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Adult Crosswords

These crosswords are made for adults of all ages. They are made up of words that are often found in adult literature and cover subjects of interest to adults. To view or print a crossword puzzle for adults click on its title.

Title Subject Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints
The World of Work Business and Work Amounts taken out of gross income, ex. Social Security tax, federal taxes..etc.. knowledge you have regarding what you can do. Itemized list of living expenses. Money that you earn or that is available to you. What you leave after you first meet someone.
Processing Food Food preserves food for 2 years or longer. bacteria that cannot be seen by a naked eye. removes moisture. things that grow on food. radioactive beams that kill micro-organisms.
Infection Control Health chemical that kills many microbes, but does NOT kill spore-forming bacteria. can harbor bacteria and nematodes in dental water lines. immediate symptoms. symptoms reported by the patient. cause of a disease.
Radiology Health Loss of the specialized bone structure that contains the alveoli or sockets of the teeth and supports the teeth. The process that the diagnostician goes through with the use of radiographs, clinical examination, and history to formulate a diagnosis. A procedure that is used when the dentist gets close to the nerve when removing decay.. Interproximal surfaces of adjoining teeth being superimposed on each other because of improper horizontal angulation. A lesion that is on both sided of the oral cavity; most are normal landmarks.
Patient Safety Health sessions empower caregivers to. Deviation is Normal. an aim should be. 80% say a checklist improves the safety of medical care. Evolution of ___ : No preventable mortality, harm, risk.
Opera Crossword Entertainment lowest female voice part, usually old, bad or mysterious characters. Italian word for 'song'. smaller chapters within an act. dialogue that is sung rather than spoken. lowest male voice part, usually a wise man, or bad character.
The British Empire History Land was used for .............. Countries no londer wanted to be controlled by Britain, so they .......... there way out.. The two heros/villains of the British Empire were Clive and ........... These came from Africa and the British Empire would not have happened if it was not for ........... The British Empire provided schools and ............ to people across the world. .
Materials Handling Business and Work Power operated pronged platform vechicle. Twice the height of the object being lifted . Used for transporting materials from floor to floor . used to carry small loads. Known as dollies.
Basic Rigging Business and Work - Dependable and easy to use for fast assembly on the job, for attaching chain to master links and eye type hooks and many other uses. Made from larger size stock than the chain . warning ....... capacity with weight. A thread shank is created by loosely stitching a shankless button onto fabric. This is usually done by keeping a toothpick .... This article explains the uses of side pull bridles, fitting a side pull and how side pulls work..
Fetal Lung Development Body lubrication that reduces friction in the lungs. an infant delivered before 39 weeks according to the Doula is_________. where gas exchange takes place. the unit that provide care to severly ill infants. What test requires a 2:1 ratio.
Inclusion Insights Home and Family Drawing on the unique cultures, talents, and ideas of a broader group of people to build a supportive, successful workplace. Inclusion creates a supportive culture. . Extent to which employee commitment, both emotional and intellectual, exists relative to accomplishing the work, mission, and vision of the organization.. A particular set of attitudes that characterize a group of people.. Devotion or dedication, e.g. to a cause, person, or relationship.. Encourages open communication, increases trust and improves communication between all levels of employees..
Substance Abuse Mental Health the user seeks out the drug and insists upon being in situations where use can occur. when a person who is dependent on a drug stops taking that drug, he or she may experience withdrawel symptoms. is taking a large enough dose of a drug to poison the body, causing illness or death. a neurotransmitter that influences pleasure, mood and movement. requiring more and more of a drug to experience a pleasurable effect.
End of Empires History opposed violence, started massive resistance. Brittians attempt to divide Muslums and Hindus. Muslum side of India. Indian National Congress. What Japans legislative commitee was called.
Social Studies Society A company that operates in more than one country. how stuff is spread throughout the world. Giving jobs away. a restriction given by a government to stop trade . Deals with money and how much money is worth in other countries..
Roman Legal Terms Business and Work English and Latin terms law. parole. illegal plot. not recognized. monetary.
Sean Connery Movies Sean Connery has made some great films can you name them? Is there a doctor in the house?. He steals from the rich and gives to the poor. John Steed. The League of exterodinary gentlemn . It is Red and has Thorns .
Carbohydrates Food Cannot be digested by humans. Your body breaks carbs down into simple sugars and they are absorbed into the. Found in most things you eat; provides energy for the body. A chronic disease that can be caused by taking in too many carbohydrates. Number of calories in a carb.
Evolution Science inherited characteristic that increases an organism's chance of survival. random change in allele frequencies that occurs in small populations. any change in the sequence of DNA. an inherited or acquired modification in organisms that makes them better suited to survive and reproduce in a particular environment. when an animal or a living thing is adapted to its environment by the way it's body is built.
Ethics and Public Speaking Society Stealing ideas or language from two or three sources an passsing them off as ones own.. Stealing a speech entirely from a single source and passing it off as ones own.. The first 10 Amendments to the United States Constitution.. Failing to give credit for particular parts of a speech that are borrowed from other people.. The use of language to defame, or degrade individuals or groups..
Titanic Other The word that described the Titanic before it sank. There were only few of these on board so there weren't many survivors. The ship that rescued the ones that made it on the lifeboats. Passengers' reaction to the collision with the iceberg. Block of ice the Tiatnic hit.
Divorce Home and Family Men who begin affairs before their divorce was approved. Is almost always painful to those involved. Retained the right to custody for a child after divorce until the 1800's. Money to be paid by the noncustodial parent. The first husband and wife to obtain an....
Startup Files Technology Contains options for starting different versions of Windows (Vista/7). Contains the majority of operating system instructions for Windows. Provides a consistent hardware platform on which applications are run. A file that contains memory data that Windows can’t fit into physical RAM. Handles local security and login policies.
Animal Abuse Animals Causes and Types of Animal Abuse Not knowing you are being cruel. Not standing up for what you believe is right. Owners who are ignorant about animal care. Different traditions in certain countries involving animals. Common type of animal cruelty.
Cosmology Science A possible outcome for the universe in which the expansion will slow to a halt in an infinite amount of the time but will never contract. Theory that the universe has the same mass that it has always had.. The noise caused by weak radiation. The study of the universe and its current nature, origin, and evolution. A possible outcome for the universe in which the expansion will stop and turn into a contraction.
Battle of Inchon History What war ended when the Battle of Inchon started?. What armed forced was mostly used?. This country aided South Korea during the Battle of Inchon?. This country invaded South Korea.. How many soldiers were injured during the the beach battles?.
Governments and Economies Government and Politics economic system in which families produce goods and services for their own use. . an economic system in which decisions about production, price, and other economic factors are determined by the law of supply and demand.. any one of several nonrenewable mineral resources formed from the remains of ancient plants and animals and used for fuel. the growth of city populations. the way of life that disttinguishes a people, (example- government, language & religion).
Tourism Recreation Undeveloped and isolated enviroment. Naturally occurring in a particular place . A flight over a long distance . Meeting the demands of the population without damaging the enviroment . Way of measuring the wealth of a country .
Titanic Crossword History There were only few of these on board so there weren't many survivors. The word that described the Titanic before it sank. The ship that rescued the ones that made it on the lifeboats. Passengers' reaction to the collision with the iceberg. Block of ice the Titanic hit.
ART IN MESOPOTAMIA Art Mesopotamians made ______________ in patterns.. Used to mold clay into pottery. Mosaics were used to tell a _____________. Pictures or symbols of an ox or a king. Carvings on buildings were an important art from in Babylonia.
People and Battles of the US Civil War History 11 years old when he joined an Alabama regiment. Series of Battles . union forces commanded to clash with confederate forces . Major who held onto fort Sumter. The bloodiest day in all of American history.
Asthma Health Muscle that pulls lungs downward. This system gets rid of bad gases. Listen for wheezing with this. Medicine that decreases lung constriction. Used to measure the amount of air in the lungs.
Atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki History The combat plane that took the atomic bomb to Hirsohima. The place that got hit by atomic bomb on August 9. The U.S. decided to use atomic bomb at Hiroshima, because at Hiroshima there was _____________. The biggest war that happened after World War. The place that was frist target.
Misha Collins Entertainment Crossword puzzle about the actor Misha Collins. He won a Guinness World Record because of this. Real last name. Baby in a trench coat. Son's name. Movie in which both he and Mark Pellegrino starred.
Preventing Murders Government and Politics Def: Penalty inflicted for offense, fault, etc.. Syn: Prevent, prohibit, restrain. Def: Uncontrolled strong force. Syn: Penitentiary, jail, confinement. Syn: Captive, convict, detainee.
Elvis Presley Entertainment Second record company he signed a contract with . Began to style his hair with this in high school. The small town where Elvis was born. Name of his home. First number one record.
Changes In The Reproductive System Body The sex drive. the size of the brain _____ during pregnancy. impaired memory during pregnancy. the _____ gland also increases in size. Hormones released during pregnancy.
The Stock Market Business and Work Use the hints to complete the crossword puzzle. value before tax.. The New York Stock Exchange.. the actual piece of paper that is evidence of stock ownership, usually watermarked and patterned to make itself hard to forge.. a person who buys stock in a corporation, and therefore becomes a part-owner of the corporation.. the profit that a broker gets every time you buy or sell a stock through him or her..
Prader-Willi Syndrome Health What chromosome is missing genetic information?. These types of activities encourage students with PWS to become more engaged.. A scheduled break to reduce fatigue is an example of what? . PWS can range in severity causing many physical and _______________ impairments.. When upset, students with PWS have difficulty with _______________. .
54th Regiment Massachusetts History Complete the following: Confederate victory . Victory at Fort Wagner . To break away. Consequence for black soldiers in uniform. Leader of the abolitionist movement.
Sports Sports Euro Campions In 2008. Lost in 2010 world cup final to Spain . 2011 Stanley Cup Playoffs MVP. Goalie with most shutouts in the 2011-2012 regular season. Canadian player on the Toronto Blue Jays.
Fuels Other The colour of a flame when incomplete combustion is occurring. . This fuel is in the form of a gas. . Another word for burning. . One of the products of incomplete combustion. . Helicopters and jets run on this fuel. .
Bones Body Test your knowledge on the skeletal system of the human body. Flat bones are seen on your what?. your humerus is an example of this type of bone.. the sacrum is right above this triangular bone..... what bones allow your wrist to move and bend?. This are the bones that make up your fingers and toes.
Multiple Sclerosis Health cell that attacks the neuron. gender more likely to get MS . how many different types of MS are there . procedure that can check the CSF. type of disease .
Accounting Terms Business and Work An increase in owner’s equity resulting from the operation of the business. An equation showing the relationship among assets, liabilities, and owner’s equity. A business that purchases and sells goods. The difference between total revenue and total expenses when total revenue is greater. The amount remaining after the value of all liabilities is subtracted from all assets.
Greek Philosophy History Alexander the Great's tutor;Plato's student. asking questions;search for knowledge. famous Greek philosopher;Socratic method. Socrates student;Aristotle's teacher. first Greek philosopher;believed everything was made from water.
Parenting Home and Family a hug is a form of this type of touch . when parents threaten to hit a child or touch them when they don't want to be touched. teaching children right from wrong . following rules or imitating are examples of this area of development. guidelines for parents and children to follow to build a healthy family environment.
Labor Unions in the United States Business and Work A group of workers that come together to try to increase wages and improve working conditions.. Productive activity. A movement that has given workers rights and protection.. Passed legislation to create the United States Department of Labor.. These people arrived to the United States in extremely high numbers.. 16% of these emloyees would support unionization while 59% would oppose..
Stereotypes in the Media Society A group that is often linked by the media with arranged marriage, runaway girls, gangs and terrorism.. Women more likely to be judged on this than men. A group that is often portrayed in the media as singers, dancers, musicians or athletes.. Pushed to the edge. An over simplified image or idea about a group.
Religious Themes Religion A decision to do bad or not loving. Prayer of ______ -A selfish prayer. Hope, Faith, and Faith are all _________ virtues. '________' is the Christian word for Emotions. ________ of the Church- Interpret Scripture and Tradition for our time and culture.
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