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Animals Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
Swine Rear end; behind. Area on the bottom of the pig that contains the stomach. A joint in the legs; equivalent to the knee in humans. Front leg. Lower part of the cheek. Older Children
Animals Names of animals an animal with a sharp poisoness arrow on its tail. some of these animals are very poisoness. an animal that has big ears. an animal thats cross with a horse and a donkey. an animal that can rip you in half. Hard
Lions what type of food do they eat?. Lions have these on their paws. The hair on their head has a special name. What do lions do for most of the day?. What do lions sharpen their claws on?. Older Children
Joints and Joint Movement pivot joints that rotate on another bone. semi-movable joints. twisting movement of a part of its own axis. hinge joints joint surface that swivels around another. decrease in the angle between two bones. Hard
Appendicular Skeleton projecting bone in dorsocranial direction that forms the sacroiliac joint with the sacrum. semi-movable joints. articular surfaces. two small metatarsal bones of the horse. hinge joints joint surface that swivels around another. Big
Animal Characteristics Find the words how most mammals have their young. Body covering to keep mammals warm. also a mammal. Birds, Amphibians Reptiles and some Mammals lay eggs.. Reptile with hard shell. Easy
Animals Pink and Goes 'Oink, oink'. Has a shell protecting its body. Has spikes protecting its body. A pink bird, has long legs. Baby dogs. Big
Blue Crab Where to look and tell if the crab is a female or male? . Refer to as female crab. Used to get oxygen from the water. Hard shell covering the head and thorax. Having coloring and patterns that blend in with surroundings. Hard
Animal Bones domestic animal species with a fibula. name given to unfused end of abone. group of animals usually underrepresented in non-sieved bone assemblages. chemical element used to study migrations. element present in shoulder girdle of humans but absent in sheep. Hard
Cattle Kingdom Figure out the hint and fill in the word that matches Illinois cattle dealer. occupation of cattle people. Most commonly used animal at the time. Rancher. dried strips of meat. Older Children
Six Snakes That Share Our World Rosy Boa lives on this continent. this snake lives across a wide range that includes both Europe and Asia. the Yellow-Bellied Sea Snake lives in both the Indian and ___________ Oceans. area that is the natural home or habitat for an animal or plant. animal that hunts other animals for food. Older Children
Pinnipeds the shape of a dugong's tail. this is the only seal to eat other warm-blooded creatures. often called a sea cow. what a true seal has on its flippers. the explorer that thought he saw mermaids. Hard
Mammal Classification, Variation and Adaptation Lays eggs. The fourth group down in the classification hierachy. A characteristic that has changed to suit an organism's environment. Type of organism that gives birth to live young. Type of variation that falls intoa range of values. Hard
Family Pets Using the hints below fill in the crossword puzzle with the names of typical family pets. This pet swims in a tank.. This pet lives in a shell.. This pet barks.. This pet has a long tail , eats bugs, and likes to sun bathe.. This pet meows.. Teenage
Animals Use Hints to find words (down ↓ / across →) This is the place where many animals live with lots of plants and trees. . These fish have lots of sharp teeth! . Many families have an animal or some animals at home. What's this called? . These birds can sometimes speak English! . These are baby dogs. . Older Children
Beef Cattle From France, white and heavily muscled. Largest breed of cattle. Originated in Germany. Red with white underline, British Breed. Developed on the King Ranch in Texas. Older Children
Animals Building Homes limbs of trees. not straight, curvy. to snap off. bird's mouth. small body of water. Easy
Animals Swings in the trees. Barks. The males have a big mane. Big ears. Ssssssss. Older Children
Animals Try find the animals They love Rowling in mud and they have more than one child. They curl up when you hold them. They climb trees and can swing tree to tree. They are obedeint and listen really well. They get killed for there tusks. Older Children
Animals No longer existing. A physical or behavioral characteristic of an organism that helps it survive in its biome. To conceal by disguise or protective coloring. The place an animal or plant normally lives. The number and variety of organisms found within a specified geographic region. Older Children
Animal Animals connected by feeding habits. An animal that eats meat. An animal that eats insects. An animal that is hunted by other animals. An animal that eats only plants. Older Children
Livestock popular food from swine. small livestock that produce meat and eggs. percentage of beef animal that is eaten as food. facility for milking dairy cattle. treated cattle hides form this. Young Kids
Zoo & Farm Animals chicken. sheep. horse. hippopotamus. turkey. Older Children
Horse Words the body is reddish and its mane and tail are not black but are the same shade or lighter than the body. A female horse over the age of five years.. n American breed characterized by having one or more appaloosa characteristics, such as spots on the coat, mottling, striped hooves, eye whites, etc. Also any type of horse with these characteristics of any breed as a color. . A body covering made for horses that covers the animal's body from chest to rump, usually kept on the horse by buckles at the chest by buckles and by adjustable straps passing under the belly and sometimes around the hind legs. Heavier weight blanket. when a horse moves at about 6 kph, generally with only one foot off the ground at any one time. Hard
cows produce more milk than cream. has a white face and a black or redish orange body. what is a cow called bfore she has a calf. what is the lions name on narnia. it's meat is used in a burger. Older Children
Animal homes The king of the jungle lives here.. I am a bust bee, i live in a. Home of a bird.. Oink.. Oink this is my sweet home.. Rabbits live here.. Easy
Livestock it guards all the animals. it gives us eggs. it catches rats that eat the crops. it's big and strong and softens the soil by walking on it. it gives us wool for the sweaters we wear. Young Kids
All About Stalls What do you know about keeping a horse's home in fine shape? When a horse is stuck in the stall, this is the word used. Something you can wear to keep your hands clean. Bedding made from something you can read. Type of bedding; some horses like to eat it!. These are usually rubber and can be used to make stall more comfortable. Teenage
Animals has a long tail, hops and lives in Australia . they have a shell. lay eggs and live in the sea. they live in water . it flies and lives in nests. a big white bear that lives in snow. Older Children
Invasive Species These critters can be found in the soil & gardens. these green things that have flowers can be invasive species too . This _ _ _ _ _ _ loosestrife is an invasive plant species . this word means an animal or plant that invades a new territory. control that is done by putting up structures and barriers, or by pulling weeds. Teenage
Under The Sea I have a long red body and antlers . I have blow holes . I have gills to breathe . I love to pinch people . I have really long legs and I'm pink . Older Children
Insects an egg-laying organ. a pesticide that has been banned in the United States. to shed the exoskeleton. a common social insect with a stinger. an insect order meaning half wings. Very Difficult
Pandas What is 1 way of making the Giant Panda cry?. What Phylum is the Giant Panda from?. What is the translation of the scientific name?. What aquatic animal is the Giant Panda afraid of?. What are the top 2 known predators of the Giant Panda?. Big
Florida Cottonmouth this is the family in which the snake comes from ( ____ without rattles). where this snake mostly live. another name for this snake. the state where it is found everywhere. the snake breeds in_____ and autumn. Teenage
Reptiles The gallbladder secretes bile to this part of the digestive system when needed. . __ sense heat from warm bodied prey. . They are covered with __ to keep from drying out.. No shell around the egg.. What season are the offspring usually born in?. Older Children
Birds All birds have f________.. Owls have eyes that are f______ - facing.. Ostriches lay the largest e____.. The hummingbirds are the only birds that can fly b_________.. Penguins are birds that cannot ______.. Moderately Challenging
Black Bears they have a stinger and bears sometimes eat them. eating both plants and animals. something that lives in the river. where it sometimes snows. the color of their fur. Older Children
Insects makes noises at night. birds like to eat them. was a catepillar. makes a buzzing noise. likes to eat garabage. Older Children
Animal Abuse Causes and Types of Animal Abuse Not knowing you are being cruel. Not standing up for what you believe is right. Owners who are ignorant about animal care. Different traditions in certain countries involving animals. Common type of animal cruelty. Adult
Animals This bird has a colorful beak. Zebras use their stripes to hide from this. Japanese Giant Salamander take in water through ______________. A small bird with dark feathers on its back and wings. A llama might do this when it is angry. Older Children
Invertebrates soft jelly like structure. certain kinds of worm. seanemone. animal with starlike shape. referrred to as invertebrates. Teenage
Frilled Dragon Lizard place where frilled dragon lizards are found. symbol of Australia. favorite food . related to the iguana family. two footed. Older Children
Animals and Insects Identify the different animals and insects using the hints below i have never been identified but fly/travel in a ufo. a first pet for kids. teenage mutant ninga ....... i help make honey. people bet on me and whip me down the home stretch. Older Children
Simple Invertebrates organism that remains attached to one place during their lifetime. flat worm that cannot digest its own food and is a parasite. animals with symmetry where body parts are the same on both sides. animals with symmetry where parts are arranged in a circle around a center point. phylum of round worms. Hard
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