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Body Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
Digestive System chewing of food. digestive tract layer that contains large blood vessels and lymphatic vessels. ducts located along sides of lingual frendulum. secretes intrinsic factor and hydrochloric acid (2 words). superior portion of stomach. Big
Digestive System fill in the crossword with the correct word. the part of the body that contains the digestive organs. In human beings, this is between the diaphragm and the pelvis. a small sac located on the cecum.. a large organ located above and in front of the stomach. It filters toxins from the blood, and makes bile (which breaks down fats) and some blood proteins.. a type of protein that speeds up the rate of a chemical reaction in your body.. the part of the large intestine that run downwards after the transverse colon and before the sigmoid colon.. Big
Digestive System difficulty in swallowing. pertaining to the digestive tract. glands that produce saliva. upset stomach. part of the body that contains digestive organs. Hard
Digestive System Needed to make enzymes,lipids and DNA.. Type of digestion that breakdown food into smaller pieces.. The amount of heat needed to raise the temperature of 1 gram of water by 1 degree Celsius.. A group of different types of tissues that work together to perform a single function or several related functions.. System that helps protect the body from disease; collects fluids lost from blood vessels and returns it to the circulatory system.. Big
Digestive system A spongy, tube-shaped organ that is about 6 inches long and is located in the back of the abdomen. tubelike organ in the abdomen that completes the process of digestion. Singlecelled microorganisms that can exist either as independent organisms or as parasites . Another name for the large intestine. the lower part of the abdomen. Very Difficult
Digestive System Green chemical that breaks down fats.. Scientific name for fibre.. This body part covers the small intestine .. Nutrient group containing meat, eggs and beans.. After storing bile, this organ releases it into the small intestine.. Older Children
Digestive System Breaks down fats to fatty acids. Filters Blood. Detoxifies Blood. Increases the surface area of the small intestine. Helps the movement of food. Keeps intestines in place. Hard
Digestive system process of digesting food.. helps you breath. make up the body. make up of nerves in the body. process of breathing. Big
Digestive System immunity against antigens and pathogens in the body fluids. the injection of a weakened form of a pathogen to producw immunity. compounds that kill bacteria without harming the cells. the activated mast cells release chemicals. type of immunity produced by the bodys reaction. Hard
Digestive System immunity against antigens and pathogens in the body fluids. the injection of a weakened form of a pathogen to producw immunity. compounds that kill bacteria without harming the cells. the activated mast cells release chemicals. type of immunity produced by the bodys reaction. Big
Digestive System this organ makes baking soda and secretes many digestive enzymes. This 'canal' is synonymous with 'digestive system'. the scientific term for 'chewing'. unit that measures the energy content of food. a scientific term for 'chewed food'. Hard
Digestive System Makes inslen to dissolves sugar. Makes good bacteria . Makes bile. carbohydrates . The 8th step in the digestion process. Big
Digestive system liver cells . cells that secrete HCl and intinsic factor. largest lobe of the liver . fat emulsifying liquid . cells that produce pepsinogen. Hard
Digestive System What is a mechanical and chemical that breaks down food into small pieces?. What helps break down large molecules into smaller molecules?. What extends from the mouth to the anus?. What folds the small intestines and are covered with fingerlike prjections?. What pysically breaks food into small pieces?. Big
Discover Cells cells working together for a common function. formed from tissue. basic unit of life. used in protein synthesis. contains DNA and directs cell activity. Hard
Disorders of the Heart heart attack, caused by lack of blood supply to the heart / L ventricle most commonly affected. interference with the heart's electrical conduction system . mitral valve most commonly affected . inability of heart to pump enough blood to meet body's needs / to vital organs . *L side heart failure - result of rheumatic fever (autoimmune inflammatory response) . Easy
DNA and Cell Replication The phase of mitosis where DNA lines up down the centre of the nucleus. The part of a chromosome that links sister chromatids. The molecules that make up DNA. Meiosis creates ... daughter cells. Humans have 46 of these in each somatic cell.. Hard
Ehrlich Skeletal System Match the definition partial displacement of bone from the joint. disease with abnormal breakdown of bone tissue followed by abnormal bone formation. arthritis of the joints between the vertebrae. vertebrae, vertebral column, backbone. large circular cavity in each side of the pelvis (hip socket). Hard
Elbow, Wrist, and Hand Review A _______ force results in a compressive force on the lateral side . science of fitting workplace conditions and job demands to the capabilities of the working population.. This membrane is a dense fibrous connective tissue and transmits axial force from wrist to the elbow. The _________ CMC articulates with the hamate with only flexion and extension.. Which way will the elbow most likely dislocate?. Hard
Endocrine and Lymphatic Systems Regulates blood sugar levels in your body. Small bean shaped organs found throughout the body.. Regulates the amount of water in the blood. Produces hormones in Females. Stops and starts hormones. Hard
Endocrine Glands Produces Insulin and Glucagon that helps control blood sugar levels. produces PTH that raises blood calcium levels. produces estrogens that assist with the growth and development of female secondary sex characteristics . produces Thymosin that programs T lymphocytes. produces melatonin that is involved in biological rhythms . Hard
Endocrine System helps build resistance to diseases. produces chemicals that control many of the body's daily activities. controls all other endocrine glands. a group of cells that makes special chemicals for your body. helps us respond to danger . Teenage
Endocrine System Produces insulin and glucagon, which regulates the level of glucose in the body.. Four glands that releases parathyroid hormones.. Produces estrogen and progesterone, which prepares egg for fertilization.. Releases thymosin during childhood.. Chemicals released in the body that travel through the blood stream.. Hard
Endocrine System secretes insulin that controls glucose in the body. plays a role in the body's immune system. involved with daily biological cycles. a group of cells that produces and stimulates chemicals. transfer information and instructions from one set to another. Big
Endocrine System Endocrine System Terms & Definitions Secretes insulin and glucagon.. Stimulates productin by the mammary glands.. Hormone secreted by pineal gland.. Peptide hormones act via the _______ messenger system.. Disorder caused by excess GH secretion in adulthood.. Hard
Endocrine-DM Insulins and Oral Agents Metformin HCL (Glucophage) is this type of oral agent.. Diabetes Mellitus Type I is most prone to accumulation of toxic __________.. __________ is given to quickly raise the blood sugar.. Insulin is absorbed most quickly when injected into the __________.. Insulin is metabolized in the __________.. Hard
Enzymes & Digestive System too much water is absorbed by large intestine. sphincter at top of stomach. hormone that raises blood sugar levels. tissue that keeps food from going down trachea. enzymes work by ________ the activation energy. Hard
Epithelial Tissue Tall, column shaped and nucleus is elongated. Forms lining of hollow urinary organs and ability to change shape with stretch. Cells vary in height and cells nuclei are at different levels. Limited Distribution in body and only apical layer columnar. most concerned with absorption, secretion, and filtration. Teenage
Excretory System Produces insulin to go in blood. Unit in kidney that filters blood. Makes bile, Stores sugar, filters blood. Organs that break down food to be used in body. Broader and shorter part of the intestines. Older Children
Eyes things that cause disease. bones of the head. thick liquid the body makes that moistens and protects. form and give off. clear liquid from the eyes. Older Children
Falls Bone Strengthening Supplement. . __ or more medications increase risk of fall. . Physical Consequence of Falls . Break in a Bone . Leading cause of __ deaths in US. . Older Children
Family Patterns: Hand-Me-Down Genes A biologist who specializes in genetics. One of two or more alternative forms of a gene that arise by mutation and are found at the same place on a chromosome. Having dissimilar alleles at corresponding chromosomal loci; 'for eye colour'. The male reproductive cell; the male gamete. The changing of the structure of a gene, resulting in a variant form that may be transmitted to subsequent generations, caused by the alteration of single base units in DNA, or the deletion, insertion, or rearrangement of larger sections of genes or . Hard
Feet Rounded part of each metatarsal. Number of tarsals found on one foot. Most distal bones of the foot. Found at the base of the fifth metatarsal. Number of bones your feet have. Big
Female Reproductive System an organism in the early stages of growth. surgical removal of woman's entire reproductive system. surgery of the uteter. an egg within the ovary of the female. malignant tumor of the breast. Very Difficult
Fetal Lung Development lubrication that reduces friction in the lungs. an infant delivered before 39 weeks according to the Doula is_________. where gas exchange takes place. the unit that provide care to severly ill infants. What test requires a 2:1 ratio. Adult
Five Senses find the answers! we can ....... with our ears. the glass feels....... fire engine sounds ........ smell sense. taste sense. Hard
Food and Digestion This organ produces enzymes for use in digestion . This food contains a lot of protein . This is found in dairy products and is needed for healthy bones. These are needed in small amounts to keep your body healthy . This organ produces bile . Very Difficult
Foot and Ankle Both longitudinal arches are supported by this which is superficially located and runs from the calcaneus forward to the proximal phalanges. Made up of the five metatarsals and all of the phalanges. Made up of the talus and calcaneus and first part of foot to hit the ground in the gait cycle. Loss of the medial longitudinal arch. Joint that consists of the inferior surface of the talus articulating with the superior surface of the calcaneus. Hard
Founders' Son Formal end to slavery. Gave each state 30,000 acres. When a president is killed. Railroad trackage that crosses a continental land mass with terminals at different oceans or continental borders. 16th President. Big
Gene Regulation Name the mechanisms according to their descriptions. Lipid molecule that enters the nucleus and sends signals to other cells (volume). DNA segment located far away from the gene it regulates (on). Prevent protein synthesis from happening (off). When a phosphate group from ATP transfers to a molecule (on). When the range is increased (volume). Hard
Gene Regulation increases strength/thickness of cells ex: glucocorticoid. improves rate of transcription when bound by specific proteins. prevents transcription from taking place. production of multiple cells from one cell. proteins that affect and regulate the transcription of genes. Hard
Genetics What is the branch of biology that deals with the heredity of an organism?. Who discovers Alkaptonuria?. What do you call the physical characteristic of a living organism?. What do you call the organism that have 2 different alleles for a trait?. What do you call the instrument used to determine genetic process?. Hard
GI System Inflammation of appendix. Anti-diarrhoeal Agents. varicosities. Domain Three. gastro-oesophageal reflux disease . Very Difficult
GI System Food enters the stomach via the _____ orifice.. Which structure of the digestive system synthesizes clotting factors and vitamin K necessary for hemostasis?. An element in saliva that protecst against tooth decay?. The _____ cells in the stomach secrete histamine. Which stimulus increases the tone of the esophageal sphincter?. Hard
Hair and Fiber found in hair and nails. controls the amount of light going through the aperture; may be adjusted. created by forcing fiber forming materials through holes into the air, forming a thread.. the refraction of light in an anisotropic material (as calcite) in two slightly different directions to form two rays . large, flat area under the objectives. Very Difficult
Head and Neck Anatomy Muscle of mastication. act of chewing. crackling or grinding sound. the cheekbone. contains tooth sockets. Hard
Heart valve located at the opening of the right atrium of the heart into the right ventricle. pressure exerted by the blood upon walls of blood vessels. group of cells that perform a similar function. measure of cardiac activity. name of system that transports oxygen and nutrients to the body cell/smallest unit of life. Hard
Heart thin tubes in your body through which blood flows. blood vessels that carry oxygenated blood away from the heart to the body's cells, tissues, and organs. . vessels carrying blood toward the heart. a medical device for listening to the heart. to move all around in a pattern. Older Children
Heart and Lungs lungs a like a . heart and lungs give us . red in colour. the blood carries thousands of these around our body. we breath air into them. Older Children
Heat Emergencies What are nine signs and symptoms of heat exhaustion?. What are nine signs and symptoms of heat exhaustion?. What are nine signs and symptoms of heat exhaustion?. What are nine signs and symptoms of heat exhaustion?. What are nine signs and symptoms of heat exhaustion?. Big
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