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Animals Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
Animal Terminology goats are also called this. hen used for laying eggs. mature female ovine that has reproduced. newborn pig. castrated male equine. Very Difficult
Animals they are very good swimmers. it is very good at climbing trees. man's best friend. king of the jungle. big animal with a trunk. Older Children
Florida Panther Price that panther scalp sold through 1800-1899.. Where the Florida panther lives.. Destruction of the Florida panther's habitat.. The Florida panther's diet.. Florida population between 1990-2000.. Hard
Shark Finning an animal with sharp teeth in that lives the water. inludes all the living orgaisims existing together in a partiular area. people are doing this to sharks to make shark-fin-soup. A country where people eat shark-fin-soup. fishermen do this. Older Children
Snakes snake with a hood. sleep through winter. scary type of teeth. way a snake moves on land. class of animal snakes belong to. Older Children
Go Wild Reptiles What is the first thing to do when bitten by a snake. Type of frog. Looks like a snake. Most experienced training company. Deadliest Snake in Australia. Hard
Crayfish Anatomy covers its body. behind the cephalothorax. used for defense and to capture prey. protective shell that covers the cephalothorax. three pairs of mouth parts. Hard
Types of Dogs the smallest dog breed, 3-6 pounds, Beverly Hills.... small, active, brown, black, and white. big ears, short, floppy skin. small to medium sized, short coat, 28-30 pounds. short, loose skin, smooth coat, large torso, Athens mascot???. Older Children
My Favorite Animals A large animal is used in desert.. An Australian animal that lives in trees.. A large strong African ape.. A reptile with no legs.. A animal used for riding.. Big
Dogs Use the hints below to find the answer. A dog wears this to stop him biting.. I g_____d my dog with a brush.. This dog has tail feathers. G_____-R_______r.. Custom dogs use their n____s to find drugs.. Not 'marmalade' but 'Marma______.'. Big
Classification of Animals The whale is part of this group.. These animals live on water and land and have moist skin.. This kingdom change light energy to chemical energy.. Animals without a backbone. Have wings, a beak and feathers.. Older Children
Replites A snake that is very poisonous and its hood is expanded. A cousin of the turtle family . A reptile with slender bodies, short noses, long tails and belong in the Salamandridae family. A reptile that is large species of lizard found in the Indonesian islands of Komodo. A reptile that can change its color depending on its body tempreture. Older Children
Animals something slimy. walk on the nuckles. almost the same thing as a puppy. a cute thing that is platful. can jump big. Easy
reptile reptile word search some animal swim in the water. it is a snake called . with sharp teeth. it is a lizzard called . a big lizard called. Older Children
Reptile The opposite of an alligator.. A snake that spreads its sides to scare its enemy.. If you have your finger in this type of lizards mouth, DON'T PULL!!. A lizard that has a spiked neck and simbles a japanese type of pride... type thing.. A lizard that camoflauges itself to what it is on.. Older Children
Birds! Birds! Birds! large pink bird. sings beautiful songs at night. squat over eggs. green head and white colar. symbol of the United States. Older Children
Fish Delivers materials throughout the body. Some species of fish have skeletons made only of ____. The smallest fish. Fish need ___ to protect their bodies. A fish that is known as anadromus. Hard
Our Feathered Friends This elegant bird comes in either black or white. This black and white bird likes to wag its tail. One of our most colourful birds. Years ago these birds were used to check air quality in mines. One of the main characters in the movie Storm Boy was one of these. Older Children
Baby Animals Fill in the crossword puzzle with these words for baby animals! Baby eel. Baby peacock. Baby swan. Winnie the Pooh's friend. Baby owl. Very Difficult
Animals eat both plants and animals. one of 35 major groups. animal without a backbone. single organisms produces a new organism identical to itself. one line divides them into two equal parts. Hard
Hamster hamster play thing he likes to run around and around in. liquid that you must provide for you hamster to drink. place for hamster to curl up and sleep. plastic cylinder that hamsters climb in. person who draws pictures in books. Older Children
Anthropoda Do Krill have internal or external gills. Skeleton is made of this. Whats another name for 'swimming legs'. Type of skeleton structure. Have Segmented____ to walk. Hard
Hamster Home added drawings or pictures. wood shavings put into pets cage/nest. a circular play thing that hamsters like to run in and it goes around and around. an important liquid all living things need. a cozy place to curl up and sleep. Easy
Fish Anatomy Organ covering and protecting the gills. . Part of the heart that receives blood from the veins and pushes it through the atrium. (2 words). Used for sense of smell.. Breathing organs seperating the oxygen from the water.. Part of the brain that coordinates voluntary movements. . Hard
Sea Otters sea otters are covered with ___. a sea otter is this kind of animal. a sea otter can do this. a sea otter is _______________ and it is almost extinct. it is illegal to _______ sea otters. Older Children
Animals this animal has gills. the second most popular pet in America. this animal has a trunk and tusks. sometimes called 'the king of the jungle'. this animal lays eggs. Easy
The Little Spotted Cats When one animal captures and eats the other. The scientific name for little spotted cats. After______ years the little spotted cats are sexually active. Destorying of the little spotted cats habitat. Where an animal lives. Older Children
Amazing Animals the soft thick hair that covers the boies of certain animals such as a bear or rabbit. a very young girl or boy. to come or go after or behind. in an early part of life or growth. to get knowledge about something through study or experience. Easy
How Well Do you Know Your Dogs ? Admired for their bravery. Very friendly with children. Can run up to 64 kilometers per hour. Smallest dog in the world. Mascot of Yale University. Older Children
Cartilaginous Fish Bony flap protecting fishes gills (sharks lack this). Egg birth by sharks. A type of cartilaginous fish . Live egg birth performed by sharks. A system used to help cartilaginous fish fine their vibrations through vibrations in the water. . Hard
Humpback Whale Mating occurs in the _______.. They are _______.. They are opportunistic ________.. _____ the Whales is an organization trying to save the humpback whale population.. Humpback whales have ______ bodies.. Older Children
Animals These type of animals have ears.. This animal swings across branches and is related to us, humans.. This animal can live in your house and can be very hard to spot.. Living creatures that are just like us.. This animal is called the garbagemen of the sea.. Older Children
ANIMALS They're black and white.. They're green. They haven't got legs.. They're brown. They can fly.. They're brown and big. They've got small ears.. They've got two horns.. Older Children
Zoology What is the White Rhino's horn made of?. What shape does the Lesser Kuda's horn make? . What kind of water does the African Slendernose Crocodile live in?. Which sex of the African Lion hunts? . How many offspring does a zebra have during a pregnancy?. Older Children
Reptiles big teeth. slow. can survive without a tail. scaly. fierce. Older Children
Hawaiian Monk Seal Animals Prey. Type Of Land In Their Habitat. They Are Good ______.. Where They Catch Their Food. What Type Of Animal They Are. Older Children
Alphabet Mammals One mammal for every letter except 'u' and 'x' What a monkey. Covered in long spines. All prickles. Always has the hump. Winnie's friend. Hard
Swine Rear end; behind. Area on the bottom of the pig that contains the stomach. A joint in the legs; equivalent to the knee in humans. Front leg. Lower part of the cheek. Older Children
Animals Names of animals an animal with a sharp poisoness arrow on its tail. some of these animals are very poisoness. an animal that has big ears. an animal thats cross with a horse and a donkey. an animal that can rip you in half. Hard
Lions what type of food do they eat?. Lions have these on their paws. The hair on their head has a special name. What do lions do for most of the day?. What do lions sharpen their claws on?. Older Children
Joints and Joint Movement pivot joints that rotate on another bone. semi-movable joints. twisting movement of a part of its own axis. hinge joints joint surface that swivels around another. decrease in the angle between two bones. Hard
Appendicular Skeleton projecting bone in dorsocranial direction that forms the sacroiliac joint with the sacrum. semi-movable joints. articular surfaces. two small metatarsal bones of the horse. hinge joints joint surface that swivels around another. Big
Animal Characteristics Find the words how most mammals have their young. Body covering to keep mammals warm. also a mammal. Birds, Amphibians Reptiles and some Mammals lay eggs.. Reptile with hard shell. Easy
Animals Pink and Goes 'Oink, oink'. Has a shell protecting its body. Has spikes protecting its body. A pink bird, has long legs. Baby dogs. Big
Blue Crab Where to look and tell if the crab is a female or male? . Refer to as female crab. Used to get oxygen from the water. Hard shell covering the head and thorax. Having coloring and patterns that blend in with surroundings. Hard
Animal Bones domestic animal species with a fibula. name given to unfused end of abone. group of animals usually underrepresented in non-sieved bone assemblages. chemical element used to study migrations. element present in shoulder girdle of humans but absent in sheep. Hard
Cattle Kingdom Figure out the hint and fill in the word that matches Illinois cattle dealer. occupation of cattle people. Most commonly used animal at the time. Rancher. dried strips of meat. Older Children
Six Snakes That Share Our World Rosy Boa lives on this continent. this snake lives across a wide range that includes both Europe and Asia. the Yellow-Bellied Sea Snake lives in both the Indian and ___________ Oceans. area that is the natural home or habitat for an animal or plant. animal that hunts other animals for food. Older Children
Pinnipeds the shape of a dugong's tail. this is the only seal to eat other warm-blooded creatures. often called a sea cow. what a true seal has on its flippers. the explorer that thought he saw mermaids. Hard
Mammal Classification, Variation and Adaptation Lays eggs. The fourth group down in the classification hierachy. A characteristic that has changed to suit an organism's environment. Type of organism that gives birth to live young. Type of variation that falls intoa range of values. Hard
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