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Movies Crosswords

To view or print a Movies crossword puzzle click on its title.

Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
The Perfect Storm to separate into parts or lose intactness. to retard in movement.. a drain at the edge of a deck.. of or pertaining to the side.. any instrument that measures atmospheric pressure.. Hard
The Ryan White Story Michael ________ gave Ryan a car. The first day at his new school, everyone greeted him with a ________. . The main character. Hemophilia is when your blood does not ________. the city Ryan lived in most of his life. Big
War Horse What did Albert work as in the Army?. Who took Joey after the Army?. In the beginning, what did Joey's owner tie around his neck, damaging his skin and fur?. What was the Sergeant's name who worked with Joey?. What is the book called?. Hard
Into The Wild a brittle, lustrous, white metallic element occurring in nature free or combined, used chiefly in alloys and in compounds in medicine.. untarnished. a long, precipitous, clifflike ridge of land, rock, or the like, commonly formed by faulting or fracturing of the earth's crust.. a bog of northern North America, commonly having sphagnum mosses, sedge, and sometimes stunted black spruce and tamarack trees. . stubbornly perverse or rebellious; willfully and obstinately disobedient.. Hard
Sea of Monsters Main character. What Tyson and Polyphemus. medicine used to heal half bloods. Percy's cyclops brother. The former head master at camp. Older Children
War Horse Who took Joey after the Army?. In the beginning, what did Joey's owner tie around his neck, damaging his skin and hair?. What was the name of the Sergeant who worked with Joey?. What is the book called?. Who was the opposite team?. Older Children
The Savage What does the Savage ride in Chapter Five?. The Savage usually kills then ____ people. ___________ wouldn't go near Hopper. The Savage thought Jess looked _________. Who did the Savage steal his knife from?. Hard
Stranger with My Face The first place that Laurie projected herself.. What was the Abbotts daughters’ name?. Who gave the bird caving to Helen? . Where did Helen transfer from? . Who was out on the beach with Gordon when they “seen” Laurie?. Hard
Tuck Everlasting pensive, especially in a melancholy way. destroy the courage of . the hard central part of some fruit. cage or pen for chickens or rabbits. walked on or over . Hard
The Lost City out of the way. formed into a flat, level land with steep sides. what is left after a building,wall, etc., has fallen to pieces. related to a regio nthat is higher. built with bricks made from clay baked in the sun. Teenage
Oscar Movies Name the movie that won this award. Costume Design. Best Animated Feature Film. Best Actress. Best Supporting Actor. Original Song. Teenage
Forrest Gump This is where Forrest meets Dan.. Forrest's friend who he met at University and got killed in the war.. The country Forrest travels to, to play ping-pong.. Forrest's home state.. Forrest was awarded a Congressional ______ of Honor after his time in the war.. Older Children
War Horse a tool or a tractor to help farm fields. worn out, torn to shreds, dirty. the posture and way of your walking paseing etc.... small, tiny. a very close friend or family relationship. Older Children
2012 Hit Movies Back to high school . The last Batman movie. I'm going to______. Legends unite. This isn't Cuba. Big
James Bond This is for my brother. That to bad Bond. You could,ve been a live rich man. There's Always something formal about the point of a pistol. You Know youre cleverer than you look. I though Christmas came once a year. Hard
Angel in My Pocket Vivian's dad's occupation. Main Conflict. She is the narrator in the beginning. He stole the coin from Bette. Name of the school they go to.. Hard
Movies In the 2003 Pixar movie 'Finding Nemo' what type of fish is nemo? (5,4). The name of the space man in Pixar's Toy Story? (4) . What are the names of the villans in the 1990 Home Alone? (4,5). In the Harry Potter films what is Lord Voldermort's real name? (3,6). In the film Johnny English Reborn what car does Johnny English drive? (5,5). Big
Bridge to Terabithia Singer.. Fifth grade teacher.. Jess and Leslie swing on a _________ to get to Terabithia.. Cow.. The mother of the main female character.. Older Children
War Horse cared for Joey and Topthorn during the war. night guards. witty comments. Bought for 3 guineas. messy, untidy. Hard
Bond Movies 'Toro. Sounds like a load of bull'. 'Your objective is to penetrate the radar installations of Gibralter'. 'What a wonderful day to become a knight'. 'I'm looking for a submarine. It's big and black, and it's driver is a very good friend of mine'. 'The successful criminal brain is always superior'. Hard
The Pianist Appalling condition, quality, or behavior; monstrous. to decrease the purity of something especially morality or metals.. done secretly or in a manner that avoids notice.. incapable of being undone.. The systematic and planned extermination of an entire national, racial, political, or ethnical group.. Hard
Slumdog Millionaire a weapon made to explode when it hits sth. a place where aircraft arrive and leave, espcially military or private aircraft. the character played by a particular actor in a film. a room or set of rooms with very strong walls built underground as a shelter against bombs. an injury in which your skin is damaged . Teenage
Epic follows in the footsteps of Snowball Lisas cat. The boy who lived. his weakness is kryptonite. spends most of his time in the first church of Springfield. Springfields local mobster. Older Children
A Christmas Carol Scrooge sips this. these ring in the distance. what the ghost of Marley has on. how long Marley has been dead. first ghost. Hard
The Dog That Saved Christmas Deanna and Jeff's 12 year old daughter in The Fist Noel. Becky and Tony's 5 year old son in The Holiday Ringer. Dane's brother and Trent's grandson in The Christmas Goose . The character that bought the dog in The Holiday Ringer.. Theo's aunt in The Winged Wonder.. Older Children
Sabrina an object that is wrapped. a pink bird with long legs. to cause something to fall or get ruined. to receive money. an AD you watch on T.V.. Hard
The Cat's Meow When the drugstore cowboy fed the hoofer a line she punched him in his (SMELLER). When the thieves heard loud noises outside their ginmill, they knew some (GATE CRASHERS) had shown up. The hoofer who won the dancing contest at the speakeasy had no (RAZMATAZ) after. When a guy fed a line to the Sheba, she knew that he was just a (DRUGSTORE COWBOY). When the Sheba saw a girl fall for the drugstore cowboys line she knew she was a (DUMB DORA). Big
Anna Karenina Tragedy. A married woman who falls in love with another man . A man is crushed to death by the?. A very handsome military officer. Forgiveness. Hard
Hanna is a series of processes that slowly change rocks from one kind to another. is the process by which sedimentary settles out of the water or wind carrying it. is the look and feel of a rock surface. is formed sedimentary rock formed when rock fragment are squeezed together . is igneous rock from lava that erupted onto earths surface.. Big
Far North an effert, you'r working to keep on going, your perservering. some thing AMAZING that happens. to cause pain. whats left after you done some thing. to tigh some thing (rope) tight. Teenage
madagascar animals see if you can find and connet all these animals! there is only 258 of us left. I am related to a hedgehog. I jump sideways on the ground. females have redish brown fur. I am the top preditor in madagascar. Big
UP Number of chairs on Carl's porch.. In the movie balloons represent _______.. Number of visible windows at front of house.. Colour of fence. . What type of work is happening around Mr Fredrickson's house.. Older Children
The Tudors Henry VIII's first wife was from there. He was the only Monarch to be raised as a Protestant. Henry VIII spoke this language. She was Henry's wife and she died in childbirth. Henry and Edward hated these people. Teenage
Ice Age Find the words in the crossword kind of animals . from ice age movie . under your skin. not going north. being apart of a group. Older Children
The Help What did Aibleen inform Hilly she baked into the pie?. What does Skeeter find in the library?. What event in history does the movie relate to?. Many African American got fired for speaking there mind such as whom?. Who did Minny get beaten by?. Teenage
Sean Connery Sean Connery has made some great films can you name them? Is there a doctor in the house?. He steals from the rich and gives to the poor. John Steed. The League of exterodinary gentlemn . It is Red and has Thorns . Adult
Diary of a wimpy kid #5 author of book. not up. lot of money. you eat c________e.. not hate. Big
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