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Animals Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
All About Phoenix Fictional bird born from its ashes. . Part of a phoenix that grabs its prey. . It ate ..., birds and insects.. It is said that burns in fire and reborns from its... It lived for about 500-600 .... Older Children
Pony Fun a horses fringe. place where you ride a horse and stay dry. used for riding to steer the horse. used for riding to sit on. what a horse drinks. Big
Shark Parts after digesting, food goes into the ____. a ____ is in front of a caudal fin. another name for a vertebral column might be ____. a shark breathes through its ____. sharks have ___ dorsal fins. Big
Animal Tissue It is the softest connective tissue. Longitudinal canal present in bone. Tissue act as a middleman. A type of muscle cells showing rhytmic contraction. Type of blood corpuscles help in blood clotting. Hard
Dogs likes to box. likes to play fetch. a treat . dog who helps police. mean dog. Big
Animal Kingdom hard covering of the body of an insect. lives only in water, has gills. warm-blooded, hairy, backboned animal. animals with no backbone. many have feathers and fly, born from eggs. Older Children
Working/ Terrier Breeds High spirited and engergetic. white short coat with a head that slopes evenly down to nose. high energy. small sturdy dogs with short legs. predominately white with brown, tan or black markings. giant body with huge head and sad facial appearance. The nose and lips are black, Weather-resistant double coat.. Hard
Dinosaur How well do you know your dinos? Let's find out with this crossword! The time before written history began. A person who studies dinosaurs. An animal species that no longer exists. An animal's bone structure. An animal that hunts other animals. Big
Animals Animal that goes 'Oink'. Animal that goes 'Bark'. Animal that has a big trunk. Animal that goes 'Roar' and is a king in a disney movie. Animal that goes 'Neigh' . Easy
All About Dogs Known for racing . Have a bad reputation . Small-sized hound, similar in appearance to the much larger foxhound.. Detective dog. Medium-sized, short-coated breed of dog. It is of English lineage and may be considered to be within the pit bull type. Big
Goats female goat. has horns. horns removed. another color of goat. baby goat. Big
Animalia A hard outer shell covering the whole body. A creature made up of 3 body parts and 6 legs. Lives in water, breathes with gills. Cold-blooded creature with scales, lay eggs. Fish use these4 to breathe underwater. Hard
Elephant All about elephants Type of elephant. Colour of their skin. Continent they live in . Country they live in . Type of elephant. Older Children
Saint Bernards find a way. usual weather. steady feet. to cause someone to know. you'll do it know matter what. Big
Fish to make someone lose their position is to make him fall off his _____. to let one overcome a situation is to give him a ______ chance. turn ______ collects money. used in wallets and sushi. your guardian _____ protects you. Big
Eyewitness Sharks The majority of sharks give birth to live young while others lay thier eggs in a ___.. Sharks are ___ predators,but only a few kinds cause danger to humans.. ____ sharks form large schools swimming in unison.. People have used shark teeth for ___ and shark skin for shoes.. The great white shark is a warm ____ fish.. Big
Wings,Stings,and Wringly Things ? can fly 20 miles. the hercules is the longest beetle in the ?. the ? beetle is the heaviest beetle. worms tie themselves in knots when they are ?. there are a 1,000,000 kinds of ?. Big
Dogs They have wet noses because it helps________ scent chemicals.. ________only see in black and white.. You can lower your blood pressure just by ________ your puppy.. ________ are the most popular breed in the U.S. . They can hear about four times the ________ of a human.. Big
Eagles Eagles leave thier homes in the ____.. There are ___ kinds of eagles.. The bald eagle is a ____ for the US.. There are ___ main groups of eagles.. Aeries can weigh many ___.. Big
Guinea Pigs If they are____ there hair temporarily goes white.. The ____ guinea pig is long haired.. The main part of the body is called the ____.. They must have ____ every day.. The ___ guinea pig is born all white and then changes.. Big
Wolves wolves are mebers of what family.. wolves dont have any __ after them. wolves live in a __ for there home. baby wolves are called ___. what wolves hunt.. Big
Dog Most dogs___ in the spring or fall , so they have a thick winter coat.. The kit fox lives in the ___ of North America.. In France , dogs are trained to smell out this mushroom.. The name of the dog family.. Hyenas are not___ , they are actually in the hyaenidae family.. Big
Turtles, Tortoises, Toads, and Frogs The leatherback sea turtle is the____swimmer of all sea turtles.. A____ boxing turtle eyes are bright red, and the females eyes are reddish brown. A softshell turtle lives is____water.. Gopher tortoises hide in ____.. Female turtles lay eggs in____.. Hard
Great White Sharks only one or two people are attacked each______. the organs on its_________ helps them find prey. _________named for thier bright white underbellies. the________can push up to 25 miles per hour. these sharks rarely attack________. Big
Tigers Tigers can hear a much broader range of?. Which gender of tigers will stop at nothing to defend thier territory?. How long are tiger's whiskers?. Newborn tigers usually weigh?. Tiger cubs normally play by pretending to?. Big
Tiger Sharks tiger sharks help keep the ocean claen by eating___.. a tiger shark's___is rich in vitamin A.. people who fish for tuna or swordfish sometimes___a tiger shark instead.. license plates and old tires have been found in tiger shark___.. a shark's___are on the sides of its head.. Older Children
Chicken v shaped bone at the base of the neck. how the breast bone on a prime bird should be.. Prime tender cut of a chicken. The slight colouring often seen in a quality bird. the method of tying a chicken. Big
Facts About Eagles The bald eagle eats ___________. The bald eagle nests at the top of large _________. Eagles have excellent ____________. The bald eagle lives by ____________ and lakes. Eagles are powerful birds of ___________. Easy
Animals Use the clues to answer the names of these animals. Good luck! These animals love the mud. They also give us bacon and pork products.. These animals swim in the ocean, rivers, lakes, ponds or smaller tanks. They have scales.. This animal is referred as 'mans best friend.' They are good at playing fetch.. This small furry animal has long ears, hops around and is know to like carrots. . 4 legged furry pet that is known for having 9 lives.. Easy
Biological Control Systems in Animals Animal Anatomy and Physiology. These are chemical substances secreted by special glands, that regulates the activity of certain cells and organs.. Part of the nervous system contains the brain and spinal cord. . The maintenance of 'steady state conditions' in the body.. Biological control system composed of a network of nerve cells and fibres that transmit nerve impulses around the body. . Biological control system composed of a collection of glands that secrete hormones into the circulatory system.. Hard
Butterflies the membrane around the eggs of certain insects. the hard-shelled pupa of a moth or butterfly. the silky envelope spun by the larvae of many insects, as silkworms, serving as a covering while they are in the pupal stag. a typical animal. a breathing hole; an opening by which a confined space has communication with the outer air. Hard
Light Breed Horses This horse is long and lean and is a race horse. This horse has two branches the show and utility. This horse was made for a better show horse in 1981. This horse came from the Untied Kingdom. This horse is the purest and most ancient. Older Children
Wolves Animals that hunt other animals for food.. A wild land where few people live.. Possible danger or harm.. To introduce again.. The way that someone makes money to support himself or herself.. Older Children
Animal Names female sheep. baby pig. castrated male horse. young female pig. female goat. Older Children
Horse Breeds no specific height or color. known for incredible speed, first 3 sires never raced. most ancient horses, founder of most breeds . thomas justin morgan had first horse. show horses or utility horses. Older Children
Animal Genetics the region of a chromosome to which the microtubules of the spindle attach, via the kinetochore, during cell division.. one of a pair of genes that occupy the same location on homologous chromosomes and affect the same trait in animals. eject semen from the body at the moment of sexual climax.. the material of which the chromosomes of organisms other than bacteria (i.e., eukaryotes) are composed. It consists of protein, RNA, and DNA.. containing two complete sets of chromosomes, one from each parent.. Hard
Desert Animals This animal has big ears and good hearing.. This is a large, venomous lizard.. This animal is related to the wolf.. This animal has a hard shell and spends most of its life underground.. This animal stories fat in its humps.. Big
Animals in the Bible Genesis 24:64. 1 Kings 17:4. Jonah 1:17. Isaiah 46:31. Psalm 26:11. Hard
Animals I am as old as the dinosaurs. Some of us have two humps, others have only one. People are very scared of me when they go swimming. I have a long trunk and very good memory. Iīm the king of the jungle, but thatīs not where I live. Big
Cattle Terminology pertaining to bulls, steers, cows, heifers, and calves. cattle adapted to hot climates also called zebu. abnormal or difficult birth. the process of getting young accustom to food other than milk . long hair at the end of the cows tail . Big
Dog Nutrient Proteins are made of this kind of acid. Dogs are these kind of eater. What is the number one crop grown in Delaware?. This must be included on the dog food label. The dogs food standards must meet this group's requirements. Moderately Challenging
Dog Nutrition A lack of energy or vigor; a lack of interest or enthusiasm. Vitamins or minerals are usually listed by their _____ name. Labels on dogfood packages must be included because it is the _____ . To accustom a young animal to food other than its mother's milk. A unit of food energy consumed through eating and drinking. Hard
Animals I roll in the mud when I'm hot. People have me as a pet. When I get mad smell disgusting. I'm gray and big. I live in the forest and Ican be different colors. Easy
Bat Myths Bats Are . Bats are in the order. Bats don't get in peoples . Chiroptera means. None of the 1300 plus bats in the world are. Older Children
Facts About Birds The only wingless bird in the world is the ____. A woodpecker can peck ____times per second. Birds can be found on every ___. Bird's bones are ____. Birds are vertebrates, meaning they have a ___. Big
Horse Sense The left side of the horse. What are jumper heights measured in. How many beats in a horse's walk. What part of the horse is similar to the human knee. Part of the horse equivalent to the human wrist. Very Difficult
Animals of Africa Thousands of spines protect the ___from predators. The____ is a small mammal with sharp spines that cover the animals back and sides. . The_____can be found throughout the northern and southern savanna. It has big horns that start on the middle of its and down to its ears than curve up.. ____are the most common forest antelopes. ____are small antelopes that inhabit the forest or dense bush lands.. The____ color pattern will remind you of a cheetah. The____has the longest legs of all cat's.. ____are the worlds biggest land mammal. The____have a grayish skin tone.. Hard
Birds A bird that does not build its own nest. A bird with sharp and hooked beak. A bird that can fly only short distance. A bird known as an excellent glider. A bird which is domesticated for its eggs. Easy
Fun Facts About Dachshunds A famous artist, whose work was inspired by his pet Dachshund named Lump . One of 3 coat styles that Dachsunds come in. One of 15 color combinations that Dachshunds come in. Former President John F. Kennedy being a big fan of this breed. He picked one up while on tour to Germany in 1937. However, the Dachshund unfortunately never made the journey to America because the President began to suffer intense what? . Obie was a Dachshund who became famous for his obesity: this was his weight in pounds at his maximum (2 words). Big
Animals On Land It has good sense of smell. Many people keep it as a pet. . It is the king of the forest. It is very fierce and it would eat other animals.. Many people keep it as a pet. It has long ears.. It jumps fast. It keeps its baby in the bag on its tummy. . It has sharp claws. Many people keep it as a pet.. Easy
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