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Movies Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
The Help What did Aibleen inform Hilly she baked into the pie?. What does Skeeter find in the library?. What event in history does the movie relate to?. Many African American got fired for speaking there mind such as whom?. Who did Minny get beaten by?. Teenage
The Help She suffered quietly, courageously, with ________ acceptance of her illness.. She tries to be polite, but cannot hide her ________ for authority.. I gave them my _______ opinion. 'I knew you was getting _______,' she say. . Although wealthy, the family is not ___________.. Hard
The Little Mermaid What is the baby Frist name?. What is the theme of the baby shower after?. What did Ariel like doing the most of?. What do you call a person that is an marmaid?. Who wanted to take ariel voice?. Young Kids
The Lost City out of the way. formed into a flat, level land with steep sides. what is left after a building,wall, etc., has fallen to pieces. related to a regio nthat is higher. built with bricks made from clay baked in the sun. Teenage
The PageMaster Characters and Places The Vicious Dog from The Hound Of The Baskervilles. The Mad scientist who turned into the horrific monster. Song By Wendy Moten. The Swashbuckling gold adventure fiction book . The Savage White Whale Whom Ahab Hunts Down To Kill. Big
The Perfect Storm to separate into parts or lose intactness. to retard in movement.. a drain at the edge of a deck.. of or pertaining to the side.. any instrument that measures atmospheric pressure.. Hard
The Pianist Appalling condition, quality, or behavior; monstrous. to decrease the purity of something especially morality or metals.. done secretly or in a manner that avoids notice.. incapable of being undone.. The systematic and planned extermination of an entire national, racial, political, or ethnical group.. Hard
The Pirates of Dark Water Characters, Creatures, Objects and Places The Peg-legged Piglet Man. A Servant of The Dark Dweller. A Monkeybird. Tula And Teron's Home Island. A Warrior Girl. Hard
The Prince and his Bride Another word for celebration. Another word for 'looked at'. The Prince gave every village girl one of these. They all lived happily ever - - - - -. The Prince did this to make sure the seeds did not grow. Older Children
The Psychopath The ability to attract .. A goal pursued without the regard of others.. Seeking to exploit or oppress others. . Using physical or mental strength to take advantage of someone.. People suffering from a chronic mental disorder.. Hard
The Rescuers Characters, Creatures, Objects and Places From The Film Ellie Mae's Husband. The Little Orphan Girl. An Owl In Deacon Clothes. Bernard's Co-Agent . The Mouse Rescue Organisation. Hard
The Rescuers Down Under Characters, Creatures, Objects and Places From The Sequel Film A Surgeon Mouse. The Evil, Bloodthirsty Poacher. Bernard's Co-Agent and later wife. A Pessimistic Koala . The Great, Giant, Golden Eagle. Big
The Return difficult time in life. prisoner. cannot talk. awareness. never stopping. Big
The River The River cause two or more things to exchange places. North American country w/ largest moose population. Derek's gift to Brian. smelling old or stale . not carefully made. Big
The Road to Rio What athlete did Liukin report to TFK to watch out for in the upcoming Olympics? (First and last name.). Former Lympian Liukin says that you should always set what for yourself?. What is the top medal you can be awarded in the Olympics?. What is the last name of the TFK Reporter who wrote this article?. How many medals did Nastial Liukin win in 2008?. Older Children
The Round Up If you are not an adult you are a ______.. We read it.. You must always stand and _______ when an adult comes into the classroom. . What number comes after nine?. What animal has tasks, a long trunk, and two big ears?. Big
The Ryan White Story Michael ________ gave Ryan a car. The first day at his new school, everyone greeted him with a ________. . The main character. Hemophilia is when your blood does not ________. the city Ryan lived in most of his life. Big
The Savage What does the Savage ride in Chapter Five?. The Savage usually kills then ____ people. ___________ wouldn't go near Hopper. The Savage thought Jess looked _________. Who did the Savage steal his knife from?. Hard
The Secret of NIMH Characters and Places Another Member of the Rats. The Late Husband of Mrs Brisby. Jenner's Former Henchman. The Captain of the Guard. The Neighbour and Babysitter of the Brisby Family. Hard
The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants Tibbys younger sister. Tibbys friend who died of leukimia. Bridgets favourite sport. Where Carmen went during the summer. Carmens step brother. Hard
The Sound of Music Put this on your bread. Maria was living with these people before she was sent to the von Trapp family. In charge of all the nuns. Young boy who is in love, but is also a Nazi soldier in training. Got caught going out on a date. Older Children
The Swiss Family Robinson The youngest son. What the family named the island. The place where the family put the animals that were too numerous to keep. The Robinson's tent home. The family's winter home. Older Children
The Sword in the Stone Fill in the following with help from the clues below. impossible to path through or enter. shared by community. exercising power in a cruel or arbitrary way. a sign or warning. to become active. Very Difficult
The Titanic What is the front part of a ship called?. How many people could a life boat carry?. Where did the ship's journey begin?. What were the people called that made it home?. What did the ship crash into?. Older Children
The Titans wife of Oceanus and Titaness of fresh water-- known as the 'great nurse of life.'. wife of Hyperion and Titaness of order and law. wife of Coeus and Titaness of intellect. husband of Theia and Titan of light . husband of Phoebe and Titan of the North. Hard
The Treasure Hunter The Lions Club’s motto is “______'. This musical is a fun-filled mashup of multiple different Broadway shows with one song from each show. For example, one of the featured songs will be from the hit musical, _______.. When the audience is first introduced to Denzel Washington’s character, Sam ________ , a stone-cold gunfighter with a heart of gold, his dark-skinned hands are shown, accompanied by hateful glares from the townspeople. During the winter season, the cheerleaders will be going to PAC twice a week. PAC stands for _________ Athletic Center, which is located in Wantagh for gymnasts/cheerleaders to practice. . The Mets were second in the National League-East to the Washington Nationals. They did make it as the home team for the National League wildcard game, but lost to the ________________, 3-0.. Big
The Tudors Henry VIII's first wife was from there. He was the only Monarch to be raised as a Protestant. Henry VIII spoke this language. She was Henry's wife and she died in childbirth. Henry and Edward hated these people. Teenage
The Ultimate Life a small remaining quantity of something. made in an intricate shape or decorated with complex patterns. agreeing with a statement or to a request. in accordance with what is required or appropriate; following proper procedure or arrangement.. be appropriate for; suit. Hard
The Ultimate Life a person who has a comprehensive and authoritative knowledge of or skill in a particular area.. openly resist or refuse to obey.. the offense of willfully telling an untruth in a court after having taken an oath or affirmation.. a small remaining quantity of something.. in accordance with what is required or appropriate; following proper procedure or arrangement.. Hard
The Watson's Go To Birmingham to talk persistently. provoking much laughter. being older or higher rank. to pass out of sight. extreme grief. Big
The Watsons Go To Birmingham very funny. using correct punctuation is being . talking about something nonstop. he updated his phone to the new of ios 8. cannot feel when you touch. Big
The Wizard of OZ Characters, Creatures, Objects and Places The Young Farm girl. Little People of the East. The Great And Powerful ........ Bad Witch That Was Crushed By Dorothy's Fallen House. The Female Soldiers in the South. Hard
The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Dorthy's house kills her. no heart. Toto and the throne room. no brains. Dorthy's dog. Very Difficult
Three Amigos Three Amigos ___ Bottoms. ___, main villain (2,5). Wherever there is ___, you will find us.... Martin ___ (played xx). ___, main villain's second in command. Big
Titanic The Titanic received seven of these from other boats. This ship was built in 1912. When the ship was sinking, every passenger had to wear one. The Titanic sailed across this ocean. There were not enough of these for every passenger. Easy
Titanic: Words to Remember The right side of a ship . Toward the bow or in the front of a vessel.. A crosswise platform above the main deck of a ship, where the ship's controls are located.. A small, partly enclosed, high look-out platform.. The distance north or south of the equator.. Hard
Tomorrow When the War Began What town was the book set in?. What did the group blow up at the end of the novel?. Who is the narrator of the story?. Which of Ellie's dogs survived?. What country was the book set in?. Hard
Tomorrow When the War Began What town was the book set in?. What did the group blow up at the end of the book?. Who is the narrator of the story?. What did Ellie blow up at the start of the book?. What country was the book set in?. Big
Top Movies of All Time On the lush alien world of Pandora live the Na'vi, beings who appear primitive but are highly evolved. . Nick Fury is director of S.H.I.E.L.D, an international peace keeping agency. The agency is a who's who of Marvel Super Heroes, with Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Thor, Captain America, Hawkeye and Black Widow. A widower, Atticus raises his children by himself with the help of kindly neighbors and a black housekeeper named Calpurnia.. American Jack Dawson spots the society girl Rose DeWitt Bukater who is on her way to Philadelphia to marry her rich snob fiancé Caledon Hockley.. Emerald forests, yellow brick roads, and creepy castles with the help of some unusual but song-happy friends. Big
True Grit In 'True Grit', Tom Chaney is conveyed as a what?. What were the hangings used as during this period of time?. Frank Ross was portrayed as a very ___________ man in Mattie's eyes.. Mattie believed she was ____ in initiating the pursuit of Chaney.. In the movie, the hanger abruptly shoving the bag over the Indians head was conveyed as being what?. Big
Tuck Everlasting pensive, especially in a melancholy way. destroy the courage of . the hard central part of some fruit. cage or pen for chickens or rabbits. walked on or over . Hard
Tuck Everlasting Read the meanings and use the words from the word bank to fill in the puzzle. effort put into something. someone who helps a another to break the law. a crude person. having no regret about a wrong deed. to make hot or dry. Big
Tuck Everlasting What Winnie sees in the yard every day. What the Fosters live in. How many children Miles had. What Mae escaped from. Where Winnie lives. Hard
Unbroken When soldiers are in a war, many pieces of shrapnel cuts ___ into their skins.. Feeling triumphant can make someone have more ___ in themselves and with progress in life.. The bird tried to be ___ to Louie when actually he was the total opposite.. I was exasperated when my brother took my chocolate cake without my ___.. Louie was a ___ for having an amazing gift in running.. Hard
Unbroken model of plane louie's squad flew. Louie's rank in the military. the animals that attacked louie for months on end while he was on the raft. the record time louie was about to break for running a mile. name of louies plane that gets heavily damaged. Big
Under The Sun Are you always gonna say that?. Contrary to laivy's belief can't live w/o food. Trail mix. My favorite school teacher.. She was the symbol of one of the houses at Hogwarts . Hard
UP Number of chairs on Carl's porch.. In the movie balloons represent _______.. Number of visible windows at front of house.. Colour of fence. . What type of work is happening around Mr Fredrickson's house.. Older Children
Voyage of the Dawn Treader innocent or good-natured mischief. a back door or gate. weak. a handful or small bundle of straw, hay or the like. a person who abstains totally from intoxication. Big
War Horse cared for Joey and Topthorn during the war. night guards. witty comments. Bought for 3 guineas. messy, untidy. Hard
War Horse a tool or a tractor to help farm fields. worn out, torn to shreds, dirty. the posture and way of your walking paseing etc.... small, tiny. a very close friend or family relationship. Older Children
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