipers finisher.. The man that does the 619.. The World Heavyweight Champion.. The man that does the G.T.S.. The General Manager of RAW..
Spelling Words Spelling Lists having or showing general ability . flowers picked and fastened together in a bunch. to make someone believe something that is not true. to give up control or influence. a small quick bread made from dough.
Jeremiah Wrote God's Word Bible King Of Judah. What Did The King Throw The Destroyed Scroll Into. The Weeping Prophet. Place of Worship. Used For Copying Portions Of Scripture.
Chemistry Science Salt-formers. Smallest region of space where the probability of finding the electron is great. A measure of the pull of gravity of the earth in a body. A physical property that relates the mass of a substance to its volume. When particles and anti-particles meet.
BASIC COMPUTER SOFTWARE Technology a set of instructions that tells the computer what to do. is the main circuit board of your computer. This software runs the computer. a graphics editing program. a web browser.
Bridge To Terabithia Entertainment What did leslie give Jess for Christmas.. Jess asked who for permission to go to the art gallery.. What did Jess give leslie for christmas.. leslie father. Which month did it rain..
EMPATHY BEFORE EDUCATION Society I __________ how that would upset you.. I'm terribly sorry you had to wait so long. I can imagine how ________ that can be.. I'm _________ you've been transferred from department to department. That can be irritating.. When you respond with empathy, the customer and the company both __________.. ____________ feelings and using empathy are such important parts of every customer contact..
The Growth of Australia's Population World Geography The movement of people out of a country. The permanent or semi-permanent movement of people from one location to another.. The average number of years a person can be expected to live; affect by nutrition, occupation, heredity and other factors.. The counting of a population with details of age, sex, jobs, and other relevant information.. The excess of births over deaths, usually expressed as a percentage.
Towards Independence Society Affordable accommodation (houses and apartments) owned by the government and rented to people on low incomes.. Legal Responsibility of an adult for a child under 18. When young people feel they are ready and able to take care of themselves.. Some young couples maybe committed to each other and want to live together away from their parents.. Families with very low incomes maybe simply unable to keep supporting their children.
Vocabulary Spelling Lists branch of knowledge dealing with engineering, applied science, etc.. an older married woman . of high reputation, outstanding. desiring or consuming great quantities. to predict or foretell a future event.
Vocabulary Spelling Lists branch of knowledge dealing with engineering, applied science, etc.. an older married woman . of high reputation, outstanding. s=desiring or consuming great quantities. to predict or foretell a future event.
Vocabulary Spelling Lists The antonym of 'certainty'. The antonym of 'clear'. The antonym of 'friendliness'. The antonym of 'selfish'. The synonym of 'hostility'.
Health Health worthy of praise. preventions of illnesss. to go beyond. general; having a nonproprietary name. an outbreak of a disease.
human rights and songs Entertainment reasons for doing things. being able to move. inflict (give) nadily pain. actual or threatened use or violence to achieve political goals. maroon 5 sings this song.
Automotive Troubleshooting Technology Used to clean corrosions on the battery. A case used to assist with injuries . This guide helps you with general knowledge about automotive troubleshooting. An instrument used to cut wire. Used to lubricate nuts and bolts.
The Nature of Power, Politics, and Government Government and Politics Complete the following crossword using CH.1 Vocabulary. An independent state, especially one in which the people share a common culture. The right to exercise supreme authority over a geographic region, a group of people, or oneself. The quality of being accepted as an authority, often applied to laws or those in power. Ability to cause others to behave as they might not otherwise choose to do so. The process and method of making decisions for groups, generally applied to governments though also seen in other human interactions.
Minimizing of Restraining Health A PASD is a device used to ______________ a resident with routine activities of daily living.. Any device that is used to restrain a resident to a tiolet or commode is __________. . The restraint assessment form is completed by the ___________ _____________. . Once the restraint is applied the resident must be checked every__________. . It restricts the resident's mobility. .
Rights and Responsiblities Society Clothing must promote this kind of image. You may not do this during the Pledge of Allegiance. Person in charge of the bus. Students may express themselves in a manner accepted by this. This model encourages students to resolve disputes through problem solving.
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