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Challenging Crosswords

These crosswords are intended to be moderately challenging. They are made up of any size words but have less then twenty words in the list. To view or print a challenging crossword puzzle click on its title.

Title Subject Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints
Mostly I Words Spelling Lists A disney movie called 'The ..........'. To support, hold, or bear up from below. Against the law. Without the faculty of reason. Opposite of resistible.
Genetics Health the scientific study of heredity. a heterozygous organism . only present when two of the same alleles are. sex cells. two identical alleles.
Earth Spheres Science seismic waves with particles of rock that move back and forth. mostly made of iron. strength of an earthquake. part of earth where life exist. all water on, under or above earth.
Vocabulary Spelling Lists Striving to get attention. doesn't belong to anyone else but you. To make beautiful. Wicked behavior. Suitable depending on the situation.
The Adventures of Ulysses Books pale gray color of ash. greatly dismay or horrify. bold or daring feats. a person skilled in planning action or policy. to call upon to do something specified.
US Constitutional Amendments History Prohibits the denial of suffrage based on race, color, or previous condition of servitude. Provides for the right to trial by jury in certain civil cases, according to common law. Prohibits unreasonable searches and seizures and sets out requirements for search warrants based on probable cause. Establishes the official voting age to be 18 years old.. Repeals the Eighteenth Amendment.
Short Story Terms Literature and Writing Use the clues to find the words A comparison that uses like or as. Where the story takes place. The type of narration used to tell the story. The narrator is telling the story from the outside and is not a character in it. Giving human qualities to an inanimate object.
DINNER TIME Food comes from a cow. it's breakable. a vegetable. a fruit. it's expected at the table.
Stress Mental Health screamed . feeling when stressed. feeling tired. chest discomfort. opposite of gladness.
Economics Business and Work an arrangement that allows buyers and sellers to exchange things.. when goods price is lower consumer will buy more of it.. one's own persona gain.. firms purchase the factors of production form households.. financial gain made in transaction. .
Ethics in Technology Technology Write the word described in the boxes expressing opinions freely. a computer that can do things normally done by a human. keep things personal without bother or interference. Transferring something between computers or taking it from the internet. when there is not a name given.
Buy Rent Lease Business and Work involves a legal document that defines the conditions of a rental agreement between a tenant and a landlord: the term or duration of such a contract . A person who pays for the right to live in a residence owned by someone else . A person who owns a rental property . A portion of the purchase price, paid when a contract is agreed upon, it shows the buyer is serious: an arrangement made under contractual provisions between transacting parties . Money held by a landlord to ensure the tenant abides by the lease and doesnít damage the property .
Vocabulary Spelling Lists at or to a great distance . a person who escorts people to their seats in a theater or church . to lie in or be exposed to a pleasant warmth . keenly distressing to the feelings . an interchange of goods or commodities .
The Promised Baby Bible You will find the answers in Genesis chapters 17, 18 and 21 and he ___________ by them under the tree (18 v 8). And the LORD appeared unto him in the plains of ____________ (18 v 1). Then Abraham fell upon his face, and _____________ (17 v 17). all the land of Canaan, for an _____________ possession (17 v 8). but my covenant will I ____________ with Isaac (17 v 21).
The Secret Life of Bees Books state where most of the story takes place. animal which appears in the corner of Lily's room . Lily's mom who sadly dies at the beginning of the book. man who is in love with June waiting for her to say yes to his marriage proposal. Lily's father who has a very short temper.
Determining Price and Additional Factors Affecting Price Business and Work Fill in the blanks and use the words to complete the crossword puzzle. Businesses will often create a _______ to control their variable costs.. Using this formula, a business can determine the ______ necessary for profit.. Fixed costs are costs that do not change regardless of the ________ or decrease in the amount of goods or services produced.. The more products a company produces, the _________ the cost of each individual product will be.. ____________ is the selling price minus the variable costs..
Birds Animals All birds have f________.. Owls have eyes that are f______ - facing.. Ostriches lay the largest e____.. The hummingbirds are the only birds that can fly b_________.. Penguins are birds that cannot ______..
Circles Math A line that intersects a circle in exactly one point. is an arc whose endpoints are the endpoints of a diameter.It has a measure of 180 . arc has a measure that is greater 180. A segment whose endpoints are 2 points. A line that intersects a circle in exactly one point.
Washington State World Geography Major Computer software program founed. What is the capital . Tasty fruit from Washington state. Who the state was named after. Famous T V game host.
Global Economics Business and Work method used by society to make and sell goods. encourage competition. one's own personal gain. large number of firms all produce the same product. making a product different from others.
The DA VINCI CODE Books male protagonist of the story, professor at Harvard . was murdered in the beginning of the novel . Bishop of Opus Dei . agent with French Judicial police . female protagonist of the novel. Her grandfather is Jaques Saun.
South Asia World Geography Large amounts of rainfall that occurs during a 4-5 month period are called __________. _________ holds the people of Pakistan together. Afghanistan became a ________ __________ during the 1800s. _________ power is electricity produced by the movement of water. Sri Lanka's climate is ___________.
Business Studies Business and Work The combination of factors which help a business to take into account customer needs when selling a product, usually summarised with 4 pís.. The process of gaining information about customers, competitors and market trends through collecting primary and secondary data. The part of the marketing mix that focuses on where a firmís products are sold. Part of the marketing mix - goods or services made by a business. Part of the marketing mix - how much customers are asked to pay.
Greek Gods Other the place she moved to . a boy Phoebe likes. the jock clique. the Goddess of Victory. the nerds clique.
Civil War History Use the Hints to write in the word! The U.S. had a giant state and they needed a slave state and a free state. So people would vote which would be a slave or free. In the end, Kansas became a slave state and Nebraska became a free state. A group of people joining together, another name for the North or the United States during the Civil War. People who were against slavery and wanted to rebel it. The U.S. states (Delaware, Maryland, Kentucky, Virginia, and Missouri) that were slave states but didn't join the Confederate States and stayed with the Union. restriction of interest to a narrow sphere; undue concern with local interests or pretty distinctions at the expense of general well-being.
Canadas Mineral Wealth World Geography used to mine oilsands, coal and other minerals that are located un horizontal layers near the surface. naturally occuring, pure, non-living substance found in rocks. any mineral that can be burned to produce energy (coal, natural gas, oil etc.). non-metallic minerals such as salt or asbestos, used in industry and manufacturing. rock that contains enough valuable minerals to make mining profitable.
Honesty and Dishonesty Home and Family Find these words To tell a deliberate untruth. A person has this if they are honesty and ethical. One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself. Shoplifting is an example of _________. Free from bias, dishonesty, or injustice. 'life's not _____'.
Week 6 Spelling Words Spelling Lists Extremely large or enormous.. In a straightforward manner; getting from one end to another in the shortest distance. . Not strong and very fragile.. Less intense or gentle. . Having a high degree of heat or high temperature..
Days of the Week English to Spanish Holidays and Seasons Los dŪas de la semana Monday. Saturday. Thursday. Tuesday. Sunday.
Matter Science the tiny particles that make up all things. substances that stay the same size and the same shape. The molecules in most solids are tightly packed.. changes from a liquid into a gas. the solid, liquid, and gas forms of matter. changes from a solid into a liquid.
Literary Terms Literature and Writing A figure of speech in which things are said to be another thing without 'Like' or 'As'. A gross exaggeration for rhetorical effect. A claim that is so obvious or self-evident as to be hardly worth mentioning. contrasting parallelism of expressions, sentences, or ideas. The use of words whose pronunciation suggest their meaning.
the e sound Spelling Lists a person who feels hatred to yoy. the past tense of sweep. to search to find something. past tense of mean. the condition of your body.
The Middle East World Geography Fill in the crossword using the clues. movement: thoughts. religions, traditions, holidays, customs, clothing, etc.. area with minimal rainfall. most populated city: Istanbul. the shape of the land.
Texas History World Geography Texas Cattle. Famous Mission. Lone Star State. Colliding Climate result. Highest Elevation in Texas.
Vocabulary NONE pattern of shapes. people marching. raising the hand to the forehead. piece of cloth with words on it. where 2 walls meet.
Vocabulary NONE rise high in the air. person who makes things for the first time. to leave in a difficult place. turn in a circle. on a ship, train, or plane.
Mixtures Spelling Lists A drink that's a greenish-yellow color.. Platelets and plasma mix together to form this substance.. Lemon juice and sugar (with maybe a little water added) mixed together creates this drink.. The stuff you put on salad.. The stuff found in trees..
Joelspoon12's game cross word NONE Where this trip leads.. The one and only Joelspoon12's favourite gamemode on Halo 4.. A Cod 'seasons pass zombies map'.. Your favourite weapon on Battlefield 3 and COD.. A gamemode on Battlefield 3..
u NONE y ya. cherrleader.
THe Solar System Astronomy a hot ball of gases. planets farthest from the sun. a large body of rock or gas that orbits the earth. the spinning of an object on it's axis. an imaginery line that goes through the North and SOuth pole.
School Bus Safety Society Never attempt to open the emergency ____ unless there is a true emergency.. Hold onto the _____ when boarding or exiting the bus.. Face _____ when the bus is in motion.. Keep your feet, hands, and bookbag out of the ______. Do not do any _____ to the seats.
The Life Cycle of Stars Astronomy this is what a low or medium life star will become later in its life; typically have the same mass as our Sun, but only a bit larger than the Earth . this may be the beginning or the end of a star's life; a cloud that is made up of dust, helium and hydrogen, and plasma . burn up their fuel more quickly than regular stars; soon all fuels will run out and the core will collapse. places in space so strong that not even light can escape; may occur when a star is dying. the dying stage of a star; they become larger and this color due to the decrease in temperature .
The United Tastes of America Food Curry can be very hot and .... A sweet drink made from a yellow fruit with water and sugar.. Short for a typical kind of American fast food.. A sweet fruit, from which wine is made.. You usually buy them in a pack and children like to have them with milk for breakfast..
Nazi Germany History Solve the puzzle good luck. prison camps used under the rule of Hitler in Nazi Germany. Conditions were inhuman, and prisoners, mostly Jewish people, were generally starved or worked to death, or killed immediately.. Wiping out an entire group of people. leader of nazi party and third reich in germany during WWII. the countries fighting against the Axis powers. i.e. Britain, France, USA, Canada, USSR etc. organization founded after WWII to promote international peace and cooperation.
Brazil and Belgium World Geography Most Urbanized Region in Brazil. A primary industry -oranges, wheat etc.. Unscramble-vegndleopi. Capital of belguim. Main Language in Belgium.
Brain Health Health __________ interaction helps to maintain brain vitality.. Foods that are high in _________ are considered protective foods.. Cold water ______ contain beneficial omega-3 fatty acids.. ________ your intake of protective foods.. Lifelong __________ can increase brain health..
Jesus Prays Bible Judas ____ Jesus to identify him to his enemies.. The name of the garden.. The disciple who betrayed Jesus.. The helper God would send to His people. What the disciples did instead of watch..
Orthopedic Terms Body State of healing of the bone in which there is no healing. thinning of the bones with reduction in the bone mass due to the depletion of calcium and bone protien. Inflammation of a joint. A break in the bone. grating sound heard on movement of ends of a broken bone..
King Arthur History Arthur's nephew who plots to kill him. Most noble knight or King Arthur; falls in love with Gwynevere . Arthur as a boy, weak, alone, obedient, ordinary, orphan. Added humor and a modern view point to the story. Magician, powerful, proper etiquette, intelligent, tutor.
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