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Holidays And Seasons Crossword Subjects

Holidays And Seasons Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
From Seed to Pumpkin Leaves change _____________ in autumn.. A yummy dessert made from pumpkins. The color of pumpkins before they ripen and turn orange. Bees carry this from flower to flower. Plants need light, water, and ____________ to make food.. Older Children
All Things October artwork, projects, make, supplies. rides, junk food, games, entertainment. trees, fruit, crisp, bake. get together, food, games, friends. acorn, summer, spaghetti, butternut. Older Children
Halloween Sign of bad luck. Apparition. Triangular candy. Scary dream. Bobbing for _______. Hard
The Four Seasons Frist month of Autumn. a month of spring. Mother's Day is celebrated in this month. not cold or hot. protects from sun and rain. Simple
Spring Spring follows this season in the southern hemisphere. Bees start doing this in early spring. The month that starts the spring season in Australia. Allergy usually experienced in spring. A Chinese snack consisting of a pancake filled with vegetables and fried. Very Difficult
Why Leaves Turn Color in the Fall Read the statements and fill in the blanks using the crossword puzzle I noticed my jacket had a loose _______________. . The students were asked to _________________ making so much noise.. ___________________ is the season for Day of the Dead and Halloween. . Late August or early September are usually hot; they are the ___________.. When coloring a map, sometimes it is better to _______________ it with colored pencil.. Older Children
Summer Break fill in the blanks and complete the crossword Dries you when you come out of the water __________. Pretty things you find on the beach __________. Worn to protect eyes from the sun's glare __________. Large object used to ride the waves __________ . Makes shade for you at the beach __________. Older Children
Holidays in Costa Rica Complete the crossword by filling in a word that fits each clue. big patriotic parades celebrate Costa Rica’s independence from Spain in 1821. Everything is closed including some streets. High school bands commemorate marching and playing national songs, and the country is decorated with blue, red, and white.. It is celebrated all around the world 'Ticos' celebrate “El dia Del Amor y la Amistad” (love and friendship day) taking their partners to dinner, sending flowers or exchanging chocolates or cards.. usually sometime in January and is the biggest party of the year. Although it is similar to the Zapote Fiestas, it is bigger and more organized and always draws a huge crowd. Over 1 million of Costa Rica’s 4 million attend.. not all establishments are closed, many places have special shortened schedules. At midnight, many masses in the churches begin to celebrate the birth of Christ.. It is more a day off than a huge celebration. Limon is the only province that celebrates this day in the week prior to the 12th with a colorful carnival full of dances and cultural demonstrations on the Atlantic side of the country.. Hard
Father's Day Things that remind me of Poppa/Dad What you couldn't figure out how to use after back surgery. When you do this it makes me smile. The phrase repeated over and over after knee surgery. Busier than a one armed paper . Family camping location. Hard
Let's Get Ready For Summer People grow these in the summer. A festival with lots of bands, a carnival, and fireworks. Something you put on your skin to protect it from the sun. A game you play with a ball and bat. The temperature in the summer. Older Children
Memorial Day The month our country was attacked in 2011.. A person who served our country in the military, but no longer does.. The President when our country was attacked in 2011.. A person who protects our country.. 'No arsenal, no weapon in the arsenals of the world is so formidable as the will and moral ___________ of free men and women.'. Older Children
Memorial Day Walt ___________ was a poet who wrote during the Civil War.. The writer of our National Anthem was Francis Scott ______. A war where soldiers fought to defend a country and a people that they did not know.. More that 200,000 of these people fought as soldiers and sailors in the Civil War.. Our freedoms are defined in this Declaration.. Older Children
American Holidays an African American holiday that celebrates family and tradition. a day to honor the presidents of the United States of America. a holiday to celebrate Irish culture. celebrates the life and achievements of a man who led the Civil Rights Movement in America. a Christian holiday celebrated in America to honor the birth of Jesus Christ; this holiday is celebrated with a tree and presents. Big
Cinco de Mayo the Spanish word for party. Mexican Independence Day is on the 16th of _________________.. The Mexican flag is red, white and _______________.. The Mexicans defeated the __________ at the Battle of Puebla in 1862.. a popular Mexican music style. Older Children
Victoria Day A Canadian celebration. Famous gardens in Victoria. The capital of British Columbia. Where the lieutenant governor lives. May long. Hard
Seasons Either of the two moments of the year when the sun crosses the celestial equator. The motion of an object around its own axis . The measurement of distance from the equator. The southern end of Earth's axis of rotation. An imaginary line around which an object rotates. Older Children
St. Patricks Day What is at the end of the rainbow?. What is March 17th?. The color most identified with St. Patrick's Day. St. Patrick is known for banishing what?. What does the color green stand for in Ireland?. Older Children
Time its cold and snowy. leaves fall off the trees. fireworks . seventh month of the year. halloween . Big
Easter The name of the man who painted the original Doubting Thomas. This day is not the end for Christians. Jesus is missing from here. ............... Magdalene. God accepts Jesus' death for humanity's................. Big
Winter A light snow. What you use to remove the snow by hand. What falls from the sky. What you clean the ice off with from your car. What you throw at people. Big
Months Labor Day. Thanksgiving. Independence Day. Easter. Month of the Rosary. Older Children
Valentines Day a bubbly drink. an pleasant aroma. something you wear. the shape of a heart. a meal. Big
Autumn зима. время года. хотеть. сегодня. письмо. Hard
Summer Fun Answer each question and fill in the blanks to solve the puzzle. Protective lotion against the sun. Healthy summertime transportation. Outdoor events in Summer. Outdoor Summer activities may be cancelled if there is bad.... Riding the waves of summer. Older Children
Days Months Seasons The month before October. Season of cold & snow. The middle of the week. The days are getting shorter. A fun day. Big
Spring Flowers a flower that blooms at the end of winter and announces the approach of spring. early spring flower, anemone . a flower or divine hero from Greek mythology. Bachelor's button. a flower or Donald Duck's best friend. Older Children
Easter Theme people marching in the streets. What you put your eggs in. what the Easter Bunny does to the eggs. the hat you wear at Easter. beautiful yellow flowers at Spring. Hard
St. Patrick's Day An important story. To disappear completely. Forced to work. Worth a lot of money. A march of celebration. Older Children
St George's Day Emperor who had St George executed.. Name of English King who makes a speech about St.George in a Shakespeare play.. Birth place of St George.. St George's modern day nationality.. County famous for its pasty's.. Hard
St. Patrick's Day Parade A show in the street where people dance, play music, and wear costumes. The color of Ireland and spring. Small, mean man with a pot of gold. The language people speak in Ireland. _____ 17 is St. Patrick's Day.. Older Children
Months of the Year International Peace Day. We commemorate All the Saints' day. We go on vacation in.... We celebrate Children's day. We celebrate Halloween. Easy
Saint Patrick's Day gem, having a clear deep green color. a large public procession, usually including a marching band. color. a dwarf. a small pink-flowered clover. Older Children
Easter You put your eggs in it. Easter treats. Baby sheep. Activity where you search for eggs. Pricipal animal of Easter. Easy
Sun and Snow You can't find two the same. coldest season of the year. can lead to skin cancer. throw these at your enemy. defrosting your car from ................... Very Difficult
Winter Wonderland A tool people use to remove snow from sidewalks. No two are alike. I am the season with the most snow. A mixture of snow and water. You use me to get ice off of your car windows. Very Difficult
Happy Chinese New year An important tradition on New Year's Eve is for families to gather together and spend the evening preparing this food.. This god is often given a sacrifice to make sure that he gives a good report on the family's behavior when he returns to heaven. . Some adherents of CNY prepare this - a circular or octagon-shaped tray with eight compartments, each containing symbolic foods.. This colour is sometimes used to decorate doors and window panes because it is considered lucky.. relating to or determined by the moon. Older Children
Happy Valentine`s Day! What couples do that rhymes with miss. Strong emotion that rhymes with fashion. Something you give that rhymes with lift. The taste of chocolate that rhymes with heat. The archer of love that rhymes with stupid. Older Children
Months and Seasons The leaves fall from the trees. Month number five. The second month of Autumn. The last month of Winter. The first month of Summer. Older Children
Summer protects your skin from the sun. protect your eyes from the sun. You ride on the waves with it . something cold to eat on a hot day. a planet on fire . Easy
Be mine, Valentine! You will have 2 minutes to fill in as many words as you can associated with the title, Be mine, Valentine. Good luck! The only season with a 'W' in it. . Couple's may show some extra _ _ _ _ _ _ _ on Valentine's Day.. I now pronounce you ___________ and _______.. A month that has ONLY 28 days in it this year. (2013). A lover may recieve _ _ _ _ panties on Valentine's Day. . Older Children
Fun With Snow what each snow piece is called. to have a war with snowballs. this goes on top of the tree. angels of snow. who doesn't love --- ---- with marsh-mallows. Big
Winter! You throw snow. It rains this white stuff. A warm color. A yummy milky drink. A swirly candy. Older Children
'Tis The Season Things that make you think of Christmas short people who build toys. what you find on top of a christmas tree. let it do this somwhere other than the Oncor service area!. hot spiced punch associated with Yuletide . the gift no one wants. Hard
Winter Words Answer these chilly questions! A popular winter sport in Canada.. It falls from the sky in winter.. We wear these to keep our hands warm.. Kim Yo-na is a talented figure __________.. In winter the weather is very ________.. Young Kids
Winter Holiday Jewish toy. massive snow storm. jolly old man dressed in red. Holiday celebrating Jesus's birthday. _________ the red nose reindeer. Older Children
November Spelling Words A retired member of army, navy or marines. . When something you eat is delicious. . Another word for Fall.. The 11th month of the year. . The most important bird on Thanksgiving.. Big
Veterans Day Previous name of Veterans Day. Served in military. Why we entered WWII. Awesome Air Force man. What we all are. Older Children
Day of the Dead vs. Halloween continuation of ?. what month is Day of the Dead celebrated. what are jack-o-lanterns made of. ? of life. icon for Day of the Dead. Hard
November a month. a flightless bird. a thrilling trilogy. wild,untame, canines. a holiday. Older Children
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