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Challenging Crosswords

These crosswords are intended to be moderately challenging. They are made up of any size words but have less then twenty words in the list. To view or print a challenging crossword puzzle click on its title.

Title Subject Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints
Characteristics of Life Society Process by which metabolic wastes are eliminated from the body. The act or the means by which a molecule or ion is moved across the cell membrane or via the bloodstream.. The chemical processes that occur within a living organism in order to maintain life.. The process by which cells break down simple food molecules to release the energy they contain.. The process of increasing in physical size..
Types of Comedy NONE When the comedian messes up a joke or isn't prepared, they are called a _ _ _ _. When the comedian doesn’t smile or show emotions while telling jokes it is called _ _ _ _ _ _ _ humour. When the comedian tells a story from their real life and emphasises the humour of it it is called _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ comedy. When the comedian talks about unusual or interesting things about their family’s culture it is called _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ comedy. When the comedian has ridiculous objects or costumes as part of their routine it is called _ _ _ _ comedy.
Red Riding Hood Books - Fairy Tales and Fables A _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ was in the woods. He heard a loud scream and ran to the house.. 'Granny, what big _ _ _ _ you have!' 'All the better to smell you with!' . She had a nice _ _ _ _ in her basket.. Little Red Riding Hood lived in the _ _ _ _ _ with her mother.. The wolf opened his mouth_ _ _ _ and shouted and Granny jumped out.
Enders Game Books - Science Fiction Enders Game Book A formation of small warships . Enlist compulsorily typically into the arred services. Formula declares ones abdonment. Person who is killed due to their religion. Causing horror or disgust .
Japanese-American Internment Camp US History cause to feel sorrow. occurring alone or once . vertical in position; also : not spread out or decumbent. the quality of being worthy of esteem or respect. situated at the highest point : directly overhead or in the zenith.
Motion And Forces Physics The acceleration of an object as produced by a net force is directly proportional to the magnitude of the net force, in the same direction as the net force, and inversely proportional to the mass of the object.. A property of matter by which it continues in it's existing state of rest or uniform motion in a straight line, unless that state is changed by an external force.. Strength or energy as an attribute of physical action or movement.. The speed of an object plus its direction.. A force that is directly proportional to the product of their masses and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them..
Japan Before Modern Times Asian History Supreme military commander. A Japanese drama for nobles and samurai. A Japanese drama for farmers, merchants, and other common folk. A social system in which landowners granted people land or other rewards in exchange for military service or labor. Someone who governs a country in the name of a ruler who is unable to rule.
Dog Nutrient Animals Proteins are made of this kind of acid. Dogs are these kind of eater. What is the number one crop grown in Delaware?. This must be included on the dog food label. The dogs food standards must meet this group's requirements.
Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH Books means a misleading image presented to the eye.. means small and weak in size or power.. means having or showing doubt.. means useless.. means widely known and admired..
Geo 20S Grade 10 B NONE Fill in the following Crossword slots with the hints given below Coordinate system defined by letter and number. A range of longitudes where a common standard time is used. The angular distance of a place north or south of the earth's equator. A radio navigation system that allows users to determine their exact location. A circle that shows direction.
Carleigh's Crossword Puzzle NONE lacking knowledge. grooved. an upward current of air. to slide. to become aware of using your senses.
How well do you know Sandra and Ryan NONE Birth country of bride. Brides favorite activity. Official name of bride. Number of times Ryan has travelled to Taiwan. Colour of Ryan 's current Jujitsu belt.
Disney Entertainment Figure out these famous Disney things likes warm hugs. Wears blue and blue. Let It Go. lives with 7 little men. Fastest racecar.
Body Systems Body points at which bones meet. consists of organs and tissues that transport materials to body cells. strong, flexible tissue that provides cushioning at your joints. occurs when a bone is pushed out of it's joint. tissue that attach your muscles to bones.
Physical Science Science An explanation that is based on prior scientific research or observations. The ratio of the mass of a substance to the volume of the substance. The scientific study of nonliving matter. A measure of the size of an object or region in three-dimensional. The process of obtaining information by using the senses.
Climate Change Earth Sciences Complete the puzzle below What happens to polar ice caps because of climate change. What is a main cause of greenhouse gases. Where can most greenhouse gases be found. What country is the biggest emitter of carbon dioxide. What is the name of the energy source that uses the suns rays as a power source.
Rocks and Weathering Geology Complete the crossword using the clues Once magma is out of the ground it becomes.... These cool underground. The outer layer of Earth. It forms quickly in the air. The type od rock formed by lava.
Sky Woman NONE flew up to and caught Sky Woman as she was falling. son that buried his mother and from which came squash,beans, and corn for people. imagnative story explains how something in the world came to be. good and bad were left with us from Flint & Good Mind and we must be aware. number of sons Sky Womans daughter had one good and one bad.
Richard Nixon & Watergate Government and Politics American History Vocabulary. Economic slowdown coupled with inflation.. Republican leader of House of Representatives who succeeded the resigning Vice President and later President Nixon & granted Richard Nixon an unconditional pardon for all crimes.. Led embargo on oil from the Middle East to the United States & increase prices of oil during the 1970s causing an energy crisis in America. (Acronym) . Vice President to Richard Nixon who was forced to resign in 1973.. Harvard law professor appointed as a special prosecutor to investigate the Watergate case..
The Hobbit Books Gandalf's weapon of choice.. Small halls that lead to the secret entrance in the castle, and Smaug cannot fit.. Live in mainly stronghold, and enemies of the dwarves.. The Hobbit.. Someone who steels..
Filing System NONE Read each of the description and place the correct word in each box according to the topic studied in class. To remove something from a surface or disc.. To file something __________________ is to put all items from one area together.. Are office documentations of clients kept in an organized way.. Use to store digital information. Type of transparent bags, useful to store pictures..
Hana's Suitcase Books What was the name of the concentration camp where Hana died?. Hana’s father went to who’s house in order to listen to the radio? . What was the name of the director of the Tokyo Holocaust Center? . What was the name of the town where Hana grew up in? . What does waisenkid mean in English? .
Between Shades Of Gray Books Using the clues, determine the vocabulary word and fill out the crossword Who is one of the teachers in the book. Who is realted to papa in the book. Jonas lived where . Who does Jonas talk to at home all the time.. Who read the good book to the class .
Bedtime Stories Society Night Noises. An Enchanted Evening. Go To Sleep, Abu!. The Monster In The Dark. Just The Way I Like It!.
Australia World Geography a nickname for Australia. an original Australian instrument. Australia is the smallest -- in the world. a large rock formation in Australia. a marsupial with powerful hind legs.
Their Eyes Are Watching God Books Fill the missing vocabulary words in the boxes below using the hints. ..... th watcher turns his eyes away in _________, his dreams mocked to death by Time.. the act of giving in to another. Extreme ill will or spite. She had come back from the _______ and the bloated.. He wanted her __________ and hed keep on fighting until he felt he had it.
King Arthur History Arthur's nephew who plots to kill him. Most noble knight or King Arthur; falls in love with Gwynevere . Arthur as a boy, weak, alone, obedient, ordinary, orphan. Added humor and a modern view point to the story. Magician, powerful, proper etiquette, intelligent, tutor.
Orthopedic Terms Body State of healing of the bone in which there is no healing. thinning of the bones with reduction in the bone mass due to the depletion of calcium and bone protien. Inflammation of a joint. A break in the bone. grating sound heard on movement of ends of a broken bone..
Jesus Prays Bible Judas ____ Jesus to identify him to his enemies.. The name of the garden.. The disciple who betrayed Jesus.. The helper God would send to His people. What the disciples did instead of watch..
Brain Health Health __________ interaction helps to maintain brain vitality.. Foods that are high in _________ are considered protective foods.. Cold water ______ contain beneficial omega-3 fatty acids.. ________ your intake of protective foods.. Lifelong __________ can increase brain health..
Brazil and Belgium World Geography Most Urbanized Region in Brazil. A primary industry -oranges, wheat etc.. Unscramble-vegndleopi. Capital of belguim. Main Language in Belgium.
Nazi Germany History Solve the puzzle good luck. prison camps used under the rule of Hitler in Nazi Germany. Conditions were inhuman, and prisoners, mostly Jewish people, were generally starved or worked to death, or killed immediately.. Wiping out an entire group of people. leader of nazi party and third reich in germany during WWII. the countries fighting against the Axis powers. i.e. Britain, France, USA, Canada, USSR etc. organization founded after WWII to promote international peace and cooperation.
The United Tastes of America Food Curry can be very hot and .... A sweet drink made from a yellow fruit with water and sugar.. Short for a typical kind of American fast food.. A sweet fruit, from which wine is made.. You usually buy them in a pack and children like to have them with milk for breakfast..
The Life Cycle of Stars Astronomy this is what a low or medium life star will become later in its life; typically have the same mass as our Sun, but only a bit larger than the Earth . this may be the beginning or the end of a star's life; a cloud that is made up of dust, helium and hydrogen, and plasma . burn up their fuel more quickly than regular stars; soon all fuels will run out and the core will collapse. places in space so strong that not even light can escape; may occur when a star is dying. the dying stage of a star; they become larger and this color due to the decrease in temperature .
School Bus Safety Society Never attempt to open the emergency ____ unless there is a true emergency.. Hold onto the _____ when boarding or exiting the bus.. Face _____ when the bus is in motion.. Keep your feet, hands, and bookbag out of the ______. Do not do any _____ to the seats.
THe Solar System Astronomy a hot ball of gases. planets farthest from the sun. a large body of rock or gas that orbits the earth. the spinning of an object on it's axis. an imaginery line that goes through the North and SOuth pole.
u NONE y ya. cherrleader.
Joelspoon12's game cross word NONE Where this trip leads.. The one and only Joelspoon12's favourite gamemode on Halo 4.. A Cod 'seasons pass zombies map'.. Your favourite weapon on Battlefield 3 and COD.. A gamemode on Battlefield 3..
Mixtures Spelling Lists A drink that's a greenish-yellow color.. Platelets and plasma mix together to form this substance.. Lemon juice and sugar (with maybe a little water added) mixed together creates this drink.. The stuff you put on salad.. The stuff found in trees..
Vocabulary NONE rise high in the air. person who makes things for the first time. to leave in a difficult place. turn in a circle. on a ship, train, or plane.
Vocabulary NONE pattern of shapes. people marching. raising the hand to the forehead. piece of cloth with words on it. where 2 walls meet.
Texas History World Geography Texas Cattle. Famous Mission. Lone Star State. Colliding Climate result. Highest Elevation in Texas.
The Middle East World Geography Fill in the crossword using the clues. movement: thoughts. religions, traditions, holidays, customs, clothing, etc.. area with minimal rainfall. most populated city: Istanbul. the shape of the land.
the e sound Spelling Lists a person who feels hatred to yoy. the past tense of sweep. to search to find something. past tense of mean. the condition of your body.
Literary Terms Literature and Writing A figure of speech in which things are said to be another thing without 'Like' or 'As'. A gross exaggeration for rhetorical effect. A claim that is so obvious or self-evident as to be hardly worth mentioning. contrasting parallelism of expressions, sentences, or ideas. The use of words whose pronunciation suggest their meaning.
Matter Science the tiny particles that make up all things. substances that stay the same size and the same shape. The molecules in most solids are tightly packed.. changes from a liquid into a gas. the solid, liquid, and gas forms of matter. changes from a solid into a liquid.
Days of the Week English to Spanish Holidays and Seasons Los días de la semana Monday. Saturday. Thursday. Tuesday. Sunday.
Week 6 Spelling Words Spelling Lists Extremely large or enormous.. In a straightforward manner; getting from one end to another in the shortest distance. . Not strong and very fragile.. Less intense or gentle. . Having a high degree of heat or high temperature..
Honesty and Dishonesty Home and Family Find these words To tell a deliberate untruth. A person has this if they are honesty and ethical. One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself. Shoplifting is an example of _________. Free from bias, dishonesty, or injustice. 'life's not _____'.
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