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Adult Crosswords

These crosswords are made for adults of all ages. They are made up of words that are often found in adult literature and cover subjects of interest to adults. To view or print a crossword puzzle for adults click on its title.

Title Subject Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints
Alone on a Wide, Wide Sea Books Cured meat from the back or sides of a pig. The most courageous. A continuous area or expanse which is free, available, or unoccupied. Thanks addressed to God or another deity.. The creator and ruler of the universe (for some people).
In Search of April Raintree Books Without purpose or effect; pointless. Lay down authoritatively; prescribe. In a state of wild excitement or ecstasy. Aroused by someone else's possessions, qualities or luck. (Of a person or their manner) quiet and rather reflective or depressed.
Child Labor Society Find the word that fits the hint and crossword They tell everybody in the factory what to do. People who could get adopted. what is called when you don't get payed. people who work. Another job for children in the factories.
Pregnancy Body Complete the crossword below fluid-filled sac that contains and protects a fetus in the womb. early stages of development in the womb. one of a pair of twins who develop from a single fertilized ovum. cell produced by the union of two gametes. threadlike structure of nucleic acids and protein found in the nucleus of most living cells.
The Lung Parts Body The red liquid that carries oxygen and carbon dioxide around the body is called, _________.. These are tiny sacs within our lungs.. The two main branches/tubes of the trachea are called __________________.. We breathe this type of oxygen out.. A gas everyone breathes in..
7 Principles of Government Government and Politics Put a (-) between each word. a form of government in which people elect representatives to create and enforce laws. A particular section or item of a series in a written document. How many articles does the constitution have?. personal liberties or privileges(2 words). the division of basic government roles into three branches(3 words).
Marriage and Cohabitation Home and Family Complete the crossword below using the clues given. This is the fastest growing relationship type and describes living together without being married.. Four out of ten marriages are these.. The number of years the average age of marriage has gone up by.. The term given for the decline of religion; leading to an increase in divorce and a decrease in marriage. .....Agreement. Fear of divorce has led to an increase of these. They ensure that people leave a marriage with what they entered it with..
Norse Gods History Bifrost is a rainbow bridge.. Thor's hammer is known as Mjolnir.. Ragnarok signifies the end of the world.. Njoror is Fryr's and Freyja's father.. Odin's handmaidens choose which warriors would go to Valhalla..
As I Lay Dying Characters Movies Deeply religious, married to Vernon. Builds Addie's coffin. Obsessed with getting a new set of fake teeth. Associates his mother with a fish he caught. Addie's favorite child.
Islam Religion One of the holy books is the hadith what is the other. The number of pillars . The founder of Islam. The god of Islam. One group in Islam is the Sunni what is the other.
Walk Two Moons Books Complete the crossword puzzle below What does Salamanca's Gram say a lot in chapter 10? . Who leaves Salamanca and Phoebe?. How old is Salamanca and Phoebe? (spell it out). What does Salamanca's father call Salamanca's mother?(her nickname). What is Salamanca's mom's real name?.
Belief in Qada' and Qadar Religion The belief that Allah created all creations, all what they possess of attributes and all their actions. The belief that nothing can occur without His permission. Perfection and completion. Evaluating and planning. Belief in Qada and Qadar is one of the pillars of_____.
Summer of my German Soldier Books What time was the train to Memphis?. What are the people waiting for in the very beginning? . How much did the sign say ladies sandals were?. What time was it when father came back from doing his bookworm?. How much bribe money did the Nazis carry with them?.
Number the Stars Movies Who is Liseís youngest sister?. What is the name of the star name that jews were?. What does Henrik do for a living? . What was Kirsti favourite fairy tale? . What was the thing made the Naziís dog sense of smell go away?.
A Long Walk To Water Books What is Salva referred to as, in the end of the book?. Which river was Salva forced to swim in?. Which family member did Salva lose while walking to Ethiopia?. Who does Salva meet when he visits Sudan?. Which country does Salva travel to, to find safety?.
Utility software Technology destroys viruses that could corrupt your computer. can be grouped into three different categories. protects your computer. a virus that pretends to be useful . allows people to view your data.
The Hero Books - Childrens Literature by Ron Woods Literary element for 'the car was an upholstered oven'. Dennis' dad. Used to keep the raft afloat.. Jamie's dog. What Jamie did,.
A Christmas Carol Movies hateful or distrusting of mankind. a sign left by something vanished; trace. generosity or openhandedness. sarcastic; biting; ironic. greedy; eagerness.
Soul Surfer Movies to suffer extreme pain. heavily decorated. to play or splash in water. having notched edge, like the teeth of a saw. people sent on a religious mission.
Red Queen Books collect or gather. a feeling of deep and bitter anger and ill-will. not in action or at work. great coolness and composure under strain. used of unskilled work, especially domestic work.
House On Mango Street Books How does Esperanza describe Kiki's Hair. How does Esperanza describe her hair. How does Esperanza describe her father's hair. The meaning of Esperanza's name. How does Esperanza describe Carlos' hair.
Dracula Other The opposite of rough. . A woman gave Johnathan a . What was on both sides of Dracula's hands? . Dracula gave The Three Women a. The opposite of thin..
Stephen King's Thinner Movies Find the definition To great to be overcome. A state in which opposing forces are balanced. Something supplementary or complimentary usually food. Irritate intensely; to infuriate. Having characteristics of both sexes, or none of either.
Refugee Boy Books Alem's first friend. What continent is Alem from?. Who bullies Alem in the orphanage?. Who were Alem's foster parents?. The country that Alem flees from.
Train Dreams Books The antagonist who was only in one scene. Location of the cabin. Childhood friend of the protagonist. The protagonist that the book follows. The protagonist's daughter .
The Storyteller Books small spot. lines around something. to move away. tell what to do. all the food grown in a season.
Forklift Operation Business and Work Driver safety awareness A Reversing must. Should never touch the ground. Unnecessary tyre wear. Where to go if you can't see where your going. Human hazard.
English Slang Society A noise British people make when they disapprove of what a person is doing.. Very informal words and phrases, often used in speech.. Slang phrase meaning 'do not misunderstand me'.. Meaning confused by something strange.. Used in slang to stress a point, even when it's not really true..
Sergio Leone Entertainment Soundtrack composer. Stand-off. Born here. You Sucker. close up.
Massage Therapy Health Massage helps to reduce blood pressure and _______________. Helps to reduce anxiety and ______________. The first of the four common types of massage. In Study #1 they measures these levels from a patient sample to monitor patient's stress. Questionnaire measuring current strain.
The Ghost of Flight 401 Movies to move at a great speed, typically in a wildly uncontrolled manner. ask for information from someone. to manipulate or persuade someone or something carefully. to separate or release something from what it is attached to . an experience of seeing someone or something in a dream or trance, or as a supernatural ghost-like image.
Blue Lagoon Cruises Recreation Movie that was filmed on Mamanuca Islands. Name of Blue Lagoon's private island beach. Name of the exclusive transfer vessel that connects passengers. Name of the vessel operated by Blue Lagoon. Which area of Fiji has the more stable climate.
Kissing Doorknobs Books She became anorexic and a model. This is the narrator of the story. She is proud of her butt and is one of Tara's friends. Tara said that she was in a war of _______. This is what Dr. Leonardi tells Tara her disorder is.
Hidden Movies This is where Wren was hidding while she was at Darras.. Wrens only friend when she was hidding away.. This is where Darras dad went after the police found out where Wren was.. Darras dad.. Where Darra and wren meet again..
The City of Ember Books to call out loudly, shout, or yell. to suggest; to give, make or promise. an ignited or fiery particle that is thrown off by burning wood. a bright flame or fire. to permit the possibility of; to allow to enter.
Robert Laidlaw Other The life of Robert Laidlaw Talking to God. Robert did this for people. People could order their goods by _____. Roberts hobby. As a young boy, Robert worked for him.
Conquering Niagara Falls Recreation move about vigorously. a reckless person who enjoys doing dangerous things. rapidly rotating mass of water in a river or sea. to congregate in a mass or large group. a crazy or silly person.
The Scarlet Letter Books deficient in amout or quality . force in an indicated direction. indicate by signs. whip. conspicously and outrageously bad.
Foundations and Democracy Government and Politics Do the crossword puzzle A government in which citizens chose a smaller group to govern on their behalf. A form of democracy in which the people vote first hand. A freedom people possess relating to life, liberty, and property. The principle that a ruler or a government is not all-powerfull. A representative democracy where citizens choose their lawmakers.
Principles of Design Business and Work Subtle, gradual change. Can refer to a variety of changes: size, color, value, texture, etc.. Uses similar elements throughout an artwork to visually 'tie' the work together.. Describes the size relationships between the objects in an artwork. . Deliberate placement of elements next to each other to make their differences stand out.. Creates stability in an artwork by distributing elements to create equal visual weight throughout the work. Can be described as Symmetrical, Asymmetrical or Radial..
Real Estate Terms Business and Work 1 percent of the amount of the mortgage. earnest money. a declaration by governing powers that a structure is unfit for use. annual percentage rate. an amount owed to another.
Perception Other Assuming other peopleís behavior is a result of their personality, while failing to acknowledge potential situational influences. Biological factors.. The comfortable amount of distance between people in conversation.. Assuming that other people perceive and interpret things the same way we do. Paying greater attention to the first information we get about a person or situation than to information that comes later.
Satire Society a literal comparison between on thing and another. Generally to something that it is not literally applicable - e.g. heart broken. an imitation of the style of a particular writer, artist, or genre with deliberate exaggeration for comic effect.. a person, object, or place selected as the aim of an attack.. using humour to highlight a political issue in society or to highlight people's mistakes. . the use of symbols to represent ideas or qualities..
Black Panthers Society Match each word with their definition and complete the crossword puzzle. was the early leader of the BPP. the tool and management competency. a leader of the Communist Party USA. series of covert. ran for the Green Party presidential nomination.
Sociology Science a norm that is written down and enforced by an official agency. marriage between on man and one woman. one of both parents and their children. according to frued, the part of the mind that resolves conflicts between the ID and SUPEREGO. a guideline or an expectation or a behavior .
OCD Health The way one acts, thinks, feels. Irresistible urge. Preocupy or fill the mind of someone or something to a troubling extent. A disease or period of sickness. Medical care given to someone in need.
Like Water for Chocolate Movies These always make Tita cry. The ice cream flavor Tita makes for John's aunt. This is where Mama Elena sends Tita. Tita swallows these to commit suicide. These are Gertrudis's favorite dessert.
Physical Disabilities Body you may have to change your classroom's _________ to accommodate your students with physical disabilities. student may need to get out of their _________ during the day. physical conditions that seriously impair the ability to move about or complete motor activities and interfere with learning. change how a student learns the material. students with physical disabilities may experience _________, or feel tired.
Midwifery Health fluid that surround the baby. these are painful. we would like this to come first. cut after delivery. this needs to dilate 10 cms.
Between Shades Of Gray Books Using the clues, determine the vocabulary word and fill out the crossword Who spoke Russhian . Who is one of the teachers in the book. Who is realted to papa in the book. Jonas lived where . Who wrote the Authors note.
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