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Body Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
Body and Face This color of hair is a light yellow. . This kind of hair isn't straight. . This is the hair on a man's face below his nose and above his lip.. This is the hair on a man's face around his cheeks and chin. . If one eats two much candy, one might become this way. . Easy
Body and Health one of the two halves of the brain. something that is added to something else in order to improve it or complete it; something extra. extreme tiredness. a small amount of blood or urine used for testing. a small device you use to breathe in particular medicines picture of inhaler. Hard
BODY IMAGE persons with ___________ disorder often eat a very large amount of food and feel out of control while doing so.. __________ is a condition in which a person starve themselves in order to loose weight. showing__________ is one way to help someone with an eating disorder. a condition in which a person eats a very small amount of food or extremely large amounts of food is called ______. ________ themselves the way they are will help teen improve their body image.. Teenage
Body Mechanics Do this with your feet to turn. It is important to maintain this. Do not lift objects higher than this level. Avoid doing this to your back when lifting. Evenly distribute your. Older Children
Body Orientation Complete Crossword It separates the body into to equal left and right parts. . It is a space in the body where organs are situated. There are many of these places where organs can be acted based off of their location. . related to the thorax . related to the head . This is a position where the body is upright, not flexed or tense. The 'standard' body position. . Big
Body Parts All these things work together to keep me alive. These help me move around. I can't breathe without these. I have lots of these and they can be broken!. This controls everything I do from moving my hand to running and walking. Easy
Body Parts the thing that is beetween your wrist and finger. the thing that is beetween your elbow and hand. the joint that bends your leg. the joint that bends your arm. the thing that is on your hande. Easy
Body Parts Fill in the crossword puzzle with different body parts joint between arm and hand. joint between upper and lower part of the leg. top part of the human body. the joint between the upper and lower arm. thread-like thing that grows on the head. Older Children
Body Parts ear. knee. head. foot. hand. Easy
Body Parts You have two under your head. This is between your arm and your fingers.. You put your shoe on this. You have ten at the end of your feet. This is very long. Young Kids
Body Planes and Directions toward the back side. away from the midlinee. toward the front side. toward the head or a higher place. lower, side abdominal regions. Hard
Body System Vocabulary A place where bones meet and are attached to each other and to muscle.. Connective tissue that produces red and white blood cells.. The tiny air sacs located at the ends of bronchi in the lungs.. Nerve cells that detect conditions in the body's environment.. The projections sticking into the small intestine.. Older Children
Body System's Complete the crossword puzzle by using the hints. Gas exchange. Produce blood cells. Place where two bones meet. A state of balance . Breaks food down. Hard
Body Systems the system that fights off disease; composed of leukocytes, tonsils, adenoids, thymus, and spleen. pumping and channeling blood to and from the body and lungs with heart, blood, and blood vessels. skin, hair and nails . collecting, transferring and processing information with brain, spinal cord, peripheral nerves, and nerves . communication within the body using hormones made by endocrine glands such as the hypothalamus, pituitary or pituitary gland, pineal body or pineal gland, thyroid, parathyroids, and adrenals or adrenal glands . Older Children
Body Systems what is produced in bone marrow. what cell includes b-cell, T-cells and cytotoxic T-cells . what allows organisms to respond to the environment. what cell allows diffucsion of nutrients . what cell carrys oxygen . Hard
Body Systems points at which bones meet. consists of organs and tissues that transport materials to body cells. strong, flexible tissue that provides cushioning at your joints. occurs when a bone is pushed out of it's joint. tissue that attach your muscles to bones. Moderately Challenging
Body Systems The Skeleton Skull. Ribs. Heel Bone. Lower Jaw. Thigh Bone. Big
Bone and Bone Development Deposited in lacunae. The vertebral bones are examples of ......... bones. Responsible for the bone breakdown . 30% of bone is made up of ... giving tensile strength.. Bones ...... organs from damage.. Hard
Bones Test your knowledge on the skeletal system of the human body. Flat bones are seen on your what?. your humerus is an example of this type of bone.. the sacrum is right above this triangular bone..... what bones allow your wrist to move and bend?. This are the bones that make up your fingers and toes. Adult
Bones Funny Bone. Long curved bone that forms the ribcage. These bone forms your ankle and heal. Bone that forms the prominent part of the cheek and the outer side of the eye socket. Triangular bone at base of spine. Very Difficult
Bones helps stabilize the patella, responsible for essential movements in the leg. protect the inner organs and assist in the breathing process. helps flex the hip. the largest muscles in the upper arm. main function is to support the arm and move the scapula. Hard
Bones Find Out All About Your Bones! Inner bone of the Hip Bone. Bones that Protect the Heart. Bones that make up the Ankle. Shoulder Bones. Protects the Brain . Big
Bones (Funny) Thing Positive on a single ladies... on a single ladies . shrug shrug sh rug them panels on the solder work that swing yass queen. On your head. The first bone on your leg. hahahaha... that hurts... upper are bone. Older Children
Bones and Muscles the type of joint by which the skull is connected to the top vertebra. the part of our body which protects the heart. the muscles that help the heart pump blood all over the body. the muscles that are not under our control. the only bone in the skull that can move. Hard
Bones and Muscles muscle that makes up your theigh. aka your thinking cap. longest bone in body. Muscle that runs down the back of your leg. muscle on the side of your upper arm, part of shoulder. Older Children
Bones of the Shoulder serves as a strut for the scapula and sternum. helps hold the humerus in place. keeps the shoulder girdle together. stabilizes the shoulder joint. articulates the clavicle. Older Children
Brain An increase of the activity of a brain region (or a cognitive process), triggered by activity in another region/process. The effects of a stimulus on the sensory organs. Disruption in the blood supply to the brain; also called cerebrovascular accidents (CVA). process by which certain information is selected for further processing and other information is discarded. A volume-based unit (cf. pixels, which are 2D); in imaging research the brain is divided into many thousands of these. Hard
Brain positioned posteriorly to the frontal lobes and above the occipital lobes. in your back . located in the frontal part of the left hemisphere of the brain. regulate breathing, heartrate and blood pressure . Located just below the parietal lobes,. Big
Brain 'Protector' cells of the nervous system that support, protect, and insulate the axons by helping to form the myelin sheaths. The thin outer rim on the surface of the brain where memory storage, processing, and conscious and subconscious regulation of skeletal movement occur. The part of the neuron through which electrical impulses travel away from the body of the nerve cell to other nerve cells. It is wrapped in a white fatty substance called myelin sheath. A type of brain cell that supplies nutrients to the neuron. 'Garbage Collector' cells of the brain that kill unwanted organisms and remove waste products produced by the neurons. Hard
Brain Anatomy This is the part of the brain that helps to fine tune motor skills. This is the part of the brain that integrates sensory information and contains our knowlege of numbers. Part of the brain stem that helps with balance, hearing and other functions. This region of the brain is located at the center and is responsible for relaying information from the stem to each lobe. This lobe is the largest in the brain and is heavily involved in physical movement. Big
Brain and Spinal Cord Gray matter involved in motor signals. Connects brain to spinal cord. Helps in motor coordination and balance. Gray matter which receives sensory signals . A groove in the brain . Hard
Brain Injury Facts Please complete and return. Most common symptom of a concussion. Being without symptoms. Cause 10.7% of TBI-Related injuries. Head being _____ by/against causes 15.5% of TBI-Related injuries. An emotional or physical injury. Hard
Brain Structure or Function Allows actions to be directed towards different points in space. associated with perception and recognition of auditory stimuli, memory, and speech. Communication between the left and right side of the brain . The outermost layer of brain cells. This structure is responsible for basic vital life functions such as breathing, heartbeat, and blood pressure. Hard
Brain Study Studying the brain by monitoring the activity of neurons firing . In recording, these are the wires that are attached to the brain to study that region. Researchers use this machine to monitor the firing of neurons in nearly all the brain. This is when you have trouble with daily functions and memory due to loss of neurons. This neurological disorder includes loss of consciousness and convolutions . Big
Breathing & Respiration Protects the lungs. 78% of inhaled air. Turns milky in the presence of Carbon dioxide. Air sacs. Exercise ____________ your breathing rate. Hard
Broken Bones & Dislocations a shell, made from plaster, which immobilises anatomical structures while they heal (plaster...). weak or loose. diagonal. insensible. orthopaedic device that supports a part of the body in correct position (plastic...). Big
Burns DO NOT break these. worst degree of burn. one of the 4 causes of burns. this degree of burn usually develops blisters. also called a first degree burn. Big
Calcium Counts It is recommended that you drink three glasses of this calcium rich beverage daily.. Calcium is used to held arteries and veins move _________throughout the body.. Most calcium-rich foods are found in this food group.. A mineral that helps make bones and keeps them strong.. A condition caused lack of calcium in the bones.. Older Children
Cardiac cross word puzzle The opening and closing of the AV valves. The opening and closing of the semilunar valves. Receives deoxygenated blood from the body. thoracic pain or choking caused by decreased oxygen of the myocardium. non-modifiable risk factors. Big
Cardiac Takes blood low in oxygen from the right ventricle to the lungs. The valve between the right atrium and ventricle. The valve between the right ventricle and the pulmonary arteries. The largest heart chamber. The side of the heart that carries blood low in oxygen. Big
Cardiac Anatomy valve that lies between right atrium and right ventricle. Number of main chambers in the heart. vein that returns deoxygenated blood back to the heart ; largest vein . vein that carries oxygenated blood to the valve. muscular, tubular structures that carry oxygentated throughout the body. Older Children
Cardio blood supply defiency due to obstruction of blood vessel. substance in blood cells that transports oxygen. lower chamber of the heart. study of electrical activity of the heart. condition of having a thrombus. Hard
Cardiology Having to do with both heart and lungs. Enlargers veins . Small fatty lumps within the lining of the blood vessels . Decreased blood flow due to a blockage . Widening of blood vessels. Hard
Cardiovascular localized tissue death. elevated lipids in the blood. circulation of blood through tissues. artery that is not oxygenated. procedure to restore normal rhythm. Big
Cardiovascular System Use the definitions given to complete the crossword puzzle below. Inflammation of the vein, resulting in blood clots forming within the vein.. Inflammation of the muscle layer of the heart wall.. Periodic ischemic attacks affecting the extremities of the body.(i.e Fingers, toes, ears and nose).. Inflammation of several ateries.. A deposit of fatty substance in the wall of an atery, also called plaque.. Teenage
Cardiovascular System these take oxygen-rich blood throughout the bod. the gas that all organisms need to survive. there are red and ________ blood cells. carry blood to heart from other parts of the body. vitamins and minerals are also called _____________. Older Children
Cardiovascular System is on the right dorsal side of the mammalian heart, between the right atrium and the right ventricle. is a small diameter blood vessel in the microcirculation that extends and branches out from an artery and leads to capillaries.. is the iron-containing oxygen-transport metalloprotein in the red blood cells of all vertebrates. is the pressure exerted by circulating blood upon the walls of blood vessels, and is one of the principal vital signs.. are large blood vessels that carry oxygenated blood from the lungs to the left atrium of the heart.. Hard
Cardiovascular System When the lungs Cary oxogyn to the veins. The parts in the body that let you breath. Main chambers of the heart. Another valve in between other systems in the cardiovascular system. A tubular structure that carries the blood through the body. Older Children
Cardiovascular system Fight infection. The heart is made from this typw of muscle. Found on red blood cells. The number of chambers in the heart. Clots blood. Big
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