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Animals Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
Facts About Birds The only wingless bird in the world is the ____. A woodpecker can peck ____times per second. Birds can be found on every ___. Bird's bones are ____. Birds are vertebrates, meaning they have a ___. Big
Facts About Eagles The bald eagle eats ___________. The bald eagle nests at the top of large _________. Eagles have excellent ____________. The bald eagle lives by ____________ and lakes. Eagles are powerful birds of ___________. Easy
Falconry Radio systems that are used for tracking birds. The nasal openings. Another name for a tidbit. The toe that faces backwards on most raptors and is usually used as the primary killing weapon. The action of rubbing the beak against a surface to clean it. Big
Family Pets Using the hints below fill in the crossword puzzle with the names of typical family pets. This pet swims in a tank.. This pet lives in a shell.. This pet barks.. This pet has a long tail , eats bugs, and likes to sun bathe.. This pet meows.. Teenage
Famous Dogs The Queen's favourite breed of dogs. My mistress' name is Dorothy and we went to see the Wizard of Oz.. A vicious breed of dogs.. Mickey Mouse's friend named after a planet.. A male German Shepherd rescued in WW1 and who then appeared in 27 films.. Hard
Farm Animal likes to roll in manure. related to the horse. herds the sheep in. lays eggs for breakfast. chases mice. Young Kids
Farm Animal Nutrition the chicken's true stomach. higher protein needed for the meat bird to build.... the role of bacteria in the rumen. another name for fats. the outside of the chicken egg. Big
Farm Animals goes oink oink. baby cat. baby dog. goes meow. baby chicken. Simple
Farm Animals COMPLETE THE CROSSWORD They play in the mud. It is very slow. . It barks and barks, but it doesn´t bite.. They have beautiful feathers. . They eat carrots. . Easy
Fear No Deer A time of day, deer are most active. A time of day, deer are most active. Fastest speed of a deer in miles per hours. Male deer grow and shed these each year. A female deer. Big
Fish Delivers materials throughout the body. Some species of fish have skeletons made only of ____. The smallest fish. Fish need ___ to protect their bodies. A fish that is known as anadromus. Hard
Fish Can you find Fish words? it is dangerous. you can eat it with chips . I is very mice to eat. this has pink flesh. it is gray and orange. Easy
Fish to make someone lose their position is to make him fall off his _____. to let one overcome a situation is to give him a ______ chance. turn ______ collects money. used in wallets and sushi. your guardian _____ protects you. Big
Fish Fill in the blanks ________ should be off-white to light pink or orange. Aim for fish _________ that day or the day before at the latest. . The eyes should be clear, bright, and slightly _______. . Then wrap the clean fish in ________ paper, plastic wrap or aluminum foil, and store it on ice or in the refrigerator.. Telltale signs of fish past their prime are sunken, ________ eyes and brown gills. . Big
Fish Anatomy Organ covering and protecting the gills. . Part of the heart that receives blood from the veins and pushes it through the atrium. (2 words). Used for sense of smell.. Breathing organs seperating the oxygen from the water.. Part of the brain that coordinates voluntary movements. . Hard
Fish and Shellfish it has got eight arms . a kind of mussel; very expensive and luxurious . a fish with a long sharp nose . a fish that looks like a plate . you can buy this salt water fish mostly smoked . Big
Fishing Trips Catching Many Fish Find All The Fish Large and Small Mouths. Great Sushi or Fillet. Fresh Water Colorful Fish. Comes in Many Sizes and taste great fried up on a sandwich. They Hide and are hard to catch. Big
Florida Cottonmouth this is the family in which the snake comes from ( ____ without rattles). where this snake mostly live. another name for this snake. the state where it is found everywhere. the snake breeds in_____ and autumn. Teenage
Florida Panther Price that panther scalp sold through 1800-1899.. Where the Florida panther lives.. Destruction of the Florida panther's habitat.. The Florida panther's diet.. Florida population between 1990-2000.. Hard
Fried Egg Jellyfish A Fried Egg Jellyfish is multicellular and a ___________ is unicellular.. Where does the Fried Egg Jellyfish lay its eggs?. It's a cnidarian.. What is the Fried Egg Jellyfish made mostly of?. What does the Fried Egg Jellyfish sting?. Older Children
Frilled Dragon Lizard place where frilled dragon lizards are found. symbol of Australia. favorite food . related to the iguana family. two footed. Older Children
Frog something that you must do because of a rule, law or promise. used to describe something that is boring because it is always the same. quiet and peaceful. boring and too slow or long. seriousness and sincerity. Big
Frogs & Toads Aggressive and loud mating calls . Eggs are incased in spiral tubes. Nocturnal and secretive . Warty and dry skin . Smallest of frogs . Big
From Caterpillar to Butterfly the form of an insect, especially a BUTTERFLY or MOTH, while it is changing into an adult inside a hard case, also called a chrysalis. a process in which sb/sth changes completely into sth different. a sweet liquid that is produced by flowers and collected by bees for making honey. to drink sth, taking a very small amount each time. an insect in the stage of development between a larva and an adult insect. Older Children
Fun Facts About Dachshunds A famous artist, whose work was inspired by his pet Dachshund named Lump . One of 3 coat styles that Dachsunds come in. One of 15 color combinations that Dachshunds come in. Former President John F. Kennedy being a big fan of this breed. He picked one up while on tour to Germany in 1937. However, the Dachshund unfortunately never made the journey to America because the President began to suffer intense what? . Obie was a Dachshund who became famous for his obesity: this was his weight in pounds at his maximum (2 words). Big
Furry Friends furry friend. king of the jungle. hops around all day. no color here. barks in the water. Easy
German Shepard They are ranked as the ____ most intelligent breed of dog. Black and brown are their identity _____. German Shepards _____ their hair during spring and fall . German Shepards are prone to ____, therefore they should only be bathed when necessary . German Shepards have a very high _______. Hard
Giraffes Giraffe Facts What vehicle can a male giraffe weigh as much as. Ten times as thicker in average strand of human hair. Giraffes are considered this because they have more than one stomach - They have four that assist in digesting food.. Distinct spots on fur to protect from predators. What body part does a giraffe fight with over female giraffes 'necking'. Older Children
Go Wild Reptiles What is the first thing to do when bitten by a snake. Type of frog. Looks like a snake. Most experienced training company. Deadliest Snake in Australia. Hard
Goats female goat. has horns. horns removed. another color of goat. baby goat. Big
Gorillas They can learn this kind of language.. Their big toes look like _______.. Males are _______________ than females.. Gorillas are very ______________________ animals.. They never do this in the same nest twice.. Older Children
Great White Shark Have Fun! Learn about Great White Shark! It mostly lives in the coasts of _____________.. They try to avoid fighting each other.. True or False? They eat small-toothed whales.. They live in ____, salty and temperate coastal sea.. _______ are responsible for just 10 bites.. Older Children
Great White Sharks only one or two people are attacked each______. the organs on its_________ helps them find prey. _________named for thier bright white underbellies. the________can push up to 25 miles per hour. these sharks rarely attack________. Big
Grooming Your Horse Equipment A soft-bristled brush removes finer particles and dust, adds a shine to the coat and is soothing to the horse.. Preferred surface for the horse to stand on while grooming so he does not slip on hard concrete.. A metal tool designed to clean out the underside of the horses hoof, remove stones, manure and dirt.. This tool is used to remove individual hairs of the mane from the root with the purpose of thinning and shortening it.. A collection of these is necessary to groom a horses coat well.. Big
Guess the Animal Use the clues to guess the animal Main food they like to eat . The order of this species . This part of them is usually about 27in long. Their main habitat is on this contenent . This animal only eats plants. Hard
Guinea Pigs If they are____ there hair temporarily goes white.. The ____ guinea pig is long haired.. The main part of the body is called the ____.. They must have ____ every day.. The ___ guinea pig is born all white and then changes.. Big
Habitats and Food Chains animals that eats both plants and animals. serices of overlapping food chains. shows whats eaten. eats other animals. animals that eat food provided by plants and animals . Older Children
Hamster hamster play thing he likes to run around and around in. liquid that you must provide for you hamster to drink. place for hamster to curl up and sleep. plastic cylinder that hamsters climb in. person who draws pictures in books. Older Children
Hamster Home added drawings or pictures. wood shavings put into pets cage/nest. a circular play thing that hamsters like to run in and it goes around and around. an important liquid all living things need. a cozy place to curl up and sleep. Easy
Hardworking Insects The Bible uses the actions of the ____ as an example of being wise.. Dairy ants keep herds of _________.. Honeybees produce _______ and honey.. The bee or ant that lays eggs is called the ___________.. Honey is made from ___________.. Easy
Hawaiian Monk Seal Animals Prey. Type Of Land In Their Habitat. They Are Good ______.. Where They Catch Their Food. What Type Of Animal They Are. Older Children
Hedgehog In UK,they are often living in the _____. They eat ____ This is invertbrate.. The Hedgehog is ______cm long.. They like to ____.. They are ______. Have fur.. Older Children
Hibernating Animals It is red with a red tail and considered very sly. A white cat that lives in the snow and does not hibernate. They slither around on the ground and swallow their prey whole. A big brown animal that lives in the forest. They live in caves and hang upside down. Older Children
Honey Bee The section of the body where the stomach and the stinger are located. Worker bees collect this and nectar from flowers. This is the name for the home of a colony of bees. The structure of a bee hive made up of thousands of wax cells. This is the first stage in the bee life cycle. Older Children
Honey Bees Pollenate NOW! Animal/ insect with a stinger. part of a honey bees body. slaves who kill bees and other insects. What Honey Bees eat.... Animal that sucks up pollen. Older Children
Horse Breeds no specific height or color. known for incredible speed, first 3 sires never raced. most ancient horses, founder of most breeds . thomas justin morgan had first horse. show horses or utility horses. Older Children
Horse Riding a large ride . a colour of a horse. the hair on the front of the face of a horse. something you put on a horse and pony to sit on . a large animal you ride . Older Children
Horse Sense The left side of the horse. What are jumper heights measured in. How many beats in a horse's walk. What part of the horse is similar to the human knee. Part of the horse equivalent to the human wrist. Very Difficult
Horse Words the body is reddish and its mane and tail are not black but are the same shade or lighter than the body. A female horse over the age of five years.. n American breed characterized by having one or more appaloosa characteristics, such as spots on the coat, mottling, striped hooves, eye whites, etc. Also any type of horse with these characteristics of any breed as a color. . A body covering made for horses that covers the animal's body from chest to rump, usually kept on the horse by buckles at the chest by buckles and by adjustable straps passing under the belly and sometimes around the hind legs. Heavier weight blanket. when a horse moves at about 6 kph, generally with only one foot off the ground at any one time. Hard
Horses goes on a horse's back. a young horse. a building which horses shelter in. strips of leather which tell the horse which way to go. goes over a horse's head. Easy
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